(Korean Movies) Perfect Game, 2011

Perfect Game, 2011

Perfect Game, 2011
Audience over 12 years old
running time
127 minutes
cumulative audience


Into a world that wants to fight
Two men who threw their dreams, Dong-Won Choi, Dong-Won Seon, and Dong-Yeol Seon, a lonely and fierce confrontation!!

The 1980s were turbulent and unsettling.
Professional baseball was more than just a sport, it was captivating the nation!

Choi Dong-won of Lotte, who has established himself as the best pitcher in Korea with hard work and persistence!
And Dong-Yeol Seon, a genius pitcher who rises after Choi Dong-Won!
The world pushes the two people who used to be friends with each other as rivals…

Record 1 win and 1 loss, and on May 16, 1987,
The final confrontation between Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon, who had to live their dreams, is unfolding!
Choi Dong-won, who wanted to be a big mountain in front of Seon Dong-yeol. Seon Dong-yeol wanted to jump over that mountain

December 2011, the hottest game in Korean professional baseball history begins now!

[ Intro ]

The best big match in Korean professional baseball history!

Born in Busan in 1958
1977 Entered Yonsei University
1982 Seoul World Baseball Championship Winner
Joined the Lotte Giants in professional baseball in 1983
1984 Professional baseball MVP, multiple wins, strikeouts, Golden Glove Award for pitcher
“A victor with a cold tenacity” Choi Dong-won

Born in Gwangju in 1963
Entered Korea University in 1981
1982 Seoul World Baseball Championship MVP
In 1985, he joined the Haitai Tigers in professional baseball.
1986 Professional baseball pitcher MVP and 3 crowns (multiple wins, win rate, ERA)
Seon Dong-yeol, “Fun fortune with hot passion”

April 19, 1986 – Lotte 0:1 wins by Haitai and Seon Dong-yeol
August 10, 1986 – Haitai 0:2 Lotte wins Choi Dong-won
Relative record 1:1

May 16, 1987,
The final confrontation between the two men begins!

[ About Movie ]

The heartwarming true story of two men who threw their dreams into a world where they wanted a confrontation begins!
A fierce battle for the pride of Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon, the story behind it!

The touching drama <Perfect Game> depicts the hot battle between Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon, two men who threw their dreams into a world where they wanted a confrontation. The confrontation between Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon, the strongest rivals who dominated the professional baseball world in the 1980s, was a major event that shook the Republic of Korea in a time when division and conflict continued due to regionalism and academic ties. In particular, the match between Lotte and Haitai on May 16, 1987, which was the last of three matches between the two players, is the best match recognized by both fans and players to this day. The movie <Perfect Game> deals with the final match between Choi Dong-won and Seon Dong-yeol, who had to be forced into a confrontation in a tense situation of 1 win and 1 loss. This day's game, which determines the best pitcher in Korea, will lead to a fierce and lonely battle between the two men for 15 innings until overtime, and for 4 hours and 56 minutes, which will give the audience more emotion than sports in 2011.

Director Park Hee-gon, who was in charge of directing, not only reproduced the game of the day realistically, but also delicately dealt with the relationship between Choi Dong-won and Seon Dong-yeol, Korea's best rivals of an era. It depicts the hidden story of their rivalry that follows like the modifiers of Lotte and Haetae, Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do, Yonsei University and Korea University, along with their genius baseball skills. In addition to this, he also melted 'jealousy', an essential emotion that emanates from person to person, not from a player representing a team. The two players, who are so different from birth, personality, and pitch, respect each other, but also have a feeling of inferiority in them, 'Why can't I be like this person?' Director Park Hee-gon meticulously captured their human anguish and limitations, and even the primal jealousy they harbored like trauma.

The movie <The Perfect Game> is not just a sports movie, it is a human drama, but it also contains the agony of two men who were called the best, and will present the best moving drama that will decorate the end of 2011.

The best pitcher in Korean history, the iron-armed man Choi Dong-won & Mudeungsan bomber Seon Dong-yeol!
'The Sun That Never Sets' Choi Dong-Won and 'The Rising Sun' Seon Dong-Yeol
Korea's best rival, which cannot be avoided or beat, is revealed!

The movie <The Perfect Game> features Korea's best rivals Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon. The two players were legendary enough to make a mark in the history of Korean professional baseball in the 1980s. Two baseball geniuses born at the same time, regardless of their will, the times gave them names such as 'opposite' and 'rival', and looked forward to the confrontation, and their three games turned Korea upside down.

First of all, Dong-Won Choi, a player who received an offer to advance to the major leagues at that time, won 4 consecutive completes in high school, no-hits in 17 innings, 23 consecutive wins at Yonsei University, MVP of the Intercontinental Cup baseball tournament, 27 wins in the 1984 regular season, and 5 consecutive appearances in the Korean Series. He is the owner of an unbelievable record such as winning a championship. Seon Dong-yeol also entered professional baseball in 1985 and recorded the lowest ERA of 1.20, including regular season MVP in 1986, Golden Glove in 1988, and regular season MVP in 1989-90 the following year. have. The two, who are perfect rivals even on record, were close seniors and juniors before they were rivals. After the match, "The best pitcher who will lead professional baseball in the future is Seon Dong-yeol" and "I was able to come this far because I had a huge goal of being Choi Dong-won."

The movie <Perfect Game>, which deals with the legendary confrontation between two men who threw their dreams into a world where they wanted to fight like this, is attracting attention not only to baseball fans who witnessed the game at the time, but also to general audiences as well.

Beyond the economic depression and political turmoil of the 1980s, the perfect match that the people of the whole country were enthusiastic about is coming!
The best match in professional baseball history! The legendary game of that time is revived.

The 1980s was an era when the entire Republic of Korea fell into a swamp of academic ties and delays due to economic depression and political turmoil, and repeated antagonism and confrontation. Among them, professional baseball served as a breakthrough in exploding the emotions accumulated in people's minds. What all the people thought of as the comfort of life in overcoming reality by putting hope in every ball that baseball players throw and hit.

In particular, the match between Lotte Choi Dong-won and Haitai Seon Dong-yeol had a significant impact on the match itself. The overheated atmosphere at the time exploded the emotions of the whole nation depending on which team won. On the shoulders of Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon, not only their pride, but also the weight of the times that led to Lotte and Haitai, Yonsei University and Korea University, and Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do were hung on their shoulders.

The match on May 16, 1987, which is covered in the movie, was the last match to determine the winner in a situation of 1 win and 1 loss, so it was conducted in a tense atmosphere with the public watching.

The two completed a total of 4 hours and 56 minutes, including overtime, and finished 15 desperate fights. The result was a 2:2 draw. Perhaps it was the most appropriate and beautiful finale for these two legendary pitchers. On this day, Choi Dong-won threw 209 balls against 60 batters, and Seon Dong-yeol threw 232 balls against 56 batters. Considering that current professional baseball pitchers average 120 pitches, the simple number alone is a legendary record. Korean professional baseball has not recorded a fierce history any more since that day.

<Perfect Game>, which captures the legendary confrontation more like a movie than a movie, will show the best match in Korean film history by adding extra weight to their fierce battle within the game.

Korea's best young charismatic clash!
Cho Seung-woo & Yang Dong-geun, who have both acting and box office power, look forward to their fireworks showdown!

The movie <The Perfect Game> is drawing great attention from the audience with the news that Cho Seung-woo has been cast as Choi Dong-won and Yang Dong-geun has been cast as Seon Dong-yeol. Actor Jo Seung-woo, who is trusted by the people across movies and musicals, Yang Dong-geun, who is loved for his unique acting across the CRT and screen, and the two talented actors, each of whom have completely transformed into their own characters. This is what is being focused on.

Cho Seung-woo and Yang Dong-geun show 100% synchronization with the character no matter what character they play. Cho Seung-woo perfectly reproduced the appearance of Choi Dong-won, who had a solid body and gold-rimmed glasses, and was immersed in the role so much that it was impossible to tell if he was Cho Seung-woo just by looking at his facial expression and voice. Yang Dong-geun also made efforts close to possessing, such as intentionally increasing his weight and changing his hairstyle to reproduce Seon Dong-yeol in his prime. In addition, since this role is a baseball player, the two actors will focus on reproducing the pitching postures of Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon, and will show a perfect figure by repeating research on the expression and wind-up angle when throwing the ball.

In this way, Cho Seung-woo, who played Choi Dong-won, a cold-blooded victor, and Yang Dong-geun, who played Seon Dong-yeol, a ferocious passion, will further heighten the expectations for the movie with a sparkly performance match that is comparable to the real Dong-won Choi and Dong-yeol Seon.

The rich human drama surrounding the match of the day, the power of living characters!
Korea's representative actor Chong Dong-won, young and old, acting fiercely!

The movie <The Perfect Game> did not miss the rich human drama of the various human groups surrounding the two players, going beyond the tight confrontation between Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon to the match of the day. In particular, the performance of the representative actors of all ages and genders in Korea will capture the attention of the audience.

Choi Jung-won, who recently became a hot topic for the role of 'Ji-hye Yoon' of a just neurosurgeon in the drama [Brain], transformed into 'Kim Seo-hyung', a passionate reporter who covered the big match between the two players through <The Perfect Game>. As a catalyst that explodes the dramatic tension between the two players, she energizes the film with her unique boyish yet bold charm. Ma Dong-seok, a luxury actor from Chungmuro, plays the role of Park Man-soo, a second-tier catcher of Haetae, who has never played in a game, but is trying to become a proud father in front of his dream and family. . In addition, Jo Jin-woong, who has won the love of viewers with Lee Do's escort officer Muhyul in the drama [Deep Rooted Tree], brings joy to the audience with his unique comical acting as Lotte's hot-blooded 4th batter Kim Yong-cheol.

In addition to this, Son Byeong-ho as director Kim Eung-ryong, Lee Do-kyung as director Seong Ki-young, Juni, who captivated viewers with the role of Haydn in the drama [Beethoven Virus], and Lee Hyung-seok, a talented child actor in the drama [It's Tasty], are also among the leading actors of all ages in Korea. The other acting confrontation will provide the audience with a rich luxury acting feast of vivid characters.

Achieving 1000% replay?! May 16, 1987 VS December 22, 2011!
A comparison analysis of the actual game in 1987 and the real characters VS the game in the movie and the characters in the movie!

The movie <The Perfect Game> is a moving true story about the confrontation of the century that took place on May 16, 1987, but there are parts that are adapted from the actual game for dramatic tension. The same goes for the characters. Although the focus was on reenacting real people, the appearance of fictitious characters for cinematic perfection was an essential element.

In the case of Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon, real people such as Kim Yong-Chul, Kim Eung-Ryong, Sung Ki-Young, Kim In-Kwon, Han Dae-Hwa, Yu Doo-Yeol, Han Mun-Yeon, Jang Chae-Geun, Han Dae-Hwa, and Lee Soon-Cheol reinforce the characters and double the fun of the play. did it In addition, fictional characters such as Kim Seo-hyung, played by Choi Jeong-won, Ma Dong-seok’s Park Man-soo, and Lee Hae-woo’s Kang Hyeon-soo, were added to further upgrade the rich dramatic fun and tension.

The same is true for the match that took place on 16 May 1987. The result of a 2:2 draw in the fifteenth dreadful overtime was vividly reproduced based on the actual game, but the bench clearing scene that gives the tense tension in the movie and the home run of Park Man-soo (Ma Dong-seok), a former second-team player, were added cinematically. being a scene. As these scenes were reinforced, the tension of the game became tighter, and a moving element was added, making the film even more dramatic.

[ Production Note ]

The story of the birth of <The Perfect Game>, the relationship 30 years ago becomes a lifelong dream!
From the meeting of director Choi Dong-won and Park Hee-gon 30 years ago, to advice on shooting! Behind the scenes revealed!

The movie <The Perfect Game> is one of the most anticipated works at the end of 2011, as it perfectly recreates a match that has never been seen in Korean professional baseball history. However, the movie <The Perfect Game>, which was completed based on 5 years of planning and 2 years of screenplay work, unexpectedly started with a small dream that director Park Hee-gon had as a child 30 years ago.

Park Hee-gon, who was interested in baseball enough to be active in the Little Baseball Team in elementary school, was also a big fan of Choi Dong-won. One day, when he was young and passionate about baseball, manager Park Hee-gon met the legendary hero he had dreamed of in his heart, Dong-won Choi. Moreover, Choi Dong-won, a big star in baseball in the 80s, said, 'Are you a pitcher? Throw it once.” The two were able to meet because the coach of Little Baseball Team, to which Park Hee-gon belonged at the time, was a close junior of Choi Dong-won.
After that, director Park Hee-gon became interested in films and began to nurture a small dream of one day making a film about the story of Choi Dong-won, the hero of his childhood. This movie <The Perfect Game> is the work that made his long-time dream come true. In fact, director Park Hee-gon, who met Choi Dong-won and asked for permission to make a film, met Choi Dong-won again as a real main character and a film director, and was immersed in memories of his childhood. Choi Dong-won, who had not forgotten his childhood director Park Hee-gon, also said that he did not spare advice and encouragement for <The Perfect Game>.

The movie <Perfect Game>, which started from a childhood relationship and was made based on Choi Dong-won's active advice and support, is expected to impress the audience with a more realistic and perfect reenactment.

Feel the baseball game scene as it is! A feast of state-of-the-art equipment!!
Through various shooting equipment, such as trust cam and aerial photography, the excitement of the time is conveyed as it is!

The most difficult part in completing the movie <The Perfect Game> was how perfectly it reproduced the most intense game in Korean professional baseball history. Therefore, in order to transfer the background of the 1980s and the players of that time to the screen as it is, we met with the players and officials who participated in the actual game and gave in-depth advice to improve the realism.

In addition, in order to complete a realistic stadium scene that is different from other baseball-themed movies, we did our best to the limit of video replay. The trust camera was mobilized for the first time in Korean film history to capture a pitch close to 150 km/h on the screen as it is, a slider camera to catch even a baseball sucked into the catcher's mitt, pitching form, grip, and pitch as it is. In order to do this, even a high-speed phantom camera was used to complete the game scene with more excitement than the actual game with state-of-the-art equipment. In particular, in the case of the final match scene, which occupies the climax of the play, to ensure that there is no error, we spent a month and a half filming only the match scene.

Thanks to this, the game scenes in the movie <The Perfect Game> are more dramatic and tense than the actual baseball game. will be

What are their choices for a realistic baseball movie? special training! special training! special training!
All actors including Cho Seung-woo and Yang Dong-geun were trained by former national team coach Park Min-seok!

In order to provide an active and dynamic game scene that cannot be seen again in the history of Korean cinema, the first choice by the production team was 'special training', not the editing technique, CG technique, and double shooting that are mainly used in baseball-themed movies. The production team, who judged that there is a limit to realizing realistic game scenes with only editing and CG, tried to implement 'realistic game' in front of the camera cut one cut. This was the dedication of the actors and crew to show the audience a more realistic game scene.

Thanks to this, Cho Seung-woo and Yang Dong-geun received intense special training from coach Min-seok Park, a former national team player, from two months before filming to perfectly recreate the legendary pitching form emitted by the iron-armed man Choi Dong-won and the Mudeungsan bomber Seon Dong-yeol, respectively. Even players who took on the roles of Kim Yong-cheol, Kim Il-kwon, and Han Mun-yeon, who brought real people as they were, through group training, improved their baseball skills as well as the players.

This continued until filming was over. Cho Seung-woo came out earlier than the shooting time every time and devoted himself to reenacting the pitching form and had to take painkillers throughout the filming period.

The movie <Perfect Game>, which reproduces the perfect match scene never seen again in Korean film history with the fighting spirit of the actors added to the efforts of the production team, is a game that is more tense than it really is.

The intense filming site of <Perfect Game> reminiscent of a real game scene!
The baseball game scene that was more difficult than the action, the wounds of glory and the deep friendship that bloomed in it are revealed!

The most difficult thing about shooting a sports movie is that you don't just play sports, but that you have to implement the sport according to the script and storyline. This was also the case at the filming site of the movie <The Perfect Game>. In the case of the final confrontation scene, which corresponds to the climax of the movie, it was a high-level match that went down in history, and for a whopping month and a half, from the first episode to the last extended 15 episodes, the quality had to be perfectly implemented in every filming session.

Thanks to this, the actors had to throw, run, and roll more violently than in an action movie while maintaining their best skills every time they shot each cut. Unlike ordinary pitchers who come out as a starter and throw 100-120 balls and have a sufficient rest period, Seung-Woo Cho and Dong-Geun Yang threw hundreds and thousands of balls during the daily shooting, perfectly reproducing the pitching forms of Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon, respectively. will be. In particular, in high-level scenes such as vigorous sliding or actively bumping into a fence for defense, injuries occurred one after another. In the case of Jo Jin-woong, who took on the role of Kim Yong-cheol, he showed his fighting spirit with a crack in his ribs, giving a deep impression to his colleagues who were filming together. As the filming was so painful and intense that it would be impossible to proceed without painkillers, pars, and a hospital, the actors who worked together encouraged each other by sharing a friendship that was hotter than a comradeship whenever it was difficult.

The movie <Perfect Game>, which fills the scenes with the fighting spirit of the actors and the production team, is scheduled to show the audience the deep emotion and sincerity of hot men in December.

[ Special Tip ]

Dong-Won Choi and Dong-Yeol Seon, legendary records that cannot be compared with superiority!

Dong-Won Choi's Legendary Match

<The 31st Blue Dragon Flag Winner's Finals>
The first best match of the cast iron man Dong-Won Choi was the 31st Blue Dragon Flag Winners' Finals. The 31st Blue Dragon was definitely the solo performance of Choi Dong-won, a high school-level pitcher. Dong-Won Choi, who reached the final after a loser's game, defeated Gunsan Sanggo, the strongest high school baseball team at the time, recording 2 hits and 12 strikeouts, lightly winning the championship 3-0.

<Choi Dong-won, the legendary 4 wins! Game 7 of the 1984 Korean Series>
The second game that made Choi Dong-won a legend was the 1984 Korean Series. At that time, the match was an outstanding match that went up to the final 7th game, with Lotte and Samsung facing a tight 3:3 match. Choi Dong-won made five consecutive appearances out of seven matches that are currently unheard of in professional baseball. Not only that, he led the team to victory with a record of 4 wins and 1 loss despite the unreasonable climb. Leading the team to victory with only one power.

Seon Dong-yeol's legendary match

<The 1982 World Championship Finals>
Mudeungsan Bomber Seon Dong-yeol, his first and best match was the 1982 World Baseball Championship. In the first match, Seon Dong-yeol, who started the Korean team in crisis after losing 1-2 to Italy, the power of the lower-middle class, in the match against the United States and China, led to victory in both matches. Seon Dong-yeol, who started again in the final against Japan, blocked Japan's batting line until the ninth, and showed off Korean baseball to the world.

<86 Korean Series>
The 1986 Korean Series, when Seon Dong-yeol was two years apart as a pro, was literally a legendary season. Achieving the Triple Crown by sweeping the first place in all victories, ERA, and strikeouts. In addition, for the first time in Korean professional baseball history, he recorded an ERA of 0-point while filling regular innings, and even pitched more than 250 innings with only two home runs.

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