(Korean Movies) On the Line, 2021

On the Line, 2021

On the Line, 2021
Audience over 15
running time
109 minutes
cumulative audience
1426357 people


Just one call!
The moment I got caught, I got caught!

A phone call from Busan construction site workers.
From my daughter's hospital bill to apartment payment due to a voice phishing call,
Thousands of people lose money like their lives on the same day.

A former detective Seo-jun (Byun Yo-han), the head of the field work group, sets out to recover 3 billion won in money from his family and colleagues.
Start tracking voice phishing organizations.

Seo-jun, who finally succeeded in infiltrating the call center in China,
Securing personal information, putting the script in the planning office, asking for a withdrawal book, working at a currency exchange office, and even a large-scale call center!
Surprised by the systematically organized scale of voice phishing,
There, he finally encounters Kwak Pro (Kim Mu-yeol), the head of the planning department and the protagonist of the voice that digs into the hopes and fears of the victims.

And he finds out that he is planning a new all-out war worth 30 billion won…

The reality of highly organized voice phishing beyond imagination!
Follow it to the end and you will surely find it back!


The moment I got caught, I got caught!
There are victims, but the perpetrators are nowhere to be found!
Korea's first voice phishing real crime action!

In September 2021, Korea's first real crime action movie based on voice phishing is coming. In the movie <Voice>, ‘Seo-Jun’ (Byun Yo-Han), who lost everything after being caught in the trap of a voice phishing organization, infiltrates a stronghold in China to recover the stolen money, and meets ‘Kwak Pro’ (Kim Mu-Yeol), a voice phishing designer. criminal action. <Voice> is the first real crime action movie in Korea based on voice phishing that everyone knows but no one knows about its reality.

According to the announcement of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, the amount of damage and the number of cases of voice phishing in 2020 amounted to 700 billion won and 39,713 cases, respectively. Among them, the refund rate for the amount of damage was about 48.5%, and half of the victims did not receive relief for the amount of damage. Recently, due to COVID-19, non-face-to-face phishing cases have been on the rise through various methods such as disaster relief funds and loans to small businesses, and voice phishing is taking root more deeply in our lives.

In the early days of the crime, those who simply called and asked for cash are now fully impersonating public authorities and conducting advanced operations using smartphone applications and SNS messengers. As a result, the number of victims is increasing day by day, but it has become more difficult to find the perpetrators who are hiding behind the voices of doubt. <Voice> created a differentiated criminal action based on voice phishing, a crime that has evolved along with the development of technology. In particular, the process in which the victim, Seo-Jun, jumps directly into the world of voice phishing and digs up everything gives a creepy sympathy and exhilarating catharsis. In the background of the world of voice phishing that has never been seen in Korean movies, <Voice> will present unique criminal action.

As such, <Voice> is the first movie in Korea that was created by combining the genre of real crime action and the close and fatal crime of voice phishing. Is expected.

Dive into your home base to get to know your enemy
The reality of massively organized voice phishing
reveal all

Over the past decade, the voice phishing organization's methods have been advanced, and unimaginably elaborate plans are launched to catch suspicious and suspicious victims. <Voice> is an interesting film that delves into the deepest part of the world of voice phishing that has been veiled for so long.

<Voice> begins with Seo-joon, who became a victim of a large-scale voice phishing attack targeting construction site workers in Busan, infiltrating the stronghold of voice phishing to find the perpetrator and recover 3 billion won from his family and colleagues. The voice phishing stronghold that Seo-Jun witnesses completely overturns the expectations of the audience, who had previously thought that they would fool their opponents with just a few phones. The existence of a large and densely organized voice phishing organization makes it difficult to see if there is any way we can escape from this crime. They illegally supply personal information suitable for so-called voice phishing crime planning, and those who are close to financial experts complete the realistic script. The emergence of large-scale call centers that snatch victims in an instant using a camouflage application, a camouflaged website, which can be deceived by anyone, explains why voice phishing crimes are on the rise no matter how careful or suspicious we are.

<Voice> shows the audience the secrets of this world by following Seo-jun who infiltrated the call center, the home of voice phishing. Director Kim Seon and Kim Gok, who directed the film, said, “Voice phishing crimes are so complex and extensive that it was impossible to capture them all in a 109-minute film.” He worked tirelessly to capture everything about phishing. In particular, from A to Z of voice phishing, such as the process of planning a voice phishing operation, the appearance of so-called 'voices' who practice it, and the movement of systemized cash withdrawals, every detail from A to Z of voice phishing is revealed in the movie, raising an alarm about the Korean voice phishing crime and giving the audience attention. It will give you the fun of experiencing a new world.

Byun Yo-han, Kim Mu-yeol, Kim Hee-won, Park Myung-hoon
100% combination of freshness met in the crime action genre

<Voice> tells the story of the existence and breathing of characters full of personality, such as the victim Seo-jun (Byun Yo-han), the head of the headquarters planning office, Kwak Pro (Kim Mu-yeol), the intelligent crime investigation team leader Lee Kyu-ho (Kim Hee-won), and the absolute watcher of the call center, Cheon (Park Myung-hoon). It is a film that will be a powerful spectacle with fresh crime action created.

Seo-jun, a victim of voice phishing, risks his life for his family and colleagues and infiltrates the stronghold of voice phishing. Actor Byun Yo-han, who threw himself down for the movie, was perfect for the role of Seo-joon, who does nothing to find the voice of lawyer Kim Hyeon-soo, who only took everything from him. Seo-jun had to digest the most action scenes in the play. From the fight with the enemies in a swarm, to the rough chase scene from jumping off the roof of the building and climbing up the elevator, Byun Yo-han surprised everyone by digesting most of the action himself. Actor Kim Mu-yeol took on the role of Kwak Pro, who heralded the birth of a new villain that has never been seen before. Kwak Pro is a difficult character who has to show deep desire, coolness, and sophisticated evil in every line. Through constant thought and research, Kim Moo-yeol has created a new villain outside the typical villain who is attractive while uttering creepy words. Director Kim Seon and Kim Gok are saying that they thought that actor Kim Moo-yeol was really lucky to take on the role of Pro Kwak.

Kim Hee-won, who takes on the role of Kyu-ho Lee, an intelligent crime investigator who wants to root out the roots of voice phishing crimes, seeks advice from real detectives for the role, and if I am a real detective, I am deeply concerned about how to investigate and catch voice phishing crimes. immersed in Kim Hee-won, who had thought about how to get rid of voice phishing from the moment she first read the scenario, completely melted into the role of Lee Kyu-ho, who honestly carries out her mission to sweep the voice phishing organization while touching the victims' feelings of injustice. made it solid. Lastly, Park Myung-hoon, who shows the most distinct personality in Chungmuro, took on the role of Director Cheon, the absolute watcher of the call center. If Pro Kwak is the brain of the voice phishing base, Director Cheon takes on the role of limbs and leads the organization by creating a fearful atmosphere. Park Myung-hoon added his own color to the character of General Manager Chun by setting an ambiguous hairstyle that makes it difficult to know the nationality directly, and applying his characteristic intense eye smoke.

Byun Yo-han said, "Even if we didn't speak, we knew each other's positions accurately. Thanks to that, I was very happy while acting.” He said that the fresh combination of the four characters full of personality and the perfect chemistry of the four actors were excellent. In this way, <Voice> raises expectations that Byun Yo-han, Kim Mu-yeol, Kim Hee-won, and Park Myung-hoon, who newly met on the screen, will reveal their unique charms and fully demonstrate their synergy.

All citizens are targeted
Victims are there, but the perpetrators are nowhere to be found
'Voice Phishing Vaccine' Movie Must-See in 2021

While voice phishing crimes infiltrate our lives with more sophisticated methods every year and cause hundreds of billions of won in damage, <Voice> is drawing attention as the first real crime action film in Korea that digs into the reality of voice phishing that is growing every day.

Director Kim Seon and Kim Gok, who directed the film, said, "Anyone can be a target for voice phishing, but ironically, it is not easy to find the perpetrators." In fact, even the main actors of the movie <Voice> revealed that there was a risk of being exposed to a voice phishing crime. Byun Yo-han said, "A few days after reading the script for <Voice>, I received a text message from my family asking for money in my manager's name." mentioned Kim Mu-yeol and Kim Hee-won also said, "I received a text message from my family asking for money in my name," and "I actually called in the name of an acquaintance I was with and asked for money urgently." The dangers of voice phishing crimes were reported. Park Myung-hoon also said, "There was a time when a voice phishing call came to my family asking for money, saying that I had kidnapped my nephew. When I saw the scenario, I remembered the creepy experience of that time.”

In this way, anyone can be a target, but director Kim Seon and Kim Gok pointed out the point that it is difficult for anyone to easily know the reality of voice phishing, and concentrated on digging up and chasing their reality in the film. Director Kim Seon and Kim Gok said, “I wanted to show the exhilaration of chasing and chasing offenders, and at the same time, showing the intricacies of voice phishing, and also a sense of alertness,” said director Kim Seon and Kim Gok. did. Through extensive data research and consultation, <Voice> plans to pursue real crimes in the film by digging into the criminal jargon and their methods, such as withdrawal books, scammers, and hijacking apps.

Kim Mu-yeol said, "I think that if you lose the weight, you will win one hundred and one hundred battles. You will be able to feel the cinematic tension and awareness of crime by looking at their methods and actual crime stages in the movie. As such, <Voice> is expected to convey the exhilaration conveyed by the action as well as the awareness of the voice phishing crime by unraveling the real and creepy crimes in the movie with tension.


Melted with the voices of voice phishing experts
The reality of huge and sophisticated voice phishing
Financial Supervisory Service, National Police Agency, Korea Internet & Security Agency, White Hacker, etc.

<Voice>, the first real crime action film in Korea dealing with voice phishing material, was born from the thorough research and imagination of the production team, including directors Kim Seon and Kim Gok. CEO Min Jin-soo, who was in charge of planning and producing <Voice>, said, “I tried to capture the crime situation that is happening in reality as much as possible by finding and finding cases and recent phishing techniques that are actually being used in voice phishing.” He revealed that he wanted to realistically portray the crime of 'voice phishing' that no one knew about.

“Since 2016, while planning and preparing for a movie, voice phishing cases have continued to evolve and develop. I tried to reflect even the most recent cases of voice phishing,” said CEO Min Jin-soo. First, in the planning stage, we met with the intelligent crime investigation team at the forefront of the battle with voice phishing criminals. Through a preliminary data investigation interview with the Intelligent Crime Investigation Unit, detailed information such as specific cases, voice phishing organization chart, and systematic withdrawal process were included in the film. In addition, the production company said, “We did a lot of new research by finding white hackers in Korea about what kinds of hackers do farming and what kind of work they do in China.” He said that he had met experts from various fields to investigate the data. In addition, a thorough preliminary investigation was conducted, including bank officials, the Financial Supervisory Service's voice phishing task force, and thesis.

In the process, directors Kim Seon and Kim Gok and the production crew had difficulties in obtaining specific information about the voice phishing base. “It was difficult because there were no videos or photos of the base. Even if there was, it was filmed secretly, so the picture quality was very poor, or it did not fit the movie because it was after everyone left.” tried Art director Lee Na-gyeom's details were also added. “I first thought of a large shopping center where desire is expressed as consumption, empty. As another twisted desire entered the space, it was conceptually well suited to the fact that it occurred as a crime.” Art director Lee Na-gyeom added details to the 'call center', the home of voice phishing in the movie, adding more vitality.

The movie <Voice>, which has undergone thorough preliminary data research through interviews with various experts, papers, books, and interviews with actual case victims, is expected to become a full-fledged voice phishing vaccine film, realistically depicting a huge and detailed voice phishing crime. .

200% of desperation and desperation
Real Action Implementation

<Voice> went through a lot of discussion from the start in order to put the 'realism' that was the big frame of directing into action. Director Kim Seon and Kim Gok said, “This movie was a real crime movie, and the action had to be realistic, not flashy because it had to use reality as collateral.”

For realistic action, martial arts director Jeon Jae-hyung and director Kim Seon and Kim Gok composed the action sequence centered on the action in a narrow space. “I had to go more realistic than flashy. Following the mention of martial arts director Jeon Jae-hyung, who said that the space was organized focusing on the point of being ‘real’ because it is actually happening,” Director Kim Seon and Kim Gok said, “Action in a narrow space such as crawling a vent or a narrow elevator passage. made this week Together with the martial arts director, we conceived the most intense and fun actions in this narrow space,” he said, expressing the intention of the action scene.

Byun Yo-han, who plays the role of 'Seo-joon', a victim who infiltrated the stronghold after losing everything, also spared no effort to express real action realistically. Kim Mu-yeol said, "It was the first time I'd seen the whole body throwing action on set. He showed a really immortal action performance that even the action team was worried about,” he said, referring to Byun Yo-han's efforts. Martial arts director Jeon Jae-hyung also said, "'Did an actor do that?' I did all the actions I wanted. Actor Byun Yo-han did all the stunt elements himself,” he said, admiring Byun Yo-han, who tried to embody reality. Byun Yo-han said, "Seo-jun is not like a hero, but I tried to show the desperation and desperation that he had to risk his life to get it back. He said that he put a lot of effort into making it melt into this action.

The real action of <Voice>, which was born through thorough preliminary research and discussion from the concept. Byun Yo-han, who has been training with the martial arts team through hard training before crank-in, will meet with the passion and detailed action scenes to provide the audience with exhilarating exhilaration.

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