(Korean Movies) Petty Romance, 2010

Petty Romance, 2010
Youth not allowed
cumulative audience
2067538 people
8th Max Movie Best Film Awards 2011


'Blast Blast' adult cartoonist and 'Brave Blast' sex columnist
A love story that transcends reality and imagination!

You want to draw a cartoon? You want to write a thesis?

He has genius drawing skills, but because of the boring story
Jeongbae, a cartoonist who is rejected by the family of drawing!
One day, the publisher was rejected without any doubt!
I found a story writer in the news of an adult comic contest with a prize of 130 million won!!

I'm a sex columnist

I'm working as a translator for an adult magazine, but because of my overflowing creativity,
Darim gets fired after having an accident at work!
One day I was wandering around looking for a new job!
After winning a huge prize money, he and Jeong-bae make an adult comic book.

you have no experience VS Because it's all my experiences!

At the end of the day, Jeong-bae, who is second to none, and Darim armed with all kinds of theories and speeches.
Collaboration without a single concession is just creaking from the first day.
It is doubtful whether it will be completed by the scheduled deadline, but…

A passionate maker to complete sexy adult comics that will surprise the world!
A love story of 19 gold that no one has ever seen begins!