(Korean Movies) My Scary Girl, 2006

My Scary Girl, 2006

My Scary Girl, 2006
Youth not allowed
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
2077600 people
5th Korea Film Awards 2006


she! appear..

Hwang Dae-woo, a man smart and gentle enough to be a university lecturer. However, he had a decisive flaw, that he had a physical reluctance to date women and had a timid personality who had never been in a proper relationship. Then, when he turns 30, couples step on him, and one day he hurts his back while moving the bed, and he doesn't know what to do with the growing loneliness.

Then she appeared. Mina, an intelligent and unique woman who moved into the lower house!!

she! teach love…

“…would you like to go to the movies with me tomorrow?”
Daewoo accidentally asks Mina on a date because of a prank on his friend Sung-sik.
To her surprise, she accepts his clumsy date request.
However, Daewoo’s expressions and actions when he starts to love for the first time are only clumsy.
Mina is offended by her encounter with such a treatment, but sooner or later they fall into her own innocence and the two begin a passionate love affair…

But is she suspicious??

Mina said that her hobbies are reading and she is majoring in art!!
Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment".
An art student doesn't even know the artist <Mondrian> of the paintings he owns??

An intelligent roommate who doesn't get along with Mina at all,
One day, an ex-boyfriend who doesn't get along with her at all appears,
Every day she goes out with a heavy luggage bag, she always comes with dirt all over her body!!
And, conclusive proof! Her real name is 'Imija', not 'Lee Mina'.

As the love deepens, his suspicions about her increase, and Daewoo falls into conflict when he suddenly finds out about Mina's identity.

About Movie

the director's trauma
-The story behind the birth of <Sweet and Bloody Lovers>

i then
I cut off contact for a month after writing a scenario on the topic of the salvation of mankind.
It went down to a certain beach in the West Sea.
I knew intuitively that this film would be a Dostoevsky work.
I was so confident in the work that the only problem was whether to quote Tarkovsky or not.

one month later,
After coming to Seoul, I checked my e-mail after a long time.
I received an email from my girlfriend.

“Let’s stop seeing each other.”

A few days later, I postponed the issue of the salvation of mankind to the next.
He defeated <Sweet and Bloody Lover> and went down to the West Sea again.

Read a hundred great works of literature.
Can you beat a single line of text messages he/she sent?
Take a look at those hundred books again.
How many works are there that don't deal with love?

– Directed by Son Jae-gon

Unpredictable love story of a suspicious man and woman

<Sweet, Bloody Lovers> is a romance about the love of a man and a woman. Like other movies, it depicts the process of a man and a woman meeting, growing love, and facing a crisis. However, the difference between this film and the previous films is that there are two mysterious men and women who cannot be seen anywhere else. The two men and women are so different from the characters they have seen in movies, the unique situation that happens to them is new to break the frame of a typical romance. Even though this movie shows the sweet side of a romantic relationship full of excitement, two unique characters, laughter from an ironic situation, the brutality felt when Mina's identity is revealed, and the sadness of having to part ways with it, it's an existing romance story. It makes you feel a variety of emotions that cannot be found in the movie.
Because of this, the film flows in a completely different direction from the familiar emotions that the audience thinks about the love story of a man and a woman, and these unfamiliar emotions appear in episodes they could never have imagined as lines that hit the back of the head. Because these differences make viewers feel wit and fun that defies expectations, <Sweet, Bloody Lovers> is going to offer viewers a different romance and unpredictable love story they have never seen before.

The birth of a new genre, romantic thriller

The movie <Sweet, Bloody Lover> puts the exotic genre of romantic thriller to the fore. This is because the movie shows the fun of both genres: romance, represented by the male protagonist, Hwang Dae-woo, and thriller, represented by the female protagonist, Lee Mi-na. The romance code of a love story of a man who has never been in a relationship and the thriller code of her bloody identity that cannot be told to others provoke laughter because of the situation that arises from the conflict between the two genres. In this way, the romance and thriller that represents the two main characters in the movie, as well as the comedy that consists of the love story of the two main characters. A mixture of various genres in one film. However, even though many genres are never mixed, the strength of this film is that each genre is in perfect harmony with each other without being separated from each other. The irony that comes from the thrilling tension, there is humor in it, and these comical situations are directly in contact with the romance of the two main characters. Therefore, <Sweet, Bloody Lover> is a new trend movie that can not be defined as a single genre, but only combines the strengths of various genres and gives a new genre of pleasure called romantic thriller in their perfect harmony.

A woman and a woman who broke the frame of a typical romantic character

A man who dreams of a sweet life DAEWOO

"What's this? I love your tongue”
Name: Daewoo Hwang / Nickname: Crayfish
Age: early 30's
Occupation: University English Literature Lecturer
Hobbies: Reading
Singularity: I can't even get my first kiss until I'm in my 30s
Personality analysis by blood type, chicken meat couple, I hate ignorance the most in the world.

A smart and intelligent college lecturer over 30. He is a cynical man who doesn't even think about dating because women who are passionate about blood type theory and horoscope are childish. However, when he injured his back while moving the bed, he wanted to meet someone and received psychiatric treatment. Oh my, he met her!!
Although everything is clumsy, he begins to learn from her the ecstasy of the first kiss, the thrill of dating, sometimes quarrels and reconciliation, and everything about love. However, the woman he fell in love with for the first time in his 30s is the woman with a bloody secret. Will he be able to continue his love even if her identity is revealed?

Although he looks smart and normal, he has a cold personality and is a regular male protagonist who appears in various romantic movies. But in <Sweet, Bloody Lover>, Hwang Dae-woo is a man who has never been in a relationship. Then he begins his first love in life. Everything about love that he can only express is sometimes approaching the audience with laughter and sometimes with excitement, and his bloody true identity is revealed and his first love, which takes place in a special way, gives the audience a unique love story they have never experienced.

A woman more bloody than Mr. Venus MINA

“It’s just like that girl. ordinary woman”
Name: Lee Mina / Real name: Lee Mi-ja
Age: late 20's
Occupation: Preparing to study in Italy.
Hobbies: Reading
Specialty: Dealing with ex-boyfriends
Dislikes: Being ignored, uncultured talk

She is so pretty that she is studying to study in Italy. However, she is a woman with a different charm who can calmly organize (?) her ex-boyfriend.
Then she fell in love!!
It's her first time dating, so she's stupid, but she dreams of sweet love after meeting Daewoo, who even feels cute. However, he is confronted with Daewoo who has found out his true identity.
She always cleared up the men who got in the way. How can she keep her love for Daewoo?

Compared to the female characters in existing romantic comedies, Lee Mina is a perfect woman. Not only does she look intelligent and elegant, but she also has excellent beauty. However, she is an expressionless and wielding sword, the main character suitable for a thriller movie. Mina, a more unusual character, will show the audience her unique charm that cannot be found in existing movies because she meets Hwang Dae-woo, a unique man who starts his first love, and dreams of an ordinary love that does not suit him.

Sweet, bloody dialogue

Daewoo and Mina share a deep kiss.
Daewoo “What is this?”,
Mina: “Your tongue… you don’t like it? take it off?”
Daewoo "Don't take it out, don't take it out. I love your tongue”

Daewoo “…She is an angelic woman who is very understanding.
I didn't believe in fate, but I guess I haven't dated until now to meet this girl.
By the way, do you also put your tongue in your mouth when kissing?”

Daewoo "Who is this?"
Mina "Yonsama"
Mina: "Can you draw one?"
Daewoo "Oh, that's fine. Is this Bae Yong-jun? If he wears a scarf, is it Bae Yong-jun?"

Mina: “I have to wash because of sweat.”
Daewoo "It's okay. I have low blood pressure, so I can eat it salty.”

Rose: “I’m good at cutting blades for years.
I have little appetite. you're really nice too it's mina It stings yesterday and cuts today.”

Mina: “Did you say ‘Fuck’ to me right now?”
Daewoo "Yes! I said 'Fuck'. I also curse when I'm angry. Mina is really so ‘fucking’ today”
Gye-dong "'Fuck' is an insult… Fuck it"

Daewoo "I wasn't dating Lee Mina, I was dating Lee Mi…"


Hundreds of kisses, long kiss scenes for 12 hours

Choi Kang-hee is the first to film an actual kissing scene in a movie. In her first real kiss scene, the opponent was Park Yong-woo. While filming <Sweet and Bloody Lovers>, Park Yong-woo and Choi Kang-hee kissed nearly 200 times. Since there were a lot of kissing scenes, it is said that both actors were exhausted after filming only kissing scenes for 12 hours.

Not only did they immerse themselves in emotions, but they also had to act like a real lover, even with minor gestures, so the atmosphere of the set was dyed pink with their realistic kisses. At first, I was shy and worried a lot, so it was awkward, but the kiss between the two actors for the work is a unique part of the movie. Moreover, Park Yong-woo had to express the emotions and feelings of the first kiss of a man who had not kissed for over 30 years. It is said that there were suspicions that it was the real first kiss, not acting, because he showed the pure passion for the first kiss of a newbie in love with the most realistic emotional acting.

Park Yong-woo and Choi Kang-hee's bizarre lines during kissing. A new trend!

The sweet kiss scene between the main characters Mina (Kang Hee Choi) and Daewoo (Yongwoo Park), who already appear in the trailer for <Sweet and Bloody Lovers>, and the bizarre lines during the kiss are popular among netizens.

On a dark evening, pure man Daewoo, who started kissing Mina on a bench, asks what was in his mouth during the kiss. To this, "Tongue, take it out? Daewoo, who is not good at kissing Mina who replied, “Your tongue is the best!” exclaiming, causing fresh laughter. Daewoo's line in the kiss scene, which became another topic of discussion, said, "It's okay to eat salty because I have low blood pressure," when she said that she should wash because of sweat. However, this is only one episode, and the lines in the kiss that stagger and laugh are gearing up to welcome the audience. A love story between a man and a woman that unfolds with bouncing lines and unpredictable development. These days, parody of lines and actions in movies has become a trend, and the lines during kisses in <Sweet and Bloody Lovers> are expected to become a new trend.

– A new concept of film production

A meeting between a broadcaster with the know-how of HD technology and a movie production company with the infrastructure of high-end manpower!!

The beginning of the movie <Sweet and Bloody Lovers> is the meeting between MBC and Sidus FNH, a film production company. MBC and Sidus FNH, the nation's largest film production company, have decided to jointly produce two HD movies. MBC and MBC Production are in charge of the production cost investment and Sidus FNH and MBC Production are in charge of production. will be used as an opportunity for

This project is the beginning of HD movies in collaboration between the broadcasting and film industry, and it is significant in that it is not only an exchange of capital, but also an exchange of manpower and systems. MBC, which had professional know-how by actively using HD shooting, and Sidus FNH, which has the best experience and infrastructure in film production, are trying to create synergy effects by sharing their experiences and knowledge.
MBC and Sidus FNH will each plan one work, a total of two, while MBC will be in charge of HD cameras, manpower, and post-production support for both episodes, while Sidus FNH will be in charge of production and marketing.

In particular, since HD movies are comparable to existing film movies in terms of completeness and can be produced at a relatively low cost, it is also meaningful in that it can be made into a chapter where various genres can be tried along with the development of fresh materials. . This is evidenced by the fact that <Sweet and Bloody Lovers>, part of this project, is a story made up of novel materials and unique characters that have not been seen in existing TV shows or movies.

-A lot of talk, character creation

DAEWOO with a single smile, MINA with no expression.
<Sweet, Bloody Lover>, which stimulates curiosity about the movie just by meeting unique characters, dramatically polarized the characters of the main characters Hwang Dae-woo and Lee Min-na to create the characters DAEWOO and MINA. Daewoo, who was cynical in love, but suddenly fell in love, is always sweet with a smiling face, beautiful and strangely attractive, but Mina, who has an unusual atmosphere, is a bloody figure that always carries a sword with an expressionless expression. made.

In particular, these characters are being produced with 4 cartoons and 5 flash animations, and are attracting more attention. The cartoon series that was released is the main content of episodes that combine sweetness and bloodyness with the definition of love and lover given by two unique characters, MINA and DAEWOO. The definition of love given by the opposite characters is sympathetic to many people, raising questions about how they can sustain love.
Here, the animation produced with Flash focuses on the two characters of the movie's episodes, and it not only shows the charm of the two characters well, but also separates the episodes into sweet and bloody, creating a romantic and thriller atmosphere that is the charm of this movie. It is exquisitely well expressed. Especially, since it consists of episodes from the actual movie, it is also an opportunity to get a glimpse of the contents of the movie before its release.

-2006, Sidus FNH's first work

Sidus Pictures, which has always produced high-quality Korean movies, and Good Movies were officially merged under the new name Sidus FNH in June 2005. With the merger of the two major film companies, Sidus FNH has risen to become Korea's best production company in name and reality, and is expected to produce about a dozen films in 2006 alone. <Sweet, Bloody Lovers> is the first work since the merger and the first in 2006.

<Sweet, Bloody Lover>, which shines with the script and directing of new director Son Jae-gon, is a work that attracts the attention of filmmakers with its unique characters and fresh materials, even though it did not cost a lot to produce. For this reason, Sidus FNH chose this film as its first film in 2006 based solely on its confidence in the work itself.

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