(Korean Movies) Parallel Life, 2009

Parallel Life, 2009
Audience over 15
running time
110 minutes
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921111 people


Someone’s life is repeating to me!
Seok-hyeon (Ji Jin-hee) was on the road to becoming the youngest chief judge. A beautiful wife and a cute daughter live a life that is not reproachful, but one day, his wife, ‘Yoon-Kyung’, is found dead and confused.

Kang Seong (Lee Jong-hyeok), who is Seok-hyeon’s law school classmate and has a crush on Yoon-kyung, takes the case voluntarily, and arrests Jang Su-yeong (Ha Jung-woo), who has been dissatisfied with Seok-hyeon’s ruling, as the murderer and ends the case in a hurry. . Meanwhile, Seok-hyeon, who was in disappointment, got caught up in a ‘parallel theory’ in which Seok-hyeon lives the same life as Judge Han Sang-jun, a person in charge of the case, by the reporter in charge of the case. You receive a shocking warning that you will be killed.

Graduated from Seoul National University Law School, appointed the youngest chief judge, and even killed his beautiful wife… Knowing that he and Sang-jun Han are living the same life until the date with a 30-year time difference, Seok-hyeon gradually becomes convinced of the parallel theory and begins to dig into the case of Sang-jun Han 30 years ago.
After 16 days, me and my daughter will die too!
Predicted fate or a fabricated conspiracy!

However, someone intentionally destroyed the data 30 years ago and even a journalist who helped the investigation is found strangled and killed.
To make matters worse, even Jang Soo-young, who was arrested for the murder of Yoon-kyung, runs away on the same day as the criminal 30 years ago… .

According to the ‘parallel theory’, 16 days later, Seok-hyeon and her only daughter will die.
Will he be able to unravel the secrets behind ‘Parallel Theory’ and change the predicted ending!

February 18th, everything you believed in is shaken!

[ Prologue ]

Parallel Life
1) Destiny rule: two people from different eras repeat the same fate with a certain time difference
2) The title of a mystery thriller movie that will captivate the audience with a fresh material called ‘parallel theory’ and a solid composition.

[ Parallel Theory Case ]

Repeat the same fate with a time difference of 100 years!
Unlucky President of the United States, Lincoln-Kennedy

The most representative examples of ‘parallelism’ are Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.
Lincoln was elected to the House of Representatives in 1846 and the 16th President of the United States in 1860. 100 years later, Kennedy was elected to the House of Representatives in 1946 and became the 35th President in 1960. Kennedy was expected to innovate like Lincoln, but was assassinated too.

In addition to these historically well-known facts, two men were assassinated on Friday, Lincoln at the Ford Theater and Kennedy in a Ford car, and a week before the assassination, Kennedy was Marilyn Monroe (actress) and Lincoln was Marilyn Monroe (nominee). The fact that it was there is presented as the main evidence of ‘parallel theory’ among netizens.

Moreover, netizens said that both Lincoln and Kennedy’s successors were named Johnson, and that Kennedy could also be assassinated because the two assassins repeated the same fate 100 years apart based on the fact that they were killed before the official trial. It is argued that there was only one.

The ambition of world domination, the fate of a repeated dictator!
Napoleon-Hitler challenged absolute power

Napoleon I and Adolf Hitler, who are remembered as conquerors or dictators who waged war to take over Europe, are also being talked about for their ‘parallel theory’, which repeats the same fate every 129 years. The French Revolution, in which Napoleon came to power, took place in 1799, and the German Revolution, in which Hitler decided to form the Nazi Party, took place in 1918. The defeat in the War of Waterloo, which is considered the main reason for Napoleon’s defeat, was in 1815, and the failure to defend the Normandy amphibious operation in which Hitler’s forces were hit was in 1944.

The two were so similar that there is an anecdote that Hitler found the tomb of Napoleon after the occupation of France. The fact that Napoleon and Hitler used their troops as bullets for their own ambitions and carried out genocide is also one of the common points. Hitler, infamous for slaughtering 2.5-4 million Jews with poison gas in the Auschwitz concentration camp for effective genocide under anti-Semitic policies. It is also known that Napoleon made poison gas from sulfur material collected from Haiti volcanoes while slaughtering more than 100,000 black slaves.

Announcing ‘Parallel Theory’ for the first time and breaking away from ‘Parallel Theory’!
Archaeologist, Frank Joseph-Icunacius

The ‘parallel theory’ was first introduced to the world by archaeologist Frank Joseph. Frank Joseph, an archaeologist studying the Atlantean era, discovers Icunacius, an archaeologist who studied the Atlantean era 100 years before him, and makes a surprising discovery while investigating it. He and Ikunachius were repeating the same life with a time difference of 100 years, not only in the academic part, but also in the date of birth as well as the daily life. Joseph discovered a shocking rule of fate that could not be explained by coincidence in himself and Icunacius, collected historical cases such as Lincoln-Kennedy, and published the theory on ‘parallelism’, which became a worldwide issue.

Frank Joseph, convinced that everything is repeating the fate of a character 100 years ago according to the ‘parallel theory’. In fact, Joseph had a heart attack on January 1, 2001, 100 years after Icunacius died of a heart attack on January 1, 1901. However, Joseph, who had prepared for the death predicted by the parallel theory, took the medicine he had prepared in advance and was revived.

[ Intro ]

Recurrence of events from 30 years ago, predicted death
If we do not solve the mystery of ‘parallelism’, 16 days later, I and my child will die!

Han Sang-jun case
January 5, 1979
Sang-Jun Han appointed as the youngest chief judge at the age of 36

January 9, 1979
Judge Han Sang-jun’s wife, Ko Eun-hee
Found dead in Mt. Acha

January 15, 1979
Suspect Yoo Hyun-seong arrested
Escape during the investigation!

January 31, 1979
Hyun-seong Yoo, Judge Han Sang-joon and son murdered

Kim Seok-hyun’s case
January 5, 2009
Kim Seok-hyeon appointed as the youngest chief judge at the age of 36

January 9, 2009
Judge Kim Seok-hyun’s wife, Bae Yoon-kyung
Found dead in Yongmasan Mountain

January 15, 2009
1st arrest of suspect Jang Soo-young
Escape during the investigation!

January 31, 2009
What will happen to Kim Seok-hyun and his daughter?

[ About Movie ]

Someone’s past repeats in the present continuous tense!
Fresh material that adds a sense of urgency, Pyeong, Line, and Ron!

[1Q84] by Haruki Murakami, which uses the ‘parallel universe theory’ that there is a parallel world in which I and another me live as the main setting of the novel. ‘Parallel Universe Theory’ puts [1Q84] on the bestseller list as a thrill that makes you look forward to the story on the next page while reading how the lives of people living in parallel worlds will find a point of contact.

The most attractive point of the movie <Parallel Theory> is also the material and ‘Parallel Theory’ that leads the drama of the movie. The shocking fate rule ‘parallel theory’ that repeats the same fate in different eras became a hot topic as real examples in history such as Lincoln-Kennedy (100-year cycle) and Napoleon-Hitler (129-year cycle) became known. Archaeologist Frank Joseph, who first published the ‘parallel theory’ to the academic world, also revealed that he lived the same life as a person (Ikunachius) 100 years ago, and the ‘parallel theory’ was controversial because of the fact that it can be applied to anyone.

Unlike the ‘Parallel Universe Theory’ in [1Q84], which has a strong fantasy character that crosses the dimension of another world, the movie ‘Parallel Theory’ adds a sense of urgency as a mystery thriller through ‘Parallel Theory’ in which someone’s fate is repeated to me now. . The protagonist, who finds out that he is caught up in the ‘parallel theory’, uncovers the secrets hidden in past events, and at the same time solves the double mission of trying to escape the death predicted by the parallel theory, it will stimulate curiosity beyond the simple finding of the culprit.

A solid story, a speedy development… More fun to watch!
A mid-style thriller focused on the HOW, not the WHO!

The mystery thriller <Parallel Theory> begins with the discovery of the main character’s wife as a dead body, but it is different from other thriller works. Rather than simply finding the culprit, it focuses on a solid storyline that reveals the conspiracies and secrets hidden in the events of 30 years ago and the present, and prevents the predicted death. <Parallel Theory>’s solid storyline and speedy development have already been recognized from the scenario stage. In internal monitoring of CJ Entertainment, which has presented a new role model for Korean films such as <Glamorous Vacation> and <Haeundae>, it has been considered as one of the most anticipated films by ranking first in the ratings only with the scenario.

<Parallel Theory> is reminiscent of the CSI series that has gained worldwide popularity as a development that reconstructs the case by focusing on the investigation process rather than the process of inferring who the culprit is. <Parallel Theory> is a film about how the next content (HOW) will unfold in the conspiracy and new truths that increase as the story unfolds, breaking away from the linear composition that is difficult to ask any more questions when the culprit (WHO) is revealed. It will visit the audience with a sophisticated mid-style thriller that continuously stimulates the curiosity of the audience.

The passion of the talented producers met!
<Parallel Theory> with a young sense of perfection

There are those who have added depth to the perfection of Parallel Theory, which is based on a solid storyline and the actors are outstanding. The first main character is the screen of <Parallel Theory>, which contains the emotions of the characters on a handheld screen of the shock and confusion of the main character who got caught up in the ‘parallel theory’. Rookie cinematographer Lee Jong-yeol completed the repeated past and present scenes as if they were the same, so that the ‘parallel theory’ was embedded in the video as well. Also, editorial article Kim Seon-min of Bong Joon-ho’s <Memories of Murder>, which boasts the best detail in the film industry, <The Chaser>, the highest box office thriller in Korea, <Spider-Man 3>, which grossed $38,170 worldwide, Nicholas Cage Music director Nam Soo-jin, who participated in the action blockbuster <Ghost Rider>, also joined forces for <Parallel Theory>. Editor Kim Seon-min, who also won the 3rd Asian Film Awards editorial award last year, expressed his affection for the work, saying, “Parallel Theory is a fun movie that is different from other thrillers.” Music director Nam Soo-jin, who is currently active, also said, “It’s even more meaningful because the first Korean film I’m working on is Parallel Theory.”

In February, <Parallel Theory>, met by a talented production team with young sensibility, will present the aspect of a high-quality thriller that creates a hot wind in the Korean film industry.

[ Production Note ]

From a single Internet article to a movie!
Two people from different eras living the same life as parallel lines? A ‘parallel theory’ that stimulates the curiosity of the viewer with just one sentence. The movie <Parallel Theory> was made into a movie, starting from a one-line internet article about ‘Parallel Theory’ with an unfamiliar but unique setting. ‘Parallel Theory’, known through the popular TV program ‘Mysterious TV Surprise’, was enough to catch the attention of the audience by itself. Parallel Theory, which developed into a four-page synopsis about the parallel life between the youngest chief judge and the village chief 400 years ago from a single line article, was later joined by director Ho-Young Kwon, who directed <One Day Suddenly: The Fourth Floor>, The setting is changed from the end of the old Han Dynasty to the modern and 30 years ago, and the scenario is completed. Through a number of scenario work, the tightly entangled story line in a subject that stimulates curiosity took the first place among 150 scenario monitoring results, making <Parallel Theory> a highly anticipated work of Chungmuro. <Parallel Theory> that started with a single article. <Parallel Theory>, which will unravel the unique subject matter and solid story structure that inspires curiosity, will visit the audience in the first half of 2010 as another mystery thriller following <The Chaser> and <Seven Days>.

100% perfect character matching!
Ji Jin-hee with soft charisma gets caught up in ‘parallel theory’!

Ji Jin-hee, who has shown soft charisma through various characters, seeks a radical transformation that overturns her image in the movie <Pyeonghae Theory>. He played the role of ‘Kim Seok-hyun’, the youngest chief judge whose life was shaken up by ‘parallel theory’. Kim Seok-hyun is a character who believes in his strong belief and cool judgment more than anyone else at the same time as being gentle. For this reason, the production team chose Ji Jin-hee, who has the image of an outsider, and perfectly matched the character. In the rehearsal filming that went through a more elaborate preparation process than the actual filming prior to the full-scale filming, Ji Jin-hee, who not only played the inner acting that went to the extreme but also the intense action reminiscent of a land battle, once again showed her acting spectrum through <Parallel Theory>. provided an opportunity to expand the Ji Jin-hee, who has already received high support from the audience in the pre-casting survey conducted in the scenario stage, and was chosen as the number one, is expected to show a perfect performance as if wearing the right clothes for her in <Parallel Theory> in February 2010.

Ha Jung-woo, the scene stealer of Parallel Theory?!
Ha Jung-woo, who has established himself as a representative box-office actor in Chungmuro by showing an acting spectrum like eight colors, challenges a scene stealer through the movie <Parallel Theory>. A scene stealer is a term used to refer to a supporting actor whose performance is as memorable as the main character. This modifier, which doesn’t seem to suit Korea’s leading box-office actor Ha Jung-woo, will be called a representative word for Ha Jung-woo after the movie “Parallel Theory.” It is planned to catch the attention of the audience by taking on the role of Jang Soo-young, a suspect who threatens Ji Jin-hee, who is caught up in a parallel theory that repeats the same fate as the person 30 years ago when the entire family was murdered. Ha Jung-woo, who plays Jang Soo-young, who holds the heart of the case even though it is a short film that does not appear in a few scenes, is expected to unfold a luxurious performance that leaves a deep impression on the minds of the audience by exuding intense acting skills. In particular, as he appeared on the active recommendation of his close senior and older brother Ji Jin-hee, he showed his efforts to build a new character that is different from the existing character, showing off his true scene stealer side. Ji Jin-hee, Ha Jung-woo. <Parallel Theory>, which draws more attention only with the synergy of the two actors, will heat up the theater in the first half of this year with a work that stands out as much as the unique material.

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