(Korean Movies) Romance Of Their Own, 2004

Romance Of Their Own, 2004

Romance Of Their Own, 2004
Audience over 12 years old
running time
113 minutes
cumulative audience
1297296 people
42nd Daejong Film Festival 2005


The true romance of those guys that even adults cry, <Temptation of Wolves>

Jeonggyeong, go to Tokyo

Hankyung, who exudes a 'fresh Tokyo' feeling in both her personality and appearance, moves to Kang Shin-go, literally 'going to Tokyo' to live with her mother in Seoul…

The original king car, Ban Hae-won, is obsessed with Jeong Han-kyung.

However, her Seoul life is a series of psychological and physical shocks. I'm on the bus, and a slipper thrown by a guy flies over my head. But the problem doesn't end there. The guy named Ban Hae-won who threw the slippers wasn't a typical guy. Ban Hae-won, the original king car who drives girls from a nearby school like a cloud, falls in love with Han-kyung's pitiful and cute appearance. And he acts recklessly according to his personality.

Ban Hae-won touches Jung Tae-seong's character.

The problem is that Jeong Tae-seong, who is also a member of the school's Seonggwon High School, also filmed this Jeong Jeong-gyeong. Taeseong is united with strong fists and stubbornness hiding behind his shy face. The confrontation between the two, betting on both pride and love, escalates into a fight without a single concession.

Their true romance

However, Tae-seong has a fateful secret that he cannot fall in love with, and Han-kyung, who does not know this, struggles to find a way to not hurt both of them. Tae-seong leaves Han-kyung in the end, and Han-kyung and Hae-won find out about Tae-seong's secret. Their heartbreaking but bright appearance makes even adults cry.

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