(Korean Movies) Seven Days, 2007

Seven Days, 2007

Seven Days, 2007
Youth not allowed
running time
125 minutes
cumulative audience
7th Korea Film Awards 2008


Jiyeon, a cold-blooded lawyer with a win rate of 100%, is in the spotlight for her outstanding skills, but she is a bread-and-butter mother to her only daughter. She participates in her daughter's sports day to be a mother, but her daughter is kidnapped in the blink of an eye. And one phone call. “If you want to save the child, get out the killer Jeong Chul-jin within 7 days!” Ji-yeon's struggle to release the perfect killer, Jeong Chul-jin, begins for a limited time of 7 days.

[ Case File ]

Worst negotiation file ever – '7days'

Incident – kidnapping
Outside, he is a well-known lawyer with a 100% win rate, but
At home, Jiyeon is a baker's mother.
Attending her daughter Eun-young's sports day to take on the role of a mother.
have a happy time
But Eun-young disappeared in the blink of an eye.
And one phone call. “You will never see your daughter forever”

1st day of the incident – threatening phone call
The delay was hurriedly reported to the police. I'm anxiously waiting for K's call…
“You want your daughter to die? If you report it, you will die!”
Giving orders to shun the police, K.
Jiyeon manages to outrun the police, but… another call
“The deal is over”
K. coldly hangs up the phone. Desperate delay…

2nd day of incident – Negotiation email
A mail from K saying “I will give you one last chance”.
Delay who received an old cell phone from the locker in the subway station at Seoul Station as instructed.
“Get the killer Jeong Chul-jin out of prison within 7 days.”
In order to save her daughter, she must release the killer.
Jiyeon is in an extreme dilemma.

Day 3 of the incident – face to face
Ji-yeon meets the killer Jeong Chul-jin at the reception.
He was like a devil who had no regrets.
But if it's to save her daughter, there's nothing she can do.
The more the investigation is repeated, the more certain the crime of Jeong Chul-jin becomes.
Jiyeon gradually loses confidence in impossible missions…

Day 4 of the incident – Crisis
Ji-yeon traces the case back with the help of her friend, detective Seong-yeol, but…
The more the witnesses testify, the more the court turns against Jeong Chul-jin.
The second trial is just around the corner.
K sends Eun-young's cut wrist, which is fake, and tightens Ji-yeon.

Day 5 of the incident – clues
Ji-yeon, the mother of the deceased victim, persuaded Professor Han Sook-hee to re-investigate the case.
One by one, they begin to find clues, such as identifying the fabricated alibi of the witnesses.
However, as we get closer to the truth of the case, another conspiracy lurks behind the scenes.
delay noticing that there is.
In the meantime, by a group who was instigated by an invisible force
Imprisoned with life-threatening threats…

Day 6 of the incident – ultimatum
Finally, an ultimatum from K. “Exactly 12 hours from now”
Will Ji-yeon's desperate mission fail in a huge conspiracy like this?

7th day of the incident -D-Day
Worst negotiation ever.
Will Ji-yeon be able to acquit Jeong Chul-jin and rescue her daughter Eun-young?

[ Event Keyword ]

7 Keywords to Watch the Worst Negotiation Drama in History <Seven Days>

ONE – World Star
Kim Yoon-jin, who recently returned to the heroine of "Lost 4" and is in the midst of filming, is already a world star to us. The work she chose was <Seven Days>. While preparing for season 4 and returning her vacation after a long absence, she fell in love with the characters in the movie. Yunjin Kim reveals that she chose this movie because she was fascinated by the detailed scenario and cool and strong characters that do not let go of tension. <Seven Days>, chosen by her as a model for the progressive women of this era. Through this film, we will realize what true beauty really is.

[CSI]'s scientific and detailed investigation and stylish video, [24]'s breathtaking tension and suction power, and [Prison Break]'s charming characters and flawless story are the keywords that explain <Seven Days> as it is. <Seven Days>, which is an elaborate storyline that does not miss a single detail, will be the only Korean movie this fall that can satisfy the taste of Korean audiences who have raised their expectations as a mid-series.

THREE- Mission Impossible
An impossible mission for Jiyeon (Kim Yunjin), a cold-blooded lawyer with a win rate of 100%, is a challenge. "To acquit a murderer whose death penalty is almost certain to be executed in a trial with only one week left!" Jiyeon, a lawyer who has to challenge extreme limit situations with her daughter's life as collateral, will keep the audience's minds occupied from the very beginning.

FOUR- Fighter
Sharp, tenacious and tenacious, the best fighter who never gives up once he starts. The female protagonist, who experiences the worst of the situation on her own without anyone's help, is a strong character that is rarely seen in Korean movies. We will once again confirm the aspect of female warrior Kim Yun-jin through the character 'Ji-yeon'.

FIVE- Dilemma
For a legitimate goal, can even an unfair method be forgiven? The fact that 'if you don't save the killer, your daughter will die' alone becomes the best ethic for the female protagonist. Ji-yeon's dilemma is to prove the murderer's innocence despite the image of the victim brutally murdered by the killer and the unfair story. If you were the main character, what would you choose?

Director Won Shin-yeon, who has been recognized for his strong and dense directing skills through <The Wig> and <The Beaters>, dreams of another provocation through <Seven Days>. The birth of a new Korean crime thriller with tense tension and powerful action! <Seven Days> will deliver an unusual visual shock to the audience this fall with the collaboration of cinematographer Choi Young-hwan and lighting director Kim Seong-gwan, who have shown stylishness through <Blood Nude> and <Tazza>.

SEVEN- Sevendays
The given time is only 7 days. In order to rescue the kidnapped daughter, the killer must be pulled out within this period. Time flows without an inch, like a time bomb, gradually tightening Jiyeon's breath, and the audience is also invited to this breathtaking survival game. The extreme suspense and shocking reversal given by the limited time will be the best part of enjoying <Seven Days> as the title of the movie already suggests.

[ Hot Issue ]

World star Yunjin Kim, screen comeback after 2 years!!
Returning as a female warrior with strong maternal love!!

Kim Yun-jin, who won the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress for her debut film <Shiri> and <My Secret Love>, left Korea after leaving behind a series of love calls from Chungmuro. Currently, Kim Yun-jin won the Emmy Award for Best Drama in 2005 and is playing an active role as the main character in ABC's popular drama [Lost], which is being broadcast in 210 countries around the world. Yunjin Kim, who has established herself as a world star alongside Hollywood actors enough to play 30 minutes out of 42 minutes in Korean in [Lost], one or two episodes per season, in Korean. The work that made her decide to return to the domestic screen after two years is <Seven Days>. Kim Yun-jin was fascinated by the urgency of the scenario that drives the main character to the extreme with a meticulously detailed composition that he read and re-read as soon as he received the script for <Seven Days> in Hawaii. In particular, Kim Yoon-jin is said to be more greedy for appearing in the role of 'Ji-yeon', a cold-blooded lawyer with a 100% win rate who has to trade a murderer for a kidnapped daughter, because she is a strong female character that has not been seen in existing Korean movies. As a result, Jiyeon's character in the movie, who met Kim Yoon-jin, who had a confident and confident image, was reborn as a strong maternal warrior who jumps into the worst negotiation in history with her coolness and judgment that is hard to believe as a mother who has been kidnapped.

2007, opening a new horizon for Korean thrillers, <Seven Days>!
Compared to Hollywood thriller movies, which excite the audience with fast-paced story development and fresh material, Korean thriller films compulsively set a reversal. But now, <Seven Days>, which is armed with a well-planned solid scenario, exciting development, and sophisticated video, is ready to welcome the audience, heralds the opening of a new horizon for Korean thrillers.

First, the endless tension provided by the limited time of 7 days!
The urgent setting of <Seven Days>, where you have to solve an impossible mission in a limited time of 7 days to save your kidnapped daughter, meets director Won Shin-yeon's unique strong and persistent directing style and creates a surprising synergy effect. The breathtaking tension formed through the rapid breathing, rhythm, and rhythmically finished drama will push <Seven Days> to a thrilling pole that does not leave you unattended for even a moment.

Second, the fun beyond imagination provided by the meticulous development!
The movie <Seven Days> is a battle between the protagonist, who is running to find his daughter, and the invisible criminal, without concessions. In particular, as the case is investigated, the new evidence and conspiracies that are revealed further amplify the curiosity about the identity of the culprit. The culprit hidden in a meticulous calculation enough to make all the people surrounding Jiyeon suspicious. At the last moment of the film, when the identity of the criminal is revealed, the audience will be faced with a shock beyond imagination.

Third, you can't take your eyes off the speed of editing for a moment!
The most important characteristic that explains the movie <Seven Days> is the sense of speed. The editing is fast enough that 2-3 shots can pass between watching a movie and picking up popcorn, or a scene can go by in the blink of an eye. This is because the total number of cuts during the two-hour running time reaches 3900. The average length of each cut is only about 2 seconds, and there are countless scenes where 7-8 cuts pass per second.

The best style movie to calm the 'mid craze', <Seven Days>!
Recently, the audience is enthusiastic about American dramas with novel materials and excellent texture to the point where the word 'mid craze' has come out. <Seven Days> is the best style movie that can satisfy the taste of audiences who have become more picky with these mid-series. <Seven Days>'s unique material, lively images, accurate and realistic descriptions, and attractive characters will occupy theaters in the second half of 2007 with a new style of film that has never been seen before, beyond 'mid'.

Challenge the spectacular action pleasure of <24>
<Seven Days> presents an action spectacle comparable to that of <24>, in which the story of Agent Jack Bauer, a member of the counter-terrorism agency CTU, suppressing terrorism for one day unfolds in real time. This is because Ji-yeon (Kim Yun-jin), who solves an impossible mission within a limited time of 7 days to save her abducted daughter, stimulates the interest of the audience as she runs without rest in the city. In addition, <Seven Days>, which will be unfolded on the screen full of sensuous images and fast-paced development through thrilling vehicle tracking scenes, will provide entertainment that surpasses that of <24>.

Extensive expertise that goes beyond the sophistication of < CSI: Forensic Investigation Unit>
A popular mid-series that has been loved for a long time Fans of 'Seven Days' will have no choice but to fall in love with the movie <Seven Days>, which stands out for its meticulous professionalism and sophistication in crime scene detection. <Seven Days> conducted a luminol solution reaction experiment to find hidden bloodstains through the advice of forensic experts, and perfectly reproduced the excavation site and autopsy site. The scientific and lively crime scene detection scenes that have not been seen in existing Korean films will reveal the true crime thriller of the movie <Seven Days> without any regrets.

– A dilemma game that goes beyond the depth of <Prison Break>
Ji-yeon in <Seven Days> engages in a breathtaking court battle to acquit the murderer with the sole intention of saving her daughter, and Michael Scofield in <Prison Break> in <Prison Break>, where he escapes to save his brother who was falsely accused of murder and was sent to prison. (Wentworth Miller) are very similar to each other. Two people who have to stand against social justice for the sake of the one they love. A dilemma game unfolds between justice and injustice, sharply opposed to the point of making the viewers sweat. The conflict between the duty of a lawyer to protect Jiyeon's law in <Seven Days> and the company-wide maternal love will consistently lead the audience with solid tension.

The birth of a true world star beyond the best mid-star of <Lost>.
In the popular American drama <Lost>, she plays the role of 'Sun', who transforms into an independent and strong woman as she continues to live on an isolated island, captivating fans around the world with her boldness hidden behind elegant and mysterious oriental charm. Kim Yoon-jin, who became The image of Kim Yoon-jin, who seems to go through any situation confidently and steadfastly, shines even more in the movie <Seven Days>. Kim Yun-jin fights head-to-head in the worst negotiation ever negotiated by an invisible criminal to save her kidnapped daughter. Through the explosive and intense acting that only her can do, she will be reborn as a true world star that touches the hearts of the audience, not the flashy midstar of <Lost>.

[ Productionnote ]

The forensic world in <Seven Days>
_ Feast of fluorescent light. Luminol solution reaction test site

There is a scene in <Seven Days> that is not to be missed if the audience is excited by the sights of the novel drugs and new equipment presented in the investigation of the crime scene.
This is the scene where Ji-yeon and Seong-yeol (Park Hee-soon) conduct an investigation through a 'luminol solution reaction experiment' at the victim's house, the crime scene, to secure evidence of the criminal. The luminol solution used to find invisible bloodstains emits a blue-white fluorescent color when it encounters bloodstains in the dark.
To film this scene, the lighting and art team of <Seven Days> took a full day to complete the set, and the special makeup team airlifted nearly two tons of fake blood. However, the unique and strange reaction of the luminol solution that can be seen with the naked eye did not show up well on the camera, so it is said that the filming team had to spend more than 5 hours of shooting time to effectively capture this amazing reaction on camera. The crime scene detection scene in <Seven Days> will captivate the audience with realism and scientific fun never seen in any Korean movie.

Real 100% horror corpse autopsy site!!
<Seven Days>, which claims to be a full-fledged crime thriller, spared no effort to preserve reality as much as possible in the filming of the autopsy scene in the movie. With the advice of forensic science expert Professor Huh Ki-young of Pusan National University, he acquires specialized knowledge about the method of sub-examination, such as the instruments and methods for cutting bones and instruments used to open the chest and skull, while the special makeup team also creates the same corpse pile as the real thing. 3 was prepared. The pile of corpses, which is said to take an average of two months to make a hangu, was painted with silicone for the skin, an airbrush for nails and tendons, and human hair for the hair and beard, adding to the realistic feel. So the filming staff of <Seven Days> had to fall in extreme fear while filming the autopsy scene. In particular, the autopsy was performed at the autopsy room at Pusan National University Hospital, where they were hired, right before the shooting, and the smell of the corpse at the shooting site vibrated and the stench was painful, but even the corpse props in front of them were so real that they were facing the real corpse along with the smell. It seemed to me that I had goosebumps. The autopsy scene in <Seven Days>, which will be shown at the end of the fight against such fear, will provide the audience with a realistic and eerie experience.

Total city control, spectacular car action that overwhelms the screen!!
The scene where Ji-yeon (Kim Yun-jin), who was running down the road to save her daughter, had a nerve war with the police in the middle of a road lined with cars, was filmed on the overpass of Jin Market in Busan. The filming that took place in the middle of the city road going from Busan Station, which is said to have the most traffic in Busan, to Seomyeon, was a work that was expected to cause huge traffic jams and civil complaints. However, in order to complete the thrilling and realistic video of <Seven Days>, the production team took full control of the Busan Jin Market overpass for 6 hours with the cooperation of the Busan Eastern Police Station and started filming. At this time, only 40 vehicles were mobilized, ranging from small to large. In order to capture the perfect video from various angles, several lexers were mobilized, and a professional stuntman drove the car, trying to bring out the realism.
In addition, the car action scene of Ji-yeon, who runs away from the police and runs through the city according to the kidnapper's instructions, was also filmed while controlling both sides of the road near Yeouido Station. For a splendid visual, the camera was set in a dangerous place, such as a railing on the roof of a building, in the middle of the center line adjacent to a moving vehicle. The scene where vehicles are tangled and collided by Jiyeon's car, which crosses the center line and races down the street, realistically expresses the middle of the city where dozens of vehicles including buses and police cars have been mobilized to create a chaos, and a spectacular car that overwhelms the screen. It was born as an action scene.

<Seven Days> There is a camera hidden in the scene?!
The breathtaking sense of urgency of the movie <Seven Days> started from the filming site. During the filming period, two cameras were used as a standard, and the scene was always fast enough to use three cameras for 30 out of a total of 53 shooting sessions. So, the number of cuts that were digested per day was 100 to 250 cuts at most. On average, about 20-30 shots were taken per hour. In such a fast-paced filming set, the actors are also in a situation where there is no choice but to be nervous and nervous. In particular, the actors caught all the faces, hands, feet, and even the back view while rotating multiple cameras, so they did not know when and how they would be captured on the camera. Director Won Shin-yeon said that he chose a method that captures the expressions and movements of the actors at once because the split shot gives the actors time to prepare for the next performance, but it also results in breaking the connection feelings. As a result, the actors were able to induce natural and focused emotional immersion, as well as the effect of shortening the filming time.

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