(Korean Movies) Righteous Ties, 2006

Righteous Ties, 2006

Righteous Ties, 2006
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126 minutes
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1433696 people
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#1 Reunion of Tears

“You bastard, you… Ugh… Aren't you dead or alive?"
People call me, Dongchiseong, a swordsman faster than a gun and sharper than a gun.
Not long ago, I was sentenced to 7 years in prison while doing what my older brother ordered me to do. But no, what is this? My friend, Suntan, who I thought was dead, met this sibling here. I'm sure I'll meet this guy in my lifetime… Hot tears flowed from my chest. Joojoong and Suntan felt like they went back to their childhood days when the three of us played, so I was happy as if I had conquered the whole world. Anyway, as my brother said, I don't have to worry about anything, and I'm thinking of quietly cultivating here with my cellmates. By my eldest brother, there must be a friend, Joo Joong-i, who is irreplaceable on my behalf… I too have to spend time to recharge here.

#2 Sorry Friendship

“I’m sorry. I'm a female employee… ”
Others point out that I am a thug, but no matter what anyone says, I, Kim Joo-joong, are a well-to-do office worker. I have not forgotten life insurance to plan for the future, but I have a problem these days. My best friend, Chi-Sung, is going to jail with all the responsibilities of the company. Oh, I'm not comfortable with sending him to prison alone and staying with the organization. At times like this, Chisung decided to pay more attention to his parents.
Chi-seong, a nyangban who was like a veteran of the Vietnam War who came to the office a while ago, threatened to come to visit his parents' house. That rotten guy, the montage was somehow unusual, but it turned out to be Seong Bong-sik, the boss of the company over there, who lost one leg to Chi-sung a few years ago. The older brother doesn't seem to care about Chisung anymore. When I think of Chi-Sung, who is alone in prison without knowing anything, my heart aches, but I can’t turn my back on the company for the sake of my friend, and I just feel really frustrated.

#3 Organizational Betrayal

“I think the Holy Spirit has forgotten me… You have to go out and ask.”
It can't be like this. this is not You can't turn your back on me like this, who's done everything my brother asked me to do for 10 years. I guess I'll have to go out and ask myself.
In the field of jailbreak research, the jailbreaking genealogy was organized around the prison mate Jang Nak-young, who was said to have succeeded. But Jang Nak-young is this guy, isn't he a complete pseudonym? If you believe in this friend, you probably won't be able to go out even after completing 7 years. Only my shoulder, which had only hit the wall for several days to death, was hurting and dying. I hit the tool with the sea sand on that wretched wall… If it's intelligent, Gamcheon doesn't even care about the sky.

#4 Crossed Destiny

“Isn’t it just okay? me… My heart is sore… ”
It is said that Chisung came out. The appearance of the guy who is about to come to an end with the older brother is as obvious as seeing a fire. As a person who doesn't care about fire by nature, it's painful for me to have to face Chisung as an office worker. What will be the end of our inevitable confrontation?


The rain said to the wind.
“You push. I will pour… ”

– From Robert Frost's Fallen-

[The formation history of genealogy 1_ contents are as follows]

Live by loyalty and risk your life for friendship…
Friendship of men, complete the 'holy genealogy'!

This is the kind of 'friendship' that director Jang Jin creates!
Director Jang Jin, who has shown his own unique style through films such as Amazing Men (1998), Chatter of Killers (2001), Knowing Women (2004), and Leave When Claps (2005). This time, I chose men's 'friendship'. <Beat>(1997), <Friend>(2000), <Joint Security Area JSA>(2000), <Silmido>(2003), <Welcome to Dongmakgol>(2005), etc. Following in the footsteps, through the various genealogies organized in the film, he talks about friendship with director Jang Jin's unique way of speaking. <The Holy Genealogy>, a movie that makes you think about the true value of 'friendship' by showing the crossed fates of friends who have been together since childhood and how they try to protect their friendship. Jangjin's new male genealogy will captivate the audience this fall with an emotion that goes beyond holiness.

If you know their genealogy, you can see the movie!
The friendship story of men, which director Jang Jin wants to portray in <The Holy Genealogy>, unfolds around the 'lineage of friendship' that follows Dong Chi-seong, Kim Joo-joong, and Jeong Soon-tan. 'The Genealogy of Friendship' shows the process in which friends who have been with each other since they were innocent children become involved in the organized world and walk cross paths due to external betrayal and conspiracy. Director Jang Jin will show the true face of friendship that anyone can relate to through the heartwarming story of 'The Genealogy of Friendship'.
'The Genealogy of Loyalty' is a genealogy formed to escape from the prison where Chi-sung was imprisoned, with unique characters such as Chairman Jang Nak-young, Ji Moon-sik, and Myung-shik Ji. 'The Genealogy of Loyalty', which acts as a facilitator of 'The Genealogy of Friendship', is expected to bring a special laugh to the audience through various episodes in which director Jang Jin's unique imagination and wit shine.
The 'lineage of revenge', which led the 'lineage of friendship' to a mixed fate, is the 'axis of evil' that leads to Kim Young-hee, Han Wook, Dr. Choi, and Seong Bong-sik. As a trouble maker that constantly invites intrigue, betrayal, conflict and revenge in the movie, this 'genealogy of revenge' with a charm that can never be hated will show fresh characters that cannot be found in the villains shown in other movies. .

[The formation history of genealogy 2_ Positioning is like this]

A heartwarming welcome-made movie that follows <Welcome to Dongmakgol>!
The best box office maker, Jang Jin, is different if he makes it!

The essence of the Jangjin scenario that has been honed for over three years,
<Welcome to Dongmakgol> The best video created by the visual dream team!

<The Holy Genealogy>, in which director Jang Jin completed an item he had been planning for more than three years as a screenplay, is a masterpiece that can be called the best scenario of 2006. The scenario of <The Holy Genealogy>, which starts from a simple storyline in which a man betrayed by the organization escapes from prison for revenge, focuses more on the heartwarming friendship of two friends who died through the prison walls rather than the process of revenge itself. placed In addition, the appearance of sub-characters with outstanding individuality in the scene makes the episode richer, completing a scenario with deep emotion and fun.
In addition, the strongest visual team, who created the myth of 8 million viewers in <Welcome to Dongmakgol> with director Jang Jin in 2005, joined together to capture the emotions of the scenario that unfolds from pleasant laughter to deep emotion in a dynamic video. <The Holy Genealogy>, where a solid story and lively visuals meet, will be the best 'well-made entertainment' this fall.

【The history of genealogy 3_ Learn like this】

Two men who will bring laughter and laughter!
In 2006, Jung Jae-young & Jung Jun-ho's two-top powerhouse rises!

The best dream project of 2006! This fall, the world of these men is coming!
Jung Jae-young, who has established himself as a representative actor in Chungmuro, and Jung Jun-ho, a box-office actor with popular suction, have teamed up. The fresh combination of these two with completely different personalities is director Jang Jin's ambitious choice for <The Holy Genealogy>! Through the emotions and laughter shown in <The Holy Genealogy> this fall, Jaeyoung Jung and Junho Jung will be reborn as a new box office duo in the Korean film industry.
The character Dong Chi-seong, played by Jung Jae-young in <The Holy Genealogy>, is a character full of charisma and rough enough to fit director Jang Jin's assessment that "the best actor in Korea when it comes to macho acting is by far the best actor in Korea." The original charm of 'Jung Jae-young' is best revealed, and the depth of acting that only 'Jung Jae-young' can best digest will elevate the film's perfection.
In the role of Kim Joo-joong, who is full of humanity, he worked with Jung Jun-ho, a box-office actor who has been loved by the public for his comical acting. Jung Jun-ho said that he chose the film because of the strong trust he had in Jang Jin. Through the role of Joo-joong Kim in <The Holy Genealogy>, he will show a new side of actor 'Jung Jun-ho' by performing various performances, from serious inner acting that will touch the hearts of the audience, to cute aspects that melted director Jang Jin's unique wit.
The two actors, who met with the titles of 'Acting Master' and 'Songwriter', seem to be different from each other in <The Holy Genealogy>, but like the inseparable relationship between 'chiseong' and 'weekday', they create a powerful synergy with their different strengths. It will give the movie a lot of fun and emotion.

[ member of the genealogy _ character ]

The genealogy of friendship – childhood best friends facing mixed fates

“Go tell me… You know my name and you've called my name
I'm going to meet all the bastards who remember that name!!"

___ A man betrayed by the left-handed organization of a left-handed boss. – Jung.Jae.Young.
A legendary swordsman who is trusted as the right arm of the organization for his innate talent and honest personality.
He goes to prison with a sword for the well-being and development of the organization, but after experiencing bitter betrayal from the organization he trusted, he crosses the prison fence to get revenge.

“You won. I won… let's stop I'm sorry. I'm a female employee… ”

___ A man who guards the right arm of a left-handed boss, Kim.Joo.Jung. – Jung. Jun. Ho.
A rational action leader who has been standing shoulder to shoulder in the same organization as Chiseong.
He and Chisung have been fighting together since childhood, and he feels a sense of competition with Chisung to some extent. A character who faces a conflict between his duty as a member of the organization and loyalty as a friend, looking at Chi-seong who was betrayed by the organization.

“I am Jung Sun-tan!!! I’m Jeong Sun-tan, waiting for the death penalty and waiting for the death penalty!!!”

The support of both arms of the friendship genealogy, Jeong, Soon, Tan. – Ryu. Seung. Ryong.
Chisung and Jujoong, who have been together since childhood.
He was sentenced to death for being caught up in a murder case that threatened the organization, but as he reunited with Chi-sung in prison, he plans to escape together. He helps Chi-seong both inside and outside the prison.

Genealogy of Loyalty – Helpers of jailbreak who are quirky and even cute

“Engrave the nicest and most beautiful picture on my body. I want to be reborn.”

___ A human death row prisoner. – E.M.S.S.
He is the eldest in the cell where Chi-sung is staying, and is serving a sentence of death.
After resolutely holding the ceremony of counting the tattoo of the magic princess tax collector on his back, he escapes from prison with Chi Seong-mori and heads to a special place to meet his wife.

“The genealogy was created. We… this is how we create a new organization.”

___The timid jailbreak researcher Jang.Nak.Young. – Joo.Jin.Mo
Chi-sung's cell motive, who digs the floor of the cell whenever he has free time, dreaming of the day he escapes the prison as cool as Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption.
He is a self-proclaimed jailbreak expert who has been researching all kinds of jailbreaking methods without any proper attempts for 5 years. Contrary to the effort they put in, they show absurd results every time, attracting ridicule from those around them.

“…don’t you look like Captain Chuck Bomun?”

___G.Moon.Sik&Yu.Myung.Sik, a thief who came to the cell with a friend. – Park.Jung.Ki & Lee.Sang.Hoon
A combination of sucker thieves who steal with friends and enter prison with friends.
They are former car robbers who can't dry even the hostage's wrists with ribbons.
Famous for her delicate appearance that fits perfectly with women's clothes, Jang Nak-young's words make it a point to be named as the leader of the so-called 'love and friendship group'.

The lineage of revenge- 'axis of evil' that can never be hated

“I saw your face, it’s easy on your stomach. They know that it's saying goodbye… .”

___The Hand of Power, Kim.Young.Hee. – Min.G.Hwan
A disloyal boss of the organization Chi-sung and his friends have been working for for 10 years.
He is a mean person who uses the sacrifices of his subordinates for his own safety and success.

“Every scar has a horse, a history… . It has a story.”

___The Dark Shadow of Vengeance, St. Bong. Sik. – E. Han. Wei.
The boss of a rival organization who was once hit by a sword by Dong Chi-seong and had one leg disabled. In order to repay the disgrace he had tasted, he does not hesitate to do all kinds of swearing and cowardice.

"The guy who stabbed me, I'll live longer than that guy… .”

___Choi Park, a drug maker who haggles for the life of Chi-Sung. – Jung. Gyu. Su.
A drug maker who has developed a new product, an organization with a strong sense of humor is targeting his new technology.
In order to avenge Dongchiseong who stabbed him with a sword, Kim Younghee demands his life as a condition of a new technology deal.

“It’s all what the Holy Spirit wants…”

___ An ambitious mid-boss who is good at scheming, Han. Wook. – Kim. Kyu. Cheol.
An ambitious person who mobilizes alienation and various conspiracy tactics to protect his position within the organization.
He plays the role of a loyal servant of Kim Young-hee, the disrespectful boss.

[The history of genealogy 1_ actors, behind-the-scenes story]

I've been waiting for this Jung Jae-young!

Reborn as a man who radiates wild charm!
From ankle injury to shaving… Jung Jae-young's fighting spirit who does not spare himself!

Often, the expression 'fish in water' is used. Such is the case with Jaeyoung Jung in <The Holy Genealogy>. As director Jang Jin praised, “an actor who digests my work better than the screenplay”, it is impossible to imagine Dongchiseong without him. In order to properly digest the role of Dong Chi-seong, who is a legend in the organized world, he devised a gesture unique to a gangster that gently sweeps his head, and he tried various image transformations, from weight loss to tan skin with tanning. On the other hand, while focusing on action practice during filming, he even suffered an ankle injury, but nevertheless, he did all the action scenes by himself without a stand-up. At the time of filming a flashback scene in the past, he was able to confirm once again that he was a true professional through his passion for acting, such as voluntarily shaved himself to give a difference from the current image in the play.

This is the first time for Jung Jun-ho!

Perfect transformation into a Jeolla-do man full of humanity!
Jung Jun-ho, who took off his urban image and became a native of Jeollanam-do!

Jung Jun-ho, who has been loved by a wide audience, presents a new side through <The Holy Genealogy>. He takes on the role of 'Kim Joo-joong', the left arm of an organization that calls himself an office worker and lives to protect what he has to protect.
Jung Jun-ho tried to transform his image for the character of 'Kim Joo-jung', full of the simple emotions and humanity of a Jeolla-do native. I set up a hairstyle that maximized the feel of a local gangster, and I worked hard to learn the dialect for two months to perfectly bring out the dialect of the native Jeolla-do. To get used to the taste of Jeolla-do, I used the dialect even when I was not filming. Jung Jun-ho's affection for <The Holy Genealogy> was that special. This fall, you can expect a different side of Jung Jun-ho, which has never been seen before in <The Holy Genealogy>.

[The history of genealogy 2_Director, behind-the-scenes story]

If it's directing, it's directing, if it's acting, it's acting!
Versatile director Jang Jin, cast as 'Assassin'!

An all-round entertainer who crosses over from screenplay, directing, production to acting
Director Jang Jin, who gave a different kind of pleasure to the audience by making a surprise appearance every time he made a surprise appearance in each of his films, from the murder client in <Killers Chatting>, the interrogation detective in <Knowing Women> to the voice of the investigator in <Leave the Applause>, In "Holy Genealogy", he appeared as an assassin targeting Kim Joo-joong (Jung Jun-ho) in the play and had a short but bold acting battle with Jung Jun-ho.
The filming of the day, which was consistently conducted in a serious atmosphere, was carried out without a single NG, and director Jang Jin made himself nervous by even acting a stunt action that could be dangerous when he collided with Jung Jun-ho's car. With this filming, director Jang Jin himself has joined the feast of the colorful characters of <The Holy Genealogy>.

【The genealogy history 3_set, behind-the-scenes story】

A mega project worth 500 million won!
Jeollabuk-do Iksan Prison Set Production Struggle!

A major transformation of the prison set through large-scale remodeling work
Artistic director Kim Hyo-shin, who has worked with director Jang Jin for three consecutive films following <A Woman Who Knows> and <Leave When You Clap>, dramatically reveals the psychological change of Dong Chi-seong, the protagonist, and is artistically oriented to the prison where the escape episode of 'The Holy Genealogy' will unfold dramatically. with the greatest devotion to In order to best bring out the sense of space in the prison that leads the overall story of the film, the <Holy Genealogy> art team carried out a large-scale remodeling of the existing prison set in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, at a total cost of 500 million won.
The first impression of the prison set that Director Jang Jin wanted was 'a dry and drowsy space'. To express this, the art team raised the prison building to the third floor and expressed the dryness of the building with the combination of a square concrete box that excludes decorative feelings as much as possible and steel extending in a straight line. In addition, after expanding the playground, removing the flowerbeds and surrounding landscaping, the red ocher soil was replaced with sand to give a drowsy feeling of desert energy. In addition, by special order from director Jang Jin, he airlifted up to three symbolic trees from one side of the playground, transforming it into a prison with a fantasy feel, like an oasis in the middle of a desolate desert.

“Strike and knock down”, the age of suffering in the prison walls
In early June, the prison walls of the set of <The Holy Genealogy> suffered intensive suffering. It is because of the filming of the jailbreak sequence of the lineage people, the scene where director Jang Jin's cartoonish imagination and wit shine the most in the movie award.
Four cameras, including the main camera, were mobilized to film the scene where the wall collapsed, and the special effects team tried the 'natural collapse' method using electro-hydraulic to create a natural collapse effect. It was a tense situation in which the test shooting soon led to a shot. The original plan was to use electro-hydraulic to break down the pieces of the fence from the bottom of the wall so that the pieces above would also collapse naturally, but it was not as easy as I thought because the mouths of the pieces fit too perfectly. The first failure, as only the outer surface of the wall fell like 'Nugabar'. In the second filming attempted a few days later, I tried to push the wall using a fork crane, pull wires to pieces, and mobilize all imaginable methods, but failed again with only one hole drilled. At the end of the third attempt, the film was successfully filmed, and this scene is finally CG on top and will be presented to the audience as the most versatile and scaled scene in the movie <The Holy Genealogy>.

[The history of genealogy 4_shooting, behind-the-scenes story]

"You push, I'll pour!"
Taking risks in a typhoon and pushing the ending climax filming!

Typhoon 'Ewinia' heading north, shooting in Gunsan in the rain and wind
In Gunsan, where the filming schedule for the end of July was scheduled, a heavy rain advisory was issued due to typhoon 'Ewinia' heading north. In a normal setting, the shooting would have been withdrawn, but in <The Holy Genealogy>, the shooting was forced to make the rainy setting more realistic. Three cameras were mobilized to capture the climax of the film, which shows the desperate friendship between the two main characters in the heavy rain that day. And by mobilizing the actual heavy rains and strong winds, even the rains, a pincer attack of rain and wind commensurate with “You will push, I will pour” was achieved. The difficult filming continued amid the risk of accidents such as filming and lighting equipment, but all the staff showed a high level of concentration and were able to finish filming safely in half a day. Thanks to the weather reminiscent of a real situation, the emotional performances of Jung Jae-young and Jung Jun-ho were able to shine even more. With the filming force marching at the risk of the staff, we were able to leave a great movie scene that could not be reproduced using any special effects.

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