(Korean Movies) Quick, 2011

Quick, 2011
Audience over 15
running time
115 minutes
cumulative audience
3125069 people
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The quick-service man who delivered the bomb
Even if you take off your helmet or stop running, the bomb will explode!

A speed maniac quick service man rider!
I was on the way with Arom, an idol singer who used quick service after being chased by the live broadcast time.
Receive one phone call.

A mysterious voice over the handset
A warning that the helmet is equipped with a bomb
Together we order the delivery of bombs to be completed within 30 minutes…

They were caught up in an unprecedented bombing attack!
In the middle of the city, the life-threatening speed of 300 km/h begins!


Rewrite the history of Korean blockbuster!
This summer, the movie <Quick> will hit you in the sweltering heat!

After the great success of <Shiri>, the first action blockbuster, most domestic blockbusters have mainly focused on serious subjects such as war and disaster, and it is true that the genres were also heavy such as noir, hard-boiled action, and thriller. However, the speed action blockbuster <Quick> heralds the birth of a new style of blockbuster genre that is completely different from the past, and completes it as a refreshing and exhilarating movie that can blow away the sweltering heat. From a solid storyline and character composition to a quick control of tension through laughter, <Quick> thoroughly planned and planned every short scene so that the audience could ‘enjoy’ the movie. The imminent setting of ‘If the bomb is not delivered within 30 minutes, the bomb mounted on the helmet will explode’ creates a tension that makes you sweat. provides Lastly, Lee Min-ki, Kang Ye-won, Kim In-kwon, etc., who have established themselves as the mainstream in Chungmuro, and the well-known best scene stealers such as Ko Chang-seok and Joo Jin-mo, do not miss the pleasant laughter. <Quick>, which will mark a mark in the history of domestic blockbuster with a new style of blockbuster that has never been seen before, is set to become the best entertainment movie this summer.

There is no enemy more than this! Best casting compatibility!
Lee Min-ki, Kang Ye-won, Kim In-kwon!

Director Yoon Je-gyun of Midus, who has a creed that ‘casting is compatible’, chose Lee Min-ki, Kang Ye-won, and Kim In-kwon for the main characters of <Quick> without hesitation. Lee Min-ki, who enjoys real riding like in the movie, shows 100% synchronization with the speed mania ‘jockey’. He plans to captivate women’s hearts by upgrading his unique and cute charm to his masculinity who enjoys speed action, which has never been seen before. Starting with <Haeundae>, Kang Ye-won, who has been establishing herself as the top-grossing actress in Chungmuro by successively making <Harmony> and <Hello Ghost>, radiates bold charm and cute sexiness this time as a sexy girl group member ‘Arom’. In addition, Kim In-kwon, who was recognized as the best comedy actor by making his first solo lead role last year in <Banga? The three actors, who have already acted together in <Haeundae> in 2009, not only brought out the individuality of each character deliciously, as expected by director Yoon Je-gyun, but also boasted the best acting compatibility and proved that they are the strongest trio that can be communicated just by looking at their eyes. It is noteworthy that these three actors, who have already achieved 10 million myths with <Haeundae>, will be able to set another new box office record this time.

<Haeundae> An ambitious work produced with confidence by the production team!
Director Yoon Je-gyun, who created the 10 million myth with Haeundae, the first disaster blockbuster in Korea in 2009. In addition to directing <All the Heads of Mind>, <Color Immediate Construction> and <Miracle on 1st Street>, she produced works of various genres such as <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life> <Harmony> and <My Gangster-like Lover>, creating the most Korean and popular codes. It led the way and continued to be a box office success day after day. Director Yoon Je-gyun has satisfies the needs of the audience by accurately identifying and sometimes predicting what the audience will be most curious about and interesting. <Quick>, the first speed-action blockbuster to be released in the film market this summer, boasting a more colorful lineup than ever in 2011, is an ambitious work produced by the production team of <Haeundae>, led by Yoon Je-gyun. <Quick>, a super-special project completed by investing 10 billion won in a production cost of 10 billion won for four years from 2008 with director Jo Beom-gu, challenges a new genre of speed action and presents another style of blockbuster that has not been seen in Korea until now. <Quick>, a movie developed by combining the subject matter of ‘Quick Service Man’ and Hollywood visuals in the background of ‘Seoul’, is an opportunity to once again confirm the capabilities and skills of the production team of <Haeundae> as well as the upgraded domestic film industry technology. will be


Over 100 damaged vehicles! Vivid action in the city center!
Director Jo Beom-gu and the production team invested time and money for a vivid running scene that conveys the sense of speed at 300 km/h. Gasan Digital Complex downtown, in front of Gangnam Kyobo Building, Gangbyeonbuk-ro, Hannamdaegyo Bridge, Dongjak Bridge, Seongsudaegyo Bridge, Hoehyeon Intersection, Myeongdong Station Road, Seoul Station, etc. In addition to downtown Seoul, Suwon Yeongtong Expressway, Yeongjongdo Coastal Road, Incheon Airport, etc. He was absorbed in filming at any time and place, such as on the road next to the railroad. In particular, filming in downtown Myeongdong had to be more careful because of the large floating population and vehicles. Dozens of production support teams were mobilized to control the road from Hoehyeon Intersection to Myeongdong Station, and the shooting was repeated by memorizing the signal system at Hoehyeon Intersection so as not to interfere as much as possible with citizens’ vehicle operation, shouting action at the appropriate timing, and destroying it like lightning. The number of vehicles mobilized for filming is innumerable. About 50 vehicles initially purchased for the purpose of damage were additionally purchased or obtained with cooperation, and 20 vehicles were damaged. . And to capture all these scenes, four basic cameras and a maximum of eight cameras were mobilized, and the stylish action videos shot in this way provide visual pleasure with 100% satisfaction. The running scene, completed with thorough planning and preparation, and the passion of the staff, is expected to captivate the hearts of the audience by providing exhilarating action pleasure and vivid running instinct.

Until the video full of excitement is completed!
Doggycam Sparrow 200 and wireless remote control system tried for the first time!

Shooting after a 1,000cc motorcycle has many limitations. This is because the technology and equipment for shooting a 1,000cc motorcycle are not yet available in Korea. Even so, it was absolutely unacceptable for the producers of <Quick> for the main character’s bike to run slowly in line with the speed of the shooting vehicle. The production team spared no time and effort in order to give the audience the dynamic pleasure of running with the bike. First of all, after preparing a motorcycle for shooting to catch up with the main character’s motorcycle with a 1500cc better than the main character’s, director Kim Young-ho directly ran to LA, USA, and brought in the Sparrow Remote Head of Doggiecam. The Sparrow Head, which director Michael Bay and Tony Scott like to use, is a remote control filming equipment that can shoot from 2km away, and it is the first attempt in Asia. Since the signal from the radio frequency extends over a radius of 2 km, even if it is too far away from the station vehicle to be invisible, you can shoot while looking at the wireless screen sent by the shooting bike. Thanks to this, I was able to raise the shooting speed from 70-80 km/h to 170-200 km/h. In addition to this, various compositions, shooting techniques, and CG were added to create an amazing sense of speed of 300 km/h.

In addition to the 300km/h speeding scene, another highlight of <Quick> is the explosion scene. Among them, in order to shoot a scene in which two or three cars explode in succession, director Hong Jang-pyo has directly airlifted the Wireless Remote Control System from abroad. A wireless remote control device that can cause a major accident by moving a car without a driver by radio control is a real vehicle version of a toy car that is controlled with a wireless remote control by inserting batteries. Like the Sparrow Head, the wireless remote control equipment is not available in Korea and has never been used in Korea yet, so director Hong Jang-pyo had to calculate trial and error through tests within a short period of time. Thanks to this, I went out to the field during the day to shoot, and at night, I spent all night at the company testing for the next day, and repeated disassembly and assembly to understand the equipment. The explosion scene completed in this way is expected to capture the attention of the audience by providing a spectacular and exciting sight that has only been seen in Hollywood blockbusters.

Rider instincts of the main actors?
Fully digest the bike action with a large motorcycle license!

<Quick>, which awakened the rider instinct to the main actors. In line with the genre of speed-action blockbuster, a motorcycle license was essential for the movie <Quick>, where most of the movie was riding scenes. As soon as Kang Ye-won and Kim In-kwon were cast in <Quick>, the first thing they did was to get a 250cc bike license. Lee Min-ki, who had already fallen in love with motorcycles for several years, acted directly from the beginning of filming to even difficult scenes. As soon as the casting was decided, Kang Ye-won expressed her determination to take on the role of acting on a bike as the main character of a speed-action blockbuster. With Kim In-kwon, he started practicing before filming and obtained a large 250cc motorcycle license. The rider instincts of the three actors, who have grown so much that they ride motorcycles in real life as well as in acting, can be felt vividly in the movie.

The fighting spirit of the staff who did not spare themselves!
In the filming site of <Quick>, where the dangerous filming continued, there were numerous small and large injuries. In particular, stuntmen, who had to direct high-level action, could not avoid the risk of safety accidents at every moment. The abrasions caused by the action performances were the basics, and the costumes and props worn in the subsequent explosion scenes were burned, and dizzying moments continued. And for the martial arts team and special effect team that produce such a dangerous scene, the filming team could not miss even a minute change. The filming site of <Quick>, which was not able to relax the tension between the production department and the staff, as well as the ambulances and paramedics who were always on standby for a safety accident that could never happen, was nevertheless united with pride and passion for making the best movie. Even the difficult filming was carried out with a smile. It is the first case in Korea where a martial arts director wears camera equipment and drives a shooting motorcycle for the sake of completeness of the work. The hot passion and hard work of the staff will bear fruit with higher-quality action scenes, providing greater fun and thrills to the audience.

[ @ How to Shoot ]

1. What is Doggiecam Sparrow 200?
: It is the Doggy Cam Sparrow 200 that completes the most central motorcycle chase scene in <Quick>. Cinematographer Young-ho Kim airlifted the doggy cam from the United States, which was used by director Michael Bay in the films <Ireland>, <Bad Guys> and <Transformers> for the running scene. Since a vehicle equipped with a camera and a vehicle equipped with a doggy cam control device are driving at the same time, it is possible to shoot while driving at a speed of 170 km/h or more.

2. What is Wireless Remote Control Shooting?
: A method of shooting by wirelessly sending a signal from a location away from the camera to activate the shutter and motor drive. For the first wireless remote control shooting in Korea, special effects director Hong Jang-pyo had to go to the filming site during the day to shoot and repeat equipment testing and installation and disassembly at night at the company.

3. What is a Traveling matte?
: Traveling matte, often called blue matte or matte shooting, is the basis for special shootings. In <Quick>, four large blue screens the size of a four-story building were mobilized for each explosion shot, and they moved and fixed according to the angle. Construction cranes were also used to move the blue screen, which was too large for manpower.

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