(Korean Movies) STEEL RAIN, 2017


Audience over 15
running time
139 minutes
cumulative audience
4452900 people
38th Korean Film Critics Association Awards 2018


North Korea coup
North Korea No. 1 has come down to South Korea!

Shortly after the coup, the top agent 'Um Chul-woo' (Jung Woo-sung) comes down to South Korea with North Korea No. 1, who was fatally wounded.
Meanwhile, North Korea declares war on South Korea and the United States, and South Korea declares martial law.
At this time, Kwak Cheol-woo (Kwak Do-won), the chief of foreign affairs and security, who received information that the North Korean No.


'Steel Rain', the English title of the movie's title <Steel Rain>
It is an alias for a cluster-type rocket warhead that actually exists.
It has a very large lethal radius and is a weapon with which more than 140 countries around the world have signed a ban on its use.
Why did you use the name of this formidable weapon as the title?
The current overall situation surrounding the South and North may be if we are not properly prepared.
This is because I wanted to convey the meaning of a situation that could turn into a scary situation at any time.
_In an interview with director Yang Woo-seok


Honey Chemie Explosion!
Action Jung Woo-sung x spy Kwak Do-won, Meet the character of life!
Completion of honey dripping chemistry

The first thing to pay attention to in <Steel Rain>, which will open its first box office hit in the winter of 2017, is the honey chemistry created by the meeting of Korea's best actors Jung Woo-sung and Kwak Do-won. Action craftsman Jung Woo-sung takes on the role of 'Um Chul-woo', North Korea's most elite agent specialized in survival, and Kwak Do-won, a heavenly actor who sublimates into his own color no matter what character he takes on, as 'Kwak Chul-woo', South Korea's senior foreign affairs and security chief, each met the best characters in his acting life. . In particular, as the two actors met for the second time with the movie <Steel Rain>, they showed off their extraordinary acting synergy and showed a hot acting synergy throughout the filming.

First, Jung Woo-sung takes on the role of 'Um Chul-woo', a North Korean elite agent, and tries to transform into the most colorful figure in his filmography history by showing not only a cold-hearted agent full of belief in his country, but also an ordinary householder who loves his family. Here, Kwak Do-won plays Kwak Cheol-woo, South Korea's chief foreign affairs and security officer, who has only followed the elite course. He is fluent in three languages, Chinese and English, and shows not only his elite charm, but also his unique wit and humor, and at the same time shows a heart-pounding hot performance, heralding the birth of a character in life. The fateful meeting between Kwak Do-won and Jung Woo-sung, who crossed the North-South boundary like this, is expected to capture the hearts of the audience at once through the honey chemistry that explodes amid the imminent nuclear war crisis facing South Korea.

In this way, the two actors, who had to express the common denominator of one nation and a heart-warming sense of unity, were completely immersed in the character. Director Yang Woo-seok said, "Both of them are completely identical to their characters, so they will meet the audience as if the characters are alive."

Nuke Goosebumps Yeji!
A Korean nuclear war scenario that started from the 10 million webtoon [Steel Lane]!
A shocking development that looks forward to the present and future of Korea
This is not a story of the past, it is reality!

The spy action blockbuster <Steel Rain> unfolds as a coup d'etat in North Korea occurs and North Korea No. 1 urgently descends to South Korea. Contrary to the fact that the main films in domestic theaters are paying attention to the past, <Steel Rain> is a spy action blockbuster that adds the director's insight and cinematic imagination to the present and future of Korea, which is attracting global attention.

Director Yang Woo-seok, who directed the film, said, “I think the world has become more necessary than ever to imagine the harsh reality facing North and South Korea. I decided to plan a work called <Steel Rain> in the sense of trying to imagine the tension between North and South Korea soberly.” In particular, director Yang Woo-suk, who had a reputation as a webtoon writer before becoming a film director, predicted the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il through the webtoon [Steel Rain], which became the basis of the movie <Steel Rain> in 2011, delivering a great shock and breaking through 10 million views. there is a bar Furthermore, he created <Steel Rain>, the first Korean film dealing with nuclear war, based on 10 years of steady data research and accumulated political and military background knowledge. In particular, despite the limited information on North Korea and nuclear weapons, the actors and staff of <Steel Rain> aroused the admiration of the actors and staff through extensive collection of materials reminiscent of a library and knowledge comparable to military experts.

As this is her first comeback to the screen in four years since <The Attorney>, attention is focused on how the director's sharp insight and foresight that sees through the times will melt into the film. In addition, Korea's representative actor Jung Woo-sung and director Kwak Do-won, who is working together for the second time after <The Attorney>, met with director Jung Woo-sung and achieved the best combination of <Steel Rain>.

<Steel Rain>, which will make the Republic of Korea tumultuous like this, will be the last espionage action blockbuster that will throw a strong topic for all of us in 2017 at a time when the world's attention is focused on the Korean Peninsula due to the constant North Korean provocations.

Nuclear fun preview!
Exciting action and intense scale on the screen!
The 10 million movie <The Attorney> is presented by director Yang Woo-seok and the representative production team of Chungmuro.
Premonition of the best entertainment movie this winter!

Behind the powerful directing that made you immerse yourself in the spy action blockbuster <Steel Rain>, the overwhelming bombing scene in the movie that catches your eyes, and the meticulous development reminiscent of a real situation, there were the best directors and production team in Korea.

In addition to cinematographer Lee Hyeong-deok of Train to Busan and Sunny, and art director Yang Hong-sam of <The Mister> and <Oldboy>, the best production crews active in the Korean film industry are all active in costumes, computer graphics, and special effects. joined in large numbers. Regarding the atmosphere of the field full of enthusiasm, Executive Producer Park Min-hee said, “The challenging spirit of the staff was amazing. It was always fresh and the site where I continued research and adventure was special.” In addition, the director's excellent military knowledge and thorough analysis, which is no less than an expert, acted like advisors to the staff, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the film. The issue at the production site of <Steel Rain>, where everyone showed the strongest synergy that fits like a gear, was above all a North Korean provocative act similar to the scenario of the movie. The North Korean nuclear test that continued during the filming period was a sense of déjà vu with the scenario, and it was a meaningful scene where all the production crew worked on the film with a sense of themes and concerns about the film.

As <Steel Rain> is a work that deals with the crisis of the Korean nuclear war, the part the production team focused on the most was realistic verification. In order to meet the ever-evolving imaging technology and the rising expectations of the audience, the best staffs struggled with each other, and the process of obtaining detailed advice from experts in art, props, military, and even medical fields continued. Yang Wook, a senior research fellow at the Korea Defense Security Forum, who provided military-related advice on the film, said, “The current situation in North Korea is reflected in the film a lot. There was considerable research in detail such as military operations, the appearance of the North Korean army, and the operation of North Korean nuclear weapons. The passion and professionalism shown by the staff as well as the director as well as the participating staff will definitely be melted in this work.”

In addition, the actors not only practiced for several months to acquire the Pyongyang dialect, but also performed bare-body actions that did not spare themselves in intense action and car chase scenes. led to complete dissolution.

In addition, the director's perfectionism shone in the realization of a huge amount of CG in the movie. As it is a work set in the present, hyper-realism is pursued in expressing the latest military equipment.

The movie <Steel Rain>, which boasts such a powerful production scale, has emerged as the best entertainment movie this winter, foreshadowing the overwhelming bombing scene and thrilling action created by the combination of the best production crew and actors, and the director's thorough analysis.


1. A perfect production utilizing North-South reality!
<Steel Rain> is a film made based on assumptions about provocations between North and South Korea that could actually happen in South Korea in the near future. Therefore, the producers excluded sci-fi movies and cartoonish imagination and completed the production that felt as 'realistic' as possible under the assumption that the North-South provocations actually occurred. The keynote of 'realism' was the most important homework for the production team in <Steel Rain>. The detailed participation of staff and advisors was made in art, props, military, and even medical fields.

First, the cooperation of various organizations was required just to airlift all actual firearms for the military scene. The scarce North Korean military goods were imported from China. At the steel-lane bombing site of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, rhododendron flowers reminiscent of blood were used to express the brutality of war to the extreme. Since the site of the Kaesong Industrial Complex was actually built by Korean companies, it was expected that it would be similar to the Korean factory area, and the Daegu National Science Museum was selected. In order to portray the reality of North and South Korea as it is, the colorful lights of Seoul ahead of Christmas and the background of North Korea with anti-communist banners flying around completed a contrasting landscape. The inside of 'Cheol-Woo Um''s house was also referenced from an actual North Korean documentary. The North and South Immigration Office also succeeded in recruiting the space with the wishes of director Yang Woo-seok, who should only take pictures at that location. As such, the production of <Steel Rain>, which was completed under the efforts of the staff from one to ten and the excellent judgment of the director, is expected to portray the most realistic image of a movie depicting North and South Korea so far.

2. The world view of 'Steel Rain' from the 2011 webtoon [Steel Lane],
Completed in the 2017 movie <Rain of Steel> and the director's cut webtoon [Rain of Steel]!

<Steel Rain> is a film that concentrates on the big picture drawn by Yang Woo-suk. First, the world view of 'Steel Rain', which started from the 2011 webtoon [Steel Lane], depicting Korea falling into chaos due to the death of Kim Jong-il, starts with the assumption of 'what-if' and provides an awakening to 'prepare for the future'. If there is a war in the Republic of Korea, it will be a 'nuclear war', and if North Korea causes a war, it will be due to a coup d'état by internal military forces. was completed

<Steel Rain> is the first Korean film to use a new system that runs both a movie and a webtoon at the same time. The director's cut webtoon [Steel Rain], which is being serialized on Daum Webtoon and Kakao Page at the same time, will provide a different charm from the movie, and it will be a fresh viewing point for the audience. In addition, both contents were planned and directed by Yang Woo-seok, so it is a point where you can feel the power of a prepared storyteller.

3. A scenario of a nuclear war crisis in the Republic of Korea that has not been seen in existing South-North movies,
Born through thorough simulation and preliminary research!

The precise realism of <Steel Rain> was helped by a military expert who is actually working in the military simulation. Representative Yang Wook, who is a senior research fellow at the Korea Defense Security Forum, presented an opinion on the overall scenario verification for the military-related parts in <Steel Rain> and practical verification of the military situation that would occur on the Korean Peninsula.

As a fan of director Yang Woo-suk since the days of the webtoon [Steel Lane], CEO Yang Wook has supported Yang Woo-suk's sharp foresight for the future and wise insight to illuminate the present. He praised Yang Woo-seok of <Steel Rain> as a director who moved one step closer to inter-Korean relations in Korean films, which had been confined to the existing military genre or South-North spy films. He trusted Director Yang Woo-suk, who had a tremendous understanding of the international political situation, military weapon systems, tactics, strategy, and security issues. In <Steel Rain>, he said that the struggle of 'Kwak Chul-woo', the head of the US CIA branch, and 'Kwak Chul-woo', who travels to and from China's foreign affairs, is also likely to happen. In addition, director Yang Woo-seok first wrote what kind of weapons North Korea has and what kind of materials the US troops stationed in South Korea have, and then CEO Yang Wook verified it. The scenario of <Steel Rain>, completed by exchanging open opinions like this, conveys the feeling of watching a military simulation that 'if a war actually occurs, this will be the case'. <Steel Rain>, produced under the strong support forces that informed the real military situation in Korea, will be recognized as a unique film that was created after thorough verification.

4. Pyeongyang dialect Jung Woo-sung VS English, Chinese Kwak Do-won
Perfectly digested with passion and effort!

In the play, Jung Woo-sung accurately digested the Pyongyang dialect as 'Um Chul-woo', a North Korean elite agent. In order to fully assimilate into the character, he studied North Korean documentaries and North Korean films that dominated the 70s and 80s before filming. The Hamgyeong-do dialect, familiar to Korean audiences, is characteristic of the province adjacent to Gangwon-do, so the familiar accent makes the audience recognize that it is a 'North Korean dialect'. However, in the case of the Pyongyang dialect, it tends to look similar to the Seoul dialect if you do not listen closely because of the regional characteristics close to the Seoul-Gyeonggi region. In order to digest these subtle differences, he not only took lessons from a North Korean defector-turned-advisor, but also watched various videos hundreds of times and was immersed in the Pyongyang dialect. In response, a Pyongyang dialect expert praised Jung Woo-sung, saying, "Jung Woo-sung's ability to digest Pyongyang dialect is enough to appear in a North Korean movie right now."

If Jung Woo-sung strengthened the warrior of the 'Um Chul-woo' character in the Pyongyang dialect, Kwak Do-won challenged three languages to solidify the warrior of the 'Kwak Cheol-woo' character. Chul-Woo Kwak is a senior diplomat from a prestigious university who is fluent in Chinese and English. The advanced information he obtains from traveling between the US CIA and the Chinese Ministry of National Security is directly used as a diplomatic and security countermeasure. For the character lines of 'Kwak Chul-woo', Kwak Do-won memorized the lines all night, and then approached it by replaying the foreign language lines to be filmed that day just before he woke up in the morning. In this way, you can see the new appearance of Kwak Do-won, who has digested foreign language acting without any sense of incongruity.

(Military advisory: CEO Yang Wook, Senior Research Fellow, Korea Defense Security Forum)

MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System), a type of rocket fired by American multiple rocket launchers. As tens of thousands of steel bullets are scattered when the cluster bomb explodes, it is often called 'steel rain' or 'steel rain'. It is said that the nickname given to the Iraqi military in the 1991 Gulf War. Other nicknames include 'the commander's personal shotgun' and 'Grid Square Removal System'.

#EMP (electromagnetic pulse)
Electromagnetic pulses can cause overcurrent to all devices that use electricity and permanently destroy them. A bomb that uses this property is called an EMP bomb. It damages electronic circuits and makes it impossible to operate all electronic products with electromagnetic devices such as watches, automobiles, mobile phones, and computers. A nuclear explosion is inevitably accompanied by a large-scale EMP explosion.

It is a ship equipped with an Aegis system that includes the entire process from searching for a target to destroying it in one system, and can detect, track, and attack more than 300 targets at the same time.

#Digital Forensic
Digital Forensics, an investigative device that analyzes various digital information remaining on various storage media such as PCs, laptops, and mobile phones or on the Internet to find criminal clues.

(Military advisory: CEO Yang Wook, Senior Research Fellow, Korea Defense Security Forum)

#National Security Council (NSC)
As the highest decision-making body related to national security, unification, and diplomacy in Korea, it is an advisory body directly under the direct control of the President. The National Security Council (NSC) is chaired by the President and is composed of eight members, including the Prime Minister and the Director of the National Intelligence Service, the Ministers of Unification, Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Defense, and the Chief of the Presidential Secretariat, and the Secretary General of the National Security Council (National Security Adviser at the Blue House). . The chief of staff and the secretary-general are participating members in accordance with Article 2 of the 'Regulations on the Operation of the National Security Council, etc.'. Security meetings are convened by the chairman as needed.

They are called DEFense readiness CONdition, DEFCON, and combat readiness/defense readiness. Defcon means that the probability of a war is higher as the number decreases from level 5 to level 1. Stage 5 is a state of no risk of war. Defcon 4 simply strengthens alertness, and Defcon Stage 1 is just before war. In Defcon 3 and later, operational command is transferred to the ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command.

#Martial Law
When it is necessary to respond to military needs or maintain public safety and order as a military force during wartime, an incident, or a national emergency equivalent thereto, the president, who is the supreme commander of the country, issues a national emergency order issued in accordance with the Martial Law enacted on the basis of the Constitution. is a kind

It is one of the joint military operation plans of the ROK-U.S. CFC in preparation for contingencies such as North Korea's preemptive attack and accidental provocation. It is a first-class military secret, and the United States, which has the right to operate in wartime, takes the initiative.

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