(Korean Movies) New Trial, 2016

New Trial, 2016

New Trial, 2016
Audience over 15
running time
119 minutes
cumulative audience
2421197 people
4th Korean Film Writers Association Award 2017


A lawyer at the edge of the cliff with no money and no backing,
A young man who has been a murderer for 10 years
A heartfelt battle between two men to find the truth begins!

A taxi driver murder case that shook Korea!
Hyeonu, a teenage boy who was the only witness, is framed for a coercive police investigation and spends 10 years in prison.
Meanwhile, Jun-yeong, a lawyer at the edge of a cliff, with no money or backing, finds out about Hyeon-woo's case while volunteering for free pleading to win the favor of the CEO of a large law firm.
However, Jun-young, who actually met Hyeon-woo, once again finds himself burning with a sense of justice, and with the help of Jun-yeong, Hyeon-woo finds hope to believe in the world once again.

February 2017, meet the sincerity that will make your heart beat again!


“The moment I heard about the actual incident, I thought, ‘It’s more cinematic than a movie’.
Who is the law for? I want to create a society where films like this are not made.”
Director Kim Tae-yoon

“Every time I turned one page, the next chapter was a scenario I was curious about.”
Actor Jung Woo

“I had no choice but to decide to appear in the movie because I remembered the incident that became the motif of the movie.”
Actress Kang Ha-neul

“It was a fresh and shocking story that touched my heart as soon as I read it.”
Actor Kim Hae-sook

“The strong power of the scenario, a film with a sense of pleasure”
Actor Lee Dong-hwi

“It took me less than an hour to read the script down”
Artistic Director Chang Chun-seop

“The incident is just a background, and the story of the two men changing will be the core of the movie!”
Lighting director Min-jae Kim


A story with a passionate heart that will change the world is born
stopped in korea
It contains the courage to bring back the truth and sincerity!

The movie <Retrial> is about a case in which a witness is turned into a murderer with only confession without evidence. A lawyer who is driven to the edge of a cliff and Hyeon-woo, who spent 10 years in prison after being framed for murder, struggle to find the truth once again. drama.
<Reconsideration> is a reconstructed film of the murder case of a taxi driver at Yakchon Ogeori in Iksan in 2000 (aka Yakchon Ogeori incident) with cinematic imagination. Director Kim Tae-yoon, in charge of directing, said, "Since it's just a true story, it's not a movie that looks like a problem, but I tried to build a composition and story that audiences can immerse in and enjoy." Based on a true story that has been called undefeated at the box office in the history of Korean screens so far, the movie <Retrial> created a new story by arranging characters related to real events and fictional characters in the right place. However, the film's goal to change the world is more intensely expressed. The exquisite harmony of true story and fiction created by the production team and director will become a driving force to immerse the audience.

In particular, the reality that everyone turns away from him after a boy who was a victim of an unfair prison life due to the police's coercive investigation and manipulation of evidence comes out of the world as a young man 10 years later makes the viewers' hearts cry. It is noteworthy that not only the position of the young suspect, but also his professional consciousness and his life are suddenly changed due to the retrial case in which a lawyer who has been pushed to the edge of a cliff has stepped forward for his fame.

As such, <Retrial> leads the audience to a moment of sympathy and emotion by depicting the process in which the characters gradually change due to events and people. Furthermore, it will establish itself as a film that will touch the hearts of victims who have been involved in numerous incidents and accidents while also making them think about the absurd reality that is currently taking place in Korea.

The powerful chemistry of Jungwoo X Kang Ha-neul, loved by Chungmuro
Two men start a heartfelt battle to find the truth
Look forward to Jungwoo-Kang Ha-neul's passionate performance!

Two young actors who have been heavily armed with their acting skills have appeared in the Korean film industry after a long time. Jung-woo and Kang Ha-neul are the main characters. Jung-woo, who has been loved by the audience after establishing himself as a box-office actor after a long acting career, and Kang Ha-neul, who has been engraved in the audience through musicals, plays, and movies, will show a deeper and deeper performance in <Rethinking>.

In particular, after <The Himalayas>, Jung-woo chooses <Reconsideration> as his next film and continues his remarkable move. Jung-woo's lawyer, 'Jun-yeong', is an ordinary, small citizen who has no money and no background and has only trusted a lawyer's license. A man who was insensitive to someone's wounds learns of the existence of 'Hyeon-woo' (Kang Ha-neul) and gradually changes as he gets closer to him, which will stimulate the audience's sympathy. In particular, the whole story of the 'retrial', which unfolds from the perspective of 'Jun-yeong' (Jung-woo), does not let go of tension for even a single moment. Here, Jung-woo's unique witty acting provided a time to rest for a movie with a material that could be heavy.

Kang Ha-neul is an actor that Chungmuro pays attention to as a trustworthy young actor in Korea since <Dong-ju>. His character 'Hyeon-woo' was an ordinary witness to the murder of a taxi driver, but became a suspect due to the police's coercive investigation, and then spent 10 years in prison as a murderer. This process in which 'Hyeon-woo', who was a bright boy, becomes a person everyone despises after a life of unfair imprisonment, and lives a life cut off from the world, meets Kang Ha-neul's sincere performance and makes the audience's heart ache. The process of gradually opening up to the only person who trusted him when the world turned away from him is also the highlight of the film.

Like this, the movie <Rethinking>, which was born with the tight chemistry between the two actors, is a work that highlights the breath of two men who start a sincere struggle to find the truth. Above all, Jung-woo and Kang Ha-neul have already met several times in different works, but this is the first time they clash tightly in terms of roles in the play, so it draws more attention. In particular, it is said that when the camera turns, the two actors, who were immersed in their respective characters and confronted with explosive energy, impressed the staff with their majestic appearances like real brothers when they heard the cut sound. Now, it's the audience's turn to enjoy the transformation of Jung-woo and Kang Ha-neul, whom Chungmuro loves through <Rethinking>.

Current ongoing human drama that will shake up Korea
The conclusion of the retrial judgment still in progress,
The hot battle of the journey is revealed!

In the meantime, the true story material has been reborn on the screen by meeting various genres and has been loved by the audience. <The Crucible>, which drew public outrage over the human rights violations at Gwangju Inhwa School; <The Attorney>, which deals with the life of a lawyer based on the Burim case, <Broken Arrow>, which deals with the trial process with a man's unfair appeal, etc. Films that have shared the sympathy, sympathy, and emotion of these audiences. <Retrial>, like the previous films, focuses on events that have become a hot topic, so it shares the same trajectory. However, <Retrial> is a film produced based on a case still under trial, which will provide a different kind of tension and fun from the real-life films so far.

Even when the <Retrial> project started production, the verdict of the retrial had not been finalized, and the true culprit had not been caught. <Review>, which was decided to be made into a movie at the suggestion of a reporter who was covering the case, captured the hearts of the production crew with a more cinematic subject matter than a movie. The production team and director Kim Tae-yun chose a story that added cinematic fun and imagination rather than a documentary-style film that sheds light on the simple factual process. In order to produce a popular movie, not only real people but also fictional characters were added, and the warriors of the characters became more abundant. The relationship between lawyer 'Jun-young' and suspect 'Hyeon-woo' was not just a relationship like an older brother and younger brother who comforted injustice, but a relationship that was suspicious and confronted with each other, creating tension. Here, the process of reproducing and tracing the incident provides an immersion that is as immersive as a thriller movie. After the efforts of the production team and director, <Rethink> was completed with interesting materials, a story with tension and emotion, and human characters.

In addition, while the case, which is still pending trial, has caused a lot of public outrage and is receiving attention, the movie <Retrial> has decided to release in February, raising expectations even more. It's the audience's turn to watch how the fight between the two men will unfold in the movie.

In 2017, we still want to know
In 2013 and 2015, SBS [I Want to Know] caused public outrage.
'Yakchon Five-Geori Murder Case' is reinterpreted on the screen!

SBS 'I Want to Know' dealt with a single incident twice on June 15, 2013 (898 episodes) and July 18, 2015 (994 episodes). It is the 'Yakchon Five-Geori Taxi Driver Murder Case' in Iksan that occurred in 2000. The program focuses on the unbelievable story of an unbelievable case that the police, prosecutors, and courts, who turned a witness into a murderer with only 'confessions without evidence', freely released to society a strong suspect who was arrested three years later on the grounds that it was 'confessions without evidence'. dealt with

The details of the case are as follows: On August 10, 2000, at around 2 a.m., a taxi driver was stabbed and killed 12 times at Yakchon 5-way intersection in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do. While searching the area, the police secure a statement that a boy working part-time at a local coffee shop said he saw a man running. Three days later, the boy who made the eyewitness statement becomes a suspect and is under investigation. The police revealed the result of the investigation, "The boy got into an argument with the taxi driver, brutally murdered him, destroyed the evidence, and came back to appear as a witness and made a statement to the police." As soon as 'I want to know', which investigated the case in detail, was broadcast, the real-time search term 'Yakchon 5-geori Murder Case' occupied the real-time search term of the portal site, and more than 2,000 related news items were generated. However, the police, prosecutors, and courts, who remained unaware of the facts revealed by the broadcast, did not seem to want to overturn the case in which the criminal was caught, and the case is still in the process of trial.

The movie <Retrial> goes back to the year 2000 and tells the story of a murder scene and the process of a boy becoming a suspect from a witness. Dramatic fun is focused on the roles of 'retrial lawyer' and 'Junyoung'. At first, Jun-young, a lawyer with no money and no background, gets to know Hyeon-woo in the name of claiming the right to indemnity. However, his heart was shaken by 'Hyeon-Woo''s one word, "I didn't kill you." He intuited that there was something wrong with the case, and decided to go through with it. In addition, the earnestness of the mother 'Soon-im' (Kim Hae-sook), who struggles with her believing that her son is innocent, stimulates the audience's maternal love. If the interview of the characters, the process of resolving the case, and the injustice were focused in 'I want to know', <Retrial> is the story behind the story, the multi-layered personality of the characters, and the real and fictional characters related to it appear in a variety of ways. saved the end. This event, reinterpreted on the screen, will provide a cinematic catharsis never felt before.


Yakchon Ogeori is an imaginary space?
The scene of an incident that was born while searching for five streets across the country!

The movie <Retrial>, which is about the murder of a taxi driver that shook the Republic of Korea, was set for production through a thorough investigation into the true story and a meeting with officials. In order to realize Yakchon Five-Geori, which will become an important event location for the film, five-way intersections across the country were on the agenda of the production team. The murder case in the movie takes place in a five-way intersection in Yakchon, a small town facing the West Sea. Therefore, the weak village in the film is a 'virtual space'. Director Kim Tae-yoon said, "Three months before filming, I searched all the five streets across the country. It was then that I realized that there are not as many five-way points in Korea as I thought.” The five-way intersection that appeared in the actual movie is a place called Yongdong 5-way intersection in Gimje, Jeollabuk-do. This place was chosen to bring out the feeling of a small town despite being sparsely populated, and most of the incidents were filmed at dawn.

In the film, various flashbacks appear to reconstruct the Yakchon Five-Geori incident. As a result, several shots were taken at the same location. From the actual incident, on-the-spot verification, and re-enactment of the incident, Yakchon Five Street becomes an important place for <Retrial>. Art director Chang Chun-seop said, “Because the actual event was more cinematic than the movie, there was no need for a separate art device to reconstruct the event. It was important to show the reality of the event to the audience as much as possible,” said the art team’s intention. The space called Yakchon Ogeori, which was conducted through locations across the nation, was able to be reborn through the passion of the director and production team.

'one more time!' Jungwoo's passion for acting explodes!
Midam production on the spot! Kang Ha-neul's smoke makes my heart flutter!

In <Retrial>, the acting passion of actors Jung-woo and Kang Ha-neul, which Chungmuro is paying attention to, exploded. For the character of Jun-young, who is a small citizen, Jung-woo tried more diverse things than any of the roles he has played so far. First, I tried to pursue the most natural look without any hair or makeup. The loose hair style in the movie was also directly suggested by Jung-woo to the director. Jung-woo's acting to bring out the details was completed with various attempts at the filming site. Jung-woo's passion for shouting 'one more time' until a satisfactory performance came out impressed the field staff. Director Kim Tae-yoon said, "Jung-woo's acting is so natural that it seems like he hasn't prepared anything. However, once you get to know him, he is an actor who shows the signs of being most concerned about acting.” He praised his passion.

Kang Ha-neul, who is loved by many for her acting representing youth, encouraged the staff at the scene and created a warm atmosphere. In order to express the character Hyeonu who became resentful of the world after spending 10 years in prison, Kang Ha Neul cut her hair short and wore special makeup that had traces of tattoos and then erased. In particular, in the scene where Kang Ha-neul was crying, all the staff held their breath and watched his performance. Kang Ha-neul's eyes, expressed in a restrained manner while suppressing boiling emotions, can be said to be the highlight of <Resentment>. With this kind of Kang Ha-neul, director Kim Tae-yoon predicted that the hearts of the audience would resonate, saying, "He knows what kind of acting he should be doing so well that it is called an acting vending machine, and he is an actor who fully expresses it."

Unstoppable support from the people involved in the case!
The film's production principle goes through Yakchon five-way intersection.

<Retrial> started with the suggestion of SBS reporter Dae-wook Lee, who was covering the actual Yakchon 5-geori incident. I had a friend who was framed unfairly, and I was asked to listen to this friend's story just once. When the production team asked the reporter why they wanted to make a movie, they said, "I don't know if a retrial will happen. Actually, criminal cases are extremely rare. But it's not. Goon Choi will live in reality and become the father of a child. I want to remove the yoke of being a murderer." The reporter's sincere words moved the hearts of the production crew. The reporter introduced the victim and his mother to the production crew. The production team and director completed the scenario through in-depth interviews with them and human bonds. Testimonies from several people involved in the case also followed. Their help and testimonies became the fuse for <Retrial> to go beyond just commercial purposes and to heal everyone involved in this case.

Director Kim Tae-yoon set three principles before making <Reconsideration>. First, the importance of human bonds with real people. Second, understand the circumstances of the characters and events in as much detail as possible. Third, pay attention not to harm the actual characters in the result of the film. This principle is a principle that all staff must follow from pre-production to filming, post-production, and film marketing, and pay attention not to misrepresent the Yakchon Five-Geori incident. The <Rehearsal> project, which is being carried out with the unstoppable support of the people involved in the case, will receive support from the whole nation upon its release.

From Pandora Café to blind characters
The Easter Egg setting hidden by the director!

In <Retrial>, director Kim Tae-yoon's brilliant Easter egg settings are hidden everywhere. One of them is Cafe Pandora, where Su-jeong, who is an important person who will prove Hyeon-woo's alibi in the lawsuit for retrial in the Yakchon 5-geori case, works, but is hesitant to testify. In Greek mythology, when Pandora opens the sealed box, all the bad things in the world come out and hope appears at the end. Hope is always at the end of despair. Director Kim Tae-yoon wanted the audience to go out with hope in their hearts when they left the theater in Retrial. I wanted to give you a message that if you don't get frustrated, don't die, and live idly, someday, a guy called 'hope' will come to you. In that sense, it is said that the name of the place where an important witness of <Retrial> works was named Pandora.

The second setting is the character Soon-im, played by Hae-sook Kim. Soon-im, who suffers from blindness, is a person who moves the audience in <Retrial>, and the director felt a great burden to write the background of the victim who was framed, and thought it was polite to hide his identity as much as possible. Meanwhile, director Kim Tae-yoon, who was staying in Buan, Jeollabuk-do to work on a scenario, was fascinated by the tidal flats of the West Sea and developed an idea of what it would be like to have a setting in which his mother worked. Kim Hae-sook also made every effort to prepare the character to bring out the details of the visually impaired setting. Kim Hae-sook said, "I've played a lot of mother's characters, but it was especially difficult to express the deep pain of this mother." Through Kim Hae-sook's heartfelt character interpretation, a character named Soon-im was able to stimulate the tears of the audience.

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