(Korean Movies) Rampant, 2018

Rampant, 2018

Rampant, 2018
Audience over 15
running time
121 minutes
cumulative audience
1599621 people
24th Chunsa International Film Festival 2019


The swarms have devoured the whole world!

A world where 'Yagwi (夜鬼)', which are active only at night, are not living or dead,
Prince 'Lee Cheong' (Hyun Bin), who has returned to the crisis of Joseon, meets the best military officer 'Park Jong-gwan' (Cho Woo-jin), who fights against the swarms of yak swarms everywhere, and unintentionally joins them as they sweep the swarms.
Meanwhile, the absolute evil 'Ja-Jun Kim' (Jang Dong-Gun), who wants to devour Joseon, carries out the final plan to overthrow the world…

Chosun's Life VS Joseon's Immortal
Those who want to save the world and those who want to destroy it!
Tonight, an unprecedented bloody battle begins!


ghost (夜鬼)

“Things that are neither human nor beast…”
“The eyes change and the fangs grow”
“I can’t stand the sun, so I only move at night”
"It bites human flesh and drinks blood."
“People bitten by demons turn into demons, and those demons bite the living again.”
“A demon is a plague”

"If we don't stop them, swarms of demons will spread all over the world."


Eye grabbing! Action pleasure! The Yagwi (夜鬼) action blockbuster is coming!
A new concept action of an overwhelming scale with a fresh material called 'a ghost that arose in the Joseon Dynasty'!

The evil action blockbuster <Chang>, which announced the simultaneous release in 19 countries on four continents at the end of October, is a world where evil spirits, neither the living nor the dead, have swelled. Hyun Bin) and the absolute evil 'Kim Ja-joon' (Jang Dong-gun) who wants to devour Joseon. Above all, <Changgwol> begins with a bloody battle with a wild demon who rides at night, and presents an intense visual, capturing the attention at once. Director Kim Seong-hoon raises curiosity by saying, "I devised a setting that makes the most of the point where the Joseon Dynasty meets the yagwi with a different and new feeling," about the birth of a fresh material called yagwi (夜鬼) that was prevalent in the Joseon Dynasty. In particular, he revealed that he focused on the character of biting people and sucking blood and the change in appearance of the yagwi (夜鬼) shown in the process of mutation. to expect

On the other hand, director Kim Seong-hoon, who boasts an excellent sense of action in the action genre, has mobilized 7.81 million viewers with his previous work <Cooperation>, showing spectacular shooting and car chasing actions. Based on this potential, <Changgung> foretold the action of the greatest scale of all time, full of splendid and striking feeling. In particular, director Kim Seong-hoon completed various action elements such as naked action, wire action, horseback riding action, and weapon action for each character for a different action, and completed a wealth of sights. Here, one of the things he valued the most was the weapon each of the characters had. Regarding the weapon action that uses various weapons as much as the charms of the characters, he said, “‘Lee Cheong’, who will show strong power in the war against demons, uses a long sword, ‘Park Jong-gwan’ using a sharp Joseon sword, and a spear reminiscent of a monk’s staff. 'Daegil', who is better at long-distance than close combat against demons, uses a bow and uses character-specific settings," further heightening interest in various actions. Martial arts director Kim Tae-gang, who was in charge of the action of <Cooperation> following <Cooperation> with director Kim Seong-Hoon, said, "Maintaining a long breath and using the long and heavy sword of 'Lee Cheong', a powerful action that feels more striking and heavier than the existing swordsmanship action. ,” he added, raising curiosity about the realistic action of <Changgung>, which is different from other action movies.

Showdown of the 2018 century! Hyun Bin VS Jang Dong-gun, the intense clash of the two ★!
Brilliant casting! Jo Woo-jin, Jung Man-sik, Lee Seon-bin, Kim Eui-seong, and Jo Dal-hwan!
The 'Yagwi Busters', who united to eradicate the yagwi, are very active!

The element that makes the movie <Changgung>, which is expected with fresh materials and a new concept action full of a sense of impact, even more exciting is the clash between Hyun Bin and Jang Dong-gun, the top luxury actors in Korea. It is raising the audience's expectations as it is the first encounter between the two actors, who have been loved by the public by crossing the CRT and screen. First, Hyun Bin, an attractive actor who digests various characters in his own color, takes on the role of 'Lee Cheong', a prince who returned to Joseon in crisis in <Chang>, announcing the birth of a new action hero that will hit 2018. He instills tension in the play through a variety of actions ranging from action using a unique long sword to naked action and wire action, providing a spectacular sight that cannot take your eyes off. Hyun Bin raises expectations by delivering extraordinary efforts, saying, “It is different from the previous actions in many parts, and I tried to show realistic actions to survive in extreme situations.” Director Kim Seong-hoon, who worked with Hyun Bin for the second time in <Chang> following <Cooperation>, said, “He is an actor who has proven himself to be able to show excellent action, and his comfortable and natural charm will make the character ‘Lee Cheong’ much more interesting. It will,” he said, revealing his infinite trust in him.

In addition, Jang Dong-gun, who has established himself as a representative actor in Korea by winning five Blue Dragon Film Awards, will make a comeback to the screen as a historical drama through <Chang>, and will present the greatest villain of all time by breaking down into the absolute evil 'Kim Ja-jun' who wants to devour Joseon. In order to show 'Ja-Jun Kim' as a three-dimensional character that breaks away from the superficial and fragmentary villain, he said, "I wanted to make a person who believes in his beliefs without revealing a certain inner heart through facial expressions or acting." The charisma of the wicked is expected. Here, director Kim Seong-hoon said, "I was confident that actor Jang Dong-gun would clearly express the role of an antagonist that goes beyond simple good and evil," raising curiosity about Jang Dong-gun's performance as the absolute evil 'Kim Ja-jun'.

Meanwhile, Jo Woo-jin, Jeong Man-sik, Lee Seon-bin, Kim Eui-seong, and Jo Dal-hwan, who will amplify the colorful charms of <Changguk>, add to expectations by completing a fantastic lineup that can be trusted and seen with just brilliant casting. Jo Woo-jin, who has captivated the public with his familiarity and anti-war action skills, is the best military officer 'Park Jong-gwan', who is trying to save the people from the evil spirits that have spread in the dismantled Jemulpo. In the drama, he will confront 'Ja-Jun Kim' (Dong-Gun Jang) and infuse a sharp tension. In addition, the individualistic actor Jeong Man-sik takes on the role of 'Hak-soo', a loyalist of 'Lee Cheong', adding vitality and humor to the film and foretells an unusual chemistry with Hyun Bin of 'Lee Cheong'. Here, Lee Seon-bin, a rising star who is drawing public attention, takes on the role of 'Deok-hee', a mincho with a bow, and shows off the best bow skills that anyone can match. In addition, Kim Ui-seong, who is loved by the audience for his unique presence, will enhance the immersion of the film through intense acting caught in madness as the mad king 'Lee Jo'. In addition, Jo Dal-hwan, an all-round talent who excels in dramas and movies, disassembles as a monk with a spear 'Daegil' and fights against the savages to save the people, adding to the weight of the play. As such, the movie <Changguk>, which contains the explosive synergy completed by the full-time presence of luxury actors that cannot be seen anywhere else, is expected to fascinate the audience.

Hit the Halloween season around the world!
Simultaneous release in Asia  Europe!
Simultaneous release confirmed in 19 countries on four continents, including Korea, the United States, Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong!
Until October 30th, Global Junket!

<Rampage> was a hot topic in the market at the 71st Cannes International Film Festival, attracting the attention of buyers around the world with just two still images. It is said that buyers showed keen interest in the fact that it was an action blockbuster full of splendor and striking feeling, a fresh encounter between the original creature called a yagwi (夜鬼), which is neither the living nor the dead, active only at night, and the background of the Joseon Dynasty. In addition, the world's attention is focused on the first meeting and intense transformation of Korea's representative luxury actors Hyun Bin and Jang Dong-gun, who are loved at home and abroad.

As proof of the worldwide interest, <Chang> has emerged as the most anticipated film of 2018, as the first Korean film to be released at the same time in Asia and Europe. October 25th, starting with Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Germany, UK, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia on 4 continents, 19 Simultaneous release was confirmed in the country. In addition, when the first poster and trailer for <Rampage> were released, hot reactions to <Rampage> are pouring out on social media not only in Korea but also around the world. To respond to these expectations, the protagonists of <Rampage> will hold a global junket in Singapore on October 30th. Hyun Bin, Jang Dong-gun, and director Kim Seong-hoon will have a special time to meet foreign fans and foreign reporters through the red carpet and special stage greetings.

According to a content panda official in charge of overseas sales of <Rampage>, "It is by no means common for a Korean movie to be released simultaneously in 19 countries on four continents. This is a sales performance comparable to that of <Train to Busan>, and the reaction and atmosphere abroad are very similar to that back then. It is expected to hit theaters all over the world.” As such, the world's interest in <Rampage>, which is about to be released simultaneously in Asia and Europe for the first time in a Korean film, is gathering attention.

The absolute powerhouse of the action genre!
<Cooperation> Director Kim Seong-hoon and Korea's best production team have teamed up!
An entertainment action movie completed by a veteran crew from directing, martial arts, special makeup, CG, and art!

In the movie <Changgwol>, where famous and trusted actors gather and gather attention, the production team boasting the best skills in Korea is also added, attracting attention. First of all, the action blockbuster <Changgwol>, which will be introduced for the first time in Korea, is directed by Kim Seong-hoon, a blue chip director of the action genre. Director Kim Seong-hoon, who gave a sensation of action through the movie <Cooperation>, which captivated 7.81 million viewers in 2017, said, “The whole team did their best to show a cool and speedy scene, and the energy of the actors on the screen is shown as it is. I wanted to give,” he said. Martial arts director Kim Tae-gang, who once worked with director Kim Seong-hoon through <Cooperation>, made this directing even more brilliant. In order to realize powerful action, we focused on the feeling of hitting,” he said, raising expectations.

Another main character of <Changgung>, Yagwi (夜鬼) is a unique creature that is neither the living nor the dead, active only at night. Pi Dae-seong, a special make-up director who has been active in various genres of Korean films such as <Witness>, <Veteran>, and <International Market>, said, “Yagwi is a creature that changes shape over time, so there were many variations. I wanted this change process to look natural and intense, so I expressed each bloodline and artificial skin with different textures.” In addition, CG director Park Eui-dong, who was in charge of visual effects for <I'm going to meet you now>, <Taxi Driver>, and <Cooperation>, appeared in various historical films such as <Namhansanseong>, <The House of Representatives>, and <Detective of Joseon: The Secret of the Helmet Flower>. Art director Chae Kyung-sun, who completed the space, joins the team, raising expectations for a splendid visual with vivid details. Like this, the movie <Chang>, created with the passion of veteran production crews in each field, from directing to martial arts, special makeup, CG, art, etc.


New concept action catharsis!
#4 nights #5 weapons #5 places
A feast of action using the weapon action of 'Yagwi Busters' and various spaces!

Among the various attractive points of <Changgung>, the most striking is the action. <Changgung> puts great effort to complete the action full of the struggles and blows of the characters who fight for survival in the swarm of savages. To capture this point, director Kim Seong-hoon set different weapons for each character to enhance realism, and focused on utilizing the situation and characteristics in a specific space.

Director Kim Seong-hoon, who said, "I want to break away from the technical action I've seen before and do a practical and surviving martial art," built a movement that seemed to be alive and breathing using a variety of weapons that could be the difference between life and death at once. First, 'Lee Cheong' expresses the power of a large and heavy sword through a long sword that is transformed from a thick Eonwoldo, and at the same time emphasizes the sharp lines that it shows while wielding it. The 'Yagwi Busters', who united to eradicate the yagwi, use weapons that express their individuality to enhance the fun of watching. 'Park Jonggwan' uses a sword from the Joseon Dynasty that can express sharpness, 'Deokhee' uses a bow that can be used freely even from a long distance, and 'Daegil' uses a spear transformed from a monk's wand to implement fast and accurate actions. did. In addition to this, the people of Joseon emphasized realistic actions for survival by using axes that are easily available in everyday life. Martial arts director Kim Tae-gang said, “More than anything else, I wanted to bring out the power of heavy action. You will be able to feel the sense of hitting through martial arts using different weapons.”

In addition, <Rampage> captures the struggles of the characters in more depth by utilizing the spatial and temporal characteristics of swarms of yak swarms when the sun goes down. The story of Jemulpo, where 'Lee Cheong' and 'Yagwi Busters' meet for the first time, who first learned of the existence of the ghost, raises the tension by suggesting what will happen in the future. In prison, it captures the urgency of 'Lee Chung' and 'Yagwi Busters', who have to rescue people from the swarms of yagwi in a limited space and escape. At Buyongru, a group of yagwis appeared in the middle of a splendid banquet, and 'Lee Cheong' struggled to save 'Gyeongbin'. drew the In particular, in Injeongjeon, the most important space in the movie, in order to bring the savages to one place, 'Jonggwan Park' beats the drum and endures to the end, and 'Lee Cheong' and 'Ja-Jun Kim' fiercely confront each other, completing a bloody battle. As such, <Rampage> will provide a catharsis and lingering aftertaste of a fresh action through a vicious battle for survival as well as a thrilling feeling of hitting.

Catharsis of fresh material!
A unique creature that can only be seen in <Changgung>!
Hundreds of hours of special makeup, half a year of choreography design, and even detailed CG!

<Changgwol> drew attention by announcing the birth of a unique creature called a yagwi. A new creature that is neither living nor dead, active only at night, the monster bites human flesh, sucks blood, and is sensitive to sound. In addition, it is amplifying the curiosity with the setting that the mutation time varies for each individual depending on the part of the bite. Director Kim Seong-hoon pointed out that the most important part of the movie was the ghost, and he said, "I wanted to make it reliable without any sense of alienation, perfectly harmonized with the historical background of the Joseon Dynasty."

These demonic visuals were completed through special makeup and CG work. The work of Yagwi, which had to take into account the height and dental condition of the people of the Joseon Dynasty, as well as devise even the details such as skin changes in the process of transformation, required a lot of effort from the production team. To this end, special makeup director Pi Dae-seong said, “It took about two to three hours just to make-up for one ghost actor. For a realistic visual, at first, only skin changes like blisters were applied to the face, and as it changed, artificial skin, uneven artificial teeth, and white lenses were used. I was worried that it would not be well expressed on the screen because there were a lot of night shots, so I drew textures on each vein along with the deformation of the overall skeleton.” In addition, CG director Park Eui-dong said, “I worked hard to express in detail the parts that cannot be expressed through acting, such as the movement of clothes and the moment when the twisting of the skeleton and blood vessels appeared.” did.

Not only that, the production team paid attention to every single movement to complete the yagwi as a more lively creature. Director Cho Han-joon, who was in charge of the Yagwi Acting, said, “It took half a year just to design the choreography concept. I practiced a lot with the Yagwi actors, including basic movements, applied movements, and how to draw sounds. In particular, we wanted to make a more terrifying and bizarre sound by using the breath you inhale rather than the breath you exhale.” The unique creature called Yagwi, created through the close teamwork of the veteran producers in Chungmuro, will surprise audiences around the world for the 2018 Halloween season.

Catharsis on an overwhelming scale!
The location of the eight islands of Chosun is expanding globally!
The largest studio in Korea, up to 1.5 times the actual size of the certified exhibition set!

<Changgung> catches the eye by foretelling a huge scale that was not easily seen in Korean films. It is said that all the production crews of <Changguk> spared no effort even in the bitter cold wave to bring the world's first yagwi action blockbuster to the screen. In particular, the production team created a variety of attractions at the end of locations such as Mungyeong Saejae, Buan Jeolla Jwasuyeong, Taean Tonggae Port, Jeonju Gyeonggijeon, Sangju Hyanggyo, Damyang Jonhyeongak, Nonsan Chungjangsa, etc. Completed the visual. In <Changgung>, the camera walking was also extensively used to fully capture the figures fighting a huge number of savages against the backdrop of a huge palace. Cinematographer Lee Seong-jae said, “I wanted to effectively capture the combination of the action of one character and the other, the yagwi growing rapidly enough to devour Joseon. To this end, we actively used techno cranes and wire cams, and wanted to depict things that move quickly with a very large radius.”

Meanwhile, the set full of characteristics unique to <Changgwol> is also noteworthy. <Changgwol>, which not only expresses the texture of all textures in various ways, but also adds splendor through the intense color contrast of red and cold colors, is a set of 200 pyeong-sized Injeongjeon, 150-pyeong Oksa, Lee Yang-seon, and Milgak. Made to add grandeur. Among them, the set that required the most effort was Injeongjeon, the king's space. This is a space where 'Ja-Jun Kim' desires to devour Joseon, and at the same time, it is an important place containing the beginning and end of the incident. The art team worked hard for three months to complete a set 1.5 times larger than the actual size at Studio Cube in Daejeon, the largest studio in Korea. In addition, the pedestal and the throne were also enlarged in size to expand the sense of scale inside and outside the palace. <Changgung>, which was created through various attempts and efforts, will give you a sense of immersion that you cannot take your eyes off of for a moment on an overwhelming scale.

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