(Korean Movies) Northern Limit Line, 2015

Northern Limit Line, 2015

Northern Limit Line, 2015
Audience over 12 years old
running time
130 minutes
cumulative audience
6045199 people
49th Houston International Film Festival 2016


June 2002 was hot with the heat of the World Cup.

The proud son of his navy father, Captain 'Youn Young-ha' in Chamsuri No. 357 suit. Sergeant Han Sang-guk, a reliable husband of his wife and the helmsman of Chamsuri No. 357. Corporal Dong-hyeok Dong, the only son of his mother and medic 357 Chamsuri.

The members of Chamsuri No. 357 depend on each other in the rigorous training that is reminiscent of actual combat and become like a family. With the sweltering summer and the roar of the World Cup getting hotter, on the day when the 3rd and 4th place match between Korea and Turkey was held, a gunshot rang out in the middle of the West Sea…


June 2002,
'Korea' was hot with the heat of the World Cup
And the people who protected that 'Korea'

They were our sons, husbands and friends.

Thank you for watching.
I will not forget you.

The true story of the hottest day in Korea
<Battle of Yeonpyeong>

What is 'The 2nd Battle of Yeonpyeong'?

WHEN) On June 29, 2002, on the day of the World Cup 3rd and 4th place match between Korea and Turkey, around 10:00 am
WHERE) In the West Sea near Yeonpyeong Island NLL
WHO) North Korean patrol boat #684
WHAT) Surprise attack on South Korea's Chamsuri 357 high-speed boat
WHY) Presumed to be a pre-planned surprise attack due to retaliation against the 1st Battle of Yeonpyeong (1999)
HOW) Starting with a surprise gun attack, a fierce battle between each other continued for about 30 minutes.

Damages on both sides (Korea: 6 killed, 18 wounded, sunk of Chamsuri 357)
North Korea: 30 casualties, 684 patrol boats) was large, but recorded as South Korea's 'victory'

After the 2nd Battle of Yeonpyeong, the Republic of Korea changed the rules of engagement to the concept of active response.
Step 5 (warning broadcast → demonstrating action → interception operation (pushing operation) → warning firing → aiming and breaking fire) Revision of the rules of engagement to step 3 (warning broadcast → warning firing → aiming and breaking firing) response


In June 2015, the only human emotion masterpiece
The story of our sons, friends, and families living in Korea today.

The movie <Battle of Yeonpyeong> is a work depicting the story of people who risked their lives to protect Korea, their colleagues, lovers, and family on the day that Korea was filled with the shouts of the World Cup in June 2002. On June 29, 2002, <The Battle of Yeonpyeong>, a film reconstructing the true story and real people of the day when the 3rd and 4th place match between Korea and Turkey was held, was born as a moving drama with added realism and authenticity.

From Captain Young-ha Yoon, who was unwavering in protecting the country even in moments of battle that no one expected, to Sgt. Han Sang-guk, a dedicated helmsman, and Corporal Dong-hyeok Dong, a warm and considerate medic, our sons, friends and family before becoming soldiers. Their stories add to the affectionate heart. Respecting his father, who silently walked his path, dreaming of a happy future with his beloved wife, and longing for his mother, who is alone, conveys a deep sympathy and echoes in his heart. Here, the story of the crew members who depended on each other and showed a strong comradeship even in the tense naval battle situation gives a more touching impression.

In June, the one and only human moving masterpiece <Battle of Yeonpyeong> will heat up the Republic of Korea in June 2015 with a solid screenplay, passionate performances by actors, and the support of the people as a 'must-see movie'.

Thank you for watching. i will not forget you
The true story of the 'Battle of Yeonpyeong' that we must remember

On June 29, 2002, on the same day that the 3rd and 4th place match between the Republic of Korea and Turkey was held, at around 10 am on Yeonpyeong Island in the West Sea, North Korea's Sansangot 684 attacked the South Korean Chamsuri 357 high-speed boat and a naval battle broke out. Starting with a surprise gun attack, a fierce battle between each other continued for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of battle, the Republic of Korea suffered about 20 casualties and the Chamsuri 357 high-speed boat sank.

<Battle of Yeonpyeong> is more than just a movie. “This battle deepened my thoughts about the victims and their families. As director Kim Hak-soon said, “While doing this film, I felt that we should all cherish the love, love, and interest we had for the country in which he was born.” It was also a significant opportunity to inform

In particular, the people who participated in this will gathered great strength for the production of the movie <Battle of Yeonpyeong>. The whole nation sympathized with the true story of that day that we must remember, and through crowdfunding, a total of three rounds of donations were collected to help with the production. From a farmer who donated a piggy bank that the whole family collected together, to a housewife who sent her son to the military, to a middle and high school student, he sent his sincerity across generations and classes. The crowdfunding of <Battle of Yeonpyeong>, which was conducted with enthusiastic support, attracted 4,500 individuals and groups and collected the highest amount ever, which opened the door that led to the support and investment of a total of 60,000 people. In addition, the names of nearly 7,000 crowdfunding participants who gave their support adorn the movie's ending credits, adding to its meaning.

Here, what catches the audience's attention along with the names of the crowdfunding participants is the interview scene of Captain Yoon Young-ha, which was actually broadcast through the 9 o'clock news in 2002. Prior to the outbreak of 'The 2nd Battle of Yeonpyeong', in an interview with the hope of victory for the World Cup team, he said, "Just as our navy did its best to prepare for this World Cup, our players will do their best to play well. I think about it”, the life of Captain Young-ha Yoon, who conveyed the story, gives a warm impression. In addition, the interview with the survivors of Chamsuri No. 357 vividly conveyed the memories of that day, adding to the lingering impression.

You perfectly portrayed a real person!
Actor Kim Mu-yeol + Jin-goo + Lee Hyun-woo's best performance ever

The human moving true story <Battle of Yeonpyeong> draws attention with the meeting of actors Kim Mu-yeol, Jin-goo, and Lee Hyun-woo, who do not stop challenging the screen, the CRT, and the stage. The appearance of the three actors who decided to appear against the solid scenario that touches the heart raises expectations by creating a fantastic harmony with the characters that resemble real personalities.

Captain 'Youn Young-ha' in Chamsuri No. 357's suit will be played by Kim Moo-yeol, who has shown stable acting skills through musicals and movies. Kim Mu-yeol, who was disguised as a suit commanding Chamsuri No. 357, perfectly digests cool reason and warm sensibility, increasing the immersion of the play. Kim Mu-yeol said, “It was my first work after I was discharged, so it meant a lot to me. As a Korean man and as a Korean soldier, I thought I had to do this work.” Jin-goo, who has proven his acting skills in various works such as <Myeongryang> and <Cesi-Bong>, was played as Sgt. Jin-goo, who will give a deep impression through the role of 'Han Sang-guk' full of humanity, said, "Most of all, I was fascinated by the screenplay and the human appearance of the character, so I chose it without hesitation. In fact, because I was discharged from the navy, I wanted to tell the story of the people who protected us through the movie.” Lastly, Lee Hyun-woo, who has established himself as a representative actor in his 20s with a wide range of acting skills, takes on the role of Corporal Dong-hyeok, a medic who has a warm and caring attitude. Lee Hyun-woo said, "It was heartbreaking and sad to think that they were also my age at the time. As I was playing the role of 'Donghyuk', I think I would have been able to do that if I had been there at the time of 'Battle of Yeonpyeong'."

Director Kim Hak-soon said, "I was lucky to have met three actors. It will be a precious work where you can see their live performances.” As he said, the images of Kim Mu-yeol, Jin-goo, and Lee Hyun-woo, who worked with more enthusiasm than ever for real-life and real-life characters, deliver a resounding emotion beyond the sincerity. do.

For the first time in Korean film history!
The first modern warfare of the 21st century, a breathtaking 30-minute naval battle is reproduced in 3D!

Director Kim Hak-soon, who directed the human touching true story <Battle of Yeonpyeong>, chose 'reality' as the part he put the most effort into while directing the movie. The production team of <Battle of Yeonpyeong> worked hard to convey the fierce scene of my time by reproducing every detail such as the set, costumes, and makeup. In addition to filming the actual high-speed boat in the Jinhae Sea, high-tech equipment called a 3D broadband scanner was used to realistically capture the internal situation at the time of the battle, and the real-size high-speed boat was manufactured to enhance the realism.

In particular, the most eye-catching in <Battle of Yeonpyeong> is the final 3D naval battle scene. State-of-the-art equipment and technology were mobilized to perfectly express the first modern warfare of the 21st century. The urgent battle situations such as waves crashing as if they were about to be swallowed up at any moment, bullets that seemed to actually go back and forth on the sea, and bridges collapsing under attack were perfectly reproduced in 3D to perfectly depict the fierce day. Moreover, the breathtaking 30-minute naval battle that took place during the actual 'Battle of Yeonpyeong' is portrayed at the same time in the movie, making you feel vivid as if you were with them in the movie.

The Battle of Yeonpyeong, which was born through various trials and efforts, vividly reproduces the desperate 30-minute naval battle of the 27 warriors of the Chamsuri 357, creating a powerful visual that has never been seen in Korean movies.


3D post-production 'D-Next' specializing in Hollywood movies
Participated in a Korean movie for the first time!
State-of-the-art 3D effects made with world-class technology

The 3D work of <Battle of Yeonpyeong> was done by the best 3D post-production 'Denext' in Korea, who participated in numerous Hollywood works such as <Transformers 3 3D> and <The Chronicles of Narnia>. The staff of Denext, with over 10 years of experience and solid experience, applied 3D transformation technology to <Battle of Yeonpyeong> to perfectly reproduce the breathtaking 30-minute battle of that day. The computer graphics system used at this time is the most advanced software developed and upgraded by the DNext staff. In particular, DNext succeeded in developing a technology that can control the three-dimensional effect more smoothly and more delicately through a project supported by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning last year.

The Battle of Yeonpyeong, in which Korea's best veteran 3D staff, also recognized in Hollywood, participates, is the first Korean film ever to reproduce a naval battle in 3D, delivering the vividness of the audience as if they were actually at the scene. This 3D work, which focuses on maximizing reality according to the cinematic characteristics of a true story, enhances the film's perfection by revitalizing the emotions and storylines of the characters not only in the battle scenes but also in the dramatic part.

Challenging zero error (ZERO)
Accurate measurement performed with a 3D scanner! Simulation repeated countless times!
The endless efforts of the producers to make the perfect high-speed boat!

Chamsuri No. 357, completed by the art team and the set team, was born through research through various books and the Internet, as well as consulting through the navy and surveying various materials such as actual measurements. In particular, the creation of a set was essential for blasting scenes of breathtaking naval battles and shooting inside the narrow hull. To this end, the art team and the set team meticulously measured the actual high-speed boats in the Pyeongtaek and Jinhae fleets, and even mobilized a 3D scanner, a state-of-the-art equipment, for perfect reproduction without an inch of error. A 3D scanner is a device that converts an object into 3D data by calculating the distance through a laser projected onto an object. This equipment, which derives accurate measurement results close to zero error (ZERO), made it possible to manufacture the same set as the actual high-speed boat through modeling work that is close to perfect. Here, the production team of <Battle of Yeonpyeong> put their heart and soul into realism through numerous miniature production processes and simulation work. Instead of reproducing the real high-speed boat as much as possible, the Chamsuri 357, completed after meticulous efforts by the crew, such as delicately emphasizing the color of the hull so that it does not get buried in the background color of 'sea', is an amazing completeness that will arouse the admiration of the real navy. boast

On the other hand, North Korea's Mountain No. 684 created a strong atmosphere by adding imagination instead of realism. No. 684, which was created after deep consideration by the staff, creates an intimidating atmosphere with its exterior and dark colors reminiscent of pirate ships and ghost ships. Mounted with an 85mm tank gun inspired by the T-34 tank gun in the Yongsan War Museum, and with a more threatening feeling, No. 684, the mountain of the mountain, presents a heavy feeling of intimidation.

The high-speed boat, which was completed after the hard work of the production team, shows its true value with special effects reminiscent of real battles. The naval battle scene with various special effects such as water splashing from all directions, fire on the hull due to being hit, and explosive bombs exploding in all directions realistically shows the tense and desperate battle situation of that day, leading the audience to completely immerse themselves in it. .

The reality is so perfect that even the real navy will be mistaken!
A total of various naval uniforms by rank, from officers, non-commissioned officers, to privates!

Compared to the military uniforms of the army that we know, the military uniforms of the navy, which are not easily accessible, are different depending on the rank and place of work. In <Battle of Yeonpyeong>, various types of naval uniforms ranging from low-conquest uniforms to high-speed uniforms are covered. Moreover, the production team of <Battle of Yeonpyeong> made an effort not to miss the details for the reality of the film, and put great effort into making the military uniforms in consideration of design and practicality.

First, the uniform, most widely known as the navy's military uniform, is worn at official ceremonies. It varies by season and there are subtle differences according to rank. The uniform worn by Captain 'Youn Young-ha', the suit of Chamsuri No. 357, and the uniform worn by Jin-goo of the helmsman, Sgt. Han Sang-guk, can be divided into rank badges. On the other hand, Lee Hyun-woo, who plays Corporal Dong-hyeok Dong, a medic of Chamsuri No. 357, appears wearing a regular military uniform, so it is easier to distinguish them.

The most eye-catching thing in the movie is the high-speed conquest, which is the main military uniform that appears more than 80% of the time in the movie. The high-speed conquest is a navy blue military uniform worn when serving on the Chamsuri 357 high-speed boat. Because it occupies a large part in the movie, the costume team reproduced the perfect costume as in reality through various data research and consultation. As it took a month just to find the right fabric, we put our heart and soul into the production of high-speed clothing. Another important costume item in <Battle of Yeonpyeong> is a red life jacket called a capok, which must be worn in emergency situations or during training. The crew also took great care in maintaining dozens of kapoks because they were needed by the entire crew. Because of the actors and former staff's efforts for the reality of military uniforms, an interesting episode occurred during filming. It is a funny story that real soldiers who saw Kim Mu-yeol wearing an officer uniform at the Jinhae Naval Base filming site mistook him for an officer and saluted him. As such, the military uniform, created with great care down to the smallest detail for reality, will be another viewing point for the movie <Battle of Yeonpyeong>.

From aerial photography to underwater photography
Vivid sights full of excitement captured with various shooting equipment!

On a hot day, in order to perfectly express their appearance on the screen, the production team mobilized various shooting methods across land, sea, and air. A high-speed boat that is the same size as the actual size was produced to realistically express the internal situation, while the external situation was taken directly out to sea by mobilizing the Navy's medium-sized anti-ship and high-speed boats to take pictures at sea. I was able to capture a more vivid and realistic image by filming a boat on a boat, which is usually done on set, on the actual sea. In particular, the decisive scene where Chamsuri No. 357 and Sansan Cape No. 684 clash is the result of aerial photography. A naval helicopter and a multicopter (drone) were used to shoot aerial aerial shots. In the multicopter shooting, close communication such as the speed of the multicopter, the skill of the camera operator, and the control of the operation speed in the wheelhouse of the warship was most important in line with the visual concept of director Kim Hak-soon. After some practice through coordination with the multicopter piloting staff and the navy, I was able to finally get the position and angle I wanted, and a scene with an incredible sense of excitement and expansiveness that I had never seen before was born.

In addition, in the naval battle scene, which can be said to be the climax of the movie, naval ships, fighters, and even Lynx helicopters are mobilized, and a thrilling battle scene is drawn across the sea and the sky, giving the audience a new experience. In addition to aerial and maritime filming, underwater filming was conducted off the coast of Uljin for the salvage scene of the sunken Chamsuri 357, the ending scene of the movie. This scene was filmed with various special equipment at 20m below the surface of the sea, similar to the depth of the sea where the actual Chamsuri 357 high-speed boat sank. Thanks to you, I was able to capture it on camera wonderfully.

Kim Mu-yeol, Jin-goo, and Lee Hyun-woo's efforts for the reality of naval battles!
The fighting spirit of smoke that shines in the shooting with all the mobilization of water, fire, and bombs!

All actors, including Mu-yeol Kim, Jin-goo, and Hyun-woo Lee, showed their hard work and passion without giving up hard work, no matter who came first, during the six-month filming period. During the six-month filming period, the seasons changed from summer to winter, and the actors had to fight the cold as well as the heat. The actors, who had to shoot for a long time in the Jinhae waters on a real navy high-speed boat, took all the dangerous shots on the open sea for a training scene reminiscent of a real battle on the sea. On the cramped and shadeless bridge of the high-speed boat, we had to shoot under the hot sun in the sweltering heat, and even the waiting space was narrow due to the large-scale filming equipment, so we could not eat properly. In addition, filming on the sea was more difficult because it was sensitively affected by the weather and had to adapt to the waves.

In addition, in order to vividly express the breathtaking 30-minute battle, the actors did not hesitate to shoot even in the most dangerous moments. The actors who filmed various bombing scenes to express the moment of imminent battle received praise from the production team by directly taking part in all the filming without using a double. Above all, the naval battle scene in which various special effects such as water, fire, and bombs were mobilized to vividly depict the urgent situation of the day was the most difficult filming for the actors. Kim Mu-yeol said, "Since depicting an actual battle, a lot of special effects were added. At our site, explosions, water, wind, etc. are prepared from all sides, but because there are so many effects, I was nervous even after the orientation,” he said. In addition, Jin-goo, who plays the role of Sergeant Han Sang-guk, the wheelmaster, said, “The inside of the wheelhouse is very narrow and dangerous. On the day of filming the scene of a fire from being hit by a bomb, the set was covered in smoke to the point of suffocating it.” Lee Hyun-woo raised expectations for the movie, saying, "Before filming the battle scenes at sea, there were many worrying scenes, and it was difficult, but on the other hand, it was a valuable experience." The breathtaking 30-minute naval battle scene, created by mobilizing all kinds of special effects, amplifies expectations as the highlight of the movie.

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