(Korean Movies) Public Enemy Returns, 2008

Public Enemy Returns, 2008

Public Enemy Returns, 2008
Audience over 15
running time
125 minutes
cumulative audience
4313102 people
45th Baeksang Arts Awards 2009


Waited 5 years! Let's stick together!

"I'm cracking~
Hey! Who goes alone and carries a warrant!”

Kang Dong-seo's gangster class detective Kang Chul-joong (Sol Kyung-gu). Even now, five years later, I still wander around the crime scene, but the only thing left in my 15-year career as a detective is a single rented house. Because of his job as a detective, it is not easy to get a loan from the bank. He is fed up with the hectic criminal life that can lead to death or sickness if he does not do well at best, and finally submits his resignation.

However, due to a murder case at a high school at that time, the repair of his resignation is delayed, and he is caught up in the persuasion of the class leader who will give him severance pay if he solves this case, and returns to the troublesome crime scene. The murder case, which shows no sign of resolution, takes on a new phase when it is revealed that the fingerprints of a dead student are identical to those left on a knife found at the site of a murder case at a slaughterhouse in Gangdong-seo recently.

Kang Chul-joong meets three friends who said he was hanging out with a student who died and starts looking for clues. After discovering that the children had recently been employed by a company called 'Geoseong', Kang Chul-joong senses that this case is related to 'Geosung Group' and starts to pursue Lee Won-sul (Jung Jae-young), the chairman of 'Geosung Group'. On the other hand, Lee Won-sul, who became uncomfortable because of Kang Cheol-jung, who appeared at each of his businesses and interfered with them, quietly prepares for a counterattack…

[ Prologue ]

Loyal to the country and the people,
maintaining social well-being and order,
Serving citizens…
Unless it dies or becomes sick
These are the things the Korean police have to do every day.
I am also a cop
I do nothing.

– From the movie <Public Enemy> Part 1-

A world in need of herbal medicine, he is back!

[ About movie ]

The most successful Korean movie series!
The 'public confrontation' that all the people have been waiting for begins!

'Kang Cheol-jung', which mobilized 3 million viewers nationwide in 2001 and 4 million viewers nationwide in 2006, is considered the best character in Korean movies. <Public Enemy>, the first box office hit series of Korean films, strengthened its title role and returned to <Kang Cheol-jung: Public Enemy 1-1>. The movie <Public Enemy> series brings catharsis to many audiences by depicting the exhilarating confrontation between the 'public enemy' representing the era and 'Steel Joong' who creates justice in his own way against the 'public enemy'. presented The <Public Enemy> series was a topic of discussion with the title itself, and 'Kang Cheoljung' was at the center of the topic. It is not uncommon for him to attack him with a chainsaw when he touches him, but his formula that a person who does something worse than him is a 'public enemy' and his sixth sense detects evidence that other people can't see. 'Kang Cheol-jung' is the origin of the recently popular character 'Koltong'. Here, the new 'public enemy' and his 'evil deeds' aroused curiosity, and <Kang Cheol-jung> emerged as the most talked-about work this summer by far. The confrontation that can never be finished if you don't catch the poor detective Kang Cheol-jung, who never misses a bite, will set the stage for the theater this summer. As in the first part, director Kang Woo-seok will hold the megaphone and Seol Kyung-gu will once again take on the role of 'Kang Cheol-jung', a poor detective, and will make you feel the exhilaration of seven years ago again.

The players got along well! Seol Kyung-gu vs Jung Jae-young
The two actors' superb acting showdown! The strongest BIGBANG this summer!

When acting in Korea, the two actors who are called Nae-ro were well attached. Actor Seol Kyung-gu, who performed like a ghost through the <Silmido>, <Yeokdosan> and <Public Enemy> series, returned to the role of 'Kang Cheol-jung', a crooked detective once again following the first episode of <Public Enemy>. As a 'public enemy' against him, Jung Jae-young, an actor with Janus charm, is expected to show an upgraded charm compared to the existing public enemies. The meeting of the two actors, who gives trust to the audience just by their names, has been a topic of discussion since the casting news was announced. Director Kang Woo-seok, who was in charge of directing, showed strong confidence in the meeting between the two actors, saying, “The players got on well.” The two people who have been working for a long time since the movie <Silmido> had few chances to act together because of their position as 'enemies' in the play, but when they appeared together, they treated each other as comfortably as if they had met yesterday. The two actors showed a more comfortable performance by clearly separating the inside and outside of the movie, saying, "If you try to compete with each other as enemies, you can't perform better." Seol Kyung-gu, who showed an acting as honest and powerful as a bull, and Jeong Jae-young, who creates a unique presence in any movie regardless of genre or size, and the movie <Kang Cheol-jung> It will be a double of the previous one.

Directed by Kang Woo-seok and written by Jang Jin, it couldn't be more flashy than this!
A coalition of the strongest producers in Korean film history!

The majesty of the crew shown in the movie <Gangcheoljung> is no different from any other Hollywood blockbuster. First, with director Kang Woo-seok, who was re-directed after the first film, the main and supporting actors such as Seol Kyung-gu, Kang Shin-il, Lee Moon-sik, and Yoo Hae-jin appear as they are, as well as Jang-jin, who emerged as a new backbone of Korean cinema with <Welcome to Dongmakgol> and <Let's Live Right>. The director writes the script himself, and his persona Jung Jae-young challenges the villain as a new 'public enemy'. The fact that director Jang Jin is participating in the screenplay is the most talked about not only among movie officials but also among the audience. Although the relationship between director Kang Woo-seok and director Jang Jin has been around for over 10 years, it is almost the first time that the two have participated in the same production team in the same way. It is only natural that so many people's attention is focused on the union of the two directors. Director Jang Jin, who left a deep impression on many audiences by creating witty lines and vividly living characters, raises curiosity about what kind of story he will create this time.

<Kang Cheol-jung>, in Chungmuro's representative box office series
Reborn as a pronoun of 'Sequel Movie'!

Korea's leading box office series 'Public Enemy'. The fact that the box office series has returned has sparked the interest of many audiences and filmmakers from the time of its production. In particular, the pleasure of returning to the series was doubled as 'Kang Cheol-jung', who walked the path of an affair from a detective to a prosecutor, is returning as the poor detective character in the first episode. Director Kang Woo-seok and the following production crew made the title <Kang Cheol-jung> to inform that ‘Kang Cheol-jung’ is back, and set ‘Public Enemy 1-1’ as a sub-title, emphasizing that it is a full-fledged sequel movie in which the character and story of the first episode begin again. did. However, it is not okay to think that you can carry the glory of the first part as it is just because it is a 'sequel movie'. Director Kang Woo-seok started the <Kang Cheol-jung> project out of the pure wish that there would be a really interesting Korean movie in the current movie market, which is even experiencing a crisis in the Korean film industry. I tried again to immerse myself in the character. Director Jang Jin, who was in charge of the screenplay, also wrote the script in his own style, but while repeating the first part, he tried to make the audience feel more than the fun they felt in the first part through <Kang Cheol-jung>. The movie <Kang Cheol-jung>, made by both the director and the actors from the beginning, is an entertainment movie that can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old, and is expected to captivate audiences this summer.

This is 'real'
Exploring the 'light and darkness' of Korea!

The <Public Enemy> series has always been questioned as to whether it is a 'faction' by dealing with shocking events or crimes that shocked society at the time in fictional stories. In the first part, the story of a fund manager 'Gyu-Hwan Cho' (Sung-Jae Lee), a fund manager reminiscent of the story of a rogue who grew up as a child of a wealthy family and went to study abroad, but killed his biological parents for money. The main subject was the story of Lee Sang-woo (Jung Jun-ho), a young business owner with great ambition, reminiscent of foundation corruption and the fusion of money and political power. The movie <Kang Cheol-jung>, like its predecessors, also depicts the problems faced by this society. This time, it refers to the problem of 'violence' that is prevalent throughout society and that people easily overlook. In fact, it is the story of 'gangsters' who train middle and high school students who were introduced to a TV current affairs program a few years ago and caused a shock to become members of the organization. Director Kang Woo-seok saw this program at the time and was inspired to make it into a movie, and a few years later, with the resurrection of the poor detective Kang Cheol-jung, the present story was born. What is even more surprising is that an incident occurred in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, where the film was being filmed, where a gang of gangsters who took young middle and high school students and raised them as members of the gang were caught. It is said that the production crew who came across this incident felt more responsible and decided to complete the film to show young middle and high school students just how cruel 'violence' is.

[ Production note ]

1. BEST 4 shooting locations with upgraded fun and power

Weekend Farm – Bloom in the middle of winter and plant vegetables!
The weekend farm is the place where Kang Cheol-jung (Sol Kyung-gu) and Lee Won-sul (Jeong Jae-young) meet for the first time, and it is also the place where the two first clash. It is also a space that gives fun as the appearance of two people fighting like an adult while their children are watching, contrasting strangely with the family space of the weekend farm. The problem that arose before such an important filming was the timing of the filming. No matter how developed plastic houses are these days, finding a weekend farm full of flowers and vegetables in the middle of winter was like picking stars. The production team searched the country looking for weekend farms that were open in winter, but most of them were not open yet, or even if they were, they were too small to be filmed. In the end, the production team decided to hire a tomato farm and transform it into a weekend farm. The size of the site and the surrounding environment were exactly as pictured in the scenario, but another problem is that the bare land, where tomato seedlings have not yet been made, must be filled with all kinds of flowers and vegetables. About 30 staff, including the art team, production team, and directing team, worked together to plant all kinds of flowers and vegetables on the 400 pyeong of land. At this time, only the flowers and various vegetables mobilized were equivalent to 10 units in a 1 ton truck. With such efforts, the work of filling 400 pyeong with flowers and vegetables was completed within three days, and the filming was completed safely.

Slaughterhouse – Break through the taboo places!
The slaughterhouse is a famous place where filming is usually prohibited in movies and TV shows. However, the movie <Kang Cheol-jung> broke this taboo and created a new picture that had not been seen in any other films until now by recruiting a domestic slaughterhouse with difficulty. The slaughterhouse, which is one of Lee Won-sul's workplaces in the film and also the place where the first murder takes place, was an important place as much as it decorated the beginning of the film. However, it seemed impossible from the start to hire a slaughterhouse as a filming location. Most of the slaughterhouses refused to contact just for reference. However, with the help of the president of the Korea Livestock Products Sanitation Treatment Association through the long-term involvement of the production team, he was able to inspect the actual slaughterhouse and even get permission to shoot. Through these twists and turns, the production team hired a slaughterhouse at the desired location, and director Kang Woo-seok admired the place, saying, “This is the painting I wanted.” The slaughterhouse is a place related to the food people actually eat, and the hygiene management is so thorough. Therefore, all the staff who participated in the filming had to wear sanitary uniforms reminiscent of surgical suits and wear sanitary caps and sanitary overshoes to enter the filming set. This was not the only preparation for the slaughterhouse filming. He had to learn how to breathe through his mouth naturally to avoid the smell from the blood of raw meat and the fat attached to the meat. In addition to this, the production team had to purchase all the cows worth 200 million won that were on the set at the time, which had to be touched by outsiders due to filming. As a result, the slaughterhouse shooting was born as a scene in which the most expensive props were used in the movie.

Jungjido Island and Gunsan Port – Two endings, double the fun!
'Jungjido' is the place where the public enemy Seongjae Lee and Seol Kyung-gu, a public enemy in the first part, had a bloody last duel. The scene of 'Jungjido', which just showed the climax of the fight, is one of the highlights of the first part of the movie. In the movie <Gangcheoljung>, 'Jungjido' appears again as an important place. The place 'Kang Cheol-jung' was chosen for the final duel with the public enemy 'Lee Won-sul' (Jung Jae-young) was 'Jungjido' in the first part. However, if you watch the movie, there are scenes that poked the audience out. What appeared in 'Jungjido' was not 'Lee Won-sul' and 'Kang Cheol-jung', but 'Lee Won-sul's right-hand man 'Moon-su' (Kim Nam-gil) and the 'Chief Um' Kang Shin-il. It's a reversal, not a reversal, that pokes the audience who will be fed up with the thought, 'Is this the ending in the middle road again?' The real ending, which contains the confrontation between the two actors, was filmed in Gunsan Port, Jeollabuk-do. Gunsan Port is also famous as the place where the Goni and the Angler had their last fighting game in the movie <Tazza>. The production team searched the country in search of a port that could actually enter and exit the country, and found Gunsan Port. However, the Gunsan Port filming runs into another difficulty. Since it is a place where foreign immigration takes place, in case of an accident (?), I had to hand over all the names and personal information of the entire production crew, including the director and actors, to the person in charge of the film and proceed with filming.

Cheoljung House Alley – A place that seems to be the same, but it turns out that the first part of Cheoljung Neighborhood!
The last memorable filming location selected by the staff was the alleyway of Cheoljung's house. Director Kang Woo-seok, who initially decided to start <Chul-jung> again, wanted to re-write the house of Kang Cheol-jung as it is in <Chul-jung>. Unfortunately, the steel house has already been demolished and cannot be used. Instead, in the first episode, Jo Gyu-hwan (Lee Seong-jae) commits a crime and runs into an alley with Kang Cheol-jung for the first time in the rain, or a Super who repeatedly takes out a bottle of water from the refrigerator while dying to catch the criminal. > will appear as it is. It was also the local residents who welcomed the movie <Gangcheoljung>. The production team, who returned to the neighborhood for filming, visited every house to ask for their consent for the filming to take place. am. It is not uncommon for the filming location of the first part to be used again as a filming location in a sequel movie. Moreover, even after 7 years have passed, it is even more difficult to keep the old townscape as it was. However, the so-called Gangcheol Middle School neighborhood remains the same as it was 7 years ago, as if it had predicted the 'Kang Cheol-jung's comeback', a stage gun detective, and appears again in the <Public Enemy> series.

2. A supporting role in the past, now a full-fledged lead!
In the movie <Gangcheoljung>, there is a room with three supporting actors that cannot be missed. Kang Shin-il, Lee Moon-sik, and Yoo Hae-jin appear again following the first episode. As in the first part, they willingly accepted to appear in <Kang Cheol-jung> because of their relationship with director Kang Woo-seok. In particular, Kang Shin-il, who plays the role of 'Chief Uhm', is a strong supporter of Kang Cheol-jung, who is exhausted from life and decides to quit his criminal life, unlike his harsh appearance in the first episode, where he saw 'Kang Cheol-jung' as a thorn in his eyes. also do Kang Shin-il, who still shows sharp charismatic acting, will also show action scenes that were not shown in the first part. Lee Moon-sik and Yoo Hae-jin, who made their name as supporting actors in Chungmuro during the filming of the first episode, returned as dignified lead actors. First of all, in the first episode, Lee Moon-sik, who became a victim of rogue detective 'Kang Cheol-joong''s arrest performance, but played the role of 'Ansu', a moneylender, changed dramatically in appearance. In the first episode, he left a deep impression with a hair style that was tight, but this time, he appeared with long long hair to the contrary, showing a new look. On the other hand, Yoo Hae-jin, who plays the role of 'Yong-man', who provides an important clue to solving the case, appears in an appearance similar to the costume or hairstyle worn in the first episode, and the audience will burst into laughter just looking at him.

3. Upgraded series, staff also evolve!
The movie <Kang Cheol-jung> is being praised as an upgraded series with director Kang Woo-seok and Seol Kyung-gu as the lead, the production crew of the previous work, main and supporting actors all reappeared, and director Jang Jin wrote the screenplay and Jung Jae-young appeared as a new public enemy. Here, the staff who participated in the work also showed more advanced credits and became a hot topic. First of all, PD Jeong Seon-young, who is in charge of the producer, has been working with director Kang Woo-seok all the way up to <Silmido> <Public Enemy 2> <Korean Peninsula> and this movie <Kang Cheol-jung>, thanks to her participation in the first part of <Public Enemy> directed by Kang Woo-suk. have been doing Her producer debut was also director Kang Woo-seok's <Public Enemy 2>. In addition to this, director Kang Ji-eun, who is also participating as a SPECIAL UNIT, also worked with director Kang Woo-seok as an assistant director on <Public Enemy>. did it In addition, although they are talented people who have already made their debut as first directors through other works, such as cinematographer Kim Yong-heung in charge of the second camera and lighting director Lee Dong-gyu in charge of the second lighting, they are not seen as the second technical staff in this work due to their relationship with director Kang Woo-seok. played a great role in In this way, the movie <Gangcheoljung> was reborn as a more evolved series with the strength of the upgraded staff.

4. No 3 at the shooting site of <Kang Cheol-jung>

No 1 – No overtime pay!
If you look at the national film industry union, you will be surprised to see what this means, but at the filming site of the movie <Kang Cheol-jung>, all the filming was done within a set time, so there was no overtime pay. According to the 2007 Film Industry Collective Agreement, the maximum working hours per day is stipulated as 15 hours. However, at the filming location of <Kang Cheol-jung>, the filming took place at 7 a.m. and disbanded at 5 p.m. The unavoidable night filming was also scheduled to take place late at night, filming for 12 hours and then disbanding at dawn. As a result, director Kang Woo-seok advised the director and production team to learn English on days when there was no filming or on an early evening. Some even said that they wanted to work late and get overtime pay.

No 2 – no one walking!
The filming site of <Kang Cheol-jung> was always lively. Not a single person was walking around slowly and perky. All the staff, old and young, of high and low positions, often walked or ran around the set to get the best scene within the set time. Regarding this appearance, director Kang Woo-seok said, "The atmosphere at our filming site is very good. Not a single person is wasting time and they are always running around,” he said proudly of the hard-working staff. Even when the actors are not filming, rather than sitting quietly in a chair, they walk around exchanging opinions with the staff, absorbing even a little more of the atmosphere of the set, and trying to express themselves in their characters.

No 3 – No rehearsal required!
In the case of film camera shooting, due to the expensive film cost, it is common to go through several rehearsals to reduce NG during the main shooting as much as possible. However, the staff and actors of <Kang Cheol-jung> are a team that has been working together for many years, so it is also famous for going straight into filming without going through a few rehearsals and finishing the filming without any NG. By always arranging two or more cameras at the scene, when an actor moves once, he captures an angle from multiple angles so that he does not act two or three times, and the actor was able to extract the best scene with just one act. It can be said that this is the know-how of those who have worked together in the same work for many years.

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