(Korean Movies) SEOBOK, 2020

SEOBOK, 2020

SEOBOK, 2020
Audience over 15
running time
114 minutes
cumulative audience
8th Korean Film Writers Association Award 2021


Seobok, the first human clone
A special companionship with him begins!

Ki-heon, a former agent who is living a life cut off from the outside due to a traumatic incident in the past, receives a final offer he cannot refuse from the intelligence service.
He was given the task of safely moving the experimental specimen 'Seobok' made through stem cell cloning and genetic manipulation.
However, while performing the mission, they receive an unexpected attack, and 'Ki-Heon' and 'Seo-Bok', who managed to escape, start a special accompaniment of the two.
'Seo-bok', who is surprised by the world outside the laboratory for the first time, and 'Ki-heon', who wants to finish his last mission in a hurry, bump into each other wherever he goes.
On the other hand, the pursuit of several groups who set out to take the 'Seobok', which can be the salvation and disaster of mankind, becomes increasingly intense, and they eventually make an unavoidable choice…


Gong Yoo X Park Bo-gum
The meeting everyone has been waiting for

Top stars of all generations Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum met for the first time through <Seobok>.

Actor Gong Yoo, who has established himself as a box office check in the Korean film industry, exuding a strong presence in numerous works such as the drama <Goblin>, the movie <Kim Ji-young Born in 1982>, <Secret Secret> <Train to Busan> and <The Crucible>, is a former intelligence agency agent in <Seobok>. Gi-heon's role is another side of him. ˝ A sharp subject matter stood out in the scenario. Gong Yoo, who revealed the reason for appearing, expressed the keen and sharp image of 'Ki-heon', who is suffering from the trauma of the past and is afraid in front of death. He undertook external changes, such as losing weight. In addition, Gong Yoo, who perfectly digested the unstoppable action worthy of a former agent, meets 'Seo Bok' and delicately depicts the inner side of a changing character, showing off the power of an actor who believes and sees.

Korea's representative youth star Park Bo-gum, who showed off his impressive acting and colorful charms in various works such as <Record of Youth> <Moonlight Drawn by Clouds> <Reply 1988> <Chinatown> and <Myeongryang>, will challenge for the first time on the screen with <Seobok>. . Regarding the role of 'Seo-bok', the first human clone trapped in the time of eternity, Park Bo-gum is a character that did not exist before. In the movie, at the moment when ‘Seobok’ had to be chosen, I continued to ponder and study what I would do,” he said, suggesting his passionate acting passion for challenging a difficult role. From the innocent expression of Seo Bok, who came out of the laboratory for the first time in his life to meet the real world, to the fierce gaze towards the forces that are targeting him, Park Bo-gum, who expresses the emotions of the characters with an animal sense, gives the audience a powerful image they have never seen before. will be presented

Here, a large number of leading actors with strong acting skills join the cast and attract attention. Jo Woo-jin, a character master who crosses good and evil in <Battle of Bongo-dong> <Day of National Bankruptcy> <Mr. Sunshine> <1987> <The Sheriff>, takes on the role of ‘Chief An’, an intelligence agency agent who tries to conceal the existence of ‘Seobok’. Actor Jang Young-nam, who radiates the charisma of <Psycho, but it's okay>, <Transformation> <Cooperation> <International Market> and <Wolf Boy>, enhances immersion in the play with excellent acting skills, is responsible for watching the birth and growth of 'Seobok'. As a researcher 'Im Se-eun', he demonstrates the true value of a decomposed veteran actor. Lastly, Park Byung-eun, who adds charm to characters such as <Ansiseong> <One Line> <Because This is My First Life> and <Assassination>, plays the role of 'Shin Hak-seon', the CEO of Seoin Group, which owns the 'Seo-bok'. doubles the tension.

<Introduction to Architecture> directed by Lee Yong-joo
emotional bromance

Director Lee Yong-joo of <Introduction to Architecture>, who created the first love syndrome nationwide by achieving the highest box office score for a melodrama at the time of its release in 2012, by vividly capturing the exciting idea of the process of loving the process of building a house and the thrill of first love. He is back with the movie <Seobok> starring Bogum. <Seobok> is the story of an intelligence agency agent named Ki-heon, who is tasked with transferring the first human clone, Seo-bok, in top secret. .

Ki-heon, an ex-intelligence agent who cannot escape from a traumatic incident in the past, is living a life with no tomorrow ahead of his death. Then one day, he receives an offer he can't refuse from the 'Chief of Staff' of the intelligence service. The goal is to safely move ‘Seobok’, the first human clone created as a top-secret project, to its destination. However, the situation is complicated by the pursuit of several groups to take possession of Seo-bok, and Ki-heon avoids them and starts walking alone with Seo-bok.

After finishing <Introduction to Architecture>, director Lee Yong-joo, who was thinking about items that would allow him to freely show his cinematic imagination, away from the dramas dealing with everyday life, brought out an item he had been thinking about for a long time. It depicts the story of life, death, and human fear through a road movie of a 'immortal' clone and a 'death' man. “I wanted to portray the process of facing life by overcoming the fear of death, which is the fate of human beings, in the difficult journey of two men who are placed in polar opposite situations.” Seo-bok, a trapped clone, and Ki-heon, who takes on the final mission of his life before death, are deeply engrossed in the series of processes in which two characters, who are hard to find in common, gradually get to know each other, change, and grow.

'Emotional Director' Lee Yong-joo's delicate directing power and Gong Yoo, Park Bo-gum's sincere acting, and the charm of two completely different characters, <Seobok> will capture the hearts of the audience with a deep emotional bromance.

A new attempt, an overwhelming visual
The most anticipated Korean movie

The emotional drama <Seobok>, which will be released simultaneously in theaters and online video service (OTT) TVING in April 2021, is the first Korean film to deal with a cloned human as its subject matter. As the lead actors such as ˝I wondered how this would be transferred to the screen˝(Gong Yoo) and ˝The character of ‘Seobok’ was never before” (Park Bo-gum), and other fresh characters that had never been dealt with in Korean movies before, In order to realize the appropriate visuals, the top producers representing the Korean film industry, from shooting, art, costumes, music, martial arts, editing, and CG, worked together.
Cinematographer Lee Mo-gae, who has shown dynamic and impactful shooting styles such as <Battleship Island> <Asura> <I Saw the Devil> and <The Good Guy, the Bad Guy, the Weird Guy>. “I completely agreed with the worldview created by director Lee Yong-joo and wanted the virtual settings that take place in the play to reach the audience realistically”, he said. The filming techniques that can even sequence are mobilized to enhance the audience's immersion. <Seobok> was a great challenge for art director Lee Ha-joon, who was nominated for an Academy Award for <Parasite> as well as <The Solo> <Contemplation> <The Thieves> <The Maid>. He said, “It is a work of anticipation for the birth of a different film and worries about a genre that has not been done at the same time”, he said. to offer Music director Cho Young-wook, who has worked with major Korean films such as <Taxi Driver>, <The Attorney>, <The New World> and <Oldboy>, joins the group to deliver a deep impression with music that doubles the character's high emotion, and costume director Cho Sang-kyung ( <Taxi Driver> <The Handmaiden> <Assassination> <Tazza>), Martial Arts Director Hur Myeong-haeng (<Peninsula> <Solo Battle> <Train to Busan> <Along with the Gods>), Editorial Director Kim Sang-beom (<Taxi Driver> <Inside Men> <Veteran>) Attorney>) and VFX Supervisor Kim Han-jun (<Exit> <Ansiseong> <Battleship Island> <Train to Busan>) participated to enhance the film's perfection.

˝When I read the scenario, it was a space I had vaguely imagined, but as soon as I entered the filming site, I felt like I had become a real 'Ki-heon'. Thanks to the space created by the infinite imagination, passion, and effort of the staff, I was able to immerse myself more in the character. It will prove to be the most anticipated work in the first half of this year, providing a wealth of entertainment and entertainment.


‘Ki-Heon’ who lives in the present VS ‘Seo-Bok’ who lives in eternity
‘Ki-heon’ who desperately needs tomorrow’s life and ‘Seo-bok’ who never dies. The two people, who were placed in opposite situations, started at the poles as well as the starting points of their characters. In order to contrast the two characters, ‘Ki-Heon’, a realistic person and ‘Seo-Bok’, which started from a cinematic imagination, the hard work of the producers is everywhere. ˝ I thought of Seobok as a fictional story that takes place in a space like reality. I wanted the audience to accept the events happening in the movie realistically and to see them with emotional agreement and emotional communion with the main characters” said cinematographer Lee Mo-gae. The realism was maximized, and in the case of 'Seobok', the audience felt a little alienation to 'Seobok' with a different framing, such as a lot of blank space (headroom) at the top of the camera angle, or placing people on one side of the screen or placing them in the center. It's set up so you can feel it. Unlike 'Kiheon', which focuses on reality in space, art, props, and costumes, 'Seobok' is a creative setting that we have never experienced in what we wear, see, and where we live, and a line of reality that does not interfere with the immersion of the audience. Both were considered.

'Special ability' in a special companion
‘Seobok’, born as a top-secret project, is an existence with infinite possibilities. In order to realize his special abilities on the screen, the collaboration of each team, including photography, lighting, art, martial arts, CG, special effects, sound, costumes, and makeup, was more important than ever. First, based on the enormous amount of research of the directing team that is reminiscent of a thesis level, we create the direction and algorithm of the special ability of ‘Seobok’ for each part, set the step-by-step ability values according to the awakening of ‘Seobok’, and design Before & After went through the process of In order to express Seobok's ability to control gravity and pressure, the art team created the space and object changes and the degree of damage in several stages in detail. It was made so that the power of 'Seobok' could be conveyed in a realistic way to those who saw it even without it. The CG team, who worked hard to express the emotions and emotions of the character ‘Seobok’ rather than spectacular action or huge scale, utilizes the shooting source created by collaboration of several parts to further enhance the perfection with details that maximize the immersion of the movie. gave.

‘That house’ where Seobok lives
The house of ‘Seobok’, which is the most essential space in the movie and the culmination of the worldview created by director Lee Yong-joo, is the place where he has spent his whole life from the birth of ‘Seobok’ to the present, This is the experimental space where the experiment was conducted. Art director Lee Ha-joon, who intrigued director Lee Yong-joo's request that he wanted to make the audience feel as if he was actually at the beach when Seobok first appeared, made art director Lee Ha-joon, who contradicted the setting of being a clone, created images of birds, sea, grass, trees, and more. Objects in nature, such as flowers, are placed throughout the space. The space filled with images of nature gradually turns into a cold laboratory and a space of destruction as the full-fledged story of the film progresses. Also, the house of 'Seobok', which can be seen at a glance from the monitor room on the second floor, is a place where 'visual violence' exists where researchers monitor 'Seobok' every move. Like 'Seobok' made with a purpose, everything surrounding him in the space is filled with artificial things under strict control, and the day and night time are also set to be managed by the system.

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