(Korean Movies) My Boss, My Teacher, 2006

My Boss, My Teacher, 2006

My Boss, My Teacher, 2006
Audience over 15
running time
125 minutes
cumulative audience
5074314 people


5 years ago. Come back as a teacher!!
Five years ago, he entered high school as a gangster. Gye Doo-sik, who turned the school upside down, returns as an ethics teacher at the Teachers' University this time. He lightly judged field training for graduates as “social experience that long-term prisoners gain before being released from prison,” and went to school for teaching practice. From the first day of practice, he went to work through the hole, and said, "Teachers are teachers too!!" He gave strong strength to his neck and said, "I will teach ethics and ideology with my own view of ethics!!"

They have changed!!
Meanwhile, it was revealed that Kim Sang-doo (a fake college student) from Casanova, who dominated Las Vegas, was caught up in Doo-sik's SOS request. He, who dominated 'Las Vegas' until five years ago, was completely ruined by a female teacher who was introduced to him by Dusik. In addition, he is in a state where he has to give up his privacy as he is dedicated to 'flirting with a female teacher'. Also, the head, known as the pinnacle of ignorance, is said to have been having a hard time every day for five years ago because of his son, who resembles his ex-player wife. There is a saying that if something happens to the head somewhere, it will surely enter his wife Chun-ja's ears.
Do you want to help Dusik hyung, will you love in his own way, even if your body is divided into ten, how will they take care of Dusik this time!! Attention is drawn to their ignorance, which has become stronger than five years ago.

The boss, the teacher, and the father are still one!!
It is not only the English teachers and ignorant students who are blocking Dusik's school life. Even his best boss is often an obstacle at school. What is more difficult than telling Sang-du to treat a woman as a stone, than instructing the head to persuade the other person through dialogue is that he must rule the disciple’s boss (Sang-jung) with a fair heart!!
Doo-sik, who confidently exclaims, "Still!! The boss, the teacher, and the father are one," how will they overcome these difficulties? Can Gye Doo-shik safely finish school life?
We want to know that!

hot issue

What's the difference between all projections?

2006 National Project! One year's worth of fun!!

In 2006, the only comedy film <All the Fighters> for the New Year was planned as a rare comic project for the entire nation, and was completed in secret. As the old saying, “Somun Manbok-rae (笑門萬福來),” says, the main purpose of the project is to share the warmth and happiness to enjoy the year 2006 through laughter. Laughing for 15 seconds a day can extend your life by two days, and laughing for 45 seconds can help fight high blood pressure and stress. In this way, laughter that illuminates the body and mind has a positive effect on all parts of our body. The movie <All the Fighters> was produced with the ambitious aspiration to drive laughter that could make the whole nation laugh for a year at once under the leadership of the trio Jung, using super-powerful laughter as a weapon. Only the points of laughter that have been proven through the first episode are carefully selected, rearranged into an upgraded high-stimulation super comedy, and a great laugh is presented to those who live a hard life. <All the Fighters> once again demonstrates the powerful teamwork of the Jung Trio, and plans to show their comic prowess, which is still unmatched when it comes to making others laugh.

For the first time in Korea, the members from the previous episode got together again.

<All the Fighters>, in which the main actors of the first part, which are difficult to gather, decided to appear without hesitation. As the 3.5 million viewers of the previous film acknowledged, expectations for the genre of comedy are high. Here, besides the actors, there were others who participated in the filming without hesitation, that is, the staff of <Two Samui>. Because the actors are the continuity of the characters and narratives of the previous film, the staff united again with the determination to recreate the glory of five years ago. The production company in charge of production, the martial arts director who showed brilliant action, the marketing team in charge of publicity and marketing, etc., and the actors who showed the essence of comedy in front of the screen met again. It's cognitive. If there is an action scene in the rain in <All the Heads>, then in <All the Fighters> there is an action scene in which chrysanthemum petals fly. Prior to filming this scene, they exchanged jokes and jokes about “I didn’t want to appear if it rained”, and the actors and staff continued to make a movie with a special attachment without losing their laughter despite the difficult filming. The super-comedy <All the Fighters>, in which the friendship and loyalty between the actors and staff stand out, will be the best comedy film in the new year of 2006.

The Dark Horse of <All the Fighters>, Big Brother Kim Sang-joong

Do you remember the older brother who stared into the distance saying, “Doo-shik, I’m the class president”? Kim Sang-joong's unbreakable charisma comes from his eyes that overwhelm his opponent in a low tone of slow tone. Not only did he play a decisive role in sending Dooshik to college, he himself felt the need for education and played the role of a practical, academic boss who went to high school. Even late high school life is difficult, but a situation that makes things even worse has occurred in which Doo-sik comes as his teacher.
Outside the classroom, as the boss of the organization, and inside the classroom, as a high school student who has to serve as a teacher, it is a continuation of a painful life, wearing masks day and night.
Kim Sang-joong, who showed extraordinary confidence in his role from the beginning of the production, is said to have lived near the Internet, where he could learn words commonly used by teenagers these days, for acting as a high school student. At the press conference, he used words such as 'mtt' and 'ji-ji' in response to the reporter's question, causing the crowd to laugh. It is worth paying attention to the acting of the older brother, who has established himself as a major axis of <All the Fighters> together with the Jung Trio.

Attention focused! <All the Fighters> teaser poster.

It's a scene I've seen a lot somewhere. It looks cool, but a closer look is hilarious! A trio of funny men follows a scene from The Matrix, a high school ghost story, and a heroic character. This is none other than the teaser poster for <All the Fighters>.
Recently, a 'parody set' of <All the Fighters> has been produced and is attracting public attention. Of the three posters, only the Matrix version was released as the main, and the poster parodied even a copy of 'whatever you imagine, you'll see more funny', and the serious expressions of the three actors harmonized to create even greater laughter. As soon as the parody version of The Matrix was released among the media and netizens, it drew attention with its unique concept, and ripples such as 'I want to see a movie soon' and 'I think it would be fun' were flooded. Because of this, an unpublished poster made of a poster is also drawing attention from people.


The story of all the fighters

The mighty dream team. Jung trio talking with eyes!
Hands and feet, breathing.

The movie <All the Fighters> proceeded with a murderous schedule from crank-in to crank-up. The unimaginable forced march lasted for about two months, even if it was filmed seven times a week. The record-breaking thing is that he was able to digest 15 episodes of filming without a break. The biggest reason that I was able to finish the tight schedule safely without a single puncture was thanks to the strongest breathing of the actors who reunited after 5 years. The acting breathing between the actors, who can understand each other's intentions just by looking at each other, became the driving force behind the tight filming schedule.
Actors in the movie <All the Fighters> frequently showed their faces on the scene even on days when they were not filming.
To the actors, <All the Fighters> was special to the extent that they put their heads together and put effort into character setting without fail. Despite the fact that the actors are taking a single picture so that the actors' nicknames on the set are 'Daegijo', they showed their passion and affection to come to the scene in advance and set an example for all the staff.

It's the inner work of <The Heads of Mind>!!
“Third year 8th class united for a special reason, not just actors”
I'm curious about the power that brings them together.

There was a unique group in <All the Fighters>, and it was none other than the students of 3rd grade and 8th grade. Doosik Gye's teacher practice class consisted of a total of 34 students including 'Kim Sang-joong, Han Hyo-joo, and Ha Dong-hoon (Haha)'. The students in 3rd grade and 8th grade are self-proclaimed fans of <All the Heads-of-God>, and aspiring acting students who applied with a pure desire to participate in <All the Fighters>. The students of Kyung Hee University, Seoul Institute of the Arts, and high school drama students volunteered for the filming of <All the Fighters> without any compensation. As the film's central location is a school, their role was also significant. Despite the many filming episodes of over 20 episodes and the schedule that continued until late at night, they all worked hard and kept their smiles on the set until the day the filming ended. In the end, it can be said that the hot performances of 3rd graders and 8th graders stemmed from the power of <Unity of the Headquarters> projected in <Unity of the Projectors>.

Comic Blockbuster, Production Special 1

The movie <All the Fighters> was an extraordinary film from the production team's determination. The prejudice of comedy films, which had been recognized as 'a film that was easily filmed for a short period of time and laughed at without thinking', showed that it is a myth that has nothing to do with the movie <All Projectors>.

Point1. Dusik's first school god
Two Jaguar cars valued at 180 million won, four luxury cars and two BMW motorcycles were mobilized to escort Doo-sik for the first time as a teacher. Doo-sik, who is going to school for the first time, was filmed using Jimmy's house, and the 8-lane road in Hanam was used like a set.

Point2. A god who witnesses an unexplained and absurd death
Eight water trucks weighing about 3 tons were mobilized for the accident scene filmed at the Paju Publishing Complex, and 4 cranes, Jimmy's Zip camera, high-speed camera, and digital high-speed camera were mobilized for the reality of the accident scene. These devices express the image of the undecided in more detail, making it possible to feel the sadness of the undecided just by looking at the video.
Also, this scene is an important part of Doo-shik's anger, and the crew showed enthusiasm to invest about 100 million won worth of production cost to shoot this one scene.

Point3. highlight action scene
Kyunghee University Suwon Campus, which became an undetermined funeral home. About 200 extras were mobilized for the action scenes of Doosikpa and Shingangnampa, which were filmed here, adding to the movie's highlights. Specially produced chrysanthemum petals were blown up to the sky to commemorate the dead undecided, amounting to about 9,000 (12.5 million won), and despite the cold weather, four strong winds were used to create a spectacular video as if it were raining flowers from the sky.
The action scene of the day is a scene in which the elder brother's mourning is outstanding, and in order to strongly appeal his image, a leather costume of more than 3 million won was specially produced. In addition, in order to capture the image of Sangjung running on a motorcycle more dynamically, it was shot simultaneously with three cameras, which is rare for a comedy film. The passion of the staff and actors made the movie stand out even more, such as shooting the action scene, which is the highlight of the movie, over 5 days with a firewood thinking that not a single scene can be missed.

Comic Blockbuster, Production Special 2

– The completion of the movie image is set

The main filming location of <All the Fighters> is school! Currently, in most schools, there are less than 40 students per class. Because there are not many students, the space in the classroom is also not large. The same is true of Xinjiang High School in Gyeonggi-do, which received permission to film.
For that reason, it was necessary to create a new shooting space for <All Projectors> in the school building. This resulted in securing a slightly larger space than the actual classroom. It was to free the movement of a total of 34 students and the movement of the camera in 3rd grade 8th class. This was because of the reason that a large space had to be prioritized for the diversity of the screen.

– Completion of the upgraded character is the costume

The concept that was most focused on to revive the characters of <All the Fighters> is 'upgrade'. That's why the costumes also had to work hard to express their upgrades. First of all, Jung Jun-ho's clothes mainly used high-quality fabrics to show that his position has risen over the past five years. In the case of Jung Woong-in, he made a stylish and uniquely designed costume, a little different from other actors, with the concept of a stylish workman. Jung Woon-taek maintained the existing style of boat pants (arbitrarily making boats), and Kim Sang-joong's suits were made of shiny gray fabrics, maximizing his dignity as a boss.
In this way, for each character, we tried to show an upgraded look with the color and style of the previous part in mind. Even though it is not a period product, more than 90% of the costumes of the main characters were made to show the most modern and upgraded appearance.

Multi-talented, all-round entertainer Jung Jun-ho.
Jung Jun-ho is a beauty in all directions?

Actors, producers, directors, teachers… In what words should I refer to Jung Jun-ho?
During <All the Fighters>, Jung Jun-ho showed his versatility in various fields and established himself as an all-round entertainer!
He thought that he could shoot a movie if he knew the subjects he was in charge of in the movie, so he airlifted the 'Ethics and Thoughts' textbook a month before filming started, and started 'becoming a pre-training school student'.
Also, he had a lot of influence on the location selection that the production department does, since acting is basic. First, the governor of Gyeonggi-do promised to actively support the venue to Jung Jun-ho, who is a public relations ambassador for Gyeonggi-do. Thus, a high school in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do, which was not originally planned, was established as the place of work for Gye Doo-sik. Also, Kyunghee University's Suwon campus, which became the place of the fight in the movie, is also famous as a difficult place to recruit. Even in the unfavorable circumstances of interfering with students' studies during the semester and when the filming date was imminent during the exam period, Kyung Hee University gave permission to use the venue only because it was a movie starring Jung Jun-ho, a graduate of the university.
In addition, Jung Jun-ho, who was nicknamed 'Director Jeong' on the set. In addition to providing acting guidance to young actors who are not good at acting, researching the scenes of the movie and making suggestions to the director, I could see his efforts to make a movie together, not just as an actor.

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