(Korean Movies) Sunny, 2011

Sunny, 2011
Ages 15 and older, not available for viewing by youth (re-opening)
running time
124 minutes 135 minutes (Reopening)
cumulative audience
48th Baeksang Arts Awards 2012


My friend, our memories ‘Sunny’
The most brilliant moment, we were one!
Nami, a transfer student from Jeolla-do Beolgyo, is teased from the first day because of her dialect that pops out when she is nervous. At this time, friends of the Force, who are not unusual, help her foolish… They are Jindeok Girls’ High School Loyalty-chan Chun-hwa, the ugly Rose who risked her life on her double eyelids, Jin-hee, the representative of the swearing battle, Geum-ok, a powerful literary girl, Bok-hee, a four-dimensional dreaming of Miss Korea, and Suzy, the arrogant ice princess. Nami becomes a new member of the group and plays an outstanding role in escaping a crisis situation by using the new dialect swearing skill passed down from her grandmother in the face-to-face match with the competing group ‘Girls’ Generation’. The seven best friends form ‘Sunny’, the seven princesses with a vow to be together forever, and ambitiously prepare a performance for the school festival, but on the day of the festival, an unexpected accident occurs and they are scattered.Twenty-five years later, Nami, who has a successful husband and a pretty daughter, lacks something 2%. One day, Nami runs into ‘Sunny-chan’ Chun-hwa, shares the joy of reunion, and decides to go find the ‘Sunny’ members… Breaking away from the daily life that was tied only to her family, Nami goes to find her friends in her memories.In May 2011, ‘Sunny’ will visit you!

[ About Movie ]

Following ‘Finding Unimaginable Family’, this time ‘Finding Friends of Memories’
<Speeding Scandal> Director Kang Hyung-cheol’s Seven Princesses Project is coming!

Director Kang Hyung-cheol’s next film, who caused a box office scandal in Korea with <Speeding Scandal> by mobilizing 8.3 million viewers in 2008, is coming! Director Kang Hyung-cheol’s project <Sunny>, the Seven Princesses project, which he said, “a picture of my mother’s childhood that I happened to see by chance, became the starting point of the scenario.” A story that depicts a pleasant feeling of rediscovery. Director Kang Hyung-cheol said, “I wanted to show the irony of life through the stories of people, the stories of people, and the changes after 25 years of the brilliant school days, apart from the stories of women,” said director Kang Hyeong-cheol. He, who awakened the importance of family with the comedy <Speeding Scandal>, which takes place when a ‘speeding family’ is formed due to a 22-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old grandson who appeared without notice in a 36-year-old single life, the process of finding friends in memories in this <Sunny> It provides pleasant laughter and empathy to the audience.

Why ‘The Seven Princesses’?
Director Kang Hyung-cheol’s reasoned choice!

Why did director Kang Hyeong-cheol choose the stories of ‘The Seven Princesses’? <Sunny> is different from the bad and deviant image that comes to mind at first glance when you think of ‘The Seven Princesses’. “mom… Didn’t I mention that it was ‘The Seven Princesses’?” Like the lines of Nami (Yoo Ho-jeong) in the movie, who lives as an ordinary housewife, the director wants to show that a woman who is living a faithful life as someone’s wife or someone’s mother also had a splendid and dazzling time. “If we could show children who are only studying hard in a two-hour movie, there would be no difference between broadcasting and education. When I was a girl… Although childish, I thought that the ‘Chil Princess’ character would be good because it showed a serious, serious, and immature side, and I expected that there would be many interesting things to see above all,” he said with a reason! Through <Sunny>, ‘Princess Chil’ will visit the disassembled audience with the story of all of us searching for memories and friends from school days.

[ Hot Issue ]

A craze of memories blowing in the cultural world!
Reborn the brilliant 80s that stimulates the eyes and ears!

Along with the acoustic guitar craze that started with ‘Sesi-Bong Friends’ recently, the music and musicians of memories such as <I Am a Singer>, <The Great Birth> and <Concert 7080> are being re-examined. <Gwanghwamun Sonata>, which recreated the repertoire of the late composer Lee Young-hoon, who made a gem of a hit song, into a musical, and <March of Youth>, a musical about the story of a representative cartoon character of the 90s, Youngshim, who grew up as a performance producer at the age of 33. In addition to the recently released comedy film <Dangerous Meeting>, remakes of Ho-seop Choi’s ‘As Time Goes’ and Jo Ha-moon’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ appeared, stimulating the nostalgia of the audience. The recent trend of re-illuminating and reinterpreting the culture of memories like this reflects the trend of active consumption spreading to the 3040th generation, not the 1020th generation’s exclusive domain.
<Sunny>, which tells the story of the ‘Chil Princesses’ friends who shared their brilliant school days with them in the 80s, also stimulates sympathy for all Korean audiences who have experienced school days and provides pleasant memories. In particular, ‘Sunny’ (Bonnie M) with the same title as the movie, ‘Reality’ (Richard Sanderson), which has been loved along with famous scenes from ‘LABOUM’, ‘Time After Time’ (Tuck & Patty), ‘Touch by Touch’ (Joy) Pop songs with familiar melodies, such as ‘Bingle Bingle’ (Nami), ‘In a dream’ (Jo Deok-bae), and ‘I don’t know’ (Magma) at the time, are harmonized with splendid attractions such as art and costumes that reinterpreted the 80s in a new way for the five senses. to stimulate It will stimulate nostalgia for the dazzling memories to the older generation who experienced the 80s, and give the young generation who is new to the 80s the joy of experiencing exotic cultural trends that are pleasing to the eyes and ears.

An unusual seven princesses are born!
Who is the second Park Bo-young chosen by director Kang Hyeong-cheol?!

Who is the actor chosen by director Kang Hyeong-cheol, who has a knack for discovering new talent? While people are interested in who will be the second Park Bo-young in <Sunny>, Shim Eun-kyung (Nami), Kang So-ra (Chunhwa), Kim Min-young (Jang Mi), Park Jin-joo (Jin-hee), Park Jin-joo (Jin-hee), Seven new-generation actors, including Nam Bo-ra (Keum-ok), Kim Bo-mi (Bok-hee), and Min Hyo-rin (Suzy), have been selected to present the character of the seven princesses with extraordinary individuality. In ‘Sunny,’ the current seven princesses who met again 25 years later, prominent middle-aged actors such as Yoo Ho-jeong (Nami), Jin Hee-kyung (Chun-hwa), Ko Soo-hee (Jang-mi), Hong Jin-hee (Jin-hee), Lee Yeon-kyung (Keum-ok), and Kim Seon-kyung (Bok-hee) work together. In <Sunny>, where the brilliant memories of the past seven princesses and the current process of finding friends who broke up 25 years ago intersect, it is also expected that the fun of matching the synchro rate of the actors who played one character in two roles is also expected to be extraordinary. . “The casting process was like a war. In the past or present, as a person, the synchronicity of appearance was also considered a lot. In addition, I was careful not to diverge in the characteristics of the actors,” said director Kang Hyung-cheol. He also expressed his strong confidence in the movie <Sunny>, saying, “I am sure that there will be great new actors such as the second Park Bo-young and Wang Seok-hyun.”

[ Production Note ]

“The production team of ‘Speed Scandal’, the 8.3 million box office success story, united!”
The secret story behind the production of <Sunny> directly from them!

Casting War for 100% Synchro Rate Past to Present
BY Director Kang Hyung-cheol

For 100% synchronization
War-like casting story
The casting process for <Sunny> was more like a war than an episode. Casting 14 actresses was a difficult task in terms of numbers, but the most troublesome part was the ‘synchrony’ between the past and the present. Even after 25 years, they still look alike, and on the contrary, their appearances have changed so much over the years, but as a person in the past and now, both inclinations and physical synchronicity were carefully examined. In addition to the synchronicity between the characters, care was taken so that the characteristics of each actor and the character’s personality do not diverge.
As in <Speeding Scandal>, there are many new actors to pay attention to in <Sunny>. Newcomers who are like a jewel who have been together through numerous auditions. I was happy to have met great actors who will lead Korean films. I am sure that there will be great new actors such as the second Park Bo-young and Wang Seok-hyun in <Sunny>. In addition, most of the actresses who played the present role of the Seven Princesses, such as Yoo Ho-jeong, Jin Hee-kyung, and Hong Jin-hee, were seniors with a high age. Like the older sisters, they took care of me as the director. Since they are veteran actors, it was a good enough experience just to watch their performances.

Memories of those days with Melody & Memory music
BY Kim Jun-seok Music Director

80’s pop songs and hits
Presenting a comprehensive gift set of memories

I think that the music director for the movie <Sunny> is not just Kim Jun-seok, but Kim Jun-seok and Kang Hyeong-cheol. There were songs that director Kang Hyung-cheol had in mind when he wrote the screenplay, and there are songs that were inserted after discussion after the scenario was completed. We set the year 1986 and selected the hit songs that touched a lot of emotions around that time and around that time.
BoniM’s ‘Sunny’ is used as the theme song of the movie from the scene where DJ Lee Jong-hwan of the ‘Night Disc Show’ in the movie named the Seven Princesses with the brilliant and dazzling ‘Sunny’. This is an important song that brings the Chil Princesses together 25 years later. Richard Sanderson’s ‘Reality’ is a representative love theme song that was widely loved as the OST for the movie <Labum>. In <Sunny>, the love theme of ‘Nami’ (Shim Eun-kyung) along with the fun of parody emotionally touches the memories of her unrequited love in school. Joy’s ‘Touch by touch’ is a song where the director’s wit is hidden by humorously using some words in the lyrics. Chuck & Patty’s ‘Time after time’ gives you the feeling of going back in time. It is also a song that decorates the beginning and ending of the movie. Cindy Lauper’s song ‘Girls just want to have fun’, which was played in the school broadcasting room during lunchtime, was originally a song for a male musician in the script, but it was changed to a song with a female vocal who can represent the emotions of girls. .

Functional relationship of {Memory + Melody}
<Speed Scandal>, which added friendliness as a remake, <Sunny>, which stimulated memories with a hit number in the 80s

Although the reinterpretation of hit music in the past is the same, in the case of <Speeding Scandal>, I worked to completely change the feeling to the extent that I wondered if it was the same song. Rather than the perfume itself, the key was to show the variety of music that an actor named ‘Park Bo-young’ could digest. <Sunny> symbolizes the era of the 80s and focuses on evoking nostalgia and sympathy. Nowadays, music is strong in style and rhythm, but it was strong to convey the deep meaning and sensibility of the lyrics, focusing on the melody of the music of the 80s. I don’t think there is anything more important than music to express the memories and nostalgia that <Sunny> wanted to portray. Because the melody of music has great power to move people’s hearts, it acts like a memory time machine that lets you go back to the past. We expect that all audiences who watch <Sunny> will be able to experience the amazing experience of being naturally sucked into memories of the past by following the melody.

Time after Time Icon of the era that can be read through art and fashion
BY Art Director Lee Yo-han & Costume Director Chae Kyung-wha

‘Bling bling’ 80’s
‘Brilliantly’ is revived!

When I first saw the scenario for <Sunny>, I drew an image of finding memories in the memory of the current ‘Nami’ (Yoo Ho-jung). Isn’t the past in everyone’s memories beautiful and dazzling? In order to visually portray the dazzling feeling of that time, which the title means, we focused on maximizing the ‘light’. Since it is a film where the present and the past coexist, I tried to capture the feeling of the times in the light. To mention two key things, one was the brilliant ‘color of light’ that director Kang Hyeong-cheol had requested from the beginning. I tried to preserve the feeling of breaking the sun as much as possible. The other is to mainly use the vivid colors that were popular in the 80s, that is, primary colors. However, in order to show the image of ‘memory’, a warmer feeling was added and toned down. On the other hand, in the current scene, we used calm and natural colors to provide contrast.

A film that transcends the era beyond the reproduction of the era.
The past and present hidden in the 80’s!

The art of <Sunny> was thoroughly based on historical evidence. It took about a month or more to recreate the streets of the 80s by building a large-scale set in Hapcheon, Gyeongnam. In the movie, the old Piccadilly Theater, the YMCA building, and the old Lotteria sign appear, but in reality, the places were quite far from each other at that time. However, in <Sunny>, it was compressed and expressed in one place so that it can be seen at a glance. In order to reproduce the streets of the 80s, the movie posters of the old Piccadilly theater signs were also drawn and worked by hand. As it is a street where children’s fighting scenes are expressed in a fun way in harmony with the background of the times, <Rocky> was deliberately chosen for the theater sign and juxtaposed with the children standing in a confrontational composition.
Numerous places such as classrooms, canteens, playgrounds, and broadcasting rooms exist not only in the streets, but also in music cafes, alleys, houses of the Chil Princesses, and schools, and there are only about thirty-five places that need to be newly created. Creating new ones one by one was never easy. I searched and researched every reference material that could tell about the era, from magazines and photobooks taken by photographers to the movies of the 80s. For example, the house ‘Rose’ (Kim Min-young) and the house ‘Nami’ (Shim Eun-kyung) appearing in the movie have a very different feel. ‘Rose’ is a child belonging to the wealthy class living in Seoul, and ‘Nami’ is a transfer student who just came to Seoul from Beolgyo in Jeolla-do. As a result, the atmosphere in the house was expressed very differently. In the 80s, there were various types of houses, such as a house surrounded by trees, a two-story house, and a house with a middle gate and a large yard. In order to reproduce the house of that time, it was necessary to redesign and manufacture each small item using materials from the 80s. The wallpaper is also newly made. Some props, such as radios and TVs, were borrowed through museums or collectors in Busan. In order to use the bromide of a popular teen star at the time that was attached to the room of the Seven Princesses or the school broadcasting room, he asked for permission from more than 20 80’s stars such as Jeon Young-rok, Park Hye-sung, and Kim Seung-jin.

Cut, sew, glue, take…
Adding color to the Chil Princess!

Director Kang Hyung-cheol’s order was that we should never express reality with an old and rustic feeling of the same design all the time in the 80’s. Since it is a memory that exists in our memories, we wanted a more vivid and splendid appearance. ‘Beauty in the memories, more brilliantly shining’ Literally, the key was to express the dazzling Chil Princess ‘Sunny’ as the name suggests.
Except for ‘Nami’ (Shim Eun-kyung), who transferred from the countryside, the other six are stylish kids who are sensitive to the 80’s fashion. That’s why, by the standards of the time, I paid the most attention to the ‘Nami’ costume, which was plain, simple and cute. The rest of the members matched trendy items that fit their individuality and personality. For example, ‘Rose’ (Kim Min-young) usually wears cute brand clothes and character looks, and ‘Jin-hee’ (Park Jin-ju), a swear word, chose a sailor suit or colorful clothes that fit her humorous personality. The feminine ‘Bokhee’ (Kim Bo-mi), who dreams of Miss Korea, focused on splendid design, and the leader ‘Chun-hwa’ (Kang So-ra) had a boyish yet sporty feel. Literary girl ‘Geum-ok’ (Nam Bo-ra) has an ivy look like a schoolboy with a straight personality, and ‘Suzy’ (Min Hyo-rin), who is cold and proud, has long straight hair, a white t-shirt, and basic items such as jeans that are still popular regardless of fashion. faithful In order to capture the feeling of that era, I looked for magazines from the 80s such as Boys JoongAng, Teen, and all the materials I could see, and referenced materials such as marine look, sailor suit, jeans, and brand look that were popular at that time to reduce and sew vintage or retro clothes again. It went through some gluing and remodeling. Together with the art team, we designed brand logos such as ‘Jodash’ and ‘Hippo’, which were popular brands at the time, and re-produced them by taking new pictures. It’s still the same now, but isn’t it the brand that’s particularly sensitive when you’re a teenager? It was designed to remind people of memories through classic brands such as Nike and Prospex, which were popular in the 80s.

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