(Korean Movies) Seondal: The Man who Sells the River, 2015

Seondal: The Man who Sells the River, 2015

Seondal: The Man who Sells the River, 2015
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Genius resourcefulness and the greatest audacity of the time! Kim Seon-dal (Yoo Seung-ho), a genius con artist with a thick distribution and a beautiful appearance. Kim Seon-dal, who creates legends when he appears, always waits for the best version of his life.
He is known in the eight provinces of Joseon as one of the best fraudsters in Joseon by engaging in all sorts of bizarre frauds with Bo-won (Ko Chang-seok), who specializes in camouflage, Bo-sal (Ra Mi-ran), who specializes in robbery, and Gyeon-i (Xiumin), a swindler.
They were preparing a new edition of robbing Dampago (tobacco), which is said to be sold at the most expensive price in Joseon, and found out that Seong Da-ryun (Cho Jae-hyeon), the most powerful man at the time, was behind it. You will decorate the biggest plate of your life…

The Taedonggang scam that shook the eight provinces of Joseon!
The huge scam that opens this summer begins!

[Did you hear the rumors? ]

Kim Seon-dal, a rare con artist in the legend that sold 'Masterless Daedonggang', is reborn on the screen!
A huge scam that shook the eight provinces of Joseon begins!

'Bongi Kim Seon-dal' is a rare con artist in the oral legend that every Korean knows. A scholar from Pyongyang in the late Joseon Dynasty, he wandered for the rest of his life without fulfilling the will of an official position due to the strict social status system and low literacy, and he mistreats powerful noblemen and wealthy merchants with his unique wit and deceit. In particular, he is most famous for the anecdote of selling water from the Daedong River without an owner. Bongi Kim Seon-dal is known as a pronoun of a genius swindler even to the present day because of his ideas and audacity that deviate from normal social rules and thinking systems. tell the The movie <Bongi Kim Seon-dal> started by paying attention to the charm of Kim Seon-dal as a fraudster character and the entertainment of his fraudulent episode.
Director Park Dae-min, in charge of the screenplay and directing, started the story with the motif of Kim Seon-dal and his fraud case in the fairy tale, and created a new 'Bongi Kim Seon-dal' with a modern sensibility. It has the resourcefulness and thick distribution as a genius scammer, but maximizes the charm of a scammer who wins people's hearts by highlighting the handsome appearance of a young man who enjoys danger and play. In addition, by adding cinematic imagination to the structure of fragmentary oral tales, the sense of scale of the event was increased, and attention was paid to the surrounding people who decorate a large sham plate with Kim Seon-dal, and vividly reconstructed, adding fun through breathing between characters.

The movie <Bongi Kim Seon-dal>, which recreates the legendary con artist character in an interesting tale with a modern sense and extraordinary imagination, is expected to coolly shake the theater district this summer with a delightful and exciting mega-sized scam.

Yoo Seung-ho, Ko Chang-seok, Ra Mi-ran, Xiumin, and Jo Jae-hyun, complete the casting of the nation's favor across all generations!
Perfect acting synergy created by character casting and a fantastic ensemble!

<Bongi Kim Seon-dal> is already a hot topic in the casting stage just with the appearance of Yoo Seung-ho, who started as a national younger brother, and has grown into an actor with solid acting skills, Cho Jae-hyun, the best known actor, Ko Chang-seok, and Ra Mi-ran, and Xiumin, who is new to acting. has become Director Park Dae-min cast Yoo Seung-ho to create Kim Seon-dal, a young, glamorous and delightful Kim Seon-dal that is different from the image in the fairy tale and created the new Kim Seon-dal of 2016. He said, "In my first meeting with Yoo Seung-ho, I was convinced that he was the enemy as Kim Seon-dal because of his mischievous appearance that I had not seen in other works." Here, in combination with Kim Seon-dal, Go Chang-seok, who can show a natural chemistry with Yoo Seung-ho while expressing a comical character well, plays the role of 'Bo-won', who will show the charm of various disguise and improvisation, and the only Hong-il-jeom 'Bosal Yoon' has various works. Actor Ra Mi-ran, who has shown the best comic acting through the movie, has been cast as a fantastic comic corps. In addition, Xiumin of EXO, who is gaining popularity both domestically and abroad, was cast as the youngest member of the fraudulent group, 'Gyeoni', adding vitality to the play. Meanwhile, Jo Jae-hyun adds tension to the play by appearing as the target and absolute power of 'Daedong Dae-ryun', the target of 'Daedong River Fraud', the biggest fraud among the Kim Seon-dal's gang. The witty appearance of 'Kim Seon-dal', which was completed with a popular casting that encompasses all generations, from teenagers and twenties to middle-aged people, foreshadows the pleasant performances they will perform in the future. The movie <Bongi Kim Seon-dal> that makes you look forward to the fantastic acting ensemble that Korea's representative actors will present, and the perfect acting synergy they will show. Expectations are high as to how the characters and stories full of personality will unfold on the screen.

From the big fraud that takes place over the unowned Taedonggang,
The chase action surrounding the Dampago takeover, and even the amazing disguise skills that don't choose any time and place!
Beat the heat of Korea this summer with cool and rich attractions!

The movie <Bongi Kim Seon-dal> is expected to catch the attention of the audience with abundant attractions such as the scale of the fraudulent drama that gradually grows as the game unfolds and the disguise that appears in the right place. In the movie, Kim Seon-dal and Bo-won deceive a chicken with a phoenix to get the nickname 'Bong-i'. The fraud that started with 3,000 nyang gradually grew to 10,000, 20,000, and 30,000 nyang and eventually grew to 100,000 nyang, and finally, he planned the biggest scam in his life by using the ownerless Daedonggang as a bait against the most powerful ruler of Joseon, Seongdaeryeon. reach In this process, Kim Seon-dal and Bo-won stimulate the audience's laughter with unprecedented disguise techniques, starting from pretending to be a Chinese hunter, as well as disguising themselves as monks, uigeumbu masters, and kings as well as women. In addition, Kim Seon-dal and Sae-pae have superior escape skills than anyone else, and they run a chase in which they are pursued and pursued across mountains and rivers, avoiding the crowds chasing them. The thrilling chase scene of Kim Seon-dal, who runs a cheat board and runs away more excitingly, gives a cool pleasure. Meanwhile, in the movie <Bongi Kim Seon-dal>, another protagonist of the film and the main stage at the end of the play, the Daedonggang River, appears boasting a huge view. In order to overcome the boldness of the Daedonggang scam in the existing folktales, various settings and elements are added to provide a different attraction that cannot be seen in regular historical dramas, while the breathtaking chase action on the Taedong River is a special scene that will blow the heat just by looking at it. was completed
<Bongi Kim Seon-dal>, which shows a witty cinematic imagination by reinterpreting the oral legend of selling the ownerless Taedonggang, adds a wealth of sights to the amazing gimmick based on genius ingenuity, and is a summer entertainment movie that will provide the best enjoyment and fun. Is expected.

A cool and delightful historical drama that connects <Pirates> and <Gone with the Wind> is born!
In the summer of 2016, the only entertainment movie this summer is <Bongi Kim Seon-dal>!

In the summer season, 2016 <Bongi Kim Seon-dal> is scheduled to continue the box office success of an entertainment historical drama featuring characters with various charms, a cast boasting a high synchro rate, pleasant and cool action, and a wealth of sights. The movie <Gone with the Wind>, released in 2012, introduces a new comic action historical drama genre, from the fresh material of the ice war waged by Joseon's best hunters, the combination of unique characters, and the exquisite casting of Cha Tae-hyun, Oh Ji-ho, Seong Dong-il, and Min Hyo-rin. captured the Then, released in the summer of 2014, <The Pirates: The Bandit Who Went to the Sea> presented a different kind of fun with a cinematic imagination that a whale swallowed a national bird. Here, for different reasons, the pirates and bandits gathered at the sea to find the national bird, and their blockbuster marine action was a success, providing the audience with exhilarating laughter and abundant spectacles. <Gone with the Wind> and <Pirates: The Bandit Who Goes to the Sea>, which captured the summer theater scene, is expected to continue the genealogy of blockbuster films with delightful laughter, fresh material, exhilarating action and abundant spectacle. collect the
<Bongi Kim Seon-dal> captures the audience's attention with a new story based on the oral legend of Kim Seon-dal that everyone knows. Yoo Seung-ho, who combines acting and charm with the original character Kim Seon-dal with genius resourcefulness and boldness, meets and captures the hearts of audiences of all ages and genders, while Go Chang-seok and Rami maximize the different charms of the four-person, four-color fraudulent character. The casting combination of Ran and Xiumin adds to the fun of the movie by completing a fantastic ensemble unique to Kim Seon-dal. In addition to this, savory lines that take place in unpredictable situations, various actions between genius scammers and scammers, and unusual fraud techniques are added to provide a pleasant and rich spectacle. In addition, Kim Seon-dal's life's greatest morale, a huge fraud play, which is waged against the river, will lead the audience to a perfect setting for the summer season. As such, <Bongi Kim Seon-dal>, complete with the formula of a successful summer movie, raises expectations for the birth of a cool and pleasant entertainment movie that will be responsible for this summer.

[ I made it like this ]

I've been to all over the country except North Korea!
From the realization of the Daedong River to the huge embankment set! Cool sights, perfectly reproduced on the screen!

The most important story in the movie <Bongi Kim Seon-dal> can be said to be the ‘Daedong River fraud case’ in which ‘Kim Seon-dal’s fraud’ led by ‘Kim Seon-dal’ (Yoo Seung-ho) takes on the absolute power of ‘Seong Dae-ryun’ (Cho Jae-hyun). As such, the biggest concern and mission of the production team, including director Park Dae-min, was how to implement the Pyongyang Taedonggang, the main stage of the super-large fraudulent drama. To this end, the production team traversed all over the country, scouring all the rivers' tributaries, and after putting a lot of effort into site hunting, they were able to collage several rivers and create one huge Taedonggang on the screen. One of the most important places was where the embankment would be built, where the biggest fraud in the movie would take place. The embankment built according to Seondal Kim's fraudulent plan in the play is huge and large, but the biggest difficulty was finding the best place to synthesize CG into the actual river. Director Park Dae-min and art director Lee Tae-hoon went through a lot of discussion so that the space, which had not been easily seen in Korean films, could be shown realistically and with a sense of scale. To this end, after searching all over the country, he found the optimal topography for the dike scene in Jinan, Jeollabuk-do, and was able to create a high-quality scene from the construction of the embankment to the cool water flowing at the end of the movie. On the other hand, director Park Dae-min, who wanted to show real-life spaces rather than artificial feelings in location locations or various spaces appearing in movies, said, “In order for the audience to be naturally immersed in the story, the place in the play exists. I thought it would be good to give it a feeling like a place where you can do it,” he said, adding reality to the film by organizing the space to feel a sense of life. The continuous effort of the production team to realize such an open and cool space composition and reality raises the level of perfection of the film and raises expectations of prospective audiences.

A speedy chase on land and water!
Even special shooting skills for a thrilling chase action!
Cool, fast, and enjoy!

Another point to enjoy <Bongi Kim Seon-dal> is the speedy chase. Director Park Dae-min said, "I wanted to show the chase of 'Kim Seon-dal's fraud', who is good at running away, in an exciting way. We worked hard to show various kinds of chases on land and water.” For a thrilling chase scene while at the same time making use of the 'pleasure' in the action scene, director Park Dae-min went through continuous discussions with the staff throughout the filming, and wanted to make the audience feel their heart speeding up along with 'Kim Seon-dal's deceit'. . One of the most elaborate action scenes for this is the 'Kim Seon-dal fraudulent defeat' and the chase with the Uigeumbu. The chasing scene in the movie is a re-creation of images shot in three locations, Namyangju, Sokcho, and Masan, into one scene. Cinematographer Kim Jong-jin said, “The street chase scene needed the place that enters the frame the most, the place that requires movement, and the place where the story is told. We decided that the route was the most needed.” Accordingly, in the horizontal direction, while expressing descriptive cuts about where 'Kim Seon-dal' and the crowds chasing him are going, Steadicam digested the breathing of the actors running in a space of 200 meters at a time, and in the vertical direction, the characters At the same time, I wanted to show the characters running through the two alleys at the same time through the 100-meter moving rail at the same time. The hard work of the production team who went through detailed discussion and filming for this thrilling pursuit action will make <Bongi Kim Seon-dal> more enjoyable, faster, and more enjoyable.

A whopping 500 pieces of actor costumes alone! From clothes that make use of splendor and lightness
Even makeup to express 'fun, realism, and variety'!
A splendid spectacle created by the infinite efforts of the makeup team and the costume team!

Another highlight of <Bongi Kim Seon-dal> is the fun of seeing the transformation of the characters. This is because, whenever various fraudulent episodes occur, 'Kim Seon-dal's fraud' not only presents various disguise, but also a feast of colorful costumes throughout the movie. Director Park Dae-min said that he wanted to show off costumes that could show splendor as the scammers are the main characters of the movie. To this end, costume director Yoon Mi-ra produced as many as 500 costumes for actors after careful consideration by referring to thorough historical data and papers. In addition, he said that he repeatedly thought about creating a silhouette that made use of the characteristics of the character by emphasizing the beauty of restraint contained in the hanbok, while at the same time expressing the dynamism using the wide width of the hanbok, while preserving the lightness by arranging the monotone throughout the costume. As an example, the costume of 'Kim Seon-dal', a genius con artist who leads the fraudulent team, emphasizes a rich silhouette while making the details of the application simple, expressing a sense of weight that is not suppressed by the charisma of 'Seong Dae-ryun'. In addition, to show the straight and strong character of 'Kim Seon-dal', the collar and sympathy were emphasized, and the sleeves were widened and the length was increased to make the action look gorgeous. On the other hand, makeup director Kim Yong-gwan focused on fun, realistic, diverse, but faithful to historical research to realistically portray 'Bongi Kim Seon-dal' on a more realistic background. He uses 'Kim Seon-dal' as a pleasant and attractive active strategist, 'Bo-won' as a cute and fun assistant, 'Bosal Yoon' as the owner of fatal charm, 'Gyeon-i' as the pure 'Little Kim Seon-dal', and 'Song Da-ryun' as absolute power. It is set with the charisma of the artist and presents each makeup that perfectly matches it. In this way, the costumes and makeup that fit each character's personality and scene will make the audience more immersed in the movie.

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