(Korean Movies) Old Partner, 2008

Old Partner, 2008

Old Partner, 2008
all spectators
running time
78 minutes
cumulative audience
2934996 people
7th Max Movie Best Film Awards 2010


A story that conveys warmth like water spinning in a green paddy field.
A farmer in his 80s and a cow in his forties, everything in life was a miracle.

Elder Choi, a farmer who has been protecting the land all his life, has a cow that has been caring for 30 years.
The average lifespan of a cow is 15 years, but this cow is forty years old.
Unbelievable to be alive, this cow is the old man's best friend, his best farm implement, and his only private car. Although he is deaf and hard of hearing, he hears the faint sound of cows like a ghost and has one leg uncomfortable, but he climbs the mountain every day to cut grass to feed the cows. He is a stubborn man who doesn't even apply pesticides to the rice fields to avoid harm to the cows. Even the cow can't stand properly, and when Senior Choi takes the reins, it carries a mountain-like load of wood.
The blunt old man and the ruthless cow. The two are fantastic friends recognized by everyone.
Then, one spring, the veterinarian decides that the cow will not be able to survive this year.

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