(Korean Movies) Small Town Rivals, 2007

Small Town Rivals, 2007

Small Town Rivals, 2007
Audience over 12 years old
running time
113 minutes
cumulative audience
1179661 people


A comedy depicting a confrontation between Chun-sam, an old country bachelor, who was in charge of the class as a child, and Dae-gyu, a friend who only served as a vice-teacher in his later years, meet 20 years later with the reversed fate of being a director and a governor.

Clash of rivals for 20 years!
The two classmates who lost their reason (?) 'Danji Showdown' begins!

Old bachelor Cho Chun-sam, unexpectedly elected as the youngest president!
Sanchon 2-ri, Gangdeok-gun, a peaceful and secluded mountain village in Chungcheong-do. On the day of the village unity competition, due to the sudden death of the village head, a new head in Sanchon 2-ri is elected. This time, Cho Chun-sam (Cha Seung-won), an old bachelor of Sanchon 2-ri, who became the sole candidate regardless of his will, according to the advice of the oldest in the village to make the head of the village as a young man, is suddenly elected as the youngest and super-high-speed president.

Deputy chief Noh Dae-gyu turns his life around as a military officer and appears in style!
Chun-sam, an ordinary rural old bachelor who used to go-stop with the old people in the neighborhood and supported his father who had dementia, was just burdened by the sudden battle for the head. Then, one day, Chun-sam learns that Noh Dae-gyu (Yoo Hae-jin), who has been working as a class leader under him as a child, is running for governor, and is caught in a strange sense of competition and envy. In the end, Dae-gyu becomes the youngest governor, and they reunite in the reversed positions of the current chief and governor from the former class chief and vice-chief.

Arguing and arguing in every case, if we meet, it's a fight! Long and short (?) must be attached to know ~!
Chun-sam, the incumbent head of the class, and Chun-sam, the current head of the class, and the governor Dae-gyu, who is more condescending because of the painful memories of being hit by Chun-sam as a child, who took control of the mountain village 2 villages It will collide… In every case, in an argument, onagna or other things! How will their relationship, which started with Choco Pie, be as strong as marshmallows!!!


An exhilarating, thrilling casting role that defies expectations. The taste of before.
As you can guess from the title of <Chief and Governor>, this movie is the story of two people, 'Chun-sam Lee' and 'The Governor-General Dae-gyu'. Chief and governor? The main characters are Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin? After hearing the title of the movie and the names of the actors, everyone would guess this. “The role of ‘Lee Jang’ in the simple and rustic village belongs to actor Yoo Hae-jin, and the solemn and dignified ‘gunman’ role belongs to actor Cha Seung-won.” Called! However, do not make hasty judgments! Don't get me wrong, a huge role reversal that defies everyone's expectations awaits! That's right, the clumsy and crude 'Lee Jang' role is played by 'Cha Seung-won', the best fashionista of this era, no matter what she wears. The fact that you will take it!
As such, <Chief and Governor> draws attention from the thrilling 'casting reversal' that overturns everyone's expectations. The moment I heard the truth about the casting along with the title of the movie, I thought, 'Cha Seung-won is the director, and Hae-jin is the governor!?' Curiosity and anticipation amplified along with the curiosity! This is the greatest weapon of the movie <Chief and Gunman>!
Now, the two main characters of the special comedy <Chief and Gun Governor>, where you can feel the charm of casting reversal and reversal, are actors Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin. However, the truth is that 'Chun-sam Lee' is 'Cha Seung-won' and 'Gun-gun Dae-gyu' is 'Hae-jin Yoo'! never. Hope you are not confused! ^^

The original funny 'Cha Seung-won' VS the funny 'Yoo Hae-jin' these days, the best 'Danji couple' in 2007!
Tall stature, sculpted face, and perfect body proportions! However, Cha Seung Won is one of the best comedy actors in Korea! Cha Seung-won's extraordinary comic performance, which surpassed even the handicap of outstanding appearance, has been greatly loved by the audience. And here, an actor who challenges his stronghold has appeared, that's Yoo. Hae. Jin! Actor Yoo Hae-jin, who is charming with a humorous appearance and full of humanity, has been known for his laughter-inducing civic characters. Following the casting reversal and reversal, <Chief and the Governor> draws attention, the acting confrontation between these two actors, Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin. The two actors, who have been acquainted with works such as <Gas Station Attack>, <Liberation Day Special Envoy> and <South of the Border>, finally met with two top titles in <Chief and Gunman>! In addition, as the acting contest between the two actors is called 'Comedy Acting', it is only natural that the expectations are doubled! In comic acting, attention is focused on the fact that two actors, who would be embarrassed by the second, properly confront each other and engage in an acting confrontation. Sung-ki Ahn of <Two Cops> • Jung-hoon Park, Kyung-gu Seol of <Special Envoy for Liberation Day> • Seung-won Cha and Yoo Hae-jin of <Chief and Gunman> will be the best two-top combo to succeed Cha Seung-won! The clash between 'originally funny' Cha Seung-won and 'funny these days' Yoo Hae-jin, who will be the most powerful comic showdown in Korean film history! You can look forward to it!

Is there anything special about his comedy? I missed 'Cha Seung-won's Comedy'!
Cha Seung-won, the best actor in Korea who is loved and trusted by both audiences and critics! His passion and effort to dispel prejudices and misunderstandings due to his outstanding external conditions made him the best actor of his time. After showing his own comic acting through films that can make you laugh as much as you want, creating the 'myth of Cha Seung-won's invincibility', he recently made a successful acting transformation by showing heavy acting in <Blood Nude>, <Leave when you clap> and <South of the Border>. achieved until After two years, Cha Seung-won finally chose his trademark and long-term comedy movie. Many people's eyes and ears are focused on the comic acting that he will show after a long time. Why!? Because there is something called 'Cha Seung-won's comic acting' that only he can provide! His filmography, which leads to <Moonnight in Shilla>, <Teacher Kim Bong-doo>, <Liberation Day Special Envoy> and <Ghost Lives>, is so strong and special that he even calls it a 'Cha Seung-won-pyo comedy'. 'I'm not afraid to break down, and I never compete with my looks!', 'Comic acting that is just trying to be funny!', 'A comedy full of sincerity!' not.' We can tell just by looking at the unanimous evaluation of the audience, the absolute belief of the audience! Cha Seung-won, the messenger of laughter that disarms the audience enough to feel betrayal by looking at his sculptural appearance, is back!

Hae Jin-pyo's acting with a deep pace! Now, the era of Yoo Hae-jin!
Hae-Jin Ha, who has played various characters across the screen from <Gas Station Attack> <Warrior> <Liberation Day Special> <Public Enemy>, and <Blood Nude>, has left a strong impression as a supporting role in many popular films. Yoo Hae-jin, who has been building up her filmography step by step, finally welcomes 2006, the best year. After rising as the best supporting actor through 'Six Gap' in 'The King's Man', which mobilized 12 million national audiences, he proudly established himself as the lead role through 'Ko Gwang-ryeol' in 'Tazza'. In this way, Yoo Hae-jin, who captivated about 20 million viewers across the country with just two films in one year, has solidified her position as an 'an actor full of humanity' through her unique and delicious acting. Actor Yoo Hae-jin, who clearly conveys his own color for each role, and the characters he created have a uniquely deep paces. If you look at the humorous, small-town characters that he has played, you will have the illusion that they are really people around us who live next to us. This would be good evidence that all the characters were the result of acting with sincerity by actor Yoo Hae-jin. It is for this reason that the character of 'Gunsu Daegyu', which can only be created by Yoo Hae-jin, is expected to convey a deeper and more diverse feeling. Let's look forward to the era of Yoo Hae-jin that will be opened through <Chief and Governor>, who took on the two-top title for the first time!

The 2007 project presented by the production team of <Teacher Kim Bong-doo>!
<Chief and Governor> is director Gyu-Sung Jang's fourth film, who directed <Teacher Kim Bong-Doo> and <Female Teacher VS Female Disciple>. Director Jang Gyu-seong, who showed excellent ability in directing the comedy genre through his three previous works, is showing the evolution of 'human comedy' that gives warm emotions and laughter. In particular, director Jang Gyu-seong's second film <Teacher Kim Bong-doo> is a work that captures 'the heartbreaking story of Kim Bong-doo, a rogue teacher who was bragging about the countryside, and takes over at a branch school in a remote village in Gangwon-do, which is in crisis of closure'. A masterpiece that stimulated the tear glands of the people and succeeded at the box office. <Chief and Governor> is a project that the producers of <Teacher Kim Bong-doo> came together after 4 years to recreate that warm feeling. Director Jang Gyu-seong and lead actor Cha Seung-won, cinematographer Kim Yun-su, and director Lee Seung-goo lighting the main characters of <Teacher Kim Bong-doo> gathered together and worked together. In particular, pretending to want each other just by looking at their eyes! The perfect match between the directors, actors, and staff, and the breath of fantasy, is a stepping stone for another box office success story! <Teacher Kim Bong-doo>, the strongest comedy in 2007, presented by the production team for the first time in 4 years, is expected to come back with more than 4 times stronger laughter and emotion than the previous work.


Cha Seung-won, willing to withdraw from Hwangol for the role of Lee Jang, who blows off his cheeks!
Actor Cha Seung-won, who always brings laughter and emotion to us with a new look in every movie! He returned this time as the head of the old bachelor in the rural village. Cha Seung-won even made an effort to deliberately regress (?) for 'Cho Chun-sam', a role that can be said to be a role that is not seen as much as one of the roles he has played so far. First of all, I succeeded in removing 7kg of weight for a slightly missing (!?) appearance and hiding my muscular body. . In addition, in order to become Chun-sam, who was born and raised only in the countryside and armed with 'village hair' that can never be washed, he had to film in shabby and shabby outfits such as shabby cotton pants, a faded yellow running shirt, and a straw hat. In the appearance of Chun-sam completed in this way, it is impossible to find the appearance of Korea's best fashionista without washing your eyes. However, because of his appearance, it is said that there is a funny story hidden here that the costume team was nervous throughout the filming, as the 'reversible sexagenary' that had been made at the best would disappear if you put on a little outfit. After many twists and turns, Cha Seung-won-pyo was born, and Cho Chun-sam, an old bachelor in the countryside! In the past, Cha Seung-won, who was a fashionista with a good body, can't even imagine his unusual appearance, which is expected to bring a pleasant and refreshing laugh!

Ah, I can't see without tears! Yoo Hae-jin's lifeless acting!
Yoo Hae-jin, who has shown a strong personality through many works in the past! The governor 'Daegyu', which he played this time, is one of the most knowledgeable and knowledgeable of the roles he has ever played. However, if you think that Yoo Hae-jin would have been comfortable filming just because she took on the role of a high-ranking governor, you are mistaken! Not much different from when he played characters with tough (!?) occupations in past works such as gangsters, clowns, and Tazza, Yoo Hae-jin also performed the tough acting of a god, a saint, a man, in <Chief and Gunman>. will be presented A typical example of that murderous act is the scene where he picks up a handful of salt during a campaign for the mayor election and swallows green onion kimchi in one bite as a rivalry to spring ginseng! The scene where Dae-gyu, who was campaigning for market merchants, grabs a handful of salt and scoffs at him saying, “It’s crispy~” When you watch the scene, you can feel the salty energy of salt and green onion kimchi all over your body! The salt used in the filming was not only natural salt with an actual salt content of close to 90%, but it is said that all the staff felt sorry for both scenes because they were filmed in midsummer in August, the hottest time of the year. In fact, after filming the two scenes, Yoo Hae-jin had a hard time searching for water all day until the next day. His sacrificial spirit who does not hesitate to do anything difficult for the role! You can always find it in the movie <Chief and Governor>!

The retro dance of Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin, drunk on 'Touch by Touch' in the 80s!
The song that anyone who spent their youth in the 80s will fall into nostalgia, 'Touch by Touch' ! The immortal song 'Touch by Touch', which filled the roller rink while the older sisters and older brothers, said to have played a little while making memories, resounded in Sanchon 2-ri. Instead, the place is not a roller rink, but a rural riverside! This is the story of how 'Touch by Touch' resounded on the riverside in the countryside. In the middle of the day, Chun-sam and Dae-gyu had a dance battle over the ulzzang Hyang-soon in Sanchon 2 ri with the back music of 'Touch by Touch' flowing from a cassette on the riverside. This scene is a scene that comically reveals the past of 'Chun-sam', a well-to-do class leader, and 'Daegyu', a senior vice-teacher, who performed well in the past. am! Cha Seung-won's appearance, which emphasizes white trumpet pants, long, sloppy hair reminiscent of Elvis Presley, and thick double eyelids, is stronger than any comical appearance Cha Seung-won has ever seen. Yoo Hae-jin's poignant retro dance, which she shows off, is also a powerful shot that once again confirms the true value of an actor named Hae-jin! No. 1 scene that should not be missed by the production crew and cast members! Don't miss Cha Seung-Won and Yoo Hae-Jin's retro dance from the old age!

The best scandal of 2007! What is the secret of birth surrounding Jeon Jeon-ju, Hae-jin Ha, and child actors?
One question that must arise after watching the movie <Chief and the Governor>! This is the secret of the birth between Yoo Hae-jin and Jeon Jeon-joo, who appear in a mother-and-child relationship, and the child actor who played the childhood of Yoo Hae-jin. This is a scandal, not a scandal that has emerged from the filming site because of the three people's similar looks. And another, the second point is the appearance of a child actor who makes you feel as if you are watching Yoo Hae-jin's childhood! However, of course, these three actors are between men and women who have no blood relationship at all! However, the appearance of the three people who resemble each other so perfectly that it is unbelievable can be called a bungeoppang. In fact, after casting, the production team was very satisfied with the 'perfect casting' that could enhance the cinematic reality by comparing and analyzing the appearances of the three very similar people! On the other hand, it is said that Jeon Jeon-joo and Yoo Hae-jin took care of each other throughout the filming, probably because of their similar looks, and boasted a bond as close as a real mother and son. There is also an interesting story behind the fact that the staff, who were suspicious of the existence of a child actor who played Hae-jin's childhood, strongly questioned Yoo Hae-jin's private life, and that Yoo Hae-jin, who is still unmarried, complained of injustice throughout the filming.

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