(Korean Movies) Never to Lose, 2005

Never to Lose, 2005

Never to Lose, 2005
Audience over 15
running time
111 minutes
cumulative audience
828112 people


My heart is Interpol

However, the reality is that the third class, the last in the homicide world, is

Kim Hong-joo (Kim Min-joon), a novice detective who is a natural detective who recognizes the culprit by just watching for three seconds, is only looking for a chance to quit because his privacy is not guaranteed. Detective Moon (Jun-Ho Heo), who is a veteran detective with 15 years of homicide, who is said to have tears in his desire to catch a criminal when he sees a criminal, who has been weakened by forgetfulness that has recently gotten worse, Jae-Chil (Kim Tae-Wook), who chases the criminal by death but always makes a fuss, and makes a baby. Detective Goh, who is constantly bullied by his wife because there is no time, and the chief of the yukban (Jang Hang-seon) who leads them are the 3rd class powerful. Here, Hae-ryeong (Nam Sang-mi), a stupid traffic detective who wants to become a 'detective', is a bonus. The 'Strong Class 3', which has never had a regular dinner party, is the last team in ten years, always falling behind the 1st and 2nd classes, as they don't have enough grades for a robber or a thief. The criminals are increasingly intelligent, and the methods are developing into the most advanced day by day. He is second to none as far as the passion and ambition to catch the criminal, but the only thing that comes back to the powerful 3rd class is always ignoring and ridiculing the present reality.

I went all-in with a huge 10 million won investigation fee

With a newcomer like a hunting dog as the vanguard, I risk my life and run!

Then, one day, Hong-ju, who has been working undercover and attending the reunion of her girlfriend Tae-hee, smells a strange crime there. Faced with a case that can solve a month's worth of punishment in Hankyu, the detectives in the 3rd class are more moral than ever. While investigating the case by pouring 10 million won in investigative expenses that were secretly hidden in the internal safe, the 3rd group discovers that at the peak of this case is an international tycoon Seo Tae-doo who leads an international drug organization. Since it is an international organization, the 3rd class, who has always been ignored, refusing to hand over to the prosecution and Interpol and letting go of their hands, risks their lives to solve the case with bare fists and tenacity, saying that this time they will set a good example.

Our strong 3rd class united with loyalty and tenacity!

Now, a proper bout begins between the powerful class 3, who is ordinary but passionate about the world.

2005 Super Special Project of Mega Hit Makers

With Producer Lee Kwan-soo of <Gas Station Assault> and <Turn on the Lighter>
Writer Park Jung-woo of <Silla's Moonlit Night> and <Liberation Day Special Envoy> has reunited!!

In 1999, director Lee Kwan-soo and writer Park Jung-woo of <Gas Station Raid>, which opened a new horizon for comedy films with 2.5 million national audiences, are foretelling another mega hit with <Powerful Class 3>. Producer Lee Kwan-soo has been constantly challenging new styles of Korean film planning by planning and producing <Turn on the Lighter> (1.32 million nationwide) and <Blow Spring Wind> after <Gathering Station Attack>. On the other hand, writer Park Jung-woo, who has been nicknamed 'Chungmuro's box office' after <Gas Station Attack> (4.36 million in Shilla's Moonlit Night) and <Special for Liberation Day> (3.08 million nationwide), writes a scenario that hits the hearts of the public properly. Currently, he is recognized for his best skills. As such, it is no wonder that <Strong 3 Class>, where PD Lee Kwan-soo and writer Park Jung-woo, who created a box office wind in the Korean film industry with their unique personality and cool laughter in each of these works, met again after <Turn on the Lighter>, is attracting a lot of attention. The first story that PD Lee Kwan-soo wanted to deal with was the love of detectives. However, while working on the screenplay with writer Park Jung-woo, I became more attracted to the serious life of Korean detectives, and detective characters that were completely different from before began to be created. The protagonists of the movie created by Park Jung-woo are not only unique characters that cannot be seen in other films, but also have a reputation as characters with the charm of gaining sympathy from the public. His character production, which is unprecedented and approaching the public, reaches the climax of <Strong 3rd Class>. Kim Hong-joo (Kim Min-joon), a natural detective who senses the smell of crime just by touching it, is an unprecedentedly unique detective character, but he is an ordinary young man who hangs on to his girlfriend and doesn't look good. Moon Bong-soo (Heo Jun-ho), Hong-joo's partner, a veteran detective who is the number one culprit, but possesses a murderous forgetfulness. The pathos of life felt in him contrasted with Hong Joo, creating a strong sympathy. In addition, Jae-chil (Kim Tae-wook), who runs wildly while jealous of Hong-joo, the warm-hearted leader Yuk Ban-seon (Jang Hang-seon) who lives with six characters in his mouth, and Hae-ryeong (Nam Sang-mi), a erratic traffic detective who wants to transfer to the homicide world, are living and breathing on the scene. Characters gather together. <Powerful Class 3> created by a producer and writer with a super box office sense!

Forget the detectives so far!
Real detectives, they are Korean action officials!!

Director Son Hee-chang, who is making his debut with <Strong Class 3>, says: I wanted to make a detective movie that was a detective to the bone. “I don’t think that the profession of a detective in itself would make them different from ordinary people. Most detective movies say that they show the appearance of a 'reality detective', but the detective in the movie I saw was that of Super Cop. The story of real detectives, so I wanted to try it. From the time I first drafted and adapted the script to the point where it could be said that it was written with my feet, I had many conversations with the detectives at the scene and observed their lives. It may be similar to the previous detective films such as <No Recognition>, <Public Enemy> and <Wild Card> in terms of fighting crime, but what I wanted to emphasize is the story of detectives with a single, unstable human appearance. it was Just because they have a job as a detective, they live a hard life with a sense of mission, but they are also common people just like us.”
Hong-ju, the main character of <Strong Class 3>, is a criminal and a natural-born detective who can smell the crime just by swiping it. His character is very cinematic, but he is more realistic than any detective he has shown in movies so far. The film converges on his human identity rather than glaringly radiating his talents. Just like waking up from an egg and growing into an adult, the process of growing up to accept one's instincts as a detective in the end evokes a lot of sympathy. In addition to '2 points for rapist' and '7 points for murderer', there is no time to make children because of lack of time, including the powerful class 3, who struggles to score criminals and fill the monthly high-stakes for each team, and veteran partner Detective Moon, who loses his handcuffs due to forgetfulness. Like a joke mixed with self-help, the arduous daily life of the detectives accurately points to the detectives' sense of reality. Ironically, the closer their lives are to the real! Indeed, they are 'action officials'. The image of a real detective who suffers from high punishment and is subdued to the cost of investigation, but who can never stop being a criminal because of the bad guys who want to catch tears, is alive and well.

Naturally Sensitive Detective Kim Min-Jun VS Acquired Obsessive Detective Heo Jun-Ho
Korea's best detective partner is coming!!

'Damobouin'! 'Kim Min-Jun' is at the center of the word, which is already a forgotten name, but is still solidified as a revolutionary new word for drama. Kim Min-jun, who made his splendid debut as 'Jang Seong-baek', a righteous thief in 'Damo', has since expanded his spectrum of acting through dramas such as 'Into the Storm' and 'Ireland'. Kim Min-jun, a passionate actor who actively challenges his acting, is a film that unleashes his potential to his heart's content. Kim Min-jun, who played the role of 'Kim Hong-joo', a detective with a natural sense of recognizing criminals at first sight, revealed the tough fighting spirit and passion underlying his cool and sensual image through <Strong Class 3>. His dual charm, which is stylish and not weak, has strong charisma and is not macho, was fully demonstrated through 'Hongju'. If you watch 'Hongju' in <Strong 3rd Class>, you can discover how Kim Min-jun, a gifted actor with 'instinctual sense', is reborn as a real actor. After playing a real detective, he says he feels like a real actor now. The person who gave the greatest courage and strength to Kim Min-jun, who was not without pressure as it was his screen debut, was none other than his veteran partner Heo Jun-ho. Heo Jun-ho, who has a human and caring side behind his intense charisma, is a self-proclaimed best actor in Korea who constantly tries new things across various fields such as movies, musicals, dramas, and plays.
In <Silmido>, 'Jo Jungsa', who shed tears of blood in front of the death of the troops, returned to the screen with <The Strongest 3> after two years. Detective Moon in <Strong Class 3> suffers from severe forgetfulness, but is a veteran detective with strong bones in catching criminals. Detective Moon, who is a strong senior to Kim Hong-joo (Kim Min-joon), who has a natural sense but is skeptical of a detective and conflicts with a detective, and an older brother who shows his true attitude as a detective, is actually a strong support for Kim Min-joon throughout the filming. Brother! It was. Heo Jun-ho, who plays the seriousness of 'Detective Moon', who catches criminals with the bliss and terrifying tenacity of 'discovering' Kim Min-joon, who plays a multi-character that splendidly plays a multi-character that explodes violently when he collides with a criminal at the same time as he struggles to escape from the arduous detective work. The joy of 'confirming' is probably the greatest pleasure of watching <The Strongest Class 3>.

Appearing in a super-large police helicopter for the first time in Korean film history
Action acting that hit the main actors with their whole bodies after overcoming injuries

<Strong 3 Class> was born as an action movie with realistic action and magnificent scale, including the action performances of the main actors and the simultaneous appearance of a 29-seater and 19-seater super-large police helicopter for the first time in Korean film history. As it is a work depicting the daily lives of detectives who face criminals with their bare bodies, the action performances of the main actors are an important point in filming. For a lively and realistic action performance, the main characters Min-Jun Kim and Jun-Ho Heo did almost all the scenes themselves while refusing even a stuntman. In particular, Kim Min-joon showed his passion for action so much that he took action acting classes at the martial arts director's gym for a month before filming even started, despite his excellent athleticism, which he had developed in judo and athletics since his college days. In addition, Heo Jun-ho, as a veteran actor who has learned action acting for many years, did not hesitate in any situation and did all the actions perfectly.
Because there are many dangerous scenes in <Strong Class 3>, which depicts the lives of detectives, Min-Jun Kim and Jun-Ho Heo suffered injuries such as torn mouths and falling out of their jaws during filming, but they refused to act until the end, demonstrating their fighting spirit. Thanks to the fighting spirit of the actors who threw their whole bodies in this way, the action of <Strong Class 3> was able to capture the action that is alive just like the real detective's arrest site.
The action of <Powerful Class 3> is not all there is to it. In addition to the realistic action of physical collisions, a huge 29-seater and 19-seater police helicopter was mobilized for the first time in Korean film history under the active cooperation of the National Police Agency, boasting huge spectacles and splendid actions that have not been seen in Korean films so far. The appearance of two large police helicopters, which are rare even for real police officers, in a movie is unprecedented and unprecedented support. In addition to helicopters, the National Police Agency mobilized one full-armed real police squadron as an extra for the filming scene in Taebaek, Gangwon Province. Thanks to such blitz support from the National Police Agency, <Strong Class 3> presents realistic images that show the lives of real detectives, and at the same time presents spectacular images and splendid actions that can only be seen in Hollywood action movies.

Together, the more shining acting power, the explosion of synergy!

Detective chief professional actor Jang Hang-sun, acting ulzzang actor Nam Sang-mi,
Actor Kim Tae-wook, actor who mobilizes an audience of 20 million, Hae-jin Yoo
<Strong 3 class> The power of 4 people!!

<Powerful Class 3> is a film that has no distinction between the main and supporting roles. In 'Real Detective Action Drama', which depicts the daily life of a Korean homicide detective and action official through the members of 'Strong Class 3', a large number of actors fill the screen with brilliant acting. A film that strongly stands out with the presence of middle-aged actor Jang Hang-seon with solid acting skills, Hae-jin Ha, who has played a solid role in numerous box office films, as well as ulzzang actor Nam Sang-mi, who has steadily grown on the screen since his debut, and Kim Tae-wook, who shows a sincere acting ability that is full of life. is half>.
Jang Hang-sun, who is recently called a 'professional actor in the detective division' through the Internet, is a middle-aged actor who has been recognized for his stable acting skills by the public. Having shown good acting on TV, he is a representative figure among middle-aged actors who have recently emerged as a true force in the Korean film industry. He has often played the role of the detective chief with his long-time dignity and the kindness contained in his strong eyes. In addition, Nam Sang-mi, who appeared splendidly with her outstanding beauty, refused to be an 'entertainer' who relied only on her appearance, and is a promising actress who has grown her acting skills through steady film appearances at the same time as her debut. In <The Strongest Class 3>, Jeon Jeol-man is a traffic policeman who is higher than any other homicide detective and shows his pure obsession. Kim Tae-wook, who has grown rapidly with intense acting that focuses on the audience in every scene appearing in <Friend>, <Doog>, and <My brother>, is a representative of the mind and heart of ordinary people in <Strong Class 3>, who works hard but doesn't achieve much. He took on the role of Jae-cheol. The sincere acting that reflects his life convinces him that he will soon become a great actor who will receive a lot of love from the public. On the other hand, Yoo Hae-jin is an actor who leaves a strong impression in each movie to the extent that he has recently been told that there is Hae-jin Hae-jin in a blockbuster Korean movie because of his unique appearance and unique acting. Hae-Jin Ha, who has mainly played the life of a thug, but reverses the atmosphere of the work with his innocent eyes and humane acting that cannot be hated, is an impressive performance that makes the audience laugh and cry as a detective (?) rather than a detective in the powerful third class. showed

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