(Korean Movies) My Love, My Bride, 2014

My Love, My Bride, 2014

My Love, My Bride, 2014
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Do you regret it, do you regret not doing it?
What happens when you really get married?!

Young-min (Jo Jung-seok) and Mi-yeong (Shin Min-ah), a typical Korean couple who ended up getting married after dating for 4 years.
The sweet newlywed life that I thought would only be happy for a while.
Minor misunderstandings and frictions arise, and the 'dream of marriage' begins to shatter one by one… .
Did this marriage really go well?

Young-min, a childish husband who can't speak the world
Wife 'Miyoung', who is only nagging every case
We got married because we really loved each other, so why is it so difficult?

Marriage you've been dreaming of and dreaming about, a story 'inside' that goes beyond that is unfolding!


24 years ago, the very movie that made everyone's hearts flutter <My Love, My Bride>

"Love is?"
In the winter of 1990, <My Love, My Bride> warmed the hearts of the audience. The film, which begins with the title “What is Love,” is actually the beginning of Korean romantic comedy. The greatest stars of the time, Park Joong-hoon and the late Choi Jin-sil, lovingly portrayed the simple daily life of an ordinary newlywed couple, they recorded about 200,000 spectators in Seoul alone and succeeded in the box office. Director Lee Myung-se, who received attention for his debut film <Comedian>, built his own unique world of work with the episodic composition and the culmination of cute set aesthetics, which were difficult to see in Korean films at the time, and captivated the critics, winning the 12th Blue Dragon Film Awards New Director Award and the No. He also swept various awards such as the 29th Grand Bell Award for Best New Director and the 36th Asia Pacific Film Festival Best New Actor Award.

“A movie like first love for a man in his 40s”
A wife crying because she misses her mother on the first night of their wedding, a husband who went out to buy a condom but bought a contact 600 because he was shy, a wife who is annoyed at the sudden housewarming, and a husband who gets jealous and pushes his face into a bowl of jjajangmyeon when he sees his wife talking with an outsider. They clash and quarrel over trivial matters, but in the end, they understand each other because they 'love' and get along with each other. Online, “It’s a movie like first love for a man in his 40s”, “A movie that reminds me of those days when every corner of my heart is sore”, “It doesn’t get boring no matter how many times I watch it”, “A movie that brings back the vague memories of first love. It was such a warm movie… “It is full of people who remember the work. Even now, 20 years later, there are still many people who remember and miss this movie because of the charm of <My Love, My Bride>. And this is also the reason why 2014's <My Love, My Bride> has no choice but to be remade.

Is marriage really real?
Married and unmarried, everyone nodded.
A real story close to reality! 2014 <My Love, My Bride>

If <My Love, My Bride> in 1990 was the beginning of a romantic comedy, <My Love, My Bride> in 2014 will continue that baton by drawing a new line of romantic comedy. In 2014, <My Love, My Bride> presents a full-fledged realistic romantic comedy with the subject of 'marriage', which everyone has thought about at least once, reflecting the current era. Young-min and Mi-young, who are just getting married after four years of dating, love each other so much that it becomes increasingly difficult to bear with each other's petty words and actions, even though they are married. Mi-young, increasingly dismayed at Young-min who does chores without raising the toilet lid, leaves what she ate, and puts out laundry without checking pockets, constantly nagging and jealous of Mi-young, who shows affection with a male junior in front of her. In a realistic and pleasant way, it captures the emotional changes that everyone has experienced at least once in a relationship between men and women. In particular, in these conflicting scenes, “I am married or I have adopted a child…”, “I want to be able to only look at women I see for the first time. Why am I doing this?” Naked yet realistic lines such as the back make you nod your head by itself. These realistic scenes and lines break the common fantasy of marriage, but nevertheless, the message of 'I love you' gives the audience another special fantasy, which will warm the hearts of the audience when they leave the theater. will be.

The hottest casting of 2014! It doesn't get any better than this!
Fantastic chemistry couple Jo Jung-suk ♥ Shin Min-ah

<My Love, My Bride> heated up online as soon as the production was decided. When it was announced that Jo Jung-seok and Shin Min-ah would appear as a couple, they were ranked in the real-time search rankings, as well as a virtual poster created by combining the two actors, which drew the attention of netizens. The fresh combination of these two actors, surprisingly well-matched, stimulated the curiosity of the audience, and the posters and trailers released after that turned this curiosity into anticipation, further heightening the interest of the audience.

Jo and the new couple, who can only guess the chemistry of acting just by being together, added their own charm to the lovely characters Park Joong-hoon and Choi Jin-sil showed in the original work, and reborn as a more vivid and realistic movie. In the drama, Jo Jung-seok, who dreams of becoming a poet, but in reality is a 9th-grade civil servant, plays the role of 'Young-min', a husband who is immersed in the sweetness of the newlyweds, to the agony of the reality of a marriage that is different from imagination. It is presented with a playful and pleasant acting. Shin Min-ah is also expected to show a new charm that has not been seen before by perfectly digesting the Korean average wife 'Mi-young', who is full of aegyo and lovely, but drops the level of nagging. From the early days of the newlyweds, when the sesame seeds are poured, to the appearance of bickering over trivial matters, the couple's every move brings out intense sympathy and fun from the viewers. The most important thing above all is the chemistry that comes out when these two actors act together. Jo Jung-seok and Shin Min-ah, who had a good acting compatibility, reminiscent of a real couple at the time of filming, transferred that synergy to the screen. The two are expected to make the audience's hearts flutter by showing the perfect couple, from acting to visuals and chemical, that makes you feel as if you are peeking into a real newlywed life.

I am responsible for everything from a smile that rises gently to a stormy drip!
The strongest supporting actor who raises expectations just by name is dispatched!
Jung-hee Yoon, Mi-ran Ra, Seong-woo Bae, Si-eon Lee, Kyu-pil Ko, Gang-jun Seo

One of the biggest charms of <My Love, My Bride> is that you can't stop laughing from start to finish. From a smile that creeps up on your lips to a body gag, as well as a stormy drip that makes you laugh. The two main actors of <My Love, My Bride> and the strongest supporting actors such as Yoon Jeong-hee, Ra Mi-ran, Bae Seong-woo, Lee Si-eon, Ko Kyu-pil, and Seo Kang-jun fill the laughter throughout the film.

First of all, Ra Mi-ran takes on the role of the owner of the newlywed house, who is a light sleeper and interferes with the newlyweds' affairs. Ra Mi-ran, who reveals a strong presence with storm-like ad-libs and unique skillful acting, boasts of Chungmuro's strongest scene stealer every time she appears. Bae Seong-woo, Lee Si-eon, and Ko Kyu-pil will play the roles of ‘Dal-su’, ‘Ki-tae’, and ‘Jeong-jin’, the three true friends of ‘Young-min’ who make ‘Young-min’ even more confused with unsolicited advice. Even at the actual filming site, these three actors, who are said to always have a dinner party after filming, play the role of seasoning for the movie with their realistic acting that they do not know whether they are acting or real. Here, Yeong-min and Mi-young, who appear as strong rivals (?) that cause jealousy, Yoon Jeong-hee as 'Seung-hee' and Seo Kang-joon as 'Jun-su', fully digest their characters with their outstanding visuals, dazzle the eyes of the audience. makes it In addition, Jeon Moo-song, Hwang Jung-min, Seo Shin-ae, and a special appearance that will give you a surprise, the movie <My Love, My Bride>, which is a collection of luxury actors from Chungmuro, will bring a storm of laughter and deep emotion to the audience this fall.


Lightning comparison analysis! 1990 vs 2014
<My Love, My Bride> is a film that director Lim Chan-sang remembers most clearly among Korean films at the time, and Byeon Bong-hyeon, CEO of Film Momentum, loves it the most. As both of them cherished and loved the original, the desire to remake the 2014 version was also very high. The most important part when deciding on the remake was the feelings of Youngmin and Miyoung. The points where the two emotionally collide, such as the loveliness and freshness of the early days of newlyweds, and the sense of separation and conflict that arise as the marriage that each has dreamed of becomes a reality, does not deviate much from the original. In particular, the main scenes that were talked about by the audience at the time of the original release, such as the Jajangmyeon scene, the housewarming scene, and the reconciliation at the hospital, were reborn in the 2014 version and added to the fun. However, the production team also wanted to add to the charm of the 2014 version of <My Love, My Bride>. It is hoped that the audience will more deeply empathize with the situation of these two couples. To this end, we focused on showing the changed view of marriage and the status of men and women in the story or setting according to the current era. Thanks to this, Mi-young, a full-time housewife 24 years ago, worked as a lecturer at an art academy, and Young-min, an artist, became a 9th-grade civil servant, and Young-min's friends with various marriage experiences appeared. Also, in 1990, Young-min, who brought laughter with her clever words and deeds, was reborn as an immature groom disguised as cute, and Mi-young, a lovely bride, was reborn as a mature character like a mother.

* Compare with the original

More interesting scene #3.

1. Tragedy caused by jealousy_Jjajangmyeon incident
– 1990: Young-min and Mi-young go on a date after a short time. However, the date that should have been fun turns into a nightmare because of Young-min, who is blinded by jealousy when she sees Mi-young having a friendly conversation with a stranger. In the original story, Mi-young sheds tears when she meets her boss, who has left the company, and hears an unexpected death. Young-min, who saw this from afar, misunderstood that he had met an old lover, and eventually, blinded by jealousy, nailed Mi-yeong's head, which is deliciously eating jajangmyeon, into a bowl of jajangmyeon.
– 2014: Young-min meets Mi-young's junior who is much smarter than herself (!) and gets enraged, then pushes Mi-young's face into a bowl of jajangmyeon like the 1990 version. In this scene, Jo Jung-seok, who plays Young-min, shows an upgraded ad-lib of conversion, giving an unexpected laugh.

2. The immature demands of old husbands who have gone _ Sudden housewarming
– 1990: Young-min invites co-workers/friends to her house with excitement. Mi-young is angry and embarrassed at Young-min's sudden request, but she perseveres and cooks to save her husband's energy. The ignorant customers laugh and talk loudly and touch Mi-young's heart, while Young-min looks at Mi-young's eyes. Besides, Mi-young feels inferior to Miss Choi, a successful career woman. At the moment of trying to flatten the nose of the opponent with his singing skills, he only gets shame because of the disgraceful deviation. In this scene, the late Choi Jin-sil sang Hye Eun-i's 'You Won't Know'.
– 2014: The newly remade version of the housewarming scene unfolds the same as the 1990 version. Mi-young feels strangely jealous of Young-min's friend Seung-hee. Also, in this work, you can enjoy Taeyeon's 'What if' sung by Shin Min-ah.

3. You have to listen to the end of the Korean language to know your intentions_Proposal with tears
– 1990: <My Love, My Bride> begins on a bench in a park in the autumn when the leaves are beautifully colored. Young-min tells the audience that he will soon propose to the woman he loves. However, Mi-young, who arrives later, assumes that she will say goodbye to her because of Young-min's serious voice in the receiver, and answers bluntly before she even listens to Young-min. And even before Young-min can say anything important, she already says her conclusion and disappears crying.
– 2014: Mi-young, who rushes to her conclusion without listening to Young-min, is the same as the original. However, Young-min does not speak to the audience before the proposal, but rather chats with friends and asks for advice. And, most importantly, the background. Unlike the original, which was in the fall, the proposal in 2014 is made in the spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming. Wiping tears through the falling cherry blossom petals, the couple exchanging rings will add to the lovely yet sweet charm of the newlyweds.

※The actor who appeared in both <My Love, My Bride> in 1990 and <My Love, My Bride> in 2014?
: Yoon Moon-sik and Jeon Mu-song appearing as Young-min's co-workers in the 1990 film. In this movie, Jeon Moo-song plays the poet Pan Hae-il, Young-min's teacher, and stimulates the tears of the audience.

The daily life of newlyweds
Create a cute newlywed house!

The newlywed house in the movie <My Love, My Bride> was a living space for the main characters Young-min and Mi-young and a representative space to capture the sweet life of the newlyweds who were decorating 'My House' for the first time. It had to be a place to come out. In particular, as director Lee Myung-se completed a unique mise-en-scène by maximizing the aesthetics of set art through the newlyweds in the original <My Love, My Bride>, the production team had no choice but to put more effort into making the set for the newlyweds. In expressing the newlyweds of <My Love, My Bride> in 2014, the part that director Lim Chan-sang had in mind the most was the 'modernization of the classics'. Art director Shin Jeom-hee and director Lim Chan-sang, who were in charge of the entire set and props, wanted the first space of the newlyweds to exude a warm and human atmosphere like 'Notting Hill' in the movie 'Notting Hill'. To this end, considering the occupations of ordinary civil servants and art academy teachers and the local sentiment of Samcheong-dong, where the newlywed house is located in the play, a nest was prepared in an apartment house where they had to live 'with' neighbors, and the exterior and interior of the newlywed house were decorated. . Art director Shin Jeom-hee said, "Although director Lee Myung-se's original newlywed house is an ordinary newlyweds' kitchen, the walls were painted orange to highlight the artistic side to the extreme. As an art director, as an expression of homage and respect for the original work, I used orange blinds on the window of the living room, which is the main space.” Another thing to pay attention to is the color of the interior of the newlywed house. In the early stages of marriage, colorful props are used to represent the fresh and lovely relationship between the two, but as the conflict deepens, colorful props are removed to show a section of married life that becomes commonplace.

Full of excitement, excitement, and loveliness
A day in spring in April, a proposal camera!

The most decisive scene in which the movie begins, the proposal. Due to the wishes of the production team who wanted to show the most visual perfection, this scene was scheduled to be filmed at the time the cherry blossoms were flying, but the weather forecast that the cherry blossoms bloomed about a week earlier than usual made the production team all mentally ill. In addition, as it was predicted that it would rain on the scheduled date for filming, it was expected that the shooting of the proposal, which should be the most beautiful, was difficult, so the production team arranged the shooting schedule with this proposal scene as the top priority. The actors as well as the production crew all adjusted their schedules in early April. However, due to the change of schedule, the original location became difficult. In order to find the most beautiful place, the production team sold their products, and as a result of inquiring here and there, Hongneung Arboretum located in Dongdaemun-gu was hired. The day before filming, the crew was more nervous than ever, because they had no choice but to prepare in a hurry. However, from the morning, everyone was relieved by the clear sky, and the moderately blowing wind made cherry blossom petals fluttering and fluttering, creating a fantastic visual. The proposal scene, which added the actors' acting and the staff's passion, was born as a masterpiece that satisfies not only the director Lim Chan-sang, but also the actors and staff.

The firework point that completes the atmosphere of the movie!
'My Love, My Bride' sung by Jo Jung-seok ♥ Shin Min-ah

There is another reason to keep your eyes and ears open until the end credits of the movie <My Love, My Bride> go up. It is the duet song 'My Love, My Bride' sung by Jo Jung-seok and Shin Min-ah to give the audience the pleasure of listening. The production team has been preparing the OST for the two main characters to sing together from the planning stage of the movie. Jo Jung-suk, the hero of musicals [Hedwig], [Spring Awakening], and [Blood Brothers], and Shin Min-ah, who had experience in releasing project albums with the band Love Holix in 2009, were already proven, so the process was easy. After several works, music director Kim Jun-seong completed a medium-tempo song with an addictive melody that anyone can easily hum. The most noteworthy thing about 'My Love, My Bride', which is composed of a cheerful melody and the lively voices of Jo Jung-suk and Shin Min-ah, is the lyrics that convey the fantasy and reality of marriage. “You became a witch from a beauty. I only scratch a rip off”, “You became the truth from a handsome man. Lifetime lyrics such as “I only look for it when I eat” and “Why is it so important to squeeze the toothpaste at the end” are reminiscent of conversations between real couples. To this, narration made up of lines from the movie, such as “Whether I am married or adopted” and “The person who will say I was happy in the future,” adds to the fun. The music video for 'My Love, My Bride' revealed not only scenes from the movie, but also the recording site of Jo Jung-suk and Shin Min-ah, who have perfect chemistry. Like this, 'My Love, My Bride', created through the collaboration of the production team and actors, will make the audience's footsteps lighter and more cheerful as they leave the theater after watching.

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