Audience over 12 years old
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
1571924 people
8th Korean Film Writers Association Award 2021


My Dream is Career Woman”
In 1995, you can become a representative if you pass 600 points on the TOEIC!

The junior female employees who are in their 8th year of joining the company gather in the 'Samjin Group English TOEIC Class'!
Perfect practical skills, the reality is that he is a coffee drinker, production management part 3 Oh Ji-rya 'Ja-young' (Go Ah-seong),
'Jung Yu-na' (Esom), a marketing dept, who is a mystery novel fanatic and a master of bone-breaking comments,
Shim Boram (Park Hye-soo), a mathematician from the math Olympiad, is a master of filling out fake receipts.
I am filled with hope that I will be able to do real 'work' if I become a proxy.

Make a whistleblower? don't go out only we get hurt

Ja-yeong, who witnessed black wastewater leaking from the factory where she went to run small errands,
Together with 'Yuna' and 'Boram', they try to find the decisive evidence of what the company is trying to hide.
A seemingly impossible fight, the three friends start to struggle at the risk of being fired…

I Can Do It, You Can Do It, We Can Do It! Three brave friends fighting the company!


In 1995, brave friends come to fight against the company
I can do it! You Can Do It! Wee Can Do It! All eyes and steps forward!

In the 1990s, the 'internationalization era', when computer academies and English academies were overflowing on the streets, the 'TOEIC class' for high school graduates from high school actually opened by a large corporation, and the actual wastewater leak incident at different times. The story of <Samjin Group English TOEIC Class> started in Sanya. 'Samjin Electronics', where the main characters have been working as low-level employees without promotion for 8 years, under the banner of 'capability-oriented', offers a promising TOEIC class for high school graduates with a hopeful promise that 'if you pass 600 TOEIC points, you can become a substitute'. open a course And, coincidentally, this course provides a network of solidarity in which these high school graduates fight to uncover the allegations of company cover-up after Ja-yeong witnesses a wastewater leak. Although it is not a film that reproduces the true story in its own words, it is based on a true story, and the heaviness and wretchedness associated with the subject matter of whistleblowing are nowhere to be found. Like the lines in the play, they are 'tiny, tiny', small and small beings, their fights are pleasant and cheerful from start to finish. follow the journey of The work ability is superior to that of a college graduate, but the reality is that you can only do auxiliary work, but without them, the company does not work. makes you see This is the reason why <Samjin Group English TOEIC Class> is considered as support and encouragement for all of us who live while fighting our share of the battle that we have to face as long as we do 'work' wherever we live and what we do. Director Lee Jong-pil accepted the proposal of the producer who said that 'The Story of High School Students Fighting' was the plan's intention, and they do not appear in the show of great man of course and are not given sufficient compensation and attention, but they are silently doing their job. This is because we thought that high school graduates could be our subjects in general. In <Samjin Group English TOEIC Class>, where there are tears and laughter, but no wretchedness or self-pity, the girls send out to the audience a bright, cheerful, cheerful, and stylish 'applause to the last one' that everyone can relate to. .

Go Ah-seong, Esom, Park Hye-soo! A dream team of young actors!
8th year, complete the pleasant friendship, solidarity and growth of the veteran employees!

Go Ah-seong, Esom, Park Hye-soo. From height to appearance, taste, and personality. Everything is different. The only thing they have in common is that, with their irreplaceable presence, personality, and acting skills, they are actors in the flow that should be considered when discussing the future of Korean cinema. In the drama, the three friends, who were in their 8th year of joining the company, also wondered how they would become friends, from styles to concerns. Following Ah-sung Go and Esom, their synergy, completed by the casting of Hye-soo Park, is a pleasant ensemble that supports each other's individuality. And the sense of pride in the growth achieved through this process creates a consensus. In addition, although it is a record of a time spent 25 years ago, the personality of the actor and the charm of the character are unified, and it throws an appealing message and fun to today's audience, who is also anxious about the reality because of the uncertain future. In some ways, Go Ah-seong, who plays Ja-yeong, who may seem the most ordinary of the three, always chooses a role in which the character's thoughts match the actors' thoughts, whatever the role. It showed 'courage' to keep it right. It also shows realistically that it is not a single outstanding individual that protects the world, but the solidarity of ordinary people who support common sense so that it does not collapse. With her strong looks, fashionable style, and confidence that she doesn't seem to care about other people's eyes, Esom, who is a girl crush herself, naturally digested the role of Yuna, who awakens the coolness of reality with her twists and turns, which she sees from a different point of view. The human figure that comes out when Yuna, who looked gorgeous and strong, sheds tears after being hurt by harsh words, comes to the hearts of the audience through Esom's three-dimensional charm. Park Hye-soo, who became a vertex of the triangle of the three actors, with a mushroom head that emphasizes her youthful appearance and round glasses reminiscent of a smart smurf. Friends are good, but in everyday life, where you have to do things you don't want to do, you don't have much fun. After the wastewater incident, you dig it up with your friends and realize what you want. Their performance, which led to a real friendship to the extent that the three actors stayed together at the dorm, was the first time the three actresses of the same age met a movie that they lead together, and it is a work that shines light on each other separately and together, an unforgettable memory for all three actors. it became Also, through this, it conveys the warm sound of 'a world worthy of a year in which there are friends you can go out with' to the audience.

From the president to executives, executives, and employees! Fully filled with acting skills and charm!
David McGinnis, Kim Won-hae, Jo Hyeon-cheol, Bae Hae-seon, Kim Jong-su, Baek Hyeon-jin, Park Geun-hyeong, Lee Seong-wook, Lee Bong-ryun, Tyler Rash!

<Samjin Group English TOEIC Class> is set in 'Samjin Electronics', a conglomerate that anyone wanted to go to at the time. From the chairman who filled the organism of the company to the last employee, the film was completed with actors with impeccable personalities and acting skills. Park Geun-hyung, who is commonly referred to as 'Yeonhui-dong' in the play, is Park Geun-hyung, and his son and president Baek Hyun-jin, who is known for his son, Sang-mu, who is the incarnation of jealousy who thinks that the position of president is to be eliminated, is known for his 'fisherman's band' and his tone of smoke that exudes an unusual bloody tone. , David McGinnis as the new president who is from an MBA from the United States and reminiscent of Bill Gates, Kim Won-hae as the head of the production management 3 department, who is busy standing in the advantageous line in the organization, between the kkondae and the competent that can be found in any company, seems to be acting Jo Hyeon-cheol, who plays Dong-soo, an advisor who melts naturally, and Lee Seong-wook, who is a reliable manager who actually oversees the actual work under the manager, are real production management3 We have completed a solid lineup of wealth. To Boram, a math genius who completes receipts at the speed of light in the far corner of the office, the accounting department in charge of managing and manages the organization's funds, and plays Tetris in the remaining time, 'The world is this much, don't be bound by the limits you set. Do what you want to do and live,' and Kim Jong-soo played the role of mentor Bong, who throws meaningful words to the current young audience, exuding the broad arms of his seniors and the wisdom of those who have lived the world first. In the marketing department, where creativity and freedom are the key, Bae Hae-seon was cast as a cool marketing manager who accepts the ideas of Yuna, a senior high school graduate, without prejudice, portraying the features of a seasoned career woman and an open boss. Choi Soo-im, who plays Cho Min-jeong, a college graduate assistant who steals ideas while constantly conscious of Yuna, realistically shows the corporate culture of interest and control. In addition to this, Lee Bong-ryun, who is recommended to resign due to pregnancy, Lee Bong-ryun, who is recommended to resign due to pregnancy, Lee Joo-yeong, who plays the role of Song So-ra, in the Strategic Planning Office, who decisively helps the three friends in the investigation with the leisure and cynicalness of a single smoked cigarette on the roof. <Samjin Group English TOEIC Class> is an impressive ensemble that showed brilliant performances in every scene of the running time, including Tyler Lasch, who performed unbelievably natural for the first time, and Bang Jun-seok and Shim Dal-gi, who play the role of a woman who suffers from a wastewater spill. It promises to be fun to search.

Euljiro in 1995! A romantic era when individuality, style, and individualism bloomed
From art to clothes to makeup! Those days when we meet in 2020

The 1990s, just before the cold wave of the IMF bailout, was an era when individuality and individualism had just blossomed, and young people with a lifestyle different from that of the older generation, who were seeking fashion and freedom, were called by the nickname Generation X. It is also a very difficult time in film art because there is a problem that even a little bit of detail can change from that time in someone's memory. The art team, costume team, and makeup team of <Samjin Group's English TOEIC Class> broke through the difficulties by thoroughly researching materials, 'football', and giving a unique 'style' that does not feel foreign even to young audiences who do not know that time. The first key is the scenery of Samjin Electronics' office, the main stage. High school graduate job assistants were placed in the corners of every team, and the 386 computer, which was popular at the time, was not placed on the assistants' desks, depending on the department. A poster was displayed in the marketing department to match the characteristics of the job, and a fat monitor and an abacus coexisted on the desk of an accountant who handles money. In order to realize the details that are different from these days, even a leaflet hanging from the back of a person walking, the art and props team newly dress-up all the eye-catching elements at all location locations, from the Samjin Group CI (corporate logo) design to the announcement , TOEIC textbooks, paper cups, and even wrapping paper for cup noodles. Actors also searched their mother's albums, watched YouTube about fashion at the time, and visited Dongmyo Market with their costume team to express the youth of their aunt's generation, where antiques and second-hand goods are pouring out. They each got their own style. Like Doremi in the score, the three friends of different heights emphasized their innate conditions according to the atmosphere at the time when individuality was important, and Yuna, the tallest, wore heels and Boram wore flat shoes. . In addition, along with the lip liner, the 'Mink Brown' lipstick color, which was popular at the time in cosmetic advertisements featuring a career woman as the main character, was applied with the lip liner. In the case of costumes, the main focus was to find a fit that did not go against the fashion at the time, but not outdated even by today's standards, and a fashion that suited each actor and was convincing. Among the three friends, Ja-young, who is the most standard (?), wore a semi-suit that reflected both comfort and style, and Yuna, who was confident in her assertiveness, mainly wore gold accessories, long boots, miniskirt and power shoulder suits that were fashionable in the 90s. On the other hand, the mathematical genius Boram took the style with a long dress and a long coat that covered it, reflecting the personality that seemed to be certain of his world without much interest in fashion or appearance. In the case of the uniform, it was made with a bright purple rather than navy blue, a U-shaped neckline instead of the usual V-neck, and a white shirt to match the tone of a pleasant and light movie. A memory trip for some, a sight to see for young people in 2020 who do not know that time. <Samjin Group English TOEIC Class> shows a new 'cool' and 'atmosphere' in the retro craze that has recently resumed, such as disco music, as well as fun to browse.

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