(Korean Movies) Operation Chromite, 2016

Operation Chromite, 2016

Operation Chromite, 2016
For audiences over 12, for audiences over 15 (re-opening)
running time
110 minutes 141 minutes (Reopening)
cumulative audience
7051237 people
37th Golden Cinematography Awards 2017


On June 25, 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea by surprise, and Seoul was captured in just three days, and the entire Korean Peninsula was taken away within a month, except for the Nakdong River region. The Supreme Commander of the United Nations Forces, Douglas MacArthur (Liam Neeson), plans the Incheon landing in the face of everyone's opposition.
A success rate of 5000:1, an operation that is close to impossible.
There is only one thing that makes this possible: the road to Incheon must be secured.

Captain Jang Hak-soo (Lee Jeong-jae), a naval intelligence unit deployed to the North Korean spy operation 'X-RAY' under MacArthur's instructions, infiltrates as a North Korean soldier and begins to collect information while observing movements in Incheon. However, in the midst of being discovered by the Incheon defense commander Lim Gye-jin (Lee Beom-soo), Jang Hak-soo and his crew members are in danger of guiding the Incheon Landing Fleet for a one-day operation, one chance to change the charter. I'm on a worthy mission…

Secret joint operation that changed history
It started with them!

[ About Movie ]

September 15, 1950 at midnight, Operation Chromite
In the Incheon Landing Operation that everyone knows
A hidden true story that no one knew!

Seoul fell just three days after the outbreak of the Korean War, and retreated to the Nakdong River a month after the outbreak of the Korean War, and the operation to turn the tide at once begins in Incheon at midnight on September 15, 1950. Operation 'Chromite' is the Incheon Landing Operation. Along with the Normandy landing, the Incheon Landing Operation was recorded as the most successful amphibious operation in history. However, the movie <Incheon Landing Operation> illuminates the hidden true story behind the dramatic operation that everyone knows, and captures a new story on the screen.

<Incheon Landing Operation> is a war action blockbuster depicting the story of hidden heroes who risked everything to make the Incheon Landing Operation a success that changed the history of war. The movie <Incheon Landing Operation> is based on historical facts and is a cinematic imagination based on the true story of a naval spy unit who risked their lives to open the way to Incheon as well as secretly engaged in spying on North Korea to help the near-impossible landing in Incheon. It conveys a sense of dramatic emotion and urgency by adding a sense of scale and spectacle. General MacArthur's Incheon Landing Operation was a large-scale operation involving 75,000 Allied troops and 261 ships, but Incheon's waterways were narrow and the landing time was only 2 hours due to the world's worst tidal difference. It was an impossible operation with a success rate of 5000:1, which met with opposition from everyone. Nevertheless, <Incheon Landing Operation>, which depicts the story of the hidden protagonists who led the operation to success and turned the tide, will thrill the audience this summer with a heavy drama that resonates with the heart, a plot full of urgency, and spectacular sights.

They were the start of the secret coalition operation that changed history!
Hidden Heroes in Incheon Landing Operation

General MacArthur became a hero by leading the successful Incheon Landing Operation that everyone believed was impossible. However, <Operation Incheon Landing> turns its attention to the nameless Korean heroes hidden behind them. From the naval intelligence unit carrying out General MacArthur's spy operation 'X-RAY' against North Korea, to the KLO unit (KLO – Korea Liaison Office, a spy unit belonging to the Allied Forces composed of Koreans) that will help the Incheon landing with them, we are doing well. The activities of other heroes in the Incheon Landing Operation that were not known are revived through the screen.

Behind the success of the Incheon Landing Operation, which was predicted to have a success rate of 5000:1, there was the devoted sacrifice of the Koreans who risked their lives for the operation. An important mission to open the way to Incheon. Considering the situation in Incheon, where it is not easy to land with the tide, as well as to secure a waterway, opening the road to Incheon was in fact determining the success of the operation. And it was the Koreans whose names were not recorded properly, the main characters who secured the Allied sea route through the secret mission and lit the way to Incheon. They risked their lives and risked their lives to turn the tide of the North Korean military occupation of most of the Korean Peninsula, leaving behind their family and hometown. Director Lee Jae-han, who came to know about them through various materials related to the Incheon Landing, said, “The success of the Incheon Landing Operation was not due to General MacArthur alone, but to the actions of many unknown people. It was a great challenge in itself to deal with such a story, and it was a very meaningful work.” In this way, <Incheon Landing Operation>, which contains a great operation made possible by the noble sacrifice of those whose names and existence were unknown, will captivate the audience with the story of the hidden heroes who created the moment of reversal that overturned the tide of war.

The history of war will change here
A sophisticated espionage war that is differentiated from existing war movies!

<Incheon Landing Operation> delivers a new sense of fun and urgency, differentiated from existing battle-oriented war movies, as it centers on those who secretly conducted an espionage operation against North Korea to help the landing at Incheon led by General MacArthur. In particular, the tension between Captain Jang Hak-soo, a naval intelligence unit who hid his identity and infiltrated the Incheon headquarters under the guise of a North Korean military, and Lim Gye-jin, the commander of the Incheon Defense Force, who is persistently suspicious of his identity and remains vigilant, is the <Incheon Landing>. It becomes a viewing point that cannot be missed. In addition, the process of the operation of the spies trying to extract information about the Incheon chart and mines to avoid the eyes of the North Korean military is unfolding, which increases the intensity of tension as a moment of instantaneousness that you never know when it will be discovered. In this way, <Incheon Landing Operation>, which differs from the existing war movies with a meticulous espionage warfare that deceives and deceives each other behind the war and battle scenes, offers more vivid fun as it is based on the real naval spy and Kello units.

On the other hand, as it is set during the Korean War, <Incheon Landing Operation> completed a realistic image of the times and a large-scale battle scene through a large-scale set. In particular, the production team wanted to create a space where you can feel life even in the midst of war, not just a space limited to a battlefield. did. Here, the actors directly digested the tense chase and dangerous battle scenes in the play through basic military training, including how to use firearms, and continued filming despite injuries such as broken wrist and finger ligaments. In this way, <Incheon Landing Operation>, which completed the action scenes with a sense of scale and a sense of urgency by adding the extraordinary efforts of the production team and actors, will provide a spectacle of fun that you cannot take your eyes off of.

Hollywood star Liam Neeson
The first Korean movie he chose! A global project is born!

He received rave reviews for his sincere acting in the dramatic life of a real person through <Schindler's List> and <Michael Collins>, followed by <Love Actually> <Kinsey Report> and recently <Taken> series and <Titan> <Nonstop>. Actor Liam Neeson has captivated audiences around the world with his wide-ranging performances in romance, drama and action blockbuster. Liam Neeson, one of Hollywood's most famous actors and world-famous stars, will return to the screen as a real person once again by taking on the role of 'Douglas MacArthur', the commander of the United Nations Forces, in <Incheon Landing>.

Liam Neeson, who received attention from the casting stage for his first appearance in a Korean film, said, “The scenario was really good, and the theme and material covered by the movie were attractive. Above all, I was strongly drawn to the character of 'General MacArthur'. It was a great experience to get to know him while playing 'Douglas MacArthur'." Liam Neeson, who wanted to become the character perfectly, from the height and physique conditions similar to that of General MacArthur, to the posture, gait, and even a small habit of putting both hands in the back pockets through research on the data, is MacArthur's amazing synchronicity. He became the general himself. In addition, Liam Neeson, who added weight to the play with the dignified charisma and heavy presence of the leader who spearheads the operation, successfully finished filming the first Korean movie through perfect collaboration with Lee Jung-jae as 'Jang Hak-soo' and director Lee Jae-han. . As such, <Incheon Landing Operation>, which is attracting attention as a global project through the casting of world-class actors that could not be easily seen in existing Korean films, will be able to confirm the new truth of Liam Neeson, the top Hollywood star loved by Koreans, who was reborn as General MacArthur in the Korean War. It is expected.

Lee Jung-jae's heavy transformation, Lee Beom-soo's strong presence
Jung Jun-ho, Jin Se-yeon, Park Chul-min, Kim Byeong-ok, who have solid acting skills
Perfect smoke breathing and tight synergy!

<Incheon Landing Operation> boasts a strong cast with solid acting skills and perfect acting breath of Korea's representative actors, ranging from the best actors who add credibility with just their names to those that Chungmuro pays attention to. Lee Jung-jae, a popular actor who proved both his acting and box office success by leaving a strong impression in each of <The Thieves>, <Contemplation> and <Assassination>, took on the role of Captain Jang Hak-soo of the Navy's espionage unit. Lee Jung-jae, who shows a strong and unwavering appearance even in dire situations through the role of 'Hak-soo Jang', who secretly conducts an espionage operation to help General MacArthur's landing in Incheon, leads the center of the play with intense charisma and passionate acting. Here, Lim Gye-jin, the commander of the defense of the Incheon District, who took over Incheon, takes on the role of actor Lee Beom-soo, and shows off a new acting transformation. Lee Beom-soo, who has shown an unrivaled presence across CRTs and screens such as the movie <God's Move> and the drama [Triangle], has a sharp and cold appearance, creating a sharp confrontation with Lee Jung-jae, who plays the role of 'Jang Hak-soo', and presents a tight tension.

On the other hand, veteran actor Jung Jun-ho, who has been active in various works such as the recent drama [Junghwa] and [Iris] and <The Glory of the Family> series, is the Incheon area captain of the Kello Unit who helps 'Hak-Soo Jang' and carries out the espionage mission for the Incheon Landing Operation. Jin Se-yeon, who received attention through the dramas [Junghwa], [Doctor Stranger] and [Gakshi Mask], showed a different charm as 'Han Chae-seon', a nurse at an Incheon regional hospital occupied by the North Korean army. In addition, Park Chul-min, who is loved for his humanistic charm through numerous works including <Pirates: The Bandit Who Went to the Sea>, plays the role of 'Nam Ki-seong', a Navy spy unit who is like the eldest brother, and shows an energetic performance, Actor Kim Byung-ok, who has played a unique character through numerous works such as <Inside Men>, leaves a deep impression by taking on the role of 'Choi Seok-joong', a member of the Kello Unit. In addition to this, <Incheon Landing Operation>, which adds the performances of Kim Seon-ah, Kim Young-ae, Park Seong-woong, and Choo Seong-hoon, who adds richness to the movie through special appearances, is a perfect performance synergy of actors with different colors and a masterpiece that cannot take your eyes off the screen. will fill it up

[ Real Story ]

Incheon Landing Operation Plan
Initiation of amphibious operation and spying on Yeongheung Island of the Navy's intelligence unit
Captain Clark of the US Navy arrives at Yeongheungdo Island. Naval intelligence unit activity information sent to MacArthur Command
Ignition of Palmido Lighthouse and start of Incheon Landing Operation

#One. Beginning of 'X-RAY', an espionage operation against North Korea
'X-RAY', an espionage operation against North Korea, was an operation whose main mission was to collect information necessary for the Incheon Landing Operation by infiltrating Incheon with an intelligence unit under the Naval Intelligence Service based on Yeongheung Island, located off the coast of Incheon. With General MacArthur's decision to launch the Incheon Landing Operation, the Far East Military Command, which was stationed in Tokyo, considered sending US intelligence units to collect information, but due to the language barrier and the limitations of being unfamiliar with the local geography, this task is entrusted to the Republic of Korea Naval Intelligence Service. In response, Admiral Won-il Son, Chief of the General Staff of the Republic of Korea Navy, accepted the request of General MacArthur of the Far East Command, and secretly instructed the mission to collect information necessary for the Incheon Landing Operation. They will go to work as a crew member. The intelligence unit consisted of intelligence officers such as Kim Soon-ki, Jang Jeong-taek, and Lim Byung-rae, as well as Kim Nam-gyu, Jeong Seong-won, Park Won-poong, Cha Seong-hwan, Han Yu-man, Hong Si-wook, and six privates and seven civilians.

#2. The espionage operation begins in earnest
The intelligence unit, which departed from Busan Port in secret on August 17, 1950 and landed on Yeongheungdo Island, includes information on the deployment status of North Korean forces in Incheon area, supply lines and status, whether or not mines are buried in sea routes, topography of landing points, height of quay walls in Incheon Port, and defensive positions of North Korean forces. We collected titrations from the west coast, centered on Incheon and Wolmido. The intelligence unit, which is divided into three teams: Lieutenant Jang Jeong-taek, who is in charge of communication, security, and information analysis based on Yeongheungdo, and Lieutenant Kim Soon-gi, who infiltrates Incheon, etc. . Accordingly, Kim Soon-gi and Lim Byung-rae's team infiltrated downtown Incheon in disguise disguised as North Korean soldiers and civilians, and even approached under the guise of working people to check the coastal defense posture of Wolmi Island. The collected information was transmitted to the Far East Military Command through a team led by Captain Clark, a member of the Intelligence Bureau of the US Far East Command, who secretly landed on Yeongheung Island on September 1, 1950. And on September 14, the Far East Military Command, which had completed all preparations for the Incheon Landing Operation, issues an order to the Yeongheungdo Intelligence Journal to 'complete all missions and withdraw' as the Incheon Landing Operation is imminent.

#3. Naval Intelligence Unit Mission Fulfillment and Sacrifice
The intelligence unit, which was rushing to prepare to withdraw, received information that a battalion of the North Korean army was attacking Yeongheungdo. As a result, only 9 naval intelligence units including Lim Byung-rae and 30 naval volunteers remained on Yeongheungdo, under the command of Lim Byung-rae. fought fiercely against In order to escape the naval intelligence unit and civilian volunteers, six naval spies face the risk of being surrounded while their escape route is blocked. As a result, only Lt. Lim Byung-rae and Sgt. Hong Si-wook remained to block the attack, helping the rest of the crew escape and eventually the North Korean army. surrounded by However, just 24 hours before the Incheon Landing Operation, Lieutenant Byeong-rae Lim and Sgt. Hong Si-wook decided that the operation would be exposed if they were captured. Accordingly, the United States awarded the U.S. Silver Star on July 6, 1953, and the Republic of Korea, the Eulji Service Medal on January 4, 1954, to commemorate Lieutenant Lieutenant Byeong-rae Lim and Sgt.

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