(Korean Movies) Secret Zoo, 2019

Secret Zoo, 2019
Audience over 12 years old
running time
117 minutes
cumulative audience
1224726 people


"Lion? Tiger? dinosaur? It’s all done!”
Don't be scared! Tea Anna! Fly your hair and be proud!

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that came to 'Tae-soo', a probationary lawyer for a living, save the 'Dongsan Park', a zoo in crisis!
He became the new director of 'Dongsan Park' to save the zoo where there are no animals, let alone guests.
He makes a bizarre suggestion to the employees to work under the guise of an animal.
A polar bear, a lion, a giraffe, a gorilla, and a sloth in 'Dongsan Park' 5 people.
The basics of silent meditation are stiff shoulders, muscle aggression, and their struggle to blow their stiff hair up to the back of the neck.
In the midst of this, 'Tae-soo', who had his throat burnt, forgot his identity as a polar bear.
I take a sip of Coke in front of the audience…

Have you ever seen a zoo like this?
The bold challenge of those who crossed the line begins!


Have you seen this movie for the first time?

100% freshness turned properly!
Comedy that will turn the theaters upside down in the New Year 2020!
A new era of laughter opened by the production company of <Extreme Job>

The production company of the movie <Extreme Job>, which caused the laughter syndrome in New Year's theaters in 2019, returns with 100% fresh comedy <Do not harm> with director Son Jae-gon, who presented a witty comedy film with <Sweet, Bloody Lover> and <The Villain on the Second Floor>. . <Don't Harm> is a story about a lawyer named Tae-soo, who ambitiously appointed as the director of Dongsan Park, a zoo on the brink of bankruptcy, and the extraordinary mission of the employees who work as animals instead of sold animals.

The production company of the movie <Extreme Job>, which caused a stir in the film industry by mobilizing 16.26 million viewers with a feast of comic episodes, characters full of personality, and savage lines, topped the box office of all-time Korean movies, is aiming once again at the theater district in the new year. . Following the investigation of a salty explosion camouflage startup by five drug detectives who work undercover at night, they returned to a more quirky and bizarre setting, this time with zoo people who work under the guise of animals instead of sold animals. Here, with <Sweet and Bloody Lovers> (2006), she created a unique genre combining romance, thriller and comedy, capturing both critics and audiences. Director Son Jae-gon, who has proven his directing ability, grabs the megaphone of <Don't Hurt>, raising expectations even more.

100 freshness index praised by co-stars, such as “A story that strikes the ground, laughter that strikes the heart, and a delightful scenario” (Ahn Jae-Hong), “A new story that makes you gasp” (Kang So-Ra), and “A film that attracts you” (Seong-Oh Kim) % The screenplay of <Don't Hurt> is "I was lucky to have met a director who knew how to make a comedy film seriously and deeply" (Park Young-gyu), "Director Son Jae-gon's unique humor and various characters are so fresh and fun" (Jeon Yeo-bin) Director Son Jae-gon, a master of original comedy, in which actors such as Lee Gu-dong and other actors expressed their satisfaction, adds to the skill of director Son Jae-gon, heralding the birth of a movie that has never been seen before.

From the unprecedented setting of 'people who became animals instead of animals', the first attempt in Korea, the five members of Dongsan Park, who cross over animals and people, perform a great role in two roles, and the fantastic team chemistry they create. In the new year, the theater will visit the audience with a fresh smile.

Have you ever seen a character like this?

Don't be scared! Tea Anna! Fly your hair and be proud!
Zoo staff who were forced to disguise themselves as animals instead of animals
The struggle with hair, sweat and tears begins!

“No one thinks there are fake animals in the zoo!” Like the lines of 'Tae-soo' (Ahn Jae-hong) in the movie, 'There are fake animals in the zoo?!' A film adaptation of HUN's webtoon of the same name, <Don't Hurt> depicts the salty struggle of five people in Dongsan Park who are forced to disguise themselves as animals instead of sold animals.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes to 'Tae-soo', a probationary lawyer who doesn't know when he will be cut off. To be appointed as the director of the zoo and Dongsan Park acquired by the client, and to operate this place just before closing. However, they are sold out to other zoos, and they face the worst situation in which there are no animals, let alone guests. Unable to give up on the revival of Dongsan Park, 'Tae-soo' makes a bizarre proposal to the employees to disguise themselves as animals instead of animals. Reluctantly accepting 'Tae-soo''s ridiculous proposal for various reasons, Dongsan Park's employees become polar bears, lions, giraffes, gorillas, and sloths, and they go to work at the zoo. Unlike the first time they were dubious, the challenges of their hair, sweat, and tears, who burn their passion with all their might, are reminiscent of the sorrows of office workers living in this jungle-like era, while evoking deep sympathy from many people.

'Tae-soo', a rookie director of Dongsan Park, a zoo in crisis, is a polar bear drinking cola with full of showmanship. Director Heon (Park Young-gyu), who suffers from a sense of remorse for not being able to protect the Dongsan Park he has been running his whole life, is reborn as a giraffe with his head bowed out of his own situation. Here, Gunwook (Kim Seong-oh), a pure love dog breeder who has a crush on her colleague Hae-kyung (Jeon Yeo-bin), is a pure macho gorilla. It transforms into a lovely giant sloth and delivers a fresh smile.

In <Don't Hurt>, the character feast of animals and humans that has never been seen before, like director Son Jae-gon's intention of making a comedy that can leave the theater in a pleasant way after seeing it, delivers a 100% carbonic acid index and pleasant fun. It will provide healing like rest to those who suffer from

Have you seen this chemistry for the first time?

Ahn Jae-hong, Kang So-ra, Park Young-gyu, Kim Seong-oh, Jeon Yeo-bin
Synchronization rate 200% Unprecedented animal = human challenge to two roles!
The fantastic 'hairy' chemistry of the 5 people in Dongsan Park!

Dongsan Park's 5 members, who are expected to be a fresh combination, Jae-Hong Ahn, So-Ra Kang, Young-Gyu Park, Seong-Oh Kim, and Yeo-Bin Jeon challenged the unprecedented two-person role that crosses animals and people through <Don't Hurt>, digesting the characters with a 200% synchro rate. Of course, they show off the best teamwork ever.

Ahn Jae-hong, a next-generation actor who plays various characters with unique and delightful charms across screens and CRTs, such as movies <King of Jokgu> <Little Princess> <Fabricated City>, dramas [Reply 1988] and [Melodrama]. “It has a lot of immersion. As director Son Jae-gon said, “You will be able to see the colorful sides of Ahn Jae-hong.” In <Don't Hurt>, from a livelihood trainee lawyer to an ambitious new director of Dongsan Park, to a polar bear, he plays the role of 'Tae-soo', who suffers from three jobs a day, causing the audience to feel salty. capture their hearts From 'Ha Chun-hwa' in <Sunny> to 'Ahn Young-i' in [Misaeng], Kang So-ra, a 'hairy' attractive woman who has been loved by perfecting the confident and independent female characters, transforms into a veterinarian 'Sowon' and a head-to-head lion After that, it arouses curiosity. In addition, Park Young-gyu, an acting craftsman who performed legendary in works such as the sitcom [Soonpung Obstetrics and Gynecology], the traditional historical drama [Jeong Do-jeon], and the movie <Gas Station Raid> and <Man's Manual>, 'Seowonjang' and a giraffe left with only a neck Appearing as an actor, he shows the standard of life acting without a name. On the other hand, from a bloody villain to a comical character full of humanity, individualistic actor Kim Seong-oh, who received attention for his intense acting in each work, transformed into a gorilla, a keeper, Geon-wook, who has a crush on his colleagues. Existential constitution] Jeon Yeo-bin, a monster rookie who has been recognized for her solid acting skills in just two works, appears as the erratic zookeeper 'The Coast Guard' and a giant sloth, exuding a 'giant' presence.

“It was a happy, fun, and positive scene” (Ahn Jae-Hong), “We laughed a lot at the realistic acting of walking around in animal masks” (Kang So-Ra), “Coming to the filming site itself is not going to work, it’s a rest The fantastic 'hairy' chemistry of the 5 members of Dongsan Park, completed with the best collaboration such as "(Jeon Yeo-bin)," can be seen in theaters in January 2020.


“It’s all done!”

“It’s all right” that started with “It’s not all right”
From the mask of an animal deceived even by 'steamed' animals to the mascot of Dongsan Park, 'Black Nose'
Vivid reality realized with all-time special makeup and CG!

“It doesn’t work”
Hyo-gyun Hwang, CEO of CELL, who was in charge of the special makeup, said the most to director Son Jae-gon. Crocodiles, sea turtles, rhinos, tigers, etc. have different joint points, long waists, and excessively short limbs, so many animals were excluded from the candidate group for various reasons. Current animal characters that can be played have been confirmed.

The special makeup team, which started making masks, was the first to find the fur. The final fur suit was completed with the advice of a veterinarian with experience working in a zoo, as well as considering the quality and thickness, brightness and color of each hair by mobilizing various animal hairs such as yak, goat, fox, and wolf. In order to express the close-up look, a sponge and cotton-lined muscle suit were additionally produced. Here, we have prepared every detail, from a latex pouch for a polar bear drinking Coke, a nail sensor for a sloth that chews, and two versions of a polar bear head that reflects the change in the angle of the head when walking on quadrupeds and bipeds. The animal masks, produced over 4-5 months for each character, enhance the immersion of the play with the realism that not only the viewers of Dongsan Park in the play, but also the viewers of the movie feel “Is it plausible?” In fact, it is said that a real giraffe who was there while filming at the zoo's radiation room found a model of a giraffe with a decapitated neck and looked at it for a while.

Animal masks, which are like the 6th protagonist of <Don't Harm>, received more special management than the actors. Textile deodorant and hair dryer for change of clothes were essential, and numerous combing and waxing to prevent hair clumps, hair management to restore volume to dead places, as well as broken nails and stitching torn suits were common. There was even a waiting room dedicated to containers for animal masks.

On the other hand, the polar bear 'Black Nose', the mascot of Dongsan Park, who has been with 'Sowon' since childhood, is a digital character realized in full CG. 'Black Nose' had a special behavioral style in the setting of the movie, and since it has a very important meaning in the story, every effort was made to avoid any awkwardness in its existence. After researching the data, starting from the bones and muscles, through numerous processes such as analyzing and reproducing the different hair styles for each part, a vivid and natural 'black nose' was born. Not only that, the CG team's craftsmanship, which meticulously embodied the animals sold in Dongsan Park (tigers, giraffes, etc.)

“Don’t be scared! Tea Anna!”

Created by the passion of motion directors and actors
Polar bear – lion – giraffe – gorilla – sloth's 'no-look smoke'!
From delicate emotional expression to intense action, it is perfectly digested!

The five Dongsan Park actors and motion actors fought a fierce battle to express 'people who became animals instead of animals', the first attempt in Korean film history.

First of all, Korean motion acting has expressed gorillas, dinosaurs, zombies, ghosts, and monsters through <Mr. Motion director Kim Heung-rae, who is the number one leader in the company, joined <Don't Hurt> and gave me strength. During the pre-production period, the actors who received a demonstration video related to animal acting from him practiced in advance while familiarizing themselves with the movements of their respective animals. Actors who learned the characteristics and behaviors of each animal had to fight the battle against 'animal masks' after the full-scale filming began. Wearing an animal mask weighing about 10 kg from head to toe, sweating profusely and performing passionately between animals and people, as well as having to move a giraffe with a neck weight of only 20 kg to look alive. Muscles that are not normally used to bridge the structural difference between animals and humans, from polar bears, which were highly mobile in a quadrupedal posture, to lions that have to support their large heads, gorillas with long arms, and sloths hanging from trees. Raising it to its limit required considerable stamina. Here, it was also hard for the actors to hold back the laughter that escaped from each other's realistic animal performances.

Also, due to the nature of the animal disguise, the five actors and motion actors at Dongsan Park had to perform 'no-look acting' in a state where they could not see the front because they did not match the human gaze. As if on a theatrical stage, they worked on filming while thoroughly memorizing all movements and movements, and completed each animal through the process of checking their performances through monitors from time to time and correcting each gesture.

Motion director Kim Heung-rae and motion actors who guided and presented animal performances that melted the narrative and personality of each character, and Dongsan Park 5 members who overcame various restrictions and challenged the all-time single and two roles Ahn Jae-hong, Kang So-ra, Park Young-gyu, Kim Seong-oh, and Jeon Yeobin. With the passion and effort of those who perfectly digested everything from delicate emotional acting to intense action moves, you will be able to meet a mixed animal = human character that you have never seen anywhere else in <Don't Hurt>.

“It turned and turned properly!”

Perfect reception from Busan-Ulsan-Jinju-Gwangju-Jeonju-Cheongju!
Completed with locations all over the country and a set of extra-large radiation fields
To the park of dreams and hopes!

The entrance and ticket office of the zoo where the exciting 'Dongsan Park' theme song is played is at Samjeong The Park in Busan, a part of the polar bear park is at Ulsan Grand Park, and the sloth Bangjang where the romance between the gorilla 'Geonuk' and the sloth 'Hae-gyeong' unfolds and autumn The scenic trail is at the Gyeongsangnam-do Arboretum in Jinju, the Gwangju Uchi Park Zoo is where the neck of a giraffe is located, the entrance to the Gorilla Park is at Jeonju Zoo, and the bird room where 'Sowon' and 'The Great Chief' are arguing is at Cheongju Land Zoo, literally all over the country. After going around the zoo, Dongsan Park in <Don't Hurt> was able to be born.

Meanwhile, shooting at the zoo is Mission Impossible itself. Filming at the bird room had to give up simultaneous recording due to the chirping of parrots and other birds, and the real tiger radiation field, which appeared as the lion room in the play, is a realization of how powerful the tiger energy is due to the poisonous smell of 'it'. I had to go to filming. Also, in the shooting at the giraffe field, an unexpected situation occurred where the giraffe had to be lured with bread hung on a pole with the help of the zookeeper to prevent the giraffe from getting caught in the actual angle. Even the famous actor Meerkat, who won the movie, was filmed in an extraordinary situation just like the movie. Above all, the shooting at the actual zoo was done in a quieter atmosphere than any other movie site because the staff and actors had to be very careful not to startle the animals.

An extra-large open set was created here, adding to the vibrancy of the film. A polar bear and gorilla cage was built over a period of two and a half months on a site of 4,500 pyeong in Gijang Ceramics Village in Busan. The set produced on a huge scale of 210 pyeong and 150 pyeong, respectively, was able to vividly depict the breathtaking camouflage work of the polar bear Tae-su and Geon-uk, the gorilla, who are the most mobile among the five of Dongsan Park. In particular, the movie's highlight, the polar bear drinking Coke and the cheering audience, will be captured more realistically to deliver the bright and cheerful atmosphere of the play to the audience. Ahn Jae-hong, who performed as a polar bear drinking Coke, said, “I remember the climax scene as the hottest moment when I acted while breathing with over 200 auxiliary actors on a huge set.” The dream and hope Dongsan Park, completed with the passion and effort of the staff, can be seen through <Do Not Harm> in January 2020.

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