(Korean Movies) Officer of the Year, 2011

Officer of the Year, 2011

Officer of the Year, 2011
Audience over 15
running time
117 minutes
cumulative audience
48th Baeksang Arts Awards 2012


Absolute performance! It's performance!!
Maposeo vs Seodaemun, the endless competition for the 'Arrest King' starts!

In the era of infinite competition, only those with good performance are treated. Mapo-seo and Seodaemun-do, where the districts are attached, are compared in every case, so there is a fierce battle over rice bowls. 'Hwang Jae-seong' (Park Joong-hoon), the team leader in Mapo, who is notorious for being a master of fouls, runs first place with his arrest skills without asking or questioning. As soon as the premium of being from the police force comes to the fore, the snatcher caught by 'Jaeseong' is snatched away by 'Jaeseong', and the performance is eroded.
However, there is a title that cannot be avoided whether it is first or last, and that is 'the arrest king of the year'!
'Jae-seong', who is not from the police force, is in desperate need of a promotion, and 'Eui-chan', who became a prospective father for speeding, must become the 'arrest king' because of the bounty. 'Jaeseong' and 'Uichan' enter into an endless competition to take and take away to win the title of 'Arrest King'…

The best 'lotto' event in police life!
Time is two weeks, and the first person to be handcuffed becomes…! Che. Po. King!

At this time, a lottery case with 2000 points falls in front of them. That is, the 'Mapo spaniel incident' that shook the Mapo and Seodaemun areas. This is a last-minute chance to overturn the achievements you have accumulated so far at once if you just catch it.

The next two weeks. The first person to be handcuffed becomes the protagonist of 'The King of Arrest'!
Who will be able to handcuff him and become the 'Arrest King'?


Ordinary office workers who also have to survive the performance competition?!
'Police Vs. Police Real Variety <Arrest King>, a unique material called ‘police performance competition’

<Arrest King> is a crime action comedy depicting the fierce performance competition between two men who try to catch the highest scorer who hits the lottery just by catching them and win the title of 'Arrest King'. Under the intriguing setting that the police are just ordinary office workers who are hung up on their performance, it draws attention by vividly capturing the reality of police officers who have to catch high-scoring criminals and accumulate performance to survive the competition. In particular, the score of the criminal differs depending on the type of crime, and the competition between the police who try to hold the criminal with a high score for performance is expected to deliver a fresh laugh. In the movie, it is expected that it will provide special fun by unraveling the ironic situation of being obsessed with score accumulation rather than arresting criminals for performance through various episodes on the stage of Mapo Seo and Seodaemun, which are the closest but farthest (!) in the movie. Above all, it is more interesting to see aspects of the police that we were not aware of as they moved the daily lives of real police officers to the screen. <The King of Arrest>, which is drawing the attention of prospective audiences with its unique material, completed all preparations to arrest the Republic of Korea in May 2011.

A meeting of all-round actor Park Joong-hoon and romantic guy Lee Seon-gyun!
A different transformation of two men from the national team, and the strongest breath <Arrest King>

Finally, two men representing Korea met. Park Joong-hoon and Lee Seon-gyun, who have been widely loved for their works that encompass both popularity and workmanship, had a hot acting showdown through <The King of Arrest>. Park Joong-hoon will be disassembled into 'Hwang Jae-seong,' the first strong team leader of the Mapo Police Department, who unconditionally catches the criminal once taken to become the 'arrest king' with a guaranteed high-speed promotion. Although Lee Seon-gyun is an elite from the police force, the criminals who took pictures of each other have been transformed into 'Jeong Eui-chan', the leader of the powerful 3rd team at Seodaemun, who is deprived of everything. It is absurd to go to work in training clothes, but it is expected that he will become popular by confirming the charm of Lee Seon-gyun as a man who cannot be hated at all. Park Joong-hoon and Lee Seon-gyun, who had always wanted to work together, met as rivals in <The King of Arrest> and engaged in a tense nerve battle and showed more mature performances. The new transformation of the two men, who finally take off the veil, will captivate the audience and draw attention as the most anticipated meeting of the year.

Nuclear bomb-class actors Seong-min Lee, Jeong-tae Kim, Jin-mo Joo, Han-wi Lee, and Im Won-hee are all in attendance!
Jo Yeon-jin, the national representative, created a delightful laughter thriller <The King of Arrest>

Another highlight in <The King of Arrest> is the combination of the powerful supporting actors who are performing endlessly across screens and CRTs. First, 'Lee Seong-min', who worked with Lee Seon-gyun in the drama 'Pasta', and the movie 'Banga? Banga!> as well as 'Kim Jeong-tae', who made his face known through numerous dramas and movies, appeared as 'Jeong Eui-chan''s partner 'Detective Cho' and 'Hwang Jae-seong's right arm 'Detective Song', respectively, giving a fresh laugh. Not only that, <Tazza>, <Jeon Woochi> and <Children… 'Jin-mo Joo', who showed a strong presence in works such as >, is loved as 'Jun-gu Jo', the chief of Mapo who shouts for all-round performance, and as the supreme authority of comic acting through <Beauty is Suffering> <National Representative> and <Hello Ghost>. 'Lee Han-wi', who is receiving the award, will appear as 'Lee Yong-gap', the chief of Seodaemun-do, who is the second person in the future, and will show off the strongest combination play. As the culprits behind the fierce performance competition between Mapo-seo and Seodaemun, they collided with each other and created rich episodes. Another notable actor is Tachimawa Lee 'Im Won-hee' of Korean cinema. Expectations are high that he will reveal his crazy presence by disassembling himself as a mysterious character 'Dr. Ko' who claims to be a serial killer. <The King of Arrest>, in which all talented supporting actors were dispatched, is expected to receive national love by bringing laughter to the national level.


Mapo-Seodaemun area such as Hongdae, Sangam, Ahyeon, and so on!
Location that created a variety of chase scenes | Location

After completing the screenplay in Ahyeon-dong, the main activity area of Mapo and Seodaemun, <The King of Arrest> focused on the location above all else. The production team started recruiting locations around Mapo-Seodaemun six months before the full-scale filming began in order to recruit the best location. Due to the geographical characteristics of one-room apartments and multi-family houses, it was necessary to seek cooperation from dozens of households when shooting across alleys and rooftops or climbing gas pipes. In addition, it was not easy to control the daily living space of the residents for a long time. However, as a result of the mobilization of the entire staff and pouring time and effort, the Ahyeon-dong filming was born as a realistic scene as if walking through a maze. Meanwhile, the Hongdae chase scene, which can be said to be the highlight of the movie, was filmed in the parking lot in front of Hongdae, one of the best downtown areas. The parking lot street is a place where shops are densely packed on both sides, and especially at night, it is a place where people flock, so it was a place that required difficult filming that calculated on-site control. The production team went to the parking lot street association, merchant association, and all the shops along the road to ask for their understanding, and finally got permission to shoot. In addition, by boldly giving up control of the general public and forcing the shooting, the atmosphere of free Hongdae was captured as it is, but the best chase scene with a sense of urgency was completed.

Perfect reproduction of the fierce livelihood investigation scene of the Korean police!
<The Mister> Action completed by Martial Arts Director Park Jeong-ryul | Action

Another highlight of the crime action comedy <Arrest King> is the action scene that reproduces the fierce investigation scene of the police. Martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul, who was praised for showing intense action that seemed to take place in front of his eyes through <The Mister>, which mobilized 6 million spectators, insisted on real action with a different concept from the visual action that focused on flashy movements in <Arrest King>. The point is to capture without exaggeration the situation that can occur in the process of homicide police tracking and arresting criminals. Therefore, instead of using elaborate sums or weapons such as guns and swords, the actions and actions themselves such as hitting, hitting, running, rolling, falling, and hanging with the bare body made up the main action.
If the action shown in the existing police movies focused on scale or style, the action of <Arrest King> is a tool to show characters and dramas more deliciously. will provide

Extreme Mapo Vs. A police station that reflects the style of Seodaemun!
An upgraded set that is fun to look at | Set

The biggest task of designing the Mapo Book and Seodae Documents set, which are the main backgrounds of the film, was to express the atmosphere of the space 180 degrees differently as well as the differences in the personalities and tendencies of the people involved. The art team, who wanted to capture the contrast of the characters, started working on the set with polar opposite references. Mapo-seo, which focuses on performance first, installed partitions at each seat with insurance companies and public institutions as models, and created an office-like atmosphere by providing spaces such as the chief's office and conference room. On the other hand, Seodaemun, like a neighborhood neighbor, emphasized coziness and comfort through a wide window that lets in sunlight, a desk connected without a partition, an old sofa, and a flowerpot, modeled after a Bokdeok room that anyone can easily come and go.
The police station set, which recreates the appearances of Mapo and Seodaemun in the near and distant movies, will heighten the interest of the audience in perfect harmony with the performances of the actors who perfectly digested the characters.

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