(Korean Movies) Oh My God, 2006

Oh My God, 2006

Oh My God, 2006
Audience over 15
running time
104 minutes
cumulative audience
1621131 people


Those who reject true love, the Savior will punish them.

Jung-hwan, a self-proclaimed (!) handsome boy, an immature playboy, who holds only his form and never loses.
During my college life, I went to join MT, which I liked the most, and I accidentally saved Eun-ju, the best bomber, just before drowning…
From this point on, Eun-joo's unrequited love for the stage show begins. Then, an embarrassing incident that can't be put into words happens… .

Years later, Eun-ju, who has become a prolific swordsman, approaches her twin sons as if giving them a present! Junghwan jumps and denies, saying, 'It's a conspiracy' and 'It's a manipulation.'
His nose is pierced because of being stabbed, and he gets married, and his injustice, having no place to appeal, pierces the sky…

Jung-hwan, who desperately tries to drive away Eun-joo, who told him to give her a bag after saving her life,
Eun-ju, who is handsome enough to fall in love with at a glance (?) but now wants to make her into my perfect man.
At the same time, the 'Savior Project' has come into operation…

Fuck this guy… Will we be able to be saved from the 'powerful savior'?
This woman, the savage prosecutor… Will he be able to be loved by 'the handsome savior'?

Hot Focus

The strongest bizarre comic couple, Choi Seong-guk & Shini… pay attention to them
Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Ha-neul in <Teaching Same Age People>
Lim Chang-jung and Kim Seon-ah in <The Great Inheritance>
Choi Seong-guk from <The Savior>, God!!

Dudung~ The unexpected meeting of two actors heralds a tectonic change in the film industry.

Choi Seong-guk has a fan base of over 300,000 through his personal internet website. He has been appealing his own philosophy of humor through various dramas, sitcoms, and entertainment programs. His dazzling performance, gaining a certain popularity across TV and movies, continued, and in the end, he rose to a position of absolute power that no one could threaten in comedy. .
God also shows off his formidable potential when it comes to comedy. Shin Yi, who captivated the CRT and the film industry in a short time with his thorough analysis of his role and his clever comic acting, is the most attractive point of 'skill' and 'adlib', 'cute expression' and 'friendliness'. She is cute and cute, but she also shows a strong charisma about laughter, and she will also be responsible for the laughter of <The Savior>.

In the combination of the funniest man and the funniest woman in Korea, the two actors who have a knack for laughter, with a synergistic effect of 'a sure laugh nuclear bomb', we expect the birth of the strongest bizarre comic couple that will make everyone cry.

All the funny actors of each generation gathered in <The Savior>!!

The most funny actor in his 20s – Shin Yi
Actors who are funny to open in their 30s – Choi Seong-guk, Jo Sang-ki
Capchon funny actor in his 40s – Park Jun-gyu
Super funny actors in their 50s – Kim Soo-mi, Park Won-sook
King in his 60s – funny actor – Baek Il-seop

With the determination to make a funny movie
Actors of all generations, who brought a variety of laughs through dramas and movies, met through <The Savior>.

Kim Su-mi, the comic queen who can no longer be overwhelmed, Park Won-sook, who still maintains a beautiful body after releasing a fitness video recently, and our father, Baek Il-seop, who is always pleasant, transformed from a double sword to a comic actor and performed on screen and various entertainment programs. Park Jun-gyu and Lee Won-jong. <Family Crisis (Shin Yi, Kim Sumi, Baek Il-seop)>, <Mapado (Kim Su-mi)>, <Great Inheritance (Shin-i, Kim Sumi)>, <Teaching same-age students (Baek Il-seop)>, <The Dusabu> All the actors (Park Jun-gyu)> and <Saek-Jeong Shigong (Choi Seong-guk, Shin-i)> always had the above actors. It is an unprecedented honor in the history of comedy films to have funny actors representing each generation appear in one work, and it will be recorded as an unprecedented event in the history of comedy films.
Audiences will finally meet a comic movie they never dared to imagine because it is a dream that is too big to realize, which is more fun than 'Gag Concert' and 'Looks for Love' in the theater instead of in the main room.
Cumming Su~~~

Love action comedy <The Savior>

Choi Seong-guk & Shin-i's affectionate love mode
Shini & the gangster's gorgeous action mode
Choi Seong-guk's House & God's House Comic Mode

Therefore, <The Savior> is a 'love action comedy'!

<The Gangster Wife> lacked love and <The Great Legacy> lacked action. However, <The Savior> has a solid comedy that connects <Gangbang Wife> and <The Great Legacy>, and there is love and action in it, so there is no other movie more fulfilling than this. Jung-hwan, the climactic playboy, drives a woman like a hyena thirsty for love, and Eun-ju, a female swordsman who beats down gangsters, throws fists without hesitation despite her small size. In addition to that, he was in the limelight as the strongest comic supreme and joined Kim Soo-mi and Park Jun-gyu, so there's nothing more to talk about comics. The conditions that the 'love action comedy' genre must have are perfectly contained in 'The Savior'.
February 2006. Many couples waiting for or in the process of love, friends who want to laugh out loud, and parents who want to feel family love, watch <The Savior>! The only movie that satisfies you is the love action comedy <The Savior> that relieves stress and gives you a sense of deep emotion.

Keep your navel in <The Savior>!

100 minutes running time
100 funny times

Ha ha ha ha this movie is really funny

The running time of <The Savior> is exactly 100 minutes. People who watch this movie laugh more than 100 times. If you do the math, that's one smile per minute. Wouldn't this be the best comedy movie at all?
The bed scene in a sailor suit is also funny,
The action scene in which he blocks the flying sword with his butt is also funny,
The underwater scene in which Shin-i's expression of scrambled hair is bald is the best part is also funny.
Not only that, but also Choi Seong-guk, who shows off unstoppable all-nude every night,
Even Shin Yi, who is a female swordsman, who holds all the forms and falls humbly,
Kim Soo-mi, who is a nanny and mother-in-law,
The falcons are all beaten with their whole body, and the ancestors who live unfairly are also funny.
In addition, Moon Yong-sik, cinematographer of <Crisis of the Family> and
lighting director Choi Seong-won of
And since producer Song Chang-yong of <The Great Inheritance>, which gave birth to Kim Seon-ah, also joined.
Believe in the ambitious aspirations of those armed with the intention to snatch the audience's belly button. The laughter war has already begun!

Production Note

Casting Casting Casting…

Choi Seong-guk_ You can recognize the actor by looking at the screenplay.

Complete the scenario without casting. But when I finished it, all the lines were in Choi Seong-guk’s style (?). From then on, the production team started the casting operation for Choi Seong-guk, who was ranked 0 in the casting of a comic film, and after a lot of work behind the scenes, they completed the dream casting of 'Choi Seong-guk – Shin-i'.
Choi Seong-guk, who took on the role of a handsome playboy, upgraded the acting he showed in <Color Immediate Work> and <Romantic Assassin>, and perfectly digested the nude (?) scene as well as the bed scene in <The Savior>. The staff were impressed. Even if he insists that he has 7 years of melodrama, there is no doubt that his acting brings laughter rather than tears.
For this film, Choi Seong-guk put his heart and passion more than any other work for this film, and whenever there is a script analysis with the director, he pours out ideas without hesitation, and in the trailer, he directly puts an impressive comment, 'Oppa, it's only 7 years of melodrama', He even recorded 'Coming Soon' himself. In addition, it is said that he lost 10kg for the bed scene with Shin-i in the movie, and his body (?) is expected in the movie.

Shini_ We have to cast an ugly but cute actress, but Shinee is the perfect one, right?

Director Kim Jung-woo and CEO Song Chang-yong said they were unhappy with the star system, which focused only on pretty and handsome actors. So, they proudly confess that they didt 'Shin-i' from the scenario construction stage. Eun-ju, the female lead in <The Savior>, has the title of 'a terrible female prosecutor who beats gangsters', and at the same time is a character who is hated because of her face wherever she goes because of the bomb that she has never dated with a man. But by convention so far! It's true that I had a pretty actress and made it ugly and insisted that she was an ugly female character. The director, who was dissatisfied with this contradictory casting, boasted that it was the most perfect casting, saying, 'It's an ugly character, so I cast an ugly actor'.
Shin Yi also admitted through a press conference that this movie was a 'look casting'… You can find out why the director and CEO are so confident about the casting of the female lead by looking at her appearance in the movie.

Ancestors_ 'Ancestors' transformed into a comic king in <King of the Unknown>. Truly 'Wonderful~!!'

As rumors have already spread, the pride of 'The Savior' is the colorful comic cast. Kim Soo-mi, Baek Il-seop, Park Won-sook, Park Jun-gyu and Lee Won-jong, all actors who wanted to be 'funny' gathered together. However, here, there was an actor who surprised the staff by showing a familiar face but surprising talent, that is Seongguk's friend Chilgu-gu's 'Ancestors'.
Having played the role of licorice in <First Love Shooter Rise> and <Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy>, this time, he transforms into Seong-guk's friend and appears as an all-rounder who performs actions, sings songs, and reveals dances. In particular, the yoga (?) scene that surpasses Yoo Ji-tae in <Oldboy> is a masterpiece. The exclamation of the staff continued.
Meanwhile, he broke his big toe while filming a fight scene at an abandoned factory scene in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do. While running with a drum to knock out a gangster, he tripped over a chin, and despite the diagnosis that he had to put on a cast for nearly five weeks, he continued to shoot as if nothing had happened, surprising all the crew. Even after walking around limping in a cast for over a month, he foresaw the success of 'Savior' once again by looking at his smile as if he was injured when filming started.

Scene Scene Scene…

The splendid action scene of 'Shin-i', where even the gangster wife cried, and the seasoned wire scene

On October 31, 2005, in an abandoned factory in Ansan, it was Shin who was fighting with the demonic gang, not Choi Seong-guk-do or Park Jun-gyu, a double-edged swordsman. Contrary to her cute and lively appearance, she had the face of a charismatic female prosecutor who was desperate to catch a group of demons stained with drugs and rapists.
Shin-i arrived at the filming site early in preparation for the action scene to be held on that day and was busy trying to match the sum of the actions with the action actors. For a while, I was worried that she would be too thin to perform an action scene that was difficult for a male actor, but as soon as the shot went in, she boldly showed an action scene and started to lead the scene. It was a moment to prove that the preparations for the action were not in vain.
It was not only the action scenes that surprised Shin-i. In the last 2nd poster shooting site, he rode a wire and had a real K1 battle on a square ring. As if feeding the staff who were worried because it was a high-level wire action that even men struggle with, she took a flexible and agile pose like a circus, surprising the staff once again. The wire manager also said that she was the first actress to do such a brilliant wire scene, which is difficult for even a male actor to do.
Through <Saviour>, Shin-i made a splendid debut ceremony for the first female lead with a hard-working performance, such as challenging not only tough and comic action scenes but also wire scenes.

“No matter how close you are, the bed scenes are embarrassing~”

The most important (?) scene in the movie, the moment of filming the bed scene, came to <The Savior> as well. For this day only, Choi Seong-guk struggled to lose 10 kg from the casting stage, and Shin-i also starved for dinner and prepared everything. It is the third time the two are working together after <Saek Immediate Construction> and <Romantic Assassin>, but this is the first time for a bed scene. Therefore, it is natural to feel shy no matter how close you are. However, blushing is also said to have burned their acting souls more than ever because all filming ends with the bed scene filmed on that day for a while.
This bed scene, which took place at an inn in Yangsu-ri, is about Eun-joo (Shin-i), who has planned a plan in advance to make King Khan Jeong-hwan (Seong-guk) his man, drags the drunken Seong-guk to a motel and spends a historic night. done. The two of them, who were filmed wearing only thin underwear in an inn room where the weather was below freezing and no heating, were rather worried about the staff struggling until late, and focused on acting more than ever and showed perfect breathing, so they finished filming much faster than expected. . Also, <The Savior>, who finished all filming with the end of the bed scene, burst champagne as soon as the OK sign was dropped and had a simple celebration party. The members of <The Savior>, full of laughter and passion more than any other film team, said they would never forget this moment of mixed emotions.

'Shin Yi' who became a mermaid. “It was a life-threatening shoot”

To anyone, she was a mermaid. Although my hair was messy and my makeup was stained…
The first thing she said after finishing the underwater scene was “I can’t swim originally.” In the past, after showing the skills they had learned from scuba diving in the past, there were even staff who applauded saying that they couldn't swim at all, saying, 'No matter how good the acting, it's really great'.
The underwater scene held at a swimming pool in Ansan on November 20th was the scene where Jung-hwan and Eun-joo met for the first time. A situation in which Shini has to open his eyes and act in the water. When he heard the director's 'Ready Go' sound, Shin-i casually jumped into the 3M-deep swimming pool. I couldn't overcome the pressure of filming that took place dozens of times for 18 hours, going in and out of the water, and in the end, I had to be taken to Korea University Hospital for emergency treatment. Nevertheless, everyone was moved to see her acting as if nothing had happened when she came back to the set… … .
The underwater shooting, where Junghwan and Eunjoo first met, created a realistic underwater scene even though it was a passionate performance that risked Shini's life.

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