(Korean Movies) Open City, 2007

Open City, 2007

Open City, 2007
Audience over 15
running time
112 minutes
cumulative audience
1600856 people
6th Max Movie Best Film Award 2009


The chaser and the stealer…
The unavoidable dangerous game has begun!!

A charming pickpocket with a beautiful appearance and provocative sexiness, 'White Rose' (Son Ye-jin). White Rose, who was staying in Japan, once again infiltrated Korea to escape the investigation network after a pickpocketing scene with bodyguard Choi Seong-soo (Shim Ji-ho) was discovered. Although she runs a tattoo shop with the tattoo techniques she learned in Japan, she burns ambitious to expand the power of pickpockets in Korea, and forms a new 'Samsung faction' to recruit Kang Man-ok (Kim Hae-sook), a colleague of her dead mother and legendary pickpocket. Working hard, starting with the Dongdaemun area, he begins full-fledged pickpocketing activities.
Meanwhile, Cho Dae-young (Kim Myung-min) is a natural detective who boasts the highest arrest rate in the wide-area investigation team that deals only with the worst violent crimes. He is ordered to join the police department with the pickpocketing team, but strongly resists joining the team due to his ill family history before the pickpocketing and having a 17-year-old mother. However, with a long-standing relationship with the head of the team, Oh Yeon-soo, and a feeling of repaying for his mother's mistakes, he sets out to arrest a pickpocketing organization.

Don't be vigilant.. Don't leave me alone..
And never love it!!

White Rose makes a lot of money after starting full-scale pickpocketing. Baek Jang-mi, returning from a successful work, is attacked by the 'twins' threatened by the Dongdaemun area, and escapes the crisis with the help of Dae-yeong, who is hiding in the area. Two people who are attracted to each other from the first meeting. However, Baek Jang-mi learns that Dae-young is a detective and disappears in a hurry. Meanwhile, Dae-young, who is examining the data on the pickpocketing convicts given by the head of the class Oh Yeon-su, realizes that the woman he saved is a white rose, and intuitions an unavoidable confrontation.
Whenever a Japanese expedition pickpocket incident occurs, a wide-area investigative team focuses on the activities of Rose, who was staying in Japan. Dae-young goes to find the rose in pursuit of clues. However, he is once again shaken by the fatal beauty of the rose that greets him, and he falls uncontrollably in her charm…

[ Open City _ Report ]

Korea pickpocket alert issued!!
Not long ago, there was a brutal incident where pickpockets at a subway station in Osaka, Japan, cut off the wrist of a victim and ran away when the crime was discovered. As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that the perpetrators were an expeditionary pickpocket organization made up of Koreans. It is known that they have been working with the Yakuza for several years, staying in Japan and engaging in pickpocketing. However, as the face and identity were in danger of being exposed due to this incident, it is presumed that he had infiltrated Korea again.
The Korean police also launched a full-scale investigation into domestic pickpocket organizations, and the recent surge in pickpocketing cases in the Dongdaemun and Myeongdong areas, as well as the changing form of collection and collection of pickpocket organizations active in the area, may be related to criminals who came from Japan. is judged to be. The National Police Agency formed a task force for pickpockets and declared war on the pickpocket organization in response to the sharp increase in the number of pickpockets during the year-end and New Year holidays along with the seriousness of the situation.

Inspector Oh Yeon-soo, the best pickpocket investigator in Korea, and the best detectives in the 2nd class of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit started a full-scale arrest of the pickpockets. The Metropolitan Investigation Team will go around Namdaemun Market, Myeong-dong, and Dongdaemun for 6-7 hours every day to start arresting pickpockets, as well as to find out the dynamics of former pickpockets in order to catch criminals who have expanded their power in Korea.

Crowded buses and subways, crowded shopping centers, and bustling city centers are a group of pickpockets targeting you. Never be vigilant. You are already a target in this city.

January 2008, your wallet is exposed defenseless!!


Cities exposed to pickpockets
The first real pickpocket crime action movie in Korea is born!!

The image of pickpockets portrayed in the movie <Defenseless City> is more frightening and intimidating than we have ever imagined. These are not solitary criminals who steal bags and run away, steal wallets through carelessness, or move alone for extra money. Centering on the 'CEO (organization manager)', they are members of the organization called 'machines (technicians who open wallets directly)', 'antennas (person who decides the crime target)', and 'wind (person who distracts the target's eyes)'. It is organized and thoroughly divided into labor like a 'company'. The amount of money they earn a day through crime alone amounts to tens of millions of won, and the amount of damage is enormous, but they are a terrifying criminal group that does not hesitate to threaten the lives of victims for their own benefit. In fact, the police also classify pickpocketing organizations as super-violent crimes, and are actively pursuing arrests through more in-depth planned investigations within the regional investigation unit rather than the local police station.
Like this, <Defenseless City> will portray the bold and threatening criminal activities of a pickpocket gang, which has never been covered in Korean movies, and the activities of the wide-area investigation team pursuing them. <Defenseless City>, which realistically depicts the reality of a pickpocketing organization and the pain and suffering of investigative agents through a thorough on-the-spot investigation, heralds the birth of a full-fledged action-packed crime action movie.

Masterpiece Acting Kim Myung-min VS Screen Queen Son Ye-jin
A hot battle that will excite Korea is unfolding!!

The movie <Unprotected City> drew attention even before filming with the combination of two actors, Kim Myung-min and Son Ye-jin, who are the best blue chips in Korea. Kim Myung-min, who was recognized for his best acting skills through <Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin> and <The White Tower>, and received national love. In the midst of numerous love calls in the film industry, the work that caught his attention at once is <The Unprotected City>. Jo Dae-young, a natural detective of the Metropolitan Investigation Team, who has an inner sadness due to a painful family history, adds rough action to his deep acting, showing a passionate charisma and masculine charm that is different from his previous appearance. Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin, who has established herself as the best screen queen of her time, takes on the role of the boss of a pickpocket organization that is 180 degrees different from the existing image, forming a confrontational angle with Kim Myung-min. The two met as a detective with the highest arrest rate in the metropolitan investigation unit and the leader of the pickpocket organization 'Samsung'. The story of having to engage in a dangerous confrontation as a chaser and a chaser, leaving behind the attraction of the first meeting, forms a tense tension throughout the film with the powerful acting of Kim Myung-min and Son Ye-jin. The combination of Kim Myung-min and Son Ye-jin, as well as their acting and transformation confrontation, is already exciting movie fans.

A new challenge beyond transformation!! Son Ye-jin & Kim Hae-sook
From an innocent beauty to a sexy femme fatale & from a national mother to a legendary pickpocket.

When you look at the pickpockets in <Defenseless City>, there are actors who make the viewers' eyes widen as much as their quick and daring skills. Son Ye-jin and Kim Hae-sook.
Son Ye-jin, who is regarded as the epitome of pure beauty, with her emotionally tearful acting. Only the intense eyes and sharp smile remain on the face that has wiped away the tears. Son Ye-jin, transformed into a sexy outfit that reveals her sensual body and provocative makeup, plays a sexy femme fatale that makes any man succumb to her fatal charm. In particular, Son Ye-jin creates a new character of a boss-type femme fatale armed with differentiated leadership and strong charisma from the typical femme fatale image shown in previous films.
Meanwhile, Kim Hae-sook, who has played the role of a loving and sacrificial mother through numerous dramas and movies, tried the biggest transformation of her acting career for over 30 years. I got to take on the role of a legendary pickpocket who is as rough and twisted as the harsh appearance of the short short skirt and shoulder tattoo in the movie. It is not easy to give up the image that has been loved by many people during his long acting career and make a decision about a 180-degree change. Kim Hae-suk, who shows strong confidence and affection for this transformation by saying, “I am proud of the challenge that transcends my age”
As much as the intense image transformation in the movie, she is preparing for the most spectacular flight of her acting career.

Cut it, take it out, and pass it on!!
The more you know, the more fun and scary.. Real Pickpocketing Encyclopedia!!

How long have we been exposed to crime defenselessly without knowing the reality of pickpocketing? But he said 'knowledge is power'. <Defenseless City> introduces flashy pickpocketing scenes that are close to a mystery throughout the film, raising the audience's awareness of crime. The technique of opening the zipper of a handbag or bag often seen in movies or slitting it with a peeler (= a pickpocket tool made with a razor blade) to extract money is the most common pickpocketing technique in everyday life, 'floor hacking'. And the technique of removing money from the bag of a woman who wants to board a bus or subway in a team of 3-5 people is called 'uplifting'. In addition, various techniques can be found in the movie, such as 'insole picking', which aims at men's inner pockets, and 'bridle picking', which cuts off necklaces by distracting the victim. However, the film does not simply list and show flashy techniques, but also details the organizational appearance and behavioral patterns of the pickpockets who perform them, so that the audience can recognize the crimes of pickpockets that they can face in everyday life.
Pickpocketing is said to be the crime with the lowest reporting rate because most people give up because they think they will never be able to find the stolen money or pass it on with fear or indifference that it has nothing to do with the crime scene. And the behavior of these people is the biggest reason that pickpocketing continues. However, if you experience the vivid world of pickpocketing introduced by the movie <The Defenseless City>, you will not only realize the seriousness and danger of pickpocketing, but also take the lead in crime prevention.

[ Character Battle ]

Wide Area Investigation Team VS Pickpocket Organization
A huge black city… A fierce battle ensues

Sentinel guarding the city of crime. Korea's FBI, the best investigative agent, wide area investigation team!!
Team 2, an investigative team dedicated to organized crime among the wide-area investigation units that deal only with the worst violent crimes.
Leader Oh Yeon-soo (Son Byung-ho), who had been active in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's pickpocket team (aka company class) in the past, gathered to arrest a pickpocket organization whose power has expanded to Japan as well as downtown Seoul around Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, and Myeong-dong. Now, powerful investigators are stepping out to keep the city defenseless and exposed to pickpocketing crimes.

Korea's best pickpocket arrest expert _ Director Oh Yeon-su
After an international pickpocket organization that used to be active in Japan as the best pickpocket investigator in Korea infiltrated Korea, the police are dispatched to take charge of the pickpocketing squad along with the full-scale police investigation. He shares a warm friendship with Cho Dae-young, and he eventually persuades Dae-yeong, who resists the introduction of the pickpocket task force, and leads the arrest of an international pickpocket organization with elite investigative agents.

Cho Dae-young, a gifted detective with the highest arrest rate
A detective with outstanding talent with the highest arrest rate even within the metropolitan investigation team. In order to hide the inner sadness caused by a painful family history, he goes out to arrest the criminal more passionately than anyone else. As he is sent to the pickpocket task force to arrest a group of corporate pickpockets who make a lot of money through brutal methods and international networks, he meets 'White Rose', the boss of a Samsung group who commits crimes between Japan and Korea, and has a fateful confrontation.

Hong Chang-hwa, an elite detective with ambition and passion
Hong Chang-hwa, who belongs to the 2nd class of the Metropolitan Investigation Team, is an elite detective who analyzes the case with Cho Dae-young. His ambition and passion shine even more at the scene, and when the criminal is arrested, he shows a 180-degree change with rough and powerful action.

Franken, a tough detective with a pure heart
His name is Park Byung-cheol, who is the same age as Dae-young. Because of his resemblance to Frankenstein, he is called 'Franken' rather than his name. With a playful and pure personality, he energizes as an atmosphere maker in the wide-area investigation team. However, when investigating a case, he shows a serious side that no one can follow, and he takes the lead and subdues criminals at the scene.

Divide, take out, and pass… Ghost-like hand technique 'Samsung wave'
With Baek Jang-mi, the leader of the 'Samsung faction' organization that carries out pickpockets between Korea and Japan, the crime of pickpocketing becomes more daring and corporate. The White Rose faction, which infiltrated Korea again after the Japanese expedition, continues to expand its power by removing the 'Twins' and 'Myeongdong', which have previously dominated Dongdaemun and Myeong-dong, in turn. In the midst of devising a scheme to attract even the legendary pickpocket's godmother, Kang Man-ok, and burning her ambition to expand her power… Declaring war on pickpockets, they will engage in an unavoidable all-out war with the wide-area investigators who have been arrested.

Sexy femme fatale pickpocket boss White Rose
The leader of the 'Samsung faction', an international pickpocket organization that carries out pickpocketing between Korea and Japan under the protection of the Japanese Yakuza. She is a femme fatale with strong guts to fight bloody battles with other organizations to grow her own organization, and with intense charisma and provocative sexiness that does not choose any means for the purpose. However, after escaping the crisis with the help of Jo Dae-young, he is drawn to him at first sight and plays a dangerous game with Jo Dae-young.

Legendary pickpocket expert Kang Man-ok who can even steal the president's wallet
With 17 crimes prior to pickpocketing, he earned a reputation as the best engineer in the industry that no one could touch. After being released from prison, he tries to wash his hands cleanly despite all kinds of conciliation, but in the end, he decides to transfer his technology to the 'Samsung School' organization in order to cure his body ailing from diabetes complications, and receives financial help from Rose.

Choi Seong-soo, the bodyguard of White Rose and the antenna of 'Samsung Wave'
As a member of the gang who watches during pickpocketing, in a crisis situation where he is likely to be arrested by detectives, he swings a dagger to secure it from the escape of the machine. He is also the bodyguard and right arm of White Rose, the boss of the organization. He likes a white rose as a woman, but he only watches her sideways in danger, who is attracted to detective Jo Dae-young.

Sharp hand technique Samsung's machine. Yongsu Son
A selfish and cunning Samsung-type machine. I want to be the best machine, but I always struggle with skills that are 2% insufficient. Because of his petty greed, he often secretly steals the money he worked on and does not get recognition from the rose.

Samsung's 'Wind'. Wonjong Lee
When a machine pickpockets, the 'wind' that helps the machine distracts people's attention and helps the machine to work easily. Showing a fantastic chemistry with the machine Son Yong-soo, he is a bit bluffing, but he is the atmosphere maker in the organization who contributes the most to improving teamwork.

Two brutal brothers from the Dongdaemun twins. Hong Yong-taek & Hong Ki-taek
Hong Yong-taek and Hong Ki-taek, the 'twins' who have taken over the Dongdaemun area that had previously been occupied by the expansion of the 'Samsung faction' of the White Rose. The cowardly and clumsy twin brother 'Hong Ki-taek' and the cruel twin brother 'Hong Yong-taek' who are looking for an opportunity to attack the rose to rebuild the organization after being released from prison. With a greedy desire to reclaim Dongdaemun, he begins to plot a brutal scheme to defeat the Samsung faction.

[ Production Note ]

Actors' passionate character transformation
Pickpocket specialist investigators, former pickpockets, tattooists, etc.. All kinds of advisors are dispatched!!

1. Listen to the best experts – the real world of pickpocketing
As <Defenseless City> contains the organized crime of pickpocketing and the activities of a wide-area investigative team to track it, it was essential for all actors to have knowledge of the characteristics and methods of pickpockets, as well as knowledge of the pickpocket arrest site. So, the person who was invited to be the teachers of the actors was Oh Yeon-su, the head of the Namdaemun Police Station. He is the only professional pickpocket investigator in Korea with a license and is the best expert with 18 years of experience in pickpocketing arrests. The relationship with director Lee Sang-gi, who was with him from the screenplay stage, gave the actors a vivid feeling of the pickpocket arrest scene.

2. It is absolutely forbidden to enter the field. Demon-like skills..Learn the technique of sleeves !!
On the other hand, the actors who took on the role of pickpockets were able to learn pickpocketing skills directly from the former pickpockets through the arrangement of class leader Oh Yeon-soo. Actors who have learned various pickpocketing techniques from the basics of handling Phil. In the case of Kim Hae-sook, he was so focused on practicing that he did not let go of the pen for even a moment, and suffered a deep wound on his wrist due to a razor blade. Son Ye-jin, as a technician with the best skills in the play, was praised enough to go out to the field during the practice period from a former pickpocket, which is said to be due to her not neglecting to practice in her spare time to learn the feeling of 'feel'.

3. Beautiful technical tattoo!! Beauty starts with posture!!
In the case of Son Ye-jin, as she runs a tattoo shop in the play, she had to learn tattoo techniques as well. In particular, the character of the white rose, who has provocative sexiness in the play, shines even more when tattooed, so Son Ye-jin not only has tattoo skills, but also the shape of the hand holding the tattoo needle, the position of the legs when working, the angle of the shoulder, etc. He also had to put a lot of effort into learning the tattooing posture that could show off his elegance and grace. Son Ye-jin, who completed the rigorous training process by tattooing the calf of a professional tattooist, perfectly transformed into a beautiful and sexy tattooist, showing off a different beauty that was not seen in any movie.

The strongest investigative agent, living together with the wide area investigation team
The reality of the pickpocket arrest scene is perfectly reproduced!!

In the fall of 2004, director Lee Sang-ki, who wanted to deal with the story of pickpockets in earnest, recklessly went to the best pickpocket arrest expert, Chief Oh Yeon-soo, and the movie <Defenseless City> began. Director Lee Sang-ki, who was working at the Incheon Metropolitan Police Department at the time, met with a long conversation that lasted 7 hours from the first meeting. I dreamed of a new 'detective film'. It took 6 months to go to the scene with the wide-area investigators who took on only the worst violent crimes that could be called the FBI of Korea and boast the best investigative power, and roamed the streets to arrest pickpockets together for 6 months. Director Lee Sang-ki, who watched the lives of a pickpocketing organization employing dangerous and daring techniques and the local police officers chasing them, completed the scenario of <Unprotected City>, which is full of vivid field experiences, in more than two years, and is the first real pickpocket crime action in a Korean film. As a film, it is preparing to meet the audience.

It goes beyond a simple set function and refers to a character!!
Dae-Young Cho's Wide Area Investigation Team VS White Rose's Hideout Tattoo Shop

The sparking confrontation between the large-area investigation team and the pickpocket organization in the movie <Unprotected City> reveals the characteristics of the organizations, from the set of the regional investigation team representing each organization and the tattoo shop set run by White Rose. First of all, the wide area investigation unit set, which perfectly reproduces the actual interior such as desks and office equipment through on-site investigation, was decorated in gray tones to express the strong and cool image represented by Dae-young Cho. Among them, Jo Dae-young's office space gives a lot of sense of space and expansiveness, expressing the inner conflict of being attracted to the white rose as an empty feeling.
On the other hand, the tattoo shop run by Rose White is as glamorous as her beautiful appearance. The living room that welcomes guests is bright red, the treatment room, which is also a space to seduce Jo Dae-young, is decorated in dreamy purple, and the bedroom is decorated in a fascinating wine color. . The tattoo shop, which is luxuriously decorated with expensive props such as a picture of the Cheonshui Guanyin statue priced at 3 million won and a crystal fishing port, will provide another attraction to enjoy <Defenseless City>.

music… Talk about action!!
From rock with strong beats to classical violin melodies.. Fantastic harmony with each character's action

<Defenseless City>, which will present splendid spectacles with action-packed action, through a confrontation between the wide-area investigation team and the pickpocket gang. Martial arts director Shin Jae-myung, who has directed intense and powerful action scenes in the movies <Life Decision>, <Mean Street>, <Sunflower>, and <Wood>, made the characters in the movie stand out even more through action. Especially <… He showed a fantastic compatibility with music director Lee Wook-hyeon, who had shown in-depth movie music through <Hongbanjang> and <Sunflower>, and showed a higher level of action in harmony with various music. Daeyoung's fast and agile action was expressed through his three-step action, which is his main skill in harmony with bright and cheerful music. In addition, the rough action of the wide-area investigative team, the strongest investigative agents, further doubles the power along with the strong beat of rock music. In the case of Shim Ji-ho, who takes on the role of Choi Seong-soo, Baek Rose's bodyguard, who is in charge of another action in the film, he expresses his own action characteristic of overpowering opponents with a sharp and delicate appearance with a soft and elegant violin melody that goes well with his sharp and delicate appearance, expressing restraint and beauty. are adding Boasting a fantastic blend of music and action, the movie <Unprotected City> will provide a delight to the eyes and ears.

A companion through the history of film shooting, a friendship that does not change over the years
Gorgeous encounter between Shin Ok-hyun & Seo Jeong-min, cinematographer!!

Director of Photography Shin Ok-hyeon, who has shown powerful action scenes through <Fighter of the Wind> and <Holiday>, and has been directing videos full of dignity over the years. In charge of the video of <Unprotected City>, the action-packed action in the movie was captured in a fluid screen. However, another person who cannot be left out in the splendid video of <Unprotected City> is cinematographer Seo Jung-min. Cinematographer Seo Jung-min, who is a senior cinematographer, said that it is her natural role as a senior in the film industry to help her by participating in good works in the difficult market situation of Korean films and her friendship with cinematographer Shin Ok-hyeon, who has been protecting the film set for many years. > willingly accepted the second camera. The two cinematographers, who have been together as partners over the years, shared the roles of cinematographer Shin Ok-hyeon for exhilarating action scenes and director Seo Jeong-min for dramatic scenes that required the actors to express their deep emotions. Through <Unprotected City>, you will be able to meet a special video that harmonizes the splendid action and emotional drama of the two cinematographers with their individuality and skill.

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