(Korean Movie) REMEMBER, 2020


Ages 15+
running time
128 minutes
cumulative audience
412836 people


“Broken car… Blood on your hands… A pistol… Why am I here?”

Han Pil-joo, an Alzheimer's patient in his 80s, terminally ill with a brain tumor. During the Japanese colonial period, he lost all of his family to pro-Japanese groups.
When his wife passes away, Pil-joo plans to take revenge, which he has been planning for 60 years.
He meets In-gyu, a part-time job worker in his 20s who became best friends at a family restaurant where he works part-time.
I ask you to help me drive for a week.

“Were you originally like this? What the hell is it?! Is that the person you used to wash the dishes with?”

In-gyu, who follows Pil-joo without knowing why, is exposed on the CCTV of the first revenge scene and is pointed out as a prime suspect.
The police narrows down the investigation, fights with fading memories, and Pil-joo continues his revenge…

A 60-year plan, a dangerous journey for revenge begins!


Revenge planned for 60 years must be finished before the memory fades!
A week that might be the last, a lifelong revenge drama <Remember>

The main character of the movie <Remember> is different from the main characters that are commonly seen in previous Korean movie revenge dramas. “My name is Pilju Han. I am a brain tumor terminal Alzheimer's patient. This has been planned for a very long time.” These are the first words of the video recorded by Han Pil-joo before starting his revenge. His voice calmly explaining why he is seeking revenge announces the beginning of the revenge he has been waiting for for over 60 years. He is losing his memory as an Alzheimer's patient at the end of a brain tumor, seeking revenge that has been delayed for more than 60 years. In a week that may be the last of his life, he sets out to take revenge against his enemies during the Japanese colonial era who killed his entire family, including his parents, older brother and sister, whom he has remembered for the rest of his life. It was revenge that had been repeated in my head for the rest of my life, but as the memories disappear more often, Pil-joo's promise, "My last memory must be revenge," instills tension in <Remember>'s basic framework of revenge for an old man over the age of 80. . In order to prevent forgetting where he was going and what he was trying to do in the process of revenge, the names of the enemies engraved on his fingers in black ink directly show that <Remember> is heading a different path from other revenge plays.
The strong determination that can be seen when bringing out a pistol that was buried in the ground 60 years ago, the meticulousness of monitoring the targets to be revenged through hiding and tailing and figuring out in advance when and where they will be most vulnerable, Pil-joo's boldness when pulling the trigger and his willingness to fight draws the audience into the desperate and empathic feeling of a lifelong revenge play in which a person who is about to die risks everything as the last task of his life.

Best friends in their 80s and 20s, chemistry that transcends age, conventional wisdom, and all differences
Lee Sung-min and Nam Joo-hyuk bring empathy and fun to the revenge play!

South Korea's leading actors Lee Sung-min and Nam Joo-hyuk start a dangerous journey to complete their revenge in <Remember>. Director Lee Il-hyung, who had brought out the best buddy chemistry between Hwang Jeong-min and Kang Dong-won, who had conflicting images of a prosecutor and a con artist in his previous film <The Prosecutor's Abnormality>, set Pil-joo in his 80s and In-gyu in his 20s as best friends in <Remember>, transcending generations. The chemistry was completed.
Pil-joo, who has been working part-time at a family restaurant for ten years after retirement, communicates with young people in their 20s and is called a 'nuclear sign'. Pil-joo and In-gyu are 'Freddy' and 'Jason' from <Freddy VS Jason>, the main characters of horror movie villains. . As seen in the relationship between the two, Pil-joo's character is not authoritative, but rather broadly tolerant, and it is revealed in a witty way, highlighting that he is the owner of a sense and wit comparable to that of a young person. In addition, through this relationship, it was possible to add persuasion to Pilju's quick wit and quick judgment revealed in the revenge process.
Regarding the collaboration between Pil-joo and In-gyu, director Lee Il-hyeong said, “If <Abduction of Prosecutor> brought fun with the difference between being a prosecutor and a con artist, <Remember> is a case of revenge, and while Pil-joo and In-gyu are connected, the generation gap between the two people and It was directed from the point of view of a buddy movie that goes beyond that.” In particular, he said about the reasons for casting the two actors, “Acting ability was the most important for the role of Pil-joo. I thought Lee Sung-min was the right role for me because I had to portray two dramatic sides, such as a friendly grandfather and a cold-hearted side who had to take revenge for killing people. In-gyu is a typical young man in his 20s who works hard at part-time jobs and has some difficulties in life, but is bright. I found In-gyu, who matches well with Lee Seong-min's realistic appearance, after seeing actor Nam Joo-hyuk's acting that was real and not fake no matter what role he played." And Lee Seong-min and Nam Joo-hyuk, who became best friends in real life from the reading before filming to the present, complete the transgenerational buddy in the movie with a sense of realism without any sense of incongruity, adding empathy and fun to the revenge play.

60 years ago during the Japanese colonial period, the death of a family member
Remember the names of your enemies engraved on your fingers today and condemn them!
Jung Man-sik & Park Geun-hyung, Song Young-chang, Moon Chang-gil, Park Byung-ho
Actors who show off their acting skills, complete a perfect ensemble!

Pilju's parents, older brother, and sister were all killed by those who collaborated with the Japanese and pro-Japanese people. And Pil-joo, who was a boy at the time, had to watch the death helplessly. For 60 years, which is equivalent to a lifetime for a human being, Korean society and pro-Japanese parties have left behind the forgotten evil deeds, and the pro-Japanese people at that time are living with the honor and wealth of the social leaders. Pil-joo carefully observes their actions for over 60 years and waits for the day when his revenge will not harm his wife and children. With all the children and his wife passing away, Pil-joo finally picks up the gun for revenge. In order not to lose his memory until he completes the revenge he has been preparing and simulating all his life, he engraves the names of 'them' to be punished on his fingers.
The biggest difference between <Remember> and other works based on the Japanese colonial period is that this story deals with Pilju's personal revenge against those who killed his family. <Remember> is not a story of the past stuffed in history books, but conveys in a dynamic story that it affects the present individual living in the 21st century. Pil-joo's exhilarating condemnation of past sins that no one asked about and those for whom our society has secretly granted indulgences adds resonance and empathy with the catharsis unique to revenge plays.
The faces of those who are subject to revenge are also drawn intensely and three-dimensionally with an ensemble of acting actors. Park Geun-hyeong as General Kimchi-deok, who served as Army Chief of Staff, Song Young-chang as Jeong Baek-jin, the chairman of a large company, Moon Chang-gil as Yang Sung-ik, a university professor, and Park Byeong-ho as Tojo Hisashi, a retired general of the Self-Defense Forces ' raises the tension. In addition, Jung Man-sik, who plays Detective Kang of Gwangsu University, realizes that Pil-joo's act of revenge is not an ordinary murder case and jumps into a 'revenge play' with the audience of <Remember> as an observer and a pursuer to the end.

<War on Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys> <Kundo: Age of Rebellion>
Planned by director Yoon Jong-bin of <Duke> and <Suriname>,
<Abduction of Prosecutor> <The Sheriff> <Money> Moonlight Production, etc.
Believe and watch the production team, which directly connects new attempts to fun, adds trust

There is a welcome name in the planning of <Remember>. Since <War on Crime: The Heyday of Bad Guys>, which marked a milestone in the history of characters in Korean film history with numerous buzzwords represented by “I’m alive,” <Kundo: Age of Civil War> and <Duke>, and the recent Netflix series < Surinam>, directed by Yoon Jong-bin, who presented works with stories that twisted the rules of the genre with exciting settings, dialogues full of words, and satirical realities, directed <Remember>. On top of that, Wolgwang, a film company that has shown works loved by audiences regardless of genre, such as director Yoon Jong-bin's works and <The Prosecutor>, <The Sheriff>, <Money>, and <Closet>, produced <Remember> and believed in the fun of movies. add
In addition, the credits of <Remember> are full of reliable names who participated in memorable works in each field. The filming, which captures the anguish and fierceness of revenge, struggles and speedy car action at the same time, was shot by the cinematographer Yoo Eok of <Master> and <I Can Speak>. The martial arts director who designs this outstanding action and leads the car action such as Porsche's drift is <The Good, The Bad, The Weird>, <New World>, <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, <Train to Busan> and <Criminal City>. Martial arts director Heo Myeong-haeng, who created the martial arts of films such as <Hunt>, where action stood out, took on the role. On the other hand, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the history of special makeup in Korean movies was written with the realistic special makeup that made it impossible to recognize Lee Sung-min on the set. Cell, who worked on <The Wailing>, was in charge and laid the foundation for the realism of <Remember>. The strong names of those who go up to the credits are a reason to believe in <Remember>, which will be created by the talent and passion of those who can be called the best in their respective fields.


Express mission, complete the real feeling!
From special makeup to posture, voice, speed of movement and gait!
Lee Seong-min, a transformation man in his 80s who burns the end of his life with revenge!

For Lee Sung-min, who has always shown a different face on the theater stage, film, and TV media without limiting his role, <Remember> was a new and burdensome challenge. This is because the setting that Pilju, played by Lee Seong-min, is actually an old man in his 80s must be shown naturally so that the message contained in the movie can be felt intact. Director Lee Il-hyung also revealed that the key was "Senior Lee Seong-min, dressed as an old man, should act with actors who are in their 70s and 80s, and be seen on the same screen. Can the audience agree to this?"
Hwang Hyo-gyun, head of Cell's special makeup, conveyed the special challenge of <Remember> by saying, "It was the first time that the main character was dressed as an old man for an entire episode without a flashback scene in which he appeared young." Before the crank-in, I made up for the real feeling by opening the frame of the face several times and going through test work. In addition, by adding silicone, applying wrinkle makeup on top of it, general makeup, and then drawing out age spots and skin details, the makeup that initially took four hours was later compressed into two and a half hours a day. Even so, I always arrived at the scene three hours earlier than other actors, painted my bleached hair white, and put on makeup. In particular, the skin expressed with wrinkles and age spots and the hands of Pilju, which are tattooed with the names of the subjects to be treated, are the parts that I put the most effort into. Also, for a realistic feel when the facial expressions and hands are close-up, the special makeup team made the blood vessels stand out and added wrinkles according to the movement.
Lee Seong-min said, “The most important thing to appear as an old man throughout the running time of the big screen is to make up, and then everything the audience sees and hears, such as attitude and posture, voice and step and speed of gait, must be real, so I had a lot of worries. Usually, when I'm not acting, I get out of my role, but in <Remember>, I went around posing like Pilju in my daily life. I also suffered from a herniated disc in my neck because of my hunched shoulders. When I put on make-up, I was treated very hospitably by the staff at the scene, and I also remember that when I went to a restaurant, citizens mistook me for my grandfather.” The effort of Lee Seong-min and the staff, who portrayed the 80-year-old Pilju through rough breathing, slow gait, and short stride, expressed by a slouched back and shoulders, meets the audience with a reality that goes beyond reality on the screen.

<Remember>'s unique action story!
A slow but powerful blow of punishment! Aim at the enemies who killed your family!
Two friends put their bodies on speedy car action that knows no limits!

As a revenge play, <Remember> features various action scenes such as gun action, naked action, and car action. However, in that both the subject and the target of revenge are elderly people in their 80s, the mission is set at a level different from action in other movies. Director Lee Il-hyeong said, “I don’t think anyone would agree if the action of an elderly person was drawn with the speed of a normal movie. However, there is a characteristic of the action genre, and if directed with too slow breathing, the spectacle and thrill will disappear. The martial arts director and the cinematographer put their heads together to find a solution.” In particular, actor Byeong-ho Park, who plays Hisashi Tojo, is actually in his 80s, and in the case of the action where Pilju and Hisashi Tojo fight, the speed and splendid sum do not stand out, but the appearance of bodies colliding desperately and the relationship between those who want to kill and those who want to live. It was completed with the desperateness of
Also, according to director Lee Il-hyeong, the setting of the Porsche, a red sports car that Pil-joo rides with In-gyu for a week in which Pil-joo takes revenge in the play, “The feeling of revenge is intense and strong, but Pil-joo moves slowly, but the character is in a fast sports car. It appeared in the movie as a device that allows the audience to speedily follow the emotions of revenge while riding. In addition, Porsche, who is “a person at the end of his life and dreams of revenge, but is also a symbol of his remaining romance,” led to the thrill of In-gyu, a 20-year-old driving a dream car for the first time in his life, adding to the charm of the two characters. The combination of elderly Pil-joo, a red sports car, and In-gyu, a young man in his 20s at the wheel, is a car chasing that highlights the strengths of a sports car, such as rapid acceleration and running, including suspense of desperate moments when you have to evade the chase and escape throughout the movie, as well as reverse and drift. Added visual pleasure to the action of >.

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