(Korean Movies) Svaha: The Sixth Finger, 2019

Svaha: The Sixth Finger, 2019

Svaha: The Sixth Finger, 2019
Audience over 15
running time
122 minutes
cumulative audience
2398581 people
56th Daejong Film Festival 2020


Pastor Park (Jung-jae Lee), a religious research institute that finds corruption in emerging religions.
Recently, a new religious group called Deer Garden is being investigated. When a middle school girl is found dead in the Yeongwol Tunnel, the police who are pursuing it and Pastor Park accidentally run into each other in the Deer Garden.
From the suicide of the leading suspect in the tunnel incident, to the existence of an unknown mechanic Na-han (Park Jung-min) and his twin brother Geum-hwa (Lee Jae-in), born 16 years ago, the more he digs into the deer garden, the more mysterious Pastor Park becomes. I will meet you… !

It was born and all events began

[ About Movie ]

#1 It was born and it all started

<The Black Priests> Director Jang Jae-hyun
Pastors and mysterious people pursuing new religions
The birth of the most intense mystery thriller of 2019!

Director Jang Jae-hyeon, who captured 5.44 million viewers by creating a fresh wave in the Korean film industry through the movie <Black Priests>, which tells the story of two priests trying to save a girl from danger in the middle of downtown Seoul, returns with <Sabaha>. Director Jang Jae-hyeon, who changed the subject of the exorcist priest into a new genre in <Black Priests>, is planning to present a more intense and bold mystery and narrative based on a fictional new religion called the Deer Garden through <Sabaha>.

<Sabaha> is a mystery thriller that begins when Pastor Park, who is pursuing a new religious group, encounters a mysterious person and an incident. The movie <Sabaha>, which begins with the story of twin sisters born 16 years ago, an older sister 'It' and a younger brother 'Geumhwa', who didn't even get a name because everyone thought they would not live long, is centered on Pastor Park, who pursues a new religious group. It guides the audience into a mysterious world that they have never met before. The story continues with ‘Pastor Park’ tracking the deer garden, a new religious group, the police following the Yeongwol Tunnel incident where the body of a middle school girl was found, ‘Na Han’ who was hovering around the suspect, and his twin brother ‘Geumhwa’ who was born 16 years ago. It stimulates curiosity as it gradually builds up mysteries like an unsolved riddle. The movie <Sabaha>, in which the relationship between the unknown characters finally leads to the link of the deer garden, and the scattered clues complete a dramatic contact point, raises the immersion by developing an original story. “While preparing <Sabaha>, I had three big goals. The first was to not miss the tension with strong suspense as soon as the movie started, the second was to entangle the mystery in a tight way, and the third was to persuade the worldview.” The movie <Sabaha> will shake up the theater district in February 2019 with a tension that does not have time to breathe.

#2 I want to find… that

Lee Jung-jae, a new challenge for quattro 10 million actors
Park Jung-min, a special transformation that rejects the ordinary
The most anticipated first meeting! Explosive smoke synergy!

<Sabaha> raises expectations just by the fact that actor Lee Jung-jae, who overwhelms the screen with his solid acting skills and strong presence, and actor Park Jung-min, who has given surprises with a new challenge that rejects the ordinary in each work, will appear in one work. With <The Thieves>, <Assassination>, <Along with the Gods – Crime and Punishment>, and <Along with the Gods – Causality and Kite>, he proved his box office power by becoming the 'Quattro Ten Million Actors'. Actor Lee Jung-jae, who has constantly challenged various works regardless of age. In <Sabaha>, Lee Jung-jae, who played the role of 'Pastor Park', who pursues a new religion, perfectly expresses the personality of a character with excellent speech and intuition, while also revealing the complex emotions of 'Pastor Park', who is shaken and worried as he delves into an incident that is gradually falling into chaos. It perfectly digests and draws immersion. Lee Jung-jae, who said, “Isn’t that what Pastor Park is like, who is shaken, agonized, and struggling when we are faced with a situation where we do not know which is the truth?” show a new transformation.

Actor Park Jung-min, who perfectly digested the character of Servant Syndrome with fierce preparation and effort in <That Only My World> after winning 6 rookie awards through <Dong-ju>, played by the independence activist ‘Mong-gyu Song’, performed another role through <Sabaha>. Trying to make a special transformation. Park Jung-min, who is divided into a mysterious and dark appearance that he has not seen before, with an expressionless face that does not reveal his emotions, a low voice, and even a bleached hairstyle, it is difficult to guess his identity, but he completed the character 'Nahan', which looks dangerous somewhere, with his own color. . “I felt a special energy from the disproportionate appearance of the person who was speechless and expressionless, but with colorful clothes and hair. I wanted the audience to be nervous when Nahan appeared,” said Park Jung-min, exuding a strong presence that holds everyone's breath from the first moment he appears. The new transformation and acting synergy of Lee Jung-jae and Park Jung-min, who met for the first time through new and challenging genres and characters, will be a viewing point unique to <Sabaha> that cannot be missed.

everything is connected

Strong acting skills and unique presence
Jaein Lee, Jinyoung Jeong, Seonkyu Jin, David Lee
The perfect combination of actors who completed a dense mystery!

Not only Lee Jung-jae and Park Jung-min, but also Lee Jae-in, Jeong Jin-young, Jin Seon-gyu, and Lee David, the talented actors of each generation, completed the multi-layered and intense mystery of <Sabaha> more densely with an acting ensemble with different charms.

The role of Geumhwa, the twin brother who was born 16 years ago, was played by Jaein Lee, a new face who was recognized for her solid acting skills through <Adult Encyclopedia>. Director Jang Jae-hyeon, who discovered a rookie with a surprising presence in <Black Priests>, Lee Jae-in, newly selected by director Jae-in Lee, shows impressive performances that make it hard to believe that he is 16 years old. Lee Jae-in, who played the role of 'Geum-hwa', who was left with scars in body and mind because of her twin sister who was born on the same day, through acting perfectly integrated with the character from the expression to the eyes, tightens the tension with a powerful mystery from the beginning of the movie. Jung Jin-young, who has played a wide range of acting through numerous movies and dramas, added weight to the play as 'Jang Banjang', who pursues the murder of a middle school girl found in the Yeongwol Tunnel. Jung Jin-young, who has been portrayed as a detective who is in trouble due to a case that is difficult to understand despite his long investigation experience, brings a vivid sense of reality to the surreal mystery with his unique delicate acting. Jin Seon-gyu, who stole the hearts of the audience with his witty comic acting in his latest work, "Extreme Job," took on the role of 'Haean', helping 'Pastor Park'. Jin Seon-gyu, who plays a decisive role in helping his high school senior 'Pastor Park' and uncovering the reality of the deer garden, presents a new look with a soft but determined tone and expression. In addition, David, who was well-received for his unique acting in the movies <Namhansanseong> and <Swing Kids>, took on the role of 'Joseph', who infiltrated the deer garden under the direction of 'Pastor Park', exuding a special chemistry with Lee Jung-jae, completing a rich lineup. . The presence of Lee Jae-in, Jeong Jin-young, Jin Seon-kyu, and David Lee, who fill the play with various characters that go back and forth between intensity and freshness, heavyness and familiarity, will create a more colorful texture to the interesting storyline of <Sabaha>.

The moment of doubt, the truth is revealed

unique and overwhelming
90% on-location shooting and vivid production design
Highlights unique to <Sabaha> completed with well-made visuals

In order to create a unique and intense spectacle unique to <Sabaha>, the production team, who devoted 90% of the film to on-location filming despite the frigid temperature of -20 degrees Celsius, enhanced the film's perfection by realizing realistic and unusual spaces and visuals. In particular, director Jang Jae-hyun went hunting directly from the script writing stage and reflected the inspiration he received from the space in the scenario. In particular, the mountains and the uniqueness of the Gangwon-do region, which became the center, constitutes a must-see attraction of <Sabaha>. Cinematographer Kim Tae-soo, who participated in Jang Jae-hyeon's short films <12th Assistant Priest>, <Little Princess>, and <Female Teacher>, uses blue tones as a base for fog to create a cool cinematic atmosphere while keeping the cold winter feeling alive. It maximizes the feeling of a cloudy and damp space. In addition, instead of focusing on medium shot and handheld shooting as a whole, it focused on expressing the tension that tightens as the play progresses by focusing more on close-ups towards the second half. In the scene where 'Pastor Park' looks at the tannins surrounded on all sides in the deer garden, a low-angle 360-degree rotation is attempted to make the characters and tanghwa appear even bigger. vividly embodied the feeling.

Art director Suh Seong-kyung is the art director of each art piece, from 'Pastor Park's religious affairs research institute, where numerous materials are neatly organized, to the closed and gloomy house of 'Geumhwa', to the deer garden that looks ordinary but hides a secret, and to the tank painting, which is the main clue. meticulous efforts were made to The space outside the house of 'Geumhwa' was built as an open set over two months, and in the case of Tanghwa, it took more than three months to complete. In particular, the Tanghwa, centered on the Four Heavenly Kings, was newly produced because it was difficult to find in reality and had to be accompanied by a cinematic interpretation. Based on the draft that synthesized the image of the devil, different colors were designated for each of the four heavenly kings, and after making use of the dark red ink painting, I was able to complete the unique tank painting of <Sabaha>, which cannot be seen anywhere else. <Sabaha>, with the special efforts of the production team to create special images and visuals that cannot be seen in other films, will overwhelm the audience with its delicate and intense spectacle.

[ Production Note ]

We must uncover the fake, we must find it

Production design with realism of space
Only <Sabaha> that maximized the tension
Create a special space!

# The space of 'Pastor Park', the Institute for Religious Studies
Director Jang Jae-hyun and the production team, who wanted to create as much naturalness as possible with realistic settings including location locations, focused on realistic realization based on the data they had collected for a long time, but completed the space in the film where each characteristic clearly contrasts. First of all, the Religious Studies Research Center, which is the space of Pastor Park who pursues a new religion, maximized the feeling of being located in the middle of the city center unlike other places. In particular, as it is a space unique to 'Pastor Park', the traces of the materials he devoted to his research to show his expertise are expressed in detail. did.

# A space of 'gold coins', a gold coin house
The house, the space of 'Golden Coin', was located in a secluded place in the mountains, and at the same time, it was not easy to find a filming location because it needed a place that could capture a unique mysterious atmosphere. After much deliberation, the production team created an open set for the exterior and backyard of the 'Geumhwa' house over two months, and a studio set for the interior to create a special space with a closed and gloomy atmosphere while maintaining the feel of an ordinary family home. In particular, the art team produced and placed over 100 remodeling plants around the backyard of the 'Gold Coin' house and the space where 'It' exists. Each branch was hand-attached and completed. The house of 'Geumhwa', which has doubled the secretive feeling by making special efforts down to every single detail, maximizes the immersion in the movie.

# The space of 'Nahan', Sinjangdang in Jecheon Deer Garden
Sinjangdang in Jecheon Deer Garden leaves a deep impression as a space where a mysterious mechanic 'Nahan' sees a vision in a nightmare and suffers. Sinjangdang, which has a hanok style design, has a higher ceiling than the general interior space, adding to the precarious atmosphere. created

# The space of new religion, Taebaek Deer Garden
The interior of the deer garden in Taebaek, one of the spaces of the new religious group pursued by Pastor Park, was produced as a separate set. Designed with reference to a local missionary school, the temple hall of Deer Garden was born as a three-dimensional space where the ordinary scenery of a simple propaganda hall visited by anyone during the day, but a secretive feeling at night.

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