(Korean Movie) Project Wolf Hunting, 2022

Project Wolf Hunting, 2022

Project Wolf Hunting, 2022
Youth not allowed
running time
121 minutes
cumulative audience
458720 people
55th Sitges International Film Festival 2022


Humans themselves become prey

'Frontier Titan' is a moving prison that will transport Interpol wanted men who fled to Southeast Asia.
The villains and veteran detectives gather at the Manila port in the Philippines.
Jong-du (Seo In-guk) dreams of escaping, and Do-il (Jang Dong-yoon) must return to Korea.
They board with their own purpose and vigilance.

On their way to Korea, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,
I am faced with an extreme situation that I have never seen before…

Hell in the middle of the Pacific, who will survive?


The birth of the most intense and youthful blue-and-blue film in Korean cinema history!
The convoy operation of heinous criminals begins!

In September 2022, the most intense and young French-American film you've never seen before is coming. The movie <Wolf Hunt> is a hard-boiled survival action movie that puts you in an extreme situation that you have never seen before, in a situation where heinous criminals have to be transported from the Pacific Ocean to Korea.

The film <Wolf Hunt>, a work that has attracted the attention of the film industry with its unconventional subject matter from the development stage, depicts survival action in extreme situations by criminals and the police team managing them on the frontier Titan, a criminal convoy from the Philippines to Korea. are going to pay As can be guessed through the intense visuals of the trailer and poster that were released in advance, it is already gathering hot topics by foretelling the birth of an unconventional movie that has not been seen anywhere. As soon as the actors first received the scenario, they said in unison, “It’s really strong.” As much as that, it is expected to reveal the intensity and breathtaking crazy presence that cannot be seen anywhere in Korean movies.

In addition, the movie <Wolf Hunt> arouses the curiosity of the audience at the same time as it is released by predicting that it will showcase the actors' action challenges from perfect casting of next-generation screen runners and veteran actors such as Seo In-guk, Jang Dong-yoon, Seong Dong-il, Park Ho-san, Jung So-min, Ko Chang-seok, and Jang Young-nam. seems to cause The extreme confrontation between the team of criminals who want to steal the frontier Titan and the team of detectives who have to escort it safely raises expectations for a crazy story that goes beyond the extreme. In addition, director Kim Hong-seon, a master of the intense genre proven through the films <Metamorphosis> (2019), <Technicians> (2014), and <The Conspirators> (2012), will direct and raise expectations for what kind of fresh genre films will be presented.

With such a fresh concept and unconventional material, the hard-boiled survival action film <Wolf Hunt>, which will deliver the most intense adrenaline in the history of blue-green film, will lead you to a new world of genre that has never been felt in Korean movies.

An extreme survival game that must be seen in theaters,
The world first pays attention to the birth of K-Survival!
A splendid feat of official invitation to the World Film Festival amid high anticipation!

Even before its release, the movie <Wolf Hunt> received a lot of attention at leading overseas film festivals and became a hot topic. First, it will be officially invited to the Midnight Madness section of the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, which is considered one of the world's four major film festivals along with Cannes, Venice and Berlin, and will be released in Canada for the first time in the world through its world premiere. In particular, as a Korean film was invited 16 years after director Bong Joon-ho's film The Host, as well as being officially invited to the 'Midnight Madness' category for audiences who want fresh stimulation and thrills, 'Wolf Hunt' is a new invitation to show. It further heightens the anticipation of the action. The invitation of the film <Wolf Hunt> to the Toronto International Film Festival for the first time in 16 years is also meaningful in that it proves the heightened global interest in K-survival content. In particular, <Wolf Hunt> is the first case in which a Korean film in the survival genre has been invited to a global film festival since Netflix [Squid Game], the representative of K-survival that gathered global topics in 2021.

In addition, it was officially invited to the competition section of the 28th L'etrange film festival (L'etrange film festival 2022), proving its global topic. At this film festival, where Korean films are consistently invited, in 2018, the film <Duke> swept the Grand Prix and Audience Award, raising expectations for <Wolf Hunt>'s official invitation to the competition section. It is also drawing attention by being officially invited to the 18th American Fantastic Fest Horror Competition, which is considered the best genre film festival in North America. Annick Mannert, programmer of Fantastic Fest in the U.S., conveyed the reason for the invitation, such as "the fun of opening a new chapter in Korean genre films" and "a feast of crazy characters that make you dizzy", expressing the charm and anticipation of <Wolf Hunt>'s unique hard-boiled genre. is raising

As such, <Wolf Hunt> meets the expectations of the K-survival genre, which has risen even before its release, and captivates all global film festivals, raising expectations for another K-content work to be noticed by Korean audiences as well as movie fans around the world. .

A crazy story beyond the extreme! Intense visual action that shakes the screen!
We present a new world of hard-boiled survival action!

As the movie <Wolf Hunt> is a survival action movie, you can feel the tension of the hard-boiled action itself throughout the running time. Because all the characters are running towards only one goal, whether to die or be killed, you can see the raw action of the actors on the screen.

The action of <Wolf Hunt> focused on 'realism' above all else. As an extreme survival game unfolds between the criminals who dream of rebellion and the detective team who want to stop it, both the staff and actors tried to realize the raw action as it is. In response, Seo In-guk and Jang Dong-yoon also prepared thoroughly, such as increasing their weight through various training sessions to digest more realistic action. In addition, the action featuring knives and firearms and various tools in the convoy as weapons adds intensity to the ruthless action unique to <Wolf Hunt>, further raising expectations for real action that goes beyond the limits of hard-boiled.

In particular, the high-difficulty elevator action scene, as well as the action on the actual ship inside the ship, is expected to provide a thrilling genre pleasure with scenes completed through thorough preparation. These scenes, which were completed through the combination of camera angles and lighting as well as numerous actions by the actors, make use of the narrow space to make extreme situations more realistic, raising expectations for the birth of intense action scenes that have not been seen before in Korean movies.

As such, the action unique to <Wolf Hunt>, which was born after the hard work of the actors and production crew, shows the instinctive survival game that takes place in a moving prison as it is, and perfectly showcases 'hyper reality action' on the screen.


Perfect implementation of an intense prison in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!
Frontier Titan more realistic than real!

The production team of the movie <Wolf Hunt> had to boldly challenge extreme production to perfectly realize the frontier Titan, which is the background of the film that unfolds an extreme survival game.

First, in order to complete the Frontier Titan, where all the characters in the movie board, the production team produced a special set. It is not just a set of ships that actors can put their bodies in, but to emphasize realism, a real passenger ship and a bulk carrier were obtained and connected to the set to homogenize them. Director Kim Hong-seon and the production team, who worked on imaging the ship while watching documentaries and materials related to merchant ships, searched around the country for several months to find a ship that fit the concept of the movie, and eventually found the perfect ship and succeeded in recruiting. The Frontier Titan, which was born through this process, gave the film perfect reality so much that it was hard to believe that it was a real ship.

The production crew's tremendous efforts have been put into the interior of the 'Prison on the Sea' Frontier Titan, which was born in this way. First of all, the production team thought about what design to implement because it required a great challenge to shoot an action scene inside a ship in a small space. To this end, it was necessary to secure the safety of the actors as a top priority while adding delicate and high-level devices, so after close meetings with all production teams, including the special effects team, filming team, art team, and lighting team, camera walking, action sum of actors, and story progressed. We prepared fiercely to ensure that everything in the main space fits perfectly. As a result, after a lot of trial and error, we were able to create the Frontier Titan, which was perfectly suited for filming.

The film <Wolf Hunt> created a new space of overwhelming scale through the collaboration of the director and production team in order to bring out the realism of the frontier Titan, which is the background of the entire film. You can check out the extreme real survival game that takes place inside the frontier Titan, which is more real than real, in the theater.

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