(Korean Movies) Spiritwalker, 2020

Spiritwalker, 2020

Spiritwalker, 2020
Audience over 15
running time
108 minutes
cumulative audience
818930 people
20th New York Asian Film Festival 2021


“I don’t know who the real me is”
A man who woke up at the scene of a car accident.
Unfamiliar faces and names reflected in the mirror, I can't remember who I am.

“It has changed again. It changed during the day and again at night.”
Moments later, the man woke up from another person's body.
He realizes that his body changes every 12 hours.
They begin to find connections between the people around them.
Even the people whose bodies he changed every 12 hours, and the mysterious woman who appeared everywhere he went.
And the national intelligence agent 'Kang Ian' they are pursuing.

“Now I know. What should I do?”
A man who intuited that he was the 'Ian Kang' that everyone was chasing after.
I start a fight to find myself…

The instinctive action to find the real me begins!


It wiped out the whole world!
Hot love call! Hollywood remake confirmed
Pre-sales in 107 countries around the world and invitations to leading film festivals!

The chase action <Fluid Deviator>, which was officially invited by the world's leading film festivals and has already been recognized worldwide for its work, has also been added to the Hollywood remake decision of Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the main producer of the <Transformers> series and <G.I.Jo> series. It has solidified its popularity and commercial feasibility. He said, "<Fluid Breaker> is a unique and exciting work with the most innovative and unexpected and surprising action among works I have encountered in recent years. I am very excited and happy to be able to remake an original work." Prior to this, not only North and South America, but also European countries such as the UK, Germany, and France, as well as Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and airlines around the world, it achieved a splendid pre-sale in 107 countries around the world. Now that the status of this Korean movie has been raised and the world is passionate about [Squid Game], the chase action <Fluid Deviator>, armed with novel imagination and explosive action, will establish itself as a work that will succeed the craze of K-culture.

In particular, <Fluid Fugitive>, which encompasses all actions such as hitting, chasing, and shooting, has already proven its unique presence by winning the attention of foreign media and critics before being released in Korea. The 53rd Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival has been officially invited to seven world-renowned film festivals, including the competition section. The executive director of the 20th Asian Film Festival in New York said, “From Jason Bourne-style intense fighting scenes to bloody gun action and breathtaking car chasing, there are only the best scenes expected from contemporary action movies. The fun that <Fluid Fugitive> provides is intense and overwhelming.” He revealed the reason for winning the 'Daniel A. Craft Outstanding Action Cinema Award of the Year', and the explosive action catharsis of <Criminal City>'s chase action <Fluid Fugitive> makes you expect more


<Crime City> The chasing action project of the crew!
It transforms into another person's body every 12 hours!
Add the tension of being chased and chased in a unique setting!

The thrilling chase action movie <Fluid Fugitive> confirmed the domestic release on November 24, signaling the birth of a highly anticipated film that will explode in theaters. The movie <Fluid Displacer> is a chase action in which a man who loses his memory and wakes up from another body every 12 hours fights to find the real himself who has been the target of everyone.

Starting with a novel setting in which a man 'Ian Kang', a man who wakes up from another person's body every 12 hours, pursues his identity, <Fluid Fugitive> is a collaboration between the production team of <Crime City> and Yoon Kye-sang 'Jang Chen' once again. It has attracted attention as an action movie. <Crime City>, in which the detectives of the homicide squad led by 'Dong-seok Ma' gave refreshing fun as they cleared up a criminal organization that harms peace, drew 6.88 million people to the theater and wrote a new record in the box office history of crime movies. In addition, Yoon Kye-sang, who made a life character by leaving a deep impression as 'Chen Chang', a vicious organization boss, said, "If 'Chen Chang' in <Crime City> performed a ruthless action, then 'Ian Kang' in <Fluid Fugitive> is an animal and It unfolds instinctive action,” reveals the action concept, raising expectations for the original and sensual <Fluid Deviator>’s unique action that he will unfold. In particular, the ingenious imagination of 'the body changes every 12 hours', met with the production team specialized in the action genre, raises curiosity about what kind of action will be presented every time you enter another person's body.

The first one-person 7 station challenge! Yoon Kye-sang, who will show the face of an unpredictable reversal!
Park Yong-woo, Lim Ji-yeon, and Park Ji-hwan will add a sense of immersion with their solid acting skills!
Fill the screen with hot smoke synergy!

The movie <Fluid Fugitive> draws attention as actors who trust and watch Yoon Kye-sang, Park Yong-woo, Lim Ji-yeon, and Park Ji-hwan. It is expected that the cast of actors who have excellent acting skills to captivate the audience as well as outstanding action skills will exert a synergistic effect.

First of all, Yoon Kye-sang, who played the main character 'Ian Kang', succeeded in transforming his image by taking on the role of 'Jang Chen,' a vicious emerging criminal organization boss, in the crime action movie <Crime City> released in 2017. It challenges the role and heralds the birth of another life character. Yoon Kye-sang, who plays 'Kang I-an', a national intelligence agent who tracks him down, leads the film by delicately resolving complex emotions in a situation where he loses all his memories and does not know who he is. When filming the first action scene, he tensed all the actors and staff on the set with an active attitude that did not spare himself enough to ask the other actor to “pick me up and throw me”.

It is also worth noting the transformation of actor Park Yong-woo, who shows amazing character digestion in each work. Park Yong-woo plays the role of 'Chief Park', a national intelligence agent who relentlessly pursues the disappearance of 'Kang I-an', and demonstrates overwhelming control of the screen in each scene that appears. Yoon Kye-sang did not spare his admiration for Park Yong-woo, who perfectly expressed the charisma of 'Chief Park' with his sharp eyes, saying, "Park Yong-woo's eyes were amazing." In addition, Lim Ji-yeon, who returned as a strong character, presents a different side to the role of 'Moon Jin-ah', who holds the key to the case. In particular, Lim Ji-yeon is said to have improved the level of perfection of the play by not sacrificing herself for even high-intensity action scenes. Park Ji-hwan, who has shown a unique presence regardless of genre, played the role of 'homeless', the only helper to 'Kang I-an'. He will not only provide 'Ian Kang' a clue to help solve the case at an important moment, but also bring laughter to the audience with his cleverness.

The level of action is different!
Overwhelming Strike Action & Exciting Pursuit Action & Intense Shooting Action
The '3rd hit' action explodes!

'Three-hit action', which encompasses all actions, from the bare-body hitting action to the thrilling chase action to the shooting action, is expected to be counted as a signature of <Fluid Deviator>. Each action shows a variety of attractions by setting a differentiated concept for each stage of the story, as well as the character, in line with the setting of 'the body changes every 12 hours'.

First, the intensity of the action of the national intelligence agent ace 'Ian Kang' is divided into the beginning, middle, and latter part of the story, reflecting the changing character's emotional lines and situations, showing changes in the action. In the beginning of the play, 'Ian Kang', who has lost all memories of herself, unwittingly shows an instinctive action in a sudden crisis situation, and in the middle, she gradually finds herself and unfolds a professional action that her body remembers. . As it approaches the climax, it presents an explosive action sequence until the second half, in which he mercilessly drives towards the enemies that threaten him. In addition, the actions of each character that stand out for each character's characteristics are also noteworthy. The total of actions that go back and forth from defense-oriented practical actions to professional skills reminiscent of mercenaries, to mixed martial arts create intense synergy in every scene, creating tension that cannot take your eyes off the scene. In particular, whenever 'Kang Ian' wakes up from another person's body, it develops into a movement that utilizes the physical abilities of different characters, making the texture of the action of this work richer and deeper. Here, the car chasing scene adds breath-taking tension to <Fluid Fugitive>. Filming took place in a real space, going back and forth between the narrow alleys of Pyeongchang-dong and the streets of downtown Seoul, completing a scene with a sense of tightness and urgency. In particular, all these scenes are expected to capture the screen by providing the ultimate action reality by the actors directly digesting them without a double.


There is no band from start to finish!
'Combined action' completed through 6 months of pre-joint training
Add more immersion with long take shooting!

“The absence of a band was the basic concept of the <Fluid Deviator> action. As the martial arts director Park Young-sik said, “We wanted to capture the actors’ breathing, power struggle, and emotions-centered action.” .

Martial arts director Park Young-sik, who was in charge of the action design for <Fluid Fugitive> following numerous popular works such as [Squid Game], <Victory>, <Lion>, and <The King>, said, “I asked actor Yoon Kye-sang, ‘How about doing a double in this scene? ', he had a strong will enough to persuade him to do it several times, and in the end he did it perfectly." Actors such as Yoon Kye-sang, who had to show action by changing into another person's body every 12 hours, as well as Park Yong-woo and Lim Ji-yeon, who had to implement different styles of action, train for 5-6 months before filming. A solid action base was laid. This is because the action presented in <Fluid Deviator> required more systematic training as it harmonized skill, emotion, and power.

Among them, the action that unfolds whenever 'Kang Ian' changes into a different person in the play will be a scene where the sum of the actors shines. The instinctive action presented by 'Ian Kang' meets the physical abilities of each of the other six characters that he passes through, and is reborn as a 'combination action' with colorful resolutions. And for this, the actors Yoon Kye-sang, who played 'Kang I-an', and the actors of the character 'Kang I-an' entered the body, coordinated each other's body movements and strength of force equally in the action scene. The action scenes in which the two actors played a scene as if they were copied by two actors, by matching the sum through prior training, setting the detailed movement lines, further enhanced the connectivity and completeness of the scenes in the work. In addition, the production team captures the emotions and movements of the actors in detail by capturing most of the actions in long takes rather than short breaths, further amplifying the audience's immersion.

Follow the 'Kang Ian' that changes with the body and space every 12 hours!
A motion control camera with a quirky setting!
Create original scenes that you have never seen before with a new attempt!

The production team of <Fluid Deviator> put a lot of effort into the directing part so that the audience could continuously follow the change of 'Kang Ian', which changes body every 12 hours. First, a motion control camera was chosen to show the ingenious setting that the body changes every 12 hours in an easy-to-understand way, and it was usefully used to keep one breath from the start to the end of one cut. As 'Kang Ian' suddenly changes into another person, even the space in front of him changes in an instant, and the scene where he sees his reflection in the mirror and realizes that he has changed once again is shot through a motion camera at once. It unfolds like a real scene, raising the audience's sense of immersion. In particular, the scene in which the physical environment surrounding 'Kang Ian' changes every 12 hours is expressed through a motion camera, which will present a different spatial direction.

In addition to this, in order to express the process of 'Kang Ian' slowly finding the lost memories in a dreamy feeling that is realistic and imaginary, various new lenses, which are relatively unfamiliar in filming, were used in various ways. Cinematographer Lee Seong-jae, who emerged as a specialist in action shooting while filming <Campus>, <Cooperation>, <Suspect>, <Yellow Sea>, and <The Chaser>, used the still photography lens used in the architecture field to shoot <Fluid Fugitive>. Introduced and creative attempts were continued. It focused on visually realizing the story of 'Ian Kang', his emotions such as embarrassment, and noise-filled memories using the camera focus and the actors' movements. Cinematographer Lee Seong-je said, "I thought that the past incidents of 'Kang I-an' in the play should not look the same as reality. It adds to the curiosity about the unique mise-en-scène that can only be found in Out of the Body>.

Kye-sang Yoon, who shared all the shooting sessions, and Yong-woo Park, who even increased the amount
Another 'Kang Ian' who worked with Yoon Kye-sang like one person, even the supporting actors of the acting class!
Passion and passionate acting to become one character!

The actors' efforts to better convey the intense character and unpredictable story that <Fluid Deviator> presents cannot be left out. Yoon Kye-sang, who had to perform the most action, not only attended the filming site every day and actively expressed his opinion, but also earned rave reviews from the production team and actors for his passionate performance that does not spare himself even when taking action. In particular, for the reality of the action, Yoon Kye-sang even asked Seo Hyun-woo, who took on the role of 'Baeksang-sa', 'actually lift me up and throw me'. Yoon Kye-sang said, "I have no regrets when I monitor and think, 'Oh, you have to throw your whole body to get this feeling'," he said, raising expectations for the character and action he completed with 'Ian Kang'. Park Yong-woo also drew attention by revealing that he increased the weight to reveal his heavy presence. Park Yong-woo, who shared various stories related to film and character setting with director Yoon Jae-geun before filming began, revealed, "I created the power and destructive power of 'Chief Park' through steady action training as well as increasing the amount." It adds to the curiosity about the tension that will be presented by taking on the role of 'Chief Park', a national intelligence agent chasing '.

In addition, Yoo Seung-mok, Lee Seong-wook, Seo Hyun-woo, Lee Woon-san, and other supporting actors joined together and worked together with Yoon Kye-sang to keep the action and emotions of 'Kang I-an' alive. Just as Yoon Kye-sang played 7 roles, they also needed to work with Yoon Kye-sang because they had to play two roles, including the actual character they were playing and the appearance of 'Kang I-an' who changed into that character's body. The actors who played 'Kang I-an', such as Yoon Kye-sang, Yoo Seung-mok, Lee Seong-wook, Seo Hyeon-woo, and Lee Woon-san, exchanged ideas together and created common habits to share with each other, as well as unique points of differentiation that could distinguish each character. Yoon Kye-sang said, "For a month and a half, I tried to match the settings down to the smallest details. Other actors also have to play two roles, and I also have to play seven roles, so I planted a lot of settings to suit each other's situation." In this way, the actors' passion for acting and detailed efforts to become the character themselves will enrich the genre fun contained in <Fluid Deviator> and give the audience a variety of attractions.

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