(Korean Movies) Perhaps Love, 2021

Perhaps Love, 2021

Perhaps Love, 2021
Audience over 15
running time
113 minutes
cumulative audience
518491 people


The writer's daily variety of personal life is about to be released!

Cool Naejin Divorced Couple
Secret couple at a glance
Master's Disciple
Neighbors cousins

Tangled in an unusual romance
Their private life is revealed!


So colorful!
Ryu Seung-ryong X Oh Nara X Kim Hee-won X Lee Yoo-young X Sung Yu-bin X Mu Jin-seong!
A delightful chemistry completed with fresh casting!

<Genre Romance> is a work that Korea's beloved actor made a comeback to the screen after a long time and is expected to present the most pleasant chemistry in 2021. Starting with Ryu Seung-ryong, Na-ra Oh, Hee-won Kim, Yu-young Lee, Yu-bin Seong, and Jin-seong Mu, with a fresh casting combination of attractive actors, raise the expectations of prospective audiences.

First of all, Ryu Seung-ryong, a luxury actor regardless of genre, plays the best-selling author 'Hyun', who meets people who are entangled in an unusual romance, and both work and love. As director Jo Eun-ji said, “an actor who encompasses a variety of genres, from comics to sad narratives,” he has perfectly completed the 'string' placed in a tangled relationship by expressing in detail everything from pleasant laughter to deep inner acting. Oh Na-ra, who captivated the public with her unique bright and lovely charm, will play the role of 'Mi-ae', the ex-wife of 'Hyun', and herald the reception on the screen. She leads the play in an exciting way by digesting her sweet appearance with her current lover, 'Sunmo', and 'Mi-ae', who is harsh with her ex-husband, 'Hyun', who is constantly facing problems with child rearing, with a sharp acting ability. Kim Hee-won, who showed an unforgettable and intense performance in each of the works she appeared in, transformed into a 'pure mother', an old friend of 'Hyun' and secretly dating 'Miae'. He breathed life into the character with a reversal charm and delicate expressive power of the supreme 'pure mother' who only looked at 'Miae'.

In addition, Lee Yoo-young, an acting master who has won awards at leading film festivals, takes on the role of 'Jung-won', the mystery 4th dimension, who is 'Hyun''s neighbor. It is planned to add flavor to the play by acting that fully utilizes the charm of the character with an unusual charm. Seong Yu-bin, who played the role of 'Bible', the teenage son of 'Hyun' and 'Mi-ae', is expected to deliver unbearable laughter from the beginning to the end with her method acting that sticks to the character of the storm. Lastly, actor Mu Jin-seong announces a unique appearance that will captivate the screen by showing fresh visuals and stable acting skills as 'Eugene', a genius writer aspiring student. In this way, <Genre Romance>, which features national actor Ryu Seung-ryong and other actors without an acting hole, is expected to capture the hearts of the audience at once with its powerful chemistry and flawless acting ensemble.

The taste is alive!
Full of charm X full of personality!
A fierce battle with the left-handed idol Tiki-taka who doesn't know where to go!

The most powerful attraction of <Genre Romance> is the tiki-taka and delicious dialogues between the various characters, centered on the writer 'Hyun'. “It was perfect as the script was written with the ad-libs in mind. As Ryu Seung-ryong said, “It was a great script that only the lines given to me could be digested well.” As he said, actors without smoke holes perfectly transformed into characters full of personality, and pleasantly transferred lines with a lively taste to the screen.
In <Genre Only Romance>, which will captivate the audience with its witty, talkative movie in November, the entangled relationship of characters full of personality that makes you happy just by looking at them draws attention. In a difficult second marriage, double child support, and junior writers are coming up, but in 7 years without writing, Hyun is pushed to the edge of a cliff. A witty depiction of the relationship with The rough and cool relationship between the divorced couple 'Hyun' and 'Mi-ae' evokes sympathy, and the secret love between 'Hyun's best friend 'Soon-mo' and 'Mi-ae' adds to the tension of the drama.

In addition, the encounter between the unpredictable 'Garden' and the 'Bible', which undergoes a period of blockbuster-level storm surge, shows an unpredictable relationship and doubles the charm of the Tiki-taka horse-matt movie. 'Eugene', an aspiring genius writer, shows the relationship between a university professor and a writer he respects 'Hyun' and a priest at the main gaekjeon. 'Eugene', who consistently speaks of murder to the writer 'Hyun', is expected to stimulate the sense of crisis in 'Hyun' and give strength to the unpredictable development. Like this, <Genre Romance>, which will provide a variety of fun centered on the relationship between characters with unique personalities, will deliver a pleasant laugh to theaters in November.

The more you look, the more you fall in love!
Sympathy sniper X taste sniper!
Unpredictable variety of private life is revealed!

<Genre Romance> deals with a variety of relationships that anyone from teens to 50s can relate to. Director Jo Eun-ji, who revealed his intention to direct the film by saying, “I wanted to tell a story about relationships,” is a novel way to unravel the variety of relationships surrounding 'Hyun', including married couples, friends, neighbors, and priests. It wittily depicts a romance that can be sympathized with by each generation, from a divorced couple, a secret couple at one touch, a master disciple, a neighbor cousin, as well as unpredictable situations that are constantly encountered in various relationships. .

In addition, the movie <Genre Only Romance> is expected to stimulate the sympathy of the audience with a message about relationships and growth while dealing with romance as the subject of the title. In particular, what <Genre Romance> is trying to convey through the 'string' that stands at the center of a tangled relationship is most prominently revealed. The appearance of 'Hyun', who is twisted in work, love, and life, will also deliver a message of support to all of us who are struggling in various relationships. Ryu Seung-ryong said, "'Hyun' is a person who faces various situations that all of us can go through. I want the audience to feel the sympathy point of 'it's okay' even as it is now in various relationships," he emphasized, emphasizing the warm meaning of the work.

In this way, <Genre Romance>, which is melted into a story that arouses curiosity the more you look at the relationship that stimulates the sympathy of all men and women, such as family, lovers, and friends, is expected to completely capture Korea in November.


6 people 6 colors! Unique space design!
Contain the story of various characters!

As the production team said, “I thought it was a film that needed the concept and color of each character,” the production team's delicate efforts to express the charming characters of the movie <Genre Only Romance> melted into each space.

The apartment space where the artist Hyun, who has been in a slump for 7 years, stays is designed to be as complicated as his private life, where work and love are twisted. The first thing that catches your eye is the unorganized and stacked books around Hyun, who is sitting in the workspace. After releasing a bestseller to the world, it projects the dilemma of not publishing a new book for several years, as well as the story of his life, twisted in a variety of ways for 7 years, intertwined with his ex-wife, friend, son, and student. Here, furniture using dark chroma and heavy finishing materials is placed to express the frustration of 'Hyun', who is in an unresolved situation. On the other hand, the rooftop room, which is the space of 'Eugene', an aspiring genius writer, contrasts sharply with 'Hyun''s apartment. As he writes freely, the colors are bright and well-organized, so we took the concept of clean minimalism. Shiny props to match him who came up with brilliant ideas were also scattered throughout.

In the house of 'Hyun''s ex-wife 'Mi-ae', the key was to collect all of her colorful appearances, including work, education, and love. It had to contain the feelings of a woman who is a perfectionist working mom and a woman in love, and the traces of living with her ex-husband Hyun. For this purpose, although it is a house that looks a bit old, she set up stylish fabric furniture to give it a trendy feel, and succeeded in revealing her character living in various relationships as much as 'Hyun'. The production team put a lot of time and effort into the location to give 'Soonmo' an image worthy of the title of 'representative' of a publishing house that remodeled a hanok. The round and soft atmosphere unique to Hanok was judged to be sufficient to express his warm inner feelings, although his face is noir but his heart is melodramatic.

In the house of 'Garden', where she spends most of her time at home, a mysterious, four-dimensional picture resembling her personality is set. The illustration of 'Nana', Korea's first window painter, which is bright like a 'garden' but has a strange atmosphere, was selected. The room of 'The Bible' was completed in a familiar way like a high school student's space that can be easily seen around. As a key point, the violent gale raging by sprinkling raindrops on the window of the room perfectly revealed the heart of puberty. The production team, who built the character's charm through this detailed space design, foretold the birth of a character movie that shines with 100% chemistry, saying, "I think that a good combination can be achieved when the characters show their colors well and blend well with each other." .

Catch the chemistry! Pleasant and delicate angles and music!
It contains the relationships of characters intertwined with an unusual romance!

The colorful chemistry of the characters full of personality, which is the absolute charm point of <Genre Romance>, was completed with the efforts of the director and production team who paid attention to each part, from the angle of the camera to the music. Director Jo Eun-ji, who was in charge of directing, had a deep discussion with the production team to properly portray the twisted and entangled relationship of the six people. Thanks to this, he succeeded in capturing the delightful tiki-taka that permeated every scene and line on camera without missing a single moment.

First of all, the chemistry between various relationships was further enhanced with the sensuous filming of cinematographer Kim Tae-soo, who caught the eye in films such as <Sabaha> and <Miracle>. He emphasized the skillful atmosphere by using simple angles and lighting between the teacher 'Hyun' who started the co-writing and the disciple 'Eugene'. On the other hand, in Lithuania, the film's ending was perfectly completed with the warmest and most beautiful light by using an anamorphic lens by calculating the timing at which the sunset spreads most beautifully. The scenes of 'Mi-ae' and 'Sun-mo', who are secretly dating, mainly used neat frontal two-shots to focus the audience's attention on the sweet chemistry. When conflicts and crises arose on the love front between the two, the contrast effect was strongly applied with the headlights of the car to dramatically express the emotional contrast. 'Garden' and 'Bible', which will bring out the chemistry of their sweet neighbors, added dynamic fun by actively using moving shots to capture their plump relationship. The unpredictable laughter emanating from the energy of the two lively and free characters will enrich the fun of the play.

Music director Lee Dong-jun, who completed the soft and upbeat music of <Gift in Room 7> and <I Can Speak>, joined in. With titles such as 'Makjang' and 'IN THE RAIN' alone, music that evokes situational fun was inserted in the right place, raising the level of immersion to the highest level. In addition, all the music in the work is more meaningful because it contains not only the humorous situation of each character, but also the message that encompasses the entire film. In particular, 'Jinjinjara', a song sung by singer Tae Jinah at the karaoke room that 'Jungwon' sings, raises the attractiveness and understanding of the character with lyrics similar to 'Garden's view of life. In addition, the ending song 'Private Nanbonga', which immediately captivates the ears with its intense sound, is sung directly by the fusion Korean music band 'Singsing Band', which has been loved by innovative vocalist Lee Hee-moon. Afterwards, director Jo Eun-ji actively proposed the 'Private Nanbongga' completed with the voice of 'Thingsing Band' from the time of the script adaptation, and it can be seen that the director's sensuous touch was touched even in one piece of music.

First time in the country! Lithuanian camera!
A city of artists, the Uzpis Republic!

The movie <Genre Romance> was the first Korean film to have a location in Lithuania to recreate the 'Uzumi Republic', a country where there is only one day on April 1 every year. Ryu Seung-ryong said, "It's my first time filming overseas, and I had fun filming it. I think a beautiful and fun movie will be born,” he said, further raising expectations for the work. The artist village 'Uzumi Republic' in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a space that symbolizes the growth of 'Eugene', who is co-writing with the best-selling author 'Hyun', who has been in a slump for 7 years, and is an indispensable place in the movie. This virtual country, where everything is possible on April 1st, or April Fool's Day, is an ideal space for artists to work freely.

In order to bring the 'Republic of Uzupis' to life on the screen, the production team worked hard, such as filming in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and forming a one-on-one partner with the local staff. Director Jo Eun-ji, who was in charge of directing, said, “Actually, the team that runs the festival of 'Usofice Republic' has helped a lot, and it seems that a very cool scene was produced.” It adds to the curiosity of how the local scene was contained in it. In particular, the behind-the-scenes story of using props such as passports and flags that are actually used in the 'Uzumi Republic' to realistically embody the unique exotic atmosphere draws more attention. In this way, the work that was put in to beautifully portray the 'Republic of Uzupis' decorated the end of the work in a more meaningful way.

In this way, <Genre Romance>, which transcends language and cultural barriers and captures the beautiful scenery of Lithuania for the first time in Korea, succeeded in raising the level of perfection of the work. Not only is he heavily armed with a variety of cheerful laughs, but he is also expected to completely capture the hearts of the audience by adding a wealth of sights and messages.

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