(Korean Movies) Secretly Greatly, 2013

Secretly Greatly, 2013

Secretly Greatly, 2013
Audience over 15
running time
124 minutes
cumulative audience
6959083 people
50th Baeksang Arts Awards 2014


Revolutionary warriors in the Republic, spies here.
My Nampa mission, born as a wild dog and raised as a monster
It's silly, but I'm a local idiot.

North Korea's South Korean Special Operations Unit 5446.
Won Ryu-hwan, the most elite agent who broke through the 20000:1 competition ratio, Ri Hae-rang, the son of the highest-ranking cadre of the Republic, and as powerful as Ryu-hwan, and Lee Hae-jin, the youngest South Korean spy in the history of the Republic. The three men are like the legends of Unit 5446.

However, the missions they take to the South with the grand mission of reunification of the country are ridiculously stupid, aspiring singers, and high school students. Time flies without any orders being delivered, and you get used to the daily life of living with the people of the lowest tier of South Korea.
Then one day, they are given a secret and great mission that is completely unexpected.

You can only go back if you become a legend
Their story begins now.

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[ Prologue ]

* Name: 98-0075 Won Ryuhwan
* Position: Article 3 Commander Oh Seong-jo, Southern Special Operations Forces
* Skills: 8 choreographed dances, R grade shooting (sniper rate 98.7%), medical, engineering, and chemistry specialized courses, fluent in 5 languages: English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese
* Subtlety Name: Red Byeok Flower
* Infiltration mission: Infiltrate the lowest class in South Korea as an idiot!
* Representative code of conduct while undercover
– Fall realistically in a situation where more than one person is watching at least 3 times a day
– Urinate on the street once a month in front of two or more people. Have a bowel movement on the street once every 6 months

[ About Movie ]

No. 1 webtoon you must see before you die!
Daum Webtoon's "Secretly, Greatly" is made into a movie with the highest rating of 9.7!
(out of 10 points, as of 2013.04.23)

Starting with Kangful's original <Apartment> in 2006, <Moss>, <I Love You>, <Neighbor>, and <26 Years> followed, and webtoons became one of the movie materials. And in June, the work that all filmmakers have been coveting will arrive. The main character is the webtoon "Secretly and Greatly", which created a huge fandom with a unique setting in which the idiot at the super house in the neighborhood is actually North Korea's elite spy. The webtoon "Secretly and Greatly", which has an astonishing record of 40 million cumulative views, is the webtoon's masterpiece with 1 million readers. In 2011, in recognition of its workmanship, it also achieved the feat of receiving the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award in the cartoon category at the Korea Content Awards.
The webtoon “Secretly and Greatly” talks about the importance of family and ordinary life through the best spies in North Korea who infiltrated South Korea’s moon village. It has already captivated film officials for a long time with its unique material, drama that harmonizes laughter and emotion, and action that adds tension. Director Jang Cheol-soo, who was fascinated by the warm and heartbreaking sensibility of the original, said about the original, “It’s a story that every filmmaker covets. It is a work that has no choice but to be made into a movie because fans of the original film also wanted it to be made into a movie, and for filmmakers, making it well is their homework.” Kim Soo-hyun, who made her first lead role on the screen as Dong-gu, an idiot from the village, read the original story and was fascinated by the character, showing enthusiasm enough to devote herself to action practice for nearly a year.
The movie <Secretly and Greatly> combines the interesting material of the original, the drama, the perfect casting with 100% synchro rate recognized by fans of the original, and the delicate direction of director Jang Cheol-soo, who entered the Cannes Film Festival at the same time as his debut! Each time the content is released one by one, it amplifies the cheers and expectations of fans who love webtoons, heating up the inside and outside of the film industry.

Synchro rate 200% casting!
Kim Soo-hyun + Park Ki-woong + Lee Hyun-woo! Couldn't be more perfect than this!

The most popular actors Kim Soo-hyun, Park Ki-woong and Lee Hyun-woo infiltrate the theater district. The three of them will become North Korea's elite spies who broke through the 20000:1 competition in the movie "Secretly, Greatly", and will provide audiences with laughter, emotion, and intense action.
Kim Soo-hyun, who emerged as a popular actor through the drama [The Moon Embracing the Sun] and the movie [The Thieves], took on the role of Won Ryu-hwan, a legendary agent of North Korea's 5446 Special Operations Forces. His mission, who passed the hurdle of dying more than 900 times and left the country, is the idiot of the super house in Daldong! Kim Soo-hyun shows a wide spectrum of acting by freely moving between Won Ryu-hwan, who is sharp and sharp like a wild beast, and Dong-gu, an innocent fool. The staff could not help but admire his eyes and immersion, which change momentarily depending on the situation. In addition, Kim Soo-hyeon-pyo and Dong-goo, completed with a thick green sweatshirt and bushy hair, show perfect synchronization with the original character, further raising expectations for the movie.
Won Ryu-hwan's rival and colleague, Lee Hae-rang, was played by Park Ki-woong, who was recognized for his acting skills through the movie <The Last Weapon: Bow> and the drama [Gaksital]. As a talented person as talented as Won Ryu-hwan and the illegitimate eldest of North Korea's top executives, he brings life to the film with a cool attitude in any situation. For Haerang's mission as an aspiring rocker, Park Ki-woong dyed his hair a bold orange color and learned the guitar and naturally melted into the movie. Lee Hyeon-woo takes on the role of 'Ri Hae-jin', a watchdog for Won Ryu-hwan and Ri Hae-rang and the youngest South Korean agent in North Korea. He began to attract attention as Uhm Tae-woong's child role in the drama [Queen Seon-deok] and devastated Korea with his cute and fresh charm in [To the Beautiful You]. He was so passionate about his work that he read the original story four times, and he plans to show his growth as an actor by performing new performances that he has never shown before, such as North Korean language, action, and sharp eyes.
The three actors that Korea is paying attention to are Kim Soo-hyun, Park Ki-woong, and Lee Hyun-woo! It is expected to remain as a new legend in Chungmuro in 2013, capturing the hearts of women with the strongest visuals and comedy, and captivating the hearts of men with splendid action and intense drama.

Actors Son Hyeon-joo, Kim Seong-gyun, Ko Chang-seok, and Jang Kwang, who need no explanation!
Their great secret support fire!

<Secretly and Greatly> depicts the story of elite spies who were born as beasts and raised as monsters, living together with the sweet and innocent people of the town. The colorful characters add to the fun so that the word 'character movie' is not awkward. And the representative actors of Korea, who need no further explanation, join forces to breathe the breath of a craftsman into the film.
Son Hyeon-joo, who won the 2012 SBS Acting Grand Prize through the drama [The Chaser], shows off his outstanding performance by disassembling himself as Kim Tae-won, the 5446 Special Operations Forces commander who created the three most elite spies. Son Hyun-joo, who had to endure the inconvenience of putting on special makeup on the right eye and cheek throughout the filming, impressed the on-site staff with the passion of a luxury actor, saying, "If our film shines through this makeup, we can make more scars." . In addition, Son Hyeon-joo, who resided at an action school to prepare for his first action performance in order to become the best who trained North Korea's elite spy for many years. His sweat and effort will be revealed in the confrontation scene with Won Ryu-hwan, and it will be the best viewing point for <Secretly, Greatly>. Kim Seong-gyun, who won the 2012 Daejong Film Festival and Baeksang Arts Awards Rookie of the Year award for <War on Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys> and <The Neighbor>, also shows a shining presence once again in <Secretly and Greatly>. He will appear as an NIS agent who wants to save Ryu Hwan, Haerang, and Haejin to the end, and will show a new side of him with a sharp and intelligent charm. Actor Ko Chang-seok, who delivers his unique and pleasant energy from the film industry to dramas and entertainment shows, also adds energy to <Secretly and Greatly>. He takes on the role of a fixed spy who has been living as a postman in South Korea for 16 years, enriching the drama by playing the role of a spy who misses a friendly South Korean uncle and his family in the North. Actor Jang Gwang, who is not missing in every topical film such as <The Crucible>, <Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King>, and <26 Years>, is expected to play the role of Young-gam Ko, the oldest person in the village. In addition, Park Hye-suk, who is loved for her friendly mother image, Shin Jeong-geun, who became the best scene stealer in Chungmuro with <Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King> and <Gone with the Wind>, <Beautiful Young Man Taeil Jeon>, [Yangji of a Young Man], [ Three men, three women], [Wangcho], etc. actors Hong Kyung-in, [Empress Cheon-chu], [Gone with the Wind], etc., such as screens and TV screens and TV shows Chae-young Lee, showing off their dignified charm, Park Eun-bin and Choi Woo-shik with fresh charms <Secretly, Greatly> became even more powerful with the participation of prominent actors who would not be able to gather in the same work.

From the drama of Dal-dongne to the action of North Korea's most elite spy!
To express the original and more
The secret and great mission of the actors and staff has begun!

Ryu Hwan, Hae Rang, and Hae Jin were sent to the South on a mission to reunify the country! The production crew of <Secretly, Greatly> was given an equally important task. That is, the fun of the original should be preserved more abundantly, but the vitality of the live-action film should be exhibited. For this, the hard work of the actors and staff continued during the winter. Kim Soo-hyun, who played her first lead role in the movie through <Secretly and Greatly>, was born barefoot in slippers and a single tracksuit even in the cold weather that seemed to bite her skin. Nevertheless, he presented the best performance in every scene and received applause from the director and staff. Park Ki-woong, who took on the role of Lee Hae-rang, who was sent to South Korea on the mission of an aspiring rocker, boldly changed his hairstyle, increased his weight by 5 kg, and even learned the guitar himself, adding sincerity to his acting. Lee Hyeon-woo, who plays Lee Hae-jin, the youngest South Korean agent on a mission as a watcher of Ryu Hwan and Hae-rang, was immersed in practice to the point of preparing a separate lunch box to develop his stamina and muscular strength while challenging his first action performance.
The task given to the staff of <Secretly and Greatly> was to preserve the vividness. Dal-dongne, the main space in the movie, was discovered after 4 months of searching for about 60 dal-dong neighborhoods across the country. Here, the art team directly builds a total of 4 buildings and creates a lively atmosphere in Dal-dong, where Dong-gu rides a bicycle, delivers goods, and builds friendships with people through a large-scale work of reinventing an empty vacant lot into a playground. paid In addition, as it dealt with the stories of the elite spies who fled from North Korea to the South, accurate data on various elements related to North Korea were also needed. To this end, a defector who actually served as a soldier in North Korea took on the advice of the film and was verified not only in the North Korean dialect, but also in the office of a high-ranking North Korean officer in the play and props placed there. The movie <Secretly and Greatly>, which added the effort of the actors and staff to the fun of the original, will become a legend in theaters in June.

[ Epilogue ]

“The captain… next time you are born again
What kind of person do you want to be born as?”

“If that choice is possible,
Once upon a time it was normal
would be nice”


“In an ordinary country
in an ordinary house
Born as an ordinary child
continue to live normally
like that”

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