(Korean Movies) OK! MADAM, 2019

OK! MADAM, 2019

OK! MADAM, 2019
Audience over 15
running time
100 minutes
cumulative audience
1229018 people


˝Have a nice trip~!
I thought it was the luckiest thing of my life, until they rode it…

Miyoung, the president of a pretzel restaurant that sells out quickly with its extreme chewiness,
He won a trip to Hawaii with the help of a computer repair expert, Seok-Hwan,
I am going to travel abroad for the first time in my life.

But the terrorists chasing the secret agent are also on the same plane.
A trip that seemed like a dream turns into chaos.

A couple who have become the only solvers in a random plane hijacking case.
Putting aside the ordinary past, he begins to save the passengers who have been taken hostage by unfolding his hidden strengths!

end of vacation; Operation start ^^
Let's save the plane! Let's go to Hawaii!

for a pleasant trip
Rules for boarding a flight to OK AIR Comic

● This plane is a laughter-first plane, so please feel free to burst into laughter without needing to be noticed by the audience next to you.
But when the Saddam light goes out
Please refrain from using excessively loud voices.

● This plane is flying at the fastest speed ever due to action turbulence, so be prepared.
A riot of comedy is always ready,
Unpredictable action turbulence anytime, anywhere
Please be sure to fasten your seat belt.

● This airplane guarantees unshakable comfort.
As an airplane boasting strong durability,
It guarantees a comfortable flight even with loud laughter and reactions.

● This airplane
There is no emergency exit
There are no emergency exits on this plane, so please stay focused and stay focused until you arrive.


The one and only comedy that will blow away the heat in August!
The birth of Korea's first high-altitude kidnapping action comic buster!
A point of laughter that bursts out in extreme situations!
For the first time in Korean film history, a super-special action comedy film based on an airplane hijacking was born. The movie "Okay Madame", in which a couple suddenly caught up in a plane hijacking on their first overseas trip, sets aside their ordinary past and carries out a rescue operation with hidden internal forces to be.

First of all, the moment when a couple, Mi-yeong, a pretzel restaurant owner and a computer repair expert, Seok-hwan, who are in a once-in-a-lifetime situation of hijacking a plane on their first overseas trip, reveal their hidden secrets, the cool action and delightful laughter that unfolds on the screen is an exhilarating pleasure. to offer The story of people who live ordinary lives, not heroes with special abilities, become the only solvers on a hijacked plane and are reborn as unexpected (?) heroes, breaking down the frustration of reality and delivering unpredictable tension. Here, the story of the passengers who filled the plane to Hawaii is also a point to watch. The production team infuses different situations and settings to the various characters on the plane, so that even in a limited space, there is no room for boredom. The colorful characters on board actively tell their stories, including a terrorist who hijacked a plane to capture a target, a new flight attendant who dreams of becoming a spy agent, an unidentified woman who looks suspicious somewhere, and a member of the National Assemblyman Ha Muin Ahn who wants to confirm his or her fame. It creates and adds to the fun of the play. In addition, the reversals placed here and there by the production team to break the typicality of the existing comedy make it impossible to take your eyes off the film until the end. Finally, the unique charm of <Okay Madame> is that it captures the interior space of an airplane that we have never seen before. An airplane set that perfectly embodies the passenger boarding space, such as economy and business seats, as well as the galley, where the crew prepares services, the cockpit, the pilot's space, the luggage compartment filled with suitcases, and even a single detail of a napkin. The movie "Okay Madame", which unfolds across the

The movie <Okay Madame>, completed by combining the material of the hijacking that has never been seen before and the comedy genre, guarantees a comfortable laugh of business class level and will confirm the true value of Korea's first high-altitude hijacking action comic buster.

Uhm Jung-hwa X Park Seong-woong X Lee Sang-yoon X Bae Jeong-nam X Lee Seon-bin!
Popular actors in Chungmuro, come together as Comic Avengers!
The perfect comic synergy provided by the ensemble of characters!
Uhm Jung-hwa, Park Seong-woong, Lee Sang-yoon, Bae Jeong-nam, and Lee Seon-bin, who boarded an airplane 10,000 meters above sea level in <Okay Madame>, radiate fresh chemistry with different charms.

30 million actress Uhm Jung-hwa, who has proven her acting skills by mobilizing 10 million viewers for <Haeundae>, winning the Best Actress Award at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards for <Dancing Queen>, and winning the Best Actress Award at the 50th Daejong Film Festival for <Montage> < I came back as Miyoung, the president of a pretzel restaurant who turned the alley market upside down with a unique taste in "Okay Madam". Uhm Jung-hwa, who is praised as a star of stars and an icon of an era of fame due to her constant challenges, is expected to captivate the audience with her limitless charm by perfectly digesting the intense action acting in this work. After showing an aura that overwhelms the screen through the movie <New World>, Park Seong-woong, who became a pronoun of unparalleled charisma through works such as <Ansi Castle> and the drama [When the Devil Calls Your Name], joined. In <The Guy in Me>, he has established himself as a heavenly actor regardless of genre by digesting his sensible comic acting. In <Okay Madame>, he is a computer doctor, aka 'Steve Gates of Yeongcheon Mayor' and 'Miyoung', a spoiled husband 'Seok-hwan'. ', she plays the role of Jung-Hwa Uhm and a couple of chicken meat pouring with sesame seeds.

After exuding a warm man's charm through dramas such as [Life is Beautiful] and [My Daughter Seoyoung], he showed a sense of entertainment through the entertainment shows [All The Butlers] and [Real Basketball, Handsome Tigers], winning the hearts of the public. Captivated actor Lee Sang-yoon shows off a new look in <Okay Madame>. Lee Sang-yoon, who has shot women's hearts with her romantic appearance, will play the role of 'Chul-seung', a terrorist who hijacks a plane to find a target that disappeared 10 years ago in <Okay Madame>, and will show a strong charisma 180 degrees different from previous works. In addition, the versatile actor Bae Jeong-nam, who was loved by the public through the entertainment show [My Little Old Boy] and even acted through works such as the drama [Mr. Sunshine] and the movie [The Sheriff], dreams of becoming a spy, but the reality is an airline. I took on the role of 'Hyun-min', a new flight attendant. He plans to add to the fun of the play by demonstrating his unique strength of 'assignment man' with his own charm in any role. In addition, actress Lee Seon-bin, who showed an unusual presence in various works from the movie <Chang> to the recent <Time that disappeared> and the drama [Extra Investigation], transforms into a mysterious passenger who must arrive in Hawaii without anyone knowing, creating unpredictable tension in the audience. will be presented

Just like Uhm Jung-hwa's heartfelt feelings about filming, "The joy I felt while working with the actors at every moment seems to be an episode I will never forget for the rest of my life." As Park Seong-woong said, “It’s a comedy movie, so it’s basic to be funny, and the chemistry between the characters is well-matched” and Lee Sang-yoon, who said, “I had a lot of fun filming as if I was in a camp in school”, the actors of <Okay Madame> showed extraordinary teamwork and the audience It will create a pleasant comic synergy. <Okay Madame>, where popular actors active in various genres, such as Uhm Jung-hwa, Park Seong-woong, Lee Sang-yoon, Bae Jeong-nam, and Lee Seon-bin, will gather to show off their Avengers-class team play, is ready to explode in theaters in the summer of August 2020.

Super special team play by the box office production team in Chungmuro!
Only for <Okay Madame>!
This summer's only comedy from the luxury production crew!
For <Okay Madame>, the best box office production crew in Chungmuro mobilized to raise expectations. Director Lee Chul-ha, who directed <Okay Madame>, said, “I tried to improve the overall quality by focusing on the film’s perfection in every part. All the production staff expressed their infinite trust in the production team, saying, "It's a godsend of <Okay Madame>."

First of all, cinematographer Kim Jung-woo, who provides a sense of tension through spectacular directing, will show the essence of an action-comedy movie through <Okay Madame>. In particular, he succeeded in expressing the sense of space and speed inside the airplane with the technical shooting techniques he had accumulated through <Master> and <Witness>. Il-hyuk Bae, the lighting director, who completed the unique atmosphere of <The New World> and <The Handmaiden>, solved the difficult task of 100% reproducing the spatial characteristics of the interior of the plane, and Art Director Park Il-hyeon of <The Peacock> and <Swing Kids> planned a light and vintage color scheme to capture the romantic and warm atmosphere of <Okay Madame> as it is. Not only that, but also music director Hwang Sang-jun of <Money>, <That's My World> and <The Prosecutor's Gaiden>, Demolition and Namsan Director The costume manager Chae Kyung-wha of <Deul><Exit><Negotiation><Duke> and <Evil Woman> joined in to perfectly express the details of <Okay Madame>, and to harmonize with the unique characteristics of the play according to the character's situation and identity. has been set Lastly, if martial arts director Choi Bong-rok, who has splendid filmography such as <Battle of the Villains> <War against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys> <The New World> <Assassination> and <Master>, does not fight against it, the extreme situation in the plane without an escape. With the thrill that comes from "Okay Madame", it created a unique action.

In this way, the movie "Okay Madame", completed by the best producers in Chungmuro, after a lot of hard work, will take the audience to the world of action comedy that they have never experienced before.


The passion of the crew who created the whole airplane!
The highest level of perfection that realized Hollywood's 'Boeing 777' as it is!
100% synchro rate recognized by real airplane pilots!
Making an airplane set for the first time in a Korean film hijacking drama was like a movie in that process alone. First of all, there was no place in Korea where aircraft set shooting was possible, so the production team made a grand plan to make an actual airplane as it is. However, foreign companies that can produce sets offered an astronomical amount. After much deliberation, the production team directly visited the 'Air Hollywood' company, which operates various sets by assembling the interiors of various airplane models in the Pacoima area in the northwestern part of Los Angeles (LA), USA. The experience of 'Air Hollywood', which has worked on thousands of films, dramas, and advertisements since 2001, and the passion of the production team of 'Okay Madame' combined forces to bring the entire set of 'Boeing 777' to Korea in a swift manner. .

However, the process of assembling the imported airplane sets was not easy either. The production team worked day and night for about two weeks, putting together the parts that were like puzzle pieces, and completed the airplane set with passion and persistence. Not only that, the crew found a solution in a small industrial company after traveling the country to make business-class chairs. As a result, it was possible to perfectly implement even a business class chair that can be adjusted in height automatically.

As he completed the airplane set that was close to impossible, he did not miss the meticulous details. The 'Air Hawaii' airline logo, in-flight seat color, flight attendant costume design, name tag, and even a napkin that appear in the play were made by hand, and beverages and snacks provided by actual airlines were used as they are. The efforts of the production team completed the perfect airplane itself in every part from A to Z. It is said that when the captain of the plane, who was in charge of the actual operation of the 'Boeing 777', visited the filming site for the final inspection, he was surprised that everything from the button configuration to the details of the chair was no different from the actual plane. The 'Air Hawaii' plane in <Okay Madame>, created by all the staff with one heart and one mind for such a perfect reality, boasts amazing perfection and will provide new and special attractions that have not been seen in Korean movies.

From one to ten, everything is special!
From shooting to lighting, martial arts, and art!
Behind the production team's blood, sweat and tears!

#The core of an action comedy movie! Shooting & lighting!
In order to make the most of the limited space of an airplane, the production team of <Okay Madame> installed a special rail on the ceiling of the in-flight set so that the camera can freely move between numerous people and airplane seats. In addition, in the turbulence situation in the movie, a gimbal, a device that holds the camera from shaking, was used to make the shaking of the airplane more dynamic and realistic. The epoch-making efforts of the production team expressed the unique sense of presence of <Okay Madame>, which is second to that of a Hollywood movie by realizing free camera work in a narrow space.

In addition, the lighting had to be special in the in-flight shooting. The lighting used in the airplane needed to be implemented significantly different from the lighting used in regular movies, and the production team moved the lighting device directly outside the set to express the natural light pouring into the cabin. In particular, in the action sequence, to add splendor, the lighting often used on idol stages was used to create a different kind of fun.

#Action tiki-taka that rushes without a breath!
Martial arts director Choi Bong-rok said, “I designed the movement using the sense of space inside an airplane, which is not commonly seen in Korean movies, and designed it as a simple and speedy action.” explained the concept. From galleys to actions that take place in special spaces such as business and economy seats, narrow toilets, and crew rest areas, as well as actions using in-flight props such as carts, ropes and knives. He created a new action unique to <Okay Madame> through a device that can only be used in the space of an airplane. Actor Uhm Jung-hwa, who digested the high-level action called 'Action in Flight', trained at the action school several months before the crank and went through all-out preparations. Director Lee Chul-ha of <Okay Madame> said about actress Uhm Jung-hwa, "He showed intense action. Watching actress Uhm Jung-hwa in action, I couldn't have imagined 'Mi-young' played by another actor.” Actress Uhm Jung-hwa, who knew the charm of action through <Okay Madame>, also said, "I was so excited when I received the script for <Okay Madame>. I practiced hard because I wanted to show the perfect action, and the practice was also very enjoyable.”

#Set art with details!
In order to improve the film's perfection, the production crew put a lot of effort into all the set art, not just the airplane. As art director Park Il-hyeon said, “I tried to harmonize the artistic elements through multiple test shots and DI tests before filming to create a unique atmosphere for <Okay Madame>” rest In order to fully realize the romantic and warm atmosphere of 'Miyoung' and 'Seokhwan', an empty house that is about to be reconstructed was commissioned and completed through the hard work of the art team, from wallpaper to furniture and small props. In addition, Seok-hwan's computer shop puts twisted bundles of wires here and there to express the life of a married couple that is twisted like a 'twisted', and at the same time, it is the best photo of 'Mi-young' and 'Seok-hwan' on their honeymoon. By placing it in a visible place, it also captures a cozy and warm feeling, creating a space unique to <Okay Madame>.

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