(Korean Movies) Steel Rain2: Summit, 2019

Steel Rain2: Summit, 2019

Steel Rain2: Summit, 2019
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7th Korean Film Writers Association Award 2020
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During the inter-Korean summit, the three leaders are kidnapped in a coup in North Korea!

An inter-Korean summit between the President of the Republic of Korea (Jung Woo-sung), North Korea's supreme leader (Yoo Yeon-seok), and the US president (Angus McFadden) will be held in Wonsan, North Korea, to conclude a North Korea-US peace treaty. While the differences between the North and the United States are rarely resolved, a coup d'etat by the North Korean escort general (Kwak Do-won) occurs in protest against the abandonment of nuclear weapons and the establishment of a peace regime, and the three abducted leaders are held hostage in a North Korean nuclear submarine. And, inside the cramped commander's room, an unexpected true summit takes place…

The fate of Northeast Asia is trapped in a nuclear submarine!
Will the three leaders of North and South America be able to prevent a war crisis?


When the US-American Cold War was disbanded more than 30 years ago, only the Korean Peninsula was unable to emerge from the Cold War.
Rather, the collapse of the Cold War escalated to the North Korean nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, and it has been through one or two crises right before the war, and has reached the present in 2020. As a result, we are angry, or again? I have been ignoring them, or looking at the inter-Korean issues as if they exist but do not exist.

Foreign political and diplomacy experts say that the only way for the Korean Peninsula to go is war, the internal collapse of North Korea, peaceful denuclearization, and peace resulting from the nuclear balance of South Korea's nuclear armament. I saw it as one of these four.
The <Steel Rain> series is a story told based on our concerns about the Korean Peninsula issue and the arguments of overseas experts. While <Steel Rain> dealt with issues of war and South Korea's nuclear armament, <Steel Rain 2: Summit> dealt with North Korea's internal collapse and peaceful denuclearization. In that respect, <Steel Ratio 2: Summit> can be said to be a complementary sequel to <Steel Ratio>.
However, unlike in the previous sequels, where the main characters play the same roles one after another, in <Steel Rain>, those who were on the Korean side and those who were on the North Korean side switched camps between the South and the North this time.

Have you ever thought about it? Who decides the fate of the Korean Peninsula?

Even if the two Koreas change their positions, we change the camps of the characters to show that the issues on the Korean Peninsula would not have changed with our will alone. Since the division was not done by us, the dismantling of division cannot be done with our own hands. Only when we realize the reality that we cannot decide our fate will we be able to work harder to open up even the smallest gaps in peace that we can squeeze through. So, the casting already contains a significant part of my 'direction'.

The division of North and South Korea, which began with the US-China Cold War, has become more complex as it is caught in the midst of the era of great confrontation between the US and China. In a changed era, what kind of work can we do on the Korean Peninsula? <Steel Rain 2: Summit> is a movie that has thriller elements, submarine action, and black comedy elements. give.

However, the most confident part of <Steel Rain 2: Summit> is that you can see new performances that you have never seen before from familiar and good actors.

It will be a difficult and difficult summer for everyone, but I would like to say hello to the movie <Steel Rain 2: Summit> that dares to visit you nonetheless.

Director Yang Woo-seok


Now, why 'steel ratio 2'? An unprecedented attempt at a complementary sequel
A transition from fantasy to reality <Steel Rain> &
Starting with reality, a stone's throw on the road to peace <Steel Rain 2: Summit>
Advocate for the final evolution of the division!

Unlike other sequels, the plot and the main character are not directly connected. In addition, North Korean provocations continued. After <Steel Rain 2: Summit> is confirmed to be released this summer, why is ‘Steel Rain 2’ now? That's why the question arose. <Steel Rain 2: Summit> is <Steel Rain> and the problematic awareness of the road to a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula. And we share the starting point of a war crisis caused by a coup in North Korea. However, unlike the usual sequel that follows the story from the first part, <Steel Rain> can be called a complementary sequel. Or, if <Steel Rain> is a transitional passage from fantasy to reality in the way it deals with the Korean Peninsula issue, <Steel Rain 2: Summit> is a direct passage from reality to fantasy. <Steel Rain>, a transitional drama that started from the fantasy that the South and North have the initiative and decision-making authority over the Korean Peninsula issue and progressed to the reality of a solution to the North Korean nuclear issue. <Steel Ratio 2: Summit> starts from the sober reality that North and South Korea, the parties to the division, are dependent variables under the interests of great powers, such as the US-China conflict and Japan's containment in the Korean Peninsula issue, and the ultimate wish of the Korean Peninsula. It is a fastball that seeks the path to a peace regime in The two settings and story developments, the change-orientation and the direct-ball, complete the subject matter and theme of a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, both separately and together.
The fact that the coup d'état in North Korea was a single decision by the hardliners inside North Korea in <Steel Ratio> was a coup that occurred intertwined with China and Japan in <Steel Ratio 2: Summit> also reflects the expanded awareness of <Steel Ratio 2: Summit>. show The reality of South Korea, which has been invited to the summit for a North Korea-U.S. peace treaty but has nowhere to sign, is clearly shown through the facial expressions and actions of South Korean President Han Kyung-jae, who struggles to act as a mediator between the two extremes of the North and the US leaders. . The North Korean leader, who predicted the death of Kim Jong-il in the 2011 webtoon [Steel Lane], the first in a series that Yang Woo-seok has dealt with inter-Korean issues, and returned to the South in a moribund state in [Steel Rain] at the end of 2017, was the leader of the North and South in Panmunjom in 2018. Just as we came down to the South through the summit, the crisis situation just before the war depicted in <Steel Rain 2: The Summit> and the process of overcoming it and going to peace gives us the fun of taking another road ahead. On the other hand, since it started with Choi In-hoon's novel [The Square], in films such as <Taegeukgi Waving> and <Joint Security Area JSA>, the protagonists of either side always met a tragic end, breaking away from the formula where the two sides met a tragic end. Recognizing that they are not enemies and seeking a way to coexist, <Steel Rain 2: Summit> stands for the final evolution of the division.

Republic of Korea President Jung Woo-sung, North Korea coup instigator Kwak Do-won, Director General of the escort
North Korean Chairman Yoo Yeon-seok and US President Angus McFadden
Dramatic transformation, revealing the true face of the summit in a narrow North Korean nuclear submarine!

The summit is a place where the most elite diplomats, including heads of state, from each country participate together, risking their national interest. Everything from the normal words, movements, and facial expressions takes on a public meaning under thorough calculations. If the meeting doesn't go as planned, you may be kicked out of the meeting room. The first ever summit between South Korea, North Korea, and the United States in the movie held in Wonsan, the territory of North Korea, not a third country, is no exception. However, after a coup d'état by North Korea's hard-line escort general in opposition to the choice that leads to a peace treaty, nuclear abandonment, and the establishment of diplomatic ties between North Korea and the United States, the three leaders, who were held hostage together in the cramped commander's room of a North Korean nuclear submarine, could escape because they did not like it. It becomes a community with no place for life and death. The premise is the same, but the poker face and pretentiousness in public are in conflict by showing a human face without any change, and they become one in the face of a coup d'etat. One of the three was in a cramped captain's room with no space to sit or lie down, and no ventilation. The president of the United States and the chairman of North Korea face the tobacco issue before the grand denuclearization issue, and the president of the Republic of Korea tries to mediate from major conflicts over the US-DPRK diplomatic ties to differences in their tastes. From the internal communication between China and the North Korean coup d'état to the preliminary collusion between Japan and the United States. The process of the three leaders coming to terms after learning something they did not know at the official meeting, before the complicated Northeast Asian order and inter-Korean issues, brings unexpected laughter through the human side of conflict and reconciliation. The summit meeting seen through the media was staged with a bright smile, shaking hands, and reading a statement while omitting all the twists and turns in the preparation process for the meeting and the nerves behind the meeting hall. Under the premise of what would happen if the leaders were together in a space with no way out, with the staff and interpreters removed, <Steel Rain 2: Summit> is a real summit full of black comedy moments and human charm hidden behind the official summit. show the talks Jung Woo-sung as the President of the Republic of Korea, who shows our difficulties and helplessness in dealing with inter-Korean issues, and our will to never give up. Kwak Do-won once again proved his worth as a patriot with conviction, not just a villain. All-back hair, which is the exclusive hairstyle for the North Korean leader, and even North Korean and English. Yoo Yeon-seok, who showed a truly shocking transformation. And Angus McFadon, who plays the egocentric president of the United States, who has a Pax Americana in his mouth and screams that he is hungry. The steel chemistry of these four actors, who showed performances of conflict, conflict, and reconciliation in a nuclear submarine that might explode at any time, director Yang Woo-seok's intention of 'I took him into a nuclear submarine to have a full summit meeting' turned into great fun in the character drama. shows

Cool reason and hot passion, moderate and hard-lined!
Yoo Yeon-seok and Kwak Do-won, as Chairman of 'Joseon History' and Director General of escort
Complete the two faces of the drum like 'Jekyll and Hyde'

<Steel Rain> tells the story of a special agent named Um Chol-woo, played by Jung Woo-sung, as the central figure on the North Korean side. This development was possible because <Steel Rain> was a change that started as a fantasy and a subjunctive that the South and the North had full control over the Korean Peninsula issue. However, the Korean Peninsula has become an island of the Cold War among the powerful powers in sharp conflict. Starting from the reality of being a party to the division that does not have the right to decide fate, the direct phrase <Steel Rain 2: Summit> is the central figure of North Korea. It was set as two people to reflect their existence. The chairman and blood alliance of the moderate group of peace agreements, the establishment of diplomatic ties between North Korea and the United States, reform, openness and economic development. general director. The two people who cannot coexist realistically show the two faces of 'book', which goes back and forth between hard-line and moderate-minded. Yoo Yeon-seok, who was named by director Yang Woo-seok as 'Joseon History', meaning 'the history of Joseon', that is, 'the history of North Korea,' the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It shows a complex image with realistic worries that he is worried about the hardliners represented by . Meanwhile, Kwak Do-won represents the steely belief of the North Korean hardliners who believe that the Chairman's steps to reach an agreement between North Korea and the United States are a way to betray the people and destroy the country, and are not afraid of a coup d'etat that threatens the life of the Chairman, the highest dignity. Like 'Jekyll and Hyde', one day at Panmunjom, the two faces of the North are hugging with the kindness and laughter of the Korean people, and pouring out primary criticism towards the Republic of Korea a few months later. What is the calculation behind it and behind it? <Steel Rain 2: Summit> realistically depicts polarities like 'Jekyll and Hyde' through the tense relationship between confrontation and conflict, instruction and protest, shown by the strong performances of Kwak Do-won and Yoo Yeon-seok.

North Korea's first strategic nuclear submarine, Baekduho! It symbolizes the division of South and North Korea!
A hot nuclear submarine equipped with the ultimate strategic weapon SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile)
After meticulous historical research and expert advice, the first ever public release!
An island of the Cold War, the hot waters off Dokdo, where the interests of great powers swirl
A tense submarine action for the first time in a Korean movie!

The East Sea has the largest number of submarines in the world. The calm waters of the Korean Peninsula, where submarines from countries such as the United States, North Korea, China and Japan, as well as the Republic of Korea, are navigating, are a space that can become a more dangerous battlefield than land. Submarines, which cannot be detected by radar or satellites, are the most dangerous strategic weapon, especially in the case of nuclear submarines equipped with SLBMs, and, paradoxically, the safest space inside. With military experts still making tense predictions about when North Korea will launch an SLBM, <Steel Rain 2: Summit> holds the summit of the two Koreas and the United States, the first North Korean nuclear weapon, on the premise that North Korea has a nuclear submarine equipped with an SLBM. Take them into the submarine 'Baekduho'. The structure inside the submarine divided around the commander's office where the coup forces and the leaders of North and South Korea were detained symbolizes the divided Korean Peninsula in the movie. In order to create a militaryly convincing and realistic submarine, director Yang Woo-seok, along with art director Yang Hong-sam, collected data under the premise that North Korea would have made an autonomous transformation with the motif of a Russian submarine. And that imagination was realized in May of this year with the prediction of military experts that the submarine that North Korea is launching at Sinpo Port will be a nuclear submarine equipped with an SLBM. On the other hand, former Captain Yong-Woo Kim, who served as a submarine commander in the Republic of Korea Navy, stayed on set for the entire filming period as well as pre-production to supervise the design to fit the functions of the submarine's internal device. In addition, the reality of the details was completed by ordering and manufacturing the devices in the submarine at the munitions factory in Jinhae, which actually supplies the submarines. In front of the sea off Dokdo where a typhoon hits, the part where the level changes when entering a submarine, and the scene where the people on the ship lose their balance due to an explosion shock in an underwater battle where torpedoes come and go Instead, a gimbal that creates a special movement of the submarine was separately manufactured, and the action inside and outside the submarine was realized in a powerful way. 'Baekduho', which took 2 months and 2 billion won just to make the set. Captain Kim Yong-woo, who gave detailed advice on not only the submarine rescue, but also the behavior and lifestyle of the crew members, gave them a passing score that they could serve as submarine crew members right away. In addition, the underwater submarine action in which various devices actually used in submarine warfare such as sonobuoys (sonic detection buoys), active sonars (sonic radar), deceptive torpedoes, and depth charges were mobilized were also completed after careful consultation. In the waters off Dokdo, where Korea and Japan have territorial disputes, the journey of 'Baekduho' is a new era in submarine warfare that has never been seen before.

Actors who have changed the camps between North and South Korea and newly joined actors!
The interior of the Blue House, the summit site in Wonsan, North Korea, and even the White House officials!
The fun of seeing actors and spaces is alive!

It's not just submarines. <Steel Ratio 2: Summit> is bigger and stronger than <Steel Ratio>, both in terms of the actors and as a spectacle represented by the space in the movie. Unlike Jung Woo-sung and Kwak Do-won, who changed their affiliations to the South and North to show that even if the characters’ camps change and play roles, the fact that South and North Korea cannot decide on the Korean Peninsula issue does not change. The affiliations of the actors who appeared on the side of the United States and China, which exert a powerful influence on the fate of the Korean Peninsula, remain the same. Lee Jae-yong, who played the North Korean general in <Steel Rain>, changed his affiliation to the Blue House Security Office Director in <Steel Rain 2: Summit>, and Christine Dalton, who was the head of the U.S. CIA's South Korean branch, plays the role of vice president who tries to contain China by striking North Korea. Kim Myung-gon, who played the role of Li, was vertically promoted to the role of the Chinese ambassador to Korea. In addition to these, the aspect of the newly joined actors is also interesting. Starting with Kim Yong-rim as the Prime Minister, Nae-sang Nae-sang as the Minister of Defense, and Son Jong-hak as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In particular, Yeom Jeong-ah, who appeared as the first lady, adds fun and leisure to the beginning of the play with the chemistry between Jung Woo-sung and Jung Woo-sung as the president, a real-life couple who pours drinks and does not hesitate to nagging. A notable casting from the North is Shin Jeong-geun as the deputy commander of the North Korean nuclear submarine ‘Baekduho’, where the three leaders are detained and imprisoned. Shin Jung-geun, who has always been trusted despite being a licorice-like role in many dramas and movies, is expected to reveal his full-fledged presence in <Steel Rain 2: Summit> with a heavy acting that creates a different atmosphere from the coup force in ‘Baekduho’. Also, Ryu Su-young, who appeared in <The Attorney>, takes on the role of the captain of ‘Baek Du-ho’ and attempts to transform into a North Korean soldier. In addition, familiar faces such as Jang Gwang of the Minister of the People's Armed Forces are expected to fill the running time. On the other hand, since the main character is the president, the first glimpse of the Blue House in a Korean movie also draws attention. Not only public spaces such as the office and NSC conference room, but also the inside of the official residence and Sangchunjae are shown in the film. In addition, the appearance of Wonsan Karma Airport and the summit hall realized through location and CG, the majesty of 'Baekduho' anchored in front of Wonsan Port, and the sea off Dokdo. <Steel Rain 2: Summit> will bring you the joy of meeting the actors' outstanding acting skills and a new space you've never seen before on the screen.

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