(Korean Movies) Paradise Murdered, 2007

Paradise Murdered, 2007

Paradise Murdered, 2007
Audience over 15
running time
112 minutes
cumulative audience
6th Korea Film Awards 2007


In 1986, all 17 islanders disappeared from an isolated island without a trace.
A mystery mystery drama that uncovers unprecedented events.

In 1986, a mysterious murder case occurred in which the body disappeared!
September 1986, when the world was buzzing with the Asian Games. A man's head was found in the sea off Mokpo.
As a result of the autopsy of the body, it is revealed that the owner of the torn head is a resident of Geuknakdo, an island located nearby. Detectives find bloodstains and broken radios that appear to be traces of a murder in what appears to be a power transmission driver's dormitory and a public health center, but they can't find a single body.

A month ago, the climax…
The hwatu board murder case, that was just the beginning!

Geuknakdo, a small island inhabited by 17 innocent islanders who seem to have no interest in going around the outside world. Horrible murders happen in this heavenly place. The morning after Kim's 70th party was held, the bodies of two power-transmitters were found. Deok-soo (Kwon Myeong-hwan), who was on the board with him, emerges as a strong suspect, but the case plunges into a labyrinth with his whereabouts unknown.

Found some kind of note related to the case!
And the development of the horrific serial murder case that follows!

In a chaotic situation in which all the islanders may be suspects or victims, the villagers, who are facing a murder for the first time in their lives, are eager to find out the culprit of the murder case, led by the head of public health, Je Woo-seong (Park Hae-il). only increases Meanwhile, Chun-bae (Seong Ji-ru), a school girl who accidentally finds a note related to the murder case, is frantic to find out the meaning of the note… …

What is the truth of the incident that the 17 islanders faced and the identity of the culprit?
And what was the note trying to say?

【 Incident Point 1. 】

The story behind the birth of the movie <The Island of Paradise Murder Case>,
A story that happened on an island 20 years ago is reconstructed!

The movie <Geuknakdo Murder Case> was reconstructed with the motif of a story that director Kim Han-min heard in the late 80s. Heard this through a village acquaintance, it is said that it was somewhat shocking that 'On an island, about 12 residents disappeared leaving only traces of a murder case and not a single body'. The background of this incident, 'The Secluded Island', was quite famous among the local residents for its unique shape of yeolnyeojeon and legend about it. It is said to have aroused curiosity about Director Kim Han-min, who usually liked Agatha Christie's secret room mystery play, heard the short story he heard about the shamanistic elements that can be easily found on the island of our country, and the incident where electricity had just started to come in and the walkie-talkie had to be the only means of communication. By combining the real situations at the time, a scenario called <Geuknakdo Murder Case> was born.

【 Incident point 2. 】

<Memories of Murder>, <Blood Nude>, and… … <The Paradise Island Murder Case>
That's why it's a Korean thriller!

<Memories of Murder> and <Blood Nude> have in common that they are rare Korean films that succeeded in the box office as a thriller genre. The two works are Korean thrillers that succeeded in communicating with the audience by directly or indirectly expressing the historical and social nature of the Hwaseong serial murder case in 1986 and the end of the 19th century Joseon Dynasty in the story and background, respectively. <Geuknakdo Murder Case> is also in line with the above films in that it is a work based on the Korean epoch and historicality.
The year 1986, which is the background of the movie <The Murder Case of Paradise Island>, achieved remarkable economic growth and the first Asian Games and Olympic bids. It was a time when questions were raised. In addition, the background of 'island', which could not receive the benefits of transportation and communication, is a space that seems to have compressed the social background of 1986, which was vertical and closed. The historical background of 86 years and the spatial background of an isolated island provide the motivation for the movie <The Paradise Island Murder Case> that took the lives of all 17 innocent islanders, and at the same time play the role of a strong suspect, adding weight to the story.

【 Incident point 3. 】

The fun of reasoning to untangle a tangled thread,
Let's meet in <The Paradise Island Murder Case>!

Detective novels, which have not been able to avoid a corner in bookstores as they have become a genre for some enthusiasts, are rapidly emerging as new bestsellers. Interest in the faction mystery represented by <The Da Vinci Code> continues to classics such as Agatha Christie, Conan Doyle, Van Dyne, and Allery Quinn, establishing a popular genre of mystery novels.
In addition, the republishing of mystery novels through leading domestic publishers is serving as a catalyst for a boom in the mystery culture. This phenomenon is also seen on the screen, and films of the thriller genre such as <Memories of Murder>, <Oldboy>, <Reconstruction of Crime>, and <Blood Nude> that make the audience feel the fun of reasoning have recently been good. getting a response. The reason why the mystery culture has come to such an untimely boom is that 'the unique fun of mystery novels perfectly equipped with emotional excitement and intellectual stimulation', as can be seen from the words of 'Allery Queen', the master of mystery novels. It can be explained that this is because it is in contact with the trend of the current generation who enjoys brain games. In light of this trend, the tense suspense of <Murder in Paradise>, which is a modern reinterpretation of the formula of a classic mystery play that uncovers the conspiracy through a mysterious murder case in a secret room and clues thrown in large and small, is intellectual play and brain power. It is expected that it will be enough to stimulate the keen reasoning psychology of young audiences who enjoy the game.

【 Point 4 of the case 】

It is the first time in four years since <Memories of Murder> that challenged the thriller genre.
10 million actor Park Hae-il's ambitious new work <The Murder Case of Paradise Island>

Park Hae-il, who has perfectly digested a completely different character for each work he has appeared in for the past 6 years since his debut, proved that he is an actor representing Korea in name and reality with his uncompromising performance in <Monster>, which succeeded in mobilizing an audience of 13 million last year. did it Although he showed his charm sufficiently in every work, his outstanding performance in <Memories of Murder> in particular left a strong impression. His mysterious image, which confused even the audience with an unknown expression even while being driven as a criminal to the last, made the suspense of <Memories of Murder> more solid as a result.
The production team chose him without hesitation as the director of the public health center, Je Woo-seong, a heterogeneous existence on the island of paradise, a secret island. He also showed an acting fighting spirit that did not spare himself.
Park Hae-il's next work <The Murder Case of Paradise Island>, which has not stayed in place on the Korean Peninsula for the past 6 years due to the challenge and acting transformation that is always one step ahead of the audience's expectations. Expectations are already high as to what kind of charm and acting he will show in this work.

【 Point 5 of the case 】

Hae-il Park, Sol-mi Park, Ji-ru Seong, Won-sang Park, Joo-bong Choi, In-moon Kim, Ahn Nae-sang…
Thorough character casting brought them together!

Park Hae-il, Seong Ji-ru, Park Won-sang, Choi Joo-bong, Ahn Nae-sang, Hallyu star Park Sol-mi, who have advanced to Chungmuro by accumulating their skills through the theater stage for many years, and Kim In-moon, who has been loved for a long time through CRTs, etc. It is also the pride of the murder case in Paradise Island that those who have established themselves in the main and supporting roles have gathered in one work. Those who unanimously say, 'It's shocking and interesting, and I decided to appear in the drama against a solid screenplay', are the people of Paradise Island who each have a conspiracy through the occupational groups and characters that are likely to exist in the island villages of the health director, female teacher, school sosa, and director. I took on the challenge of acting. In addition, the belief in the script is so strong that it is not a problem to be locked up on an island for several months and filming. It created a stronger compatibility, which is evident in the film as well.

【 Incident story 1. 】

The third protagonist – 30,000 li across the country in search of paradise!
From Gageo Island to Yokjido, Namhae, Goseong, Busan, and Paju, the location campaign!

The island 'Geuknakdo', which is completely blocked from the outside and traffic and communication due to the weather, is the third main character that amplifies the mystery of the incident. After the production team toured the country and spared no effort, they selected Gageo Island (located in Heuksan-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do) as the main filming location. In addition, the open set of Yeolnyeojeon, which adds to the mystery of the island, was filmed in 'Yokjido' in Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, and Lee Jang-jip, a space where the incident deepens, rented a whole house from a resident in Gainpo, Namhae. In addition, the cave scene, which is an important place in the development of the incident, is set in Sangjukam, Goseong, Gyeongsangnam-do, not only adds a mysterious atmosphere to the film, but also has beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery through about 5 national location campaigns, including set shootings in Busan, Paju, etc. It has completed a double-faced 'Geuknakdo' with a lovely landscape.

Since most of the filming was done on an open set on the island, the sudden change in the weather was nothing short of a disaster. Fighting Mother Nature and working on the filming, the production team had no choice but to focus on each and every day while listening to the weather forecast, and overcame difficulties with the best teamwork. The scale of the open set and the detailed and three-dimensional artistic devices given by the natural beauty that cannot be felt in CG or sets will strengthen the story and fascinate the audience.

【 Incident story 2. 】

Those days that the former staff created together
The spirit and appearance of the 1980s are alive!!

Set on an island in 1986 at the end of the Fifth Republic, <Geuknakdo Murder Case> is a work that is alive with the emotions and appearance of that time. Events and props from that era, now relics of the times, come alive throughout the film, from the news of the Asian Games medals appearing at the beginning of the story, the appearance of island villagers undergoing civil defense training, and the most popular program Humor.

In addition, the production team put a lot of effort into the detailed expression of art, costumes, and props, such as school buildings with “nurturing upright citizens”, classrooms filled with all kinds of propaganda phrases, and the yeolnyeojeon that you can easily meet on an actual island. In particular, in the case of costumes, the Republic of the 80s was naturally realized with civil defense uniforms, military uniforms, marines uniforms, and retro work clothes. <The Murder Case of Paradise Island>, which embodies the image of the times with delicate expressions, will not only stimulate nostalgia for the 80's, but also give the audience a different kind of fun as if they were riding a time machine and went back to that time.

【 Incident story 3. 】

All of Korea's leading actors are trapped on an island?!
Five months of shared life on the island!

In addition to Park Hae-il, Seong Ji-ru, and Park Sol-mi, the cast of <Geuknakdo Murder Case>, which features a large number of actors such as Park Won-sang, Choi Joo-bong, Kim In-moon, Ahn Na-sang, and Lee Dae-yeon, developed a strong friendship through 'life on an island trapped during filming for about 5 months'. It is said that he started filming after building trust with him. Gageo Island, the main filming location, takes more than four and a half hours from Mokpo Port, and ships come and go once every two days. . On a day like this, actors and staff not only use jegi-chagi and sea fishing, but also borrow the names of the characters in Seong Ji-ru's play like the 'Presidential Boat ○○ Gyeonggi', which is the background of the movie in the 80s, and hold the “Hanchun Boat Sports Competition” to make friends. said to be crushed

In addition, Park Hae-il, who has returned from his sweet newlywed life and went all-in on local filming, practices love for the staff by helping with the dishes at mealtime, while Seong-jiru, a delicate personality, travels around the island whenever he has spare time to find places to eat and work with fellow actors. It is said that she was loved by the staff and as an 'an actress (?) like an older sister'.

In addition, there were incidents that embarrassed the production team, such as the discovery of the body of a hiker who died of a staggering death near the filming site and the dispatch of the police. As such, it is said that the environment that is not easy to adapt to became a catalyst that made the actors' breathing more solid, and the excellent teamwork unique to <The Island of Paradise> became the best driving force to improve the perfection of the film.

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