(Korean Movies) Proof of Innocence, 2015

Proof of Innocence, 2015

Proof of Innocence, 2015
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120 minutes
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“I’ll even take your pants off.”
A refreshing shot blown by a gold spoon!

Once a model police officer, now a successful broker 'Piljae' (Kim Myung-min). One day, a suspicious letter arrives from a death row inmate to Pan-su (Seong Dong-il), a lawyer who works with him, who is called a 'God-given broker' because of his constant handling of cases.

“He’s the one who killed Daehae Steel’s daughter-in-law.
You can't go anywhere near something like this."

Soon-tae (Kim Sang-ho), the culprit of the Incheon chaebol 'Daehae Steel's daughter-in-law murder case' that shook the world, asserts his injustice, and the case broker 'Piljae' intuitions that there is a growing incident behind it.

In order to uncover the atrocities of the chaebol, who covered up the murder with power and money, the broker 'Piljae' and the lawyer 'Pansu' brother-in-law are frustrated! Let's start a special investigation that will break through!


Daehan Steel sentenced to death for murder of daughter-in-law

Court seeks death penalty for killer taxi driver
Inconsistent with taxi driver Kwon's claim of innocence…

Taxi driver Kwon Mo (46), the culprit of the Daehan Steel murder case, has been sentenced to death, the maximum sentence in the courts.

The murder case of Daehan Steel, which occurred at 10 pm on the 5th, was called the so-called 'chaebol daughter-in-law murder case', and interest in the criminal was high. According to the Incheon Police, on the day of the incident, the taxi driver who rode the victim last was considered as a strong suspect and focused on the investigation.

Kwon denied the murder, arguing that the nostalgia presented by the police as evidence in the courtroom was "a customer left it for a while without paying the taxi fare" pleaded not guilty.

However, the court ruled that "the defendant Kwon is sentenced to death for reasons of insufficient evidence, such as the absence of nearby CCTVs and no witnesses, and no intention to open the war."


'The skills and cheapness are the best! to 'problematic brokers'
A special letter has arrived!
A preview of the birth of a cider-like movie that will cool you down!
In June 2016, a delightful crime investigation movie is coming!

In June 2016, a new style of crime investigation movie <Special Investigation: Letter from a Death row Prisoner> comes to the audience. <Special Investigation: Letter from a Death Row> is an exhilarating investigation by a case broker who uncovers the atrocities of a chaebol family who covered up murder with power and money. A suspicious letter flies to 'Piljae', a lawyer's office broker who has a business philosophy of 'following money', and is always on the lookout for cases. It uncovers the full story of the so-called "chaebol daughter-in-law murder case" with both legs.

<Special Investigation: Letter from a Convict> is a thrilling and heavy story of 'the murder of the daughter-in-law of a chaebol family', with a playful character setting of a broker with 'skills and cheapness' and a pleasant and exhilarating storyline. It is a movie that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or gender, by adding a sense of humor to the existing criminal investigation genre by unraveling the hidden side behind the chaebol family in a pleasant tone.

Another attractive point of <Special Investigation: Letter from a Death Row> is that it is a cider-like movie that will clear your mind while facing the 'world where money is power'. The delightful counterattack offered by the broker 'Piljae', who strictly follows the business rules, against the giant chaebol, which symbolizes money and power, will give the audience a refreshing and exhilarating pleasure.

Myung-Min Kim, The Master of Acting
After the historical comedy <Detective Chosun> and the Korean disaster film <Sonata Poetry>
Criminal Investigation <Special Investigation> became a box office maker!
This time, it's a 'God-given broker with the best skills and cheapness'!

Kim Myung-min, one of the most well-known actors representing the Republic of Korea, attempts a different acting transformation in the movie <Special Investigation: Letter from a Death row Prisoner>. Kim Myung-min, who has been loved by many for his acting that gives credibility to each work, crossing screens and CRTs. This time, he is not a lawyer or a prosecutor, but a lawyer's office broker 'Piljae'. Dramas [White Tower], [Beethoven Virus], [King of Dramas], [Six Flying Dragons], movies <Detective Joseon: The Secret of the Helmed Flower>, <Detective Joseon: The Daughter of Nob Who Disappeared>, <Love Poem > and <My Love By My Side>, Kim Myung-min, who has always created the best character by appearing in various works such as <Special Investigation: Letter from a Death Row>, has a job as a 'broker with the best skills and cheapness', which he has never seen anywhere before. He will digest it in his own style and make him a more attractive character than anyone else.

From Kim Sang-ho, Sung Dong-il, and Kim Young-ae to Park Hyuk-kwon, Kim Roe-ha, and Kim Hyang-gi!
Chungmuro Actors and luxury child actors are all out!

In <Special Investigation: Letters from Death row Prisoners>, actors representing Korea's Chungmuro are in full force. From Kim Sang-ho, Sung Dong-il, and Kim Young-ae to Park Hyuk-kwon, Kim Roe-ha, and Kim Hyang-gi, new and old actors will appear to enhance the film's perfection.

Starting with the theatrical stage, Kim Sang-ho, who was imprinted in the public as a distinctive character regardless of the lead role in various dramas and movies, took on the role of 'Kwon Soon-tae', a taxi driver who was framed for unfairness and was sentenced to death. Sung Dong-il, who showed the essence of real life acting in the popular drama [Reply 1988], which ended in popularity earlier this year, will play the role of 'Pan-su', a lawyer who serves the broker 'Pil-jae', and will perform uniquely delicious. Kim Young-ae, a middle-aged actress representing Korea, predicts that she will leave a strong impression as the powerful 'wife' of Daedae Steel, a giant that has taken over Incheon. In addition, Chungmuro scene stealers Park Hyuk-kwon and Kim Roe-ha, as well as child actor Kim Hyang-gi with acting skills comparable to adult actors, will also appear.

Former model police officer 'broker' & 'lawyer' serving the broker
Daehan Steel's real power 'wife'
Ajae Combi is going out to catch the gold spoon that is savage!

The movie <Special Investigation: Letter from a Death Row> adds fun to the crime investigation and gives it a different flavor.

The most special characters are 'Piljae', a broker at a lawyer's office, and 'Pansu', an office manager who serves such a broker. 'Piljae' was once famous enough to be published in newspapers as a model police officer, but now he is known as a 'God-given broker' who is constantly handling cases with his outstanding skills. 'Pansu' is a lawyer serving 'Piljae', a broker in the lawyer's office he runs, and while dissuading 'Piljae' from trying to uncover the 'Daehae Steel's daughter-in-law murder case', he helps 'piljae' more than anyone else and emits a fantastic combination chemistry. do.

The person who opposes 'Piljae' and 'Pansu' is the 'wife' of Daehae Steel, a large corporation that dominates Incheon. With his elegant appearance and kind smile, he has earned the respect and trust of the Incheon region, but behind the scenes he is crueler than anyone else and has a deep-seated belief that money is power. Even though he commits all kinds of evil, he does not get his hands dirty, and under the name of the so-called 'Daehae Steel Scholarship', he places and massages figures in the political and business circles on his palms.

They plan to engage in a suffocating confrontation over one case, 'the murder of the daughter-in-law of Daehae Steel'. It is expected in <Special Investigation: Letter from the Death Row>, the special fight between the broker and the giant power, whether the 'wife', who holds the great power of Daejeon Steel, will be able to stop the broker 'Piljae' who risks her life and digs into with a tenacious personality. can do.


A refreshing oriental blow to the Korean 甲甲!
'2002 Yeongnam Grinding Female University Student Murder Case' is made into a movie for the first time!
True story motif The birth of the most talked-about work of 2016!

If you look at the movies that have recently been loved by the public, you often think of famous events, accidents, or specific people that you have encountered around you. The story of a large corporation or a large force with a strong capital and power on its back that abuses it and causes unjust victims who suffer damage from it, has caused a lot of outrage in the public. The protagonist's performance of fighting against and winning by standing on the side of the weak and victorious made the viewers feel vicarious satisfaction or exhilaration.

The movie <Special Investigation: Letters from Death row Prisoners>, which is scheduled to be released on June 16, is scheduled to continue in the same vein. The characters appearing in the work, such as 'Wife', a mistress of Daehan Steel, who abuses power and commits evil deeds, and 'Suntae', a taxi driver who lived an ordinary life and was falsely accused of being unfairly sentenced to death, are socially Let the events that have become issues come to mind naturally. Director Kwon Jong-kwan, who was in charge of directing, said, “It cannot be said that this movie is based on a true story about a certain incident, but the characters and events in the film are real, such as the ‘Yeongnam Milling Female University Student Murder Case’ or ‘Iksan Ogeori Taxi Driver Murder Case’. It was made with the motif of an incident.” The film contains reality enough to explain the background of the film's birth. It is portrayed through the main character 'Piljae', who tries to reveal the whole story. In particular, the film does not stop at simply bringing a stimulating true story as a motif. The case broker 'Piljae', who moved according to the business rules, moves with something other than money, and presents a counterattack against huge capital and power. are collecting

From back alleys to bathrooms and prisons!
A real survival action that has never been seen in any movie!
Pay attention to the unique action that can only be seen in 'Special Investigation'!

The movie <Special Investigation: Letter from the Death Row>, which is expected with a different acting transformation of Kim Myung-min, the best actor in Chungmuro, and Kim Sang-ho, the best actor in Chungmuro, predicts the birth of a realistic survival action that cannot be seen anywhere else with the passionate performances of the actors.

# Kim Myung-min, the story of getting a nose bleed in a back alley and drinking water in the bathroom
In <Special Investigation: Letter from the Death Row>, the trademark large band-aid on the nose of 'Piljae' (Kim Myung-min) suggests the rough survival action of 'Piljae' in the play. Kim Myung-min, who had to fight a relentless chase in the back alley of the market, showed enthusiasm enough to pour out all of his energy in the filming that took place on the narrow alley for a long time. In particular, the underwater fighting scene in the bathhouse can be counted as an action scene that was so desperate that it even risked its life. Kim Myung-min had a physical fight with the other actor and fell into the bathroom and had to drink water several times.

# Kim Sang-ho, the story of nearly fainting in prison
Kim Sang-ho, who has shown a strong presence in each work, challenged a real action that has not been shown before through the unfair death row inmate 'Soon-tae' in <Special Investigation: Letter from a death row prisoner>. Kim Sang-ho, who had to fight a terrible battle alone in prison, had to show extreme action performances in a limited space and atmosphere. “It was very difficult physically and mentally,” he recalled at the time of filming, and in an action scene with the other actor, he said, “I was really strangled and shouted ‘abandon’,” and surprised those around him by telling the urgency of the situation until he passed out.

As such, Kim Myung-min and Kim Sang-ho's 'special' full-fledged real survival action will give the audience a thrilling thrill and tension that will make you sweat.

From the gold spoon 'chaebol wife' to the earth spoon 'death prisoner'!
Full-scale dissection of the special character in <Special Investigation: Letter from the Death Row>!
The story behind the character's birth is revealed!

# A character you've never seen before? Behind the birth of an unusual and unique broker 'Piljae'
In the movie <Special Investigation: Letter from a Death Row>, the main character 'Piljae' is not a lawyer, but a secretary of a lawyer's office, a so-called case broker. The character of the secretary, who has played an auxiliary role in the main character so far, has come to the fore in this work. Director Kwon Jong-kwan, in charge of directing, said about the story of the birth of the character 'Piljae', "I read a book about a legal broker. I felt very alive. I thought that he would become an attractive character in the movie.” He added, “I think that Kim Myung-min accepted the casting offer and played a big role in creating this new professional character.” Actor Kim Myung-min, who has been loved for his reliable acting in each work, is expected to disassemble as the best case broker 'Piljae' this time, and perform a pleasant and refreshing performance. Kim Myung-min said, "It was unusual, and I didn't think there would be an opportunity to act in the future," said Kim Myung-min. It was free, not compared to existing characters,” he said, raising expectations for the new character Kim Myung-min will be born, 'Piljae'.

# In winter with a blizzard, like a wild beast taking care of its young… Unjust death row inmate 'Soontae'
'Soon-tae', played by Kim Sang-ho, is a character who becomes an unfair death row inmate from an ordinary taxi driver raising a daughter. This character struggles to get out of prison just for his daughter. 'Soon-tae' was a person whose acting ability was the most important to the actor who took on this role rather than the singularity of the character. From the point of view of director Kwon Jong-gwan, he was a person who had no choice but to put a lot of effort into the casting. Director Kwon Jong-gwan said, "It was a matter of which actor made 'Soon-tae' a living person. After meeting Kim Sang-ho, I had a feeling that ‘this person can do it’”, revealing his trust in the actor. In particular, during a meeting with director Kwon Jong-gwan, Kim Sang-ho said, "I saw a picture of a wild beast hugging and enduring its young in a blizzard. I remembered that scene while watching the scenario, and I think that's the only thing 'Soon-tae' can do.”

# Kim Myung-min “I acted like Seong Dong-il naked” (?) Special male-man chemistry notice!
'Pansu' is a lawyer, but he is a unique character who serves the secretary 'Piljae' who works in his office. Sung Dong-il, who takes on the role of 'Pan-su', a character whose collaboration with 'Pil-jae' is the most important, is expected to radiate fantastic chemistry in the movie based on the relationship and friendship that has been established since the past, such as spending difficult times together with Kim Myung-min and SBS recruited talent senior and junior. Is expected. In particular, 'Pansu' is not the authoritative lawyer shown in existing movies, but a more human and friend-like lawyer. Through the human charm of actor Sung Dong-il and excellent collaboration with Kim Myung-min, he was reborn as a more perfect character.

# <Special Investigation: Letter from the death row inmate> Madam! <Veteran> Super brilliance that surpasses Jo Tae-oh!
In the movie <Special Investigation: Letters from Death row Prisoners>, a villain who surpasses Jo Tae-oh in <Veteran>, which was released last year and succeeded at the box office, appears. The main character is 'Wife,' the real power of Daehan Steel, a conglomerate that has taken over Incheon. The 'wife' is a person who exercises great power within the boundaries of a chaebol family and has a consciousness that he and ordinary people are different from birth. Kim Young-ae, who played 'Wife,' a character powerful enough to say that director Kwon Jong-kwan said, "I'm sorry to give you the scenario," said, "In society, there are many human figures that I can't understand to the extent that I wonder 'how can a person do that'. I thought I was one of those people,” suggesting that he is a terrible person, and at the same time raises expectations for the villain played by Kim Young-ae, who is well-suited to the 'national mother'.

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