(Korean Movies) MY ANNOYING BROTHER, 2016


Audience over 12 years old
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
2982514 people
38th Blue Dragon Film Awards 2017


“Because I live
The day will come when you will help me in my life.”
Shameless con artist, brother asked for a chance of parole as an excuse!

Go Doo-young (Do Kyung-soo), the national judo team member, has an unexpected accident during the match. Upon hearing the news, Go Doo-shik (Jo Jung-suk), the 10th offender's older brother, unfolds a tearful release of fraud!

“You bastard, please get out of my life!”
The older brother is back and life has become darker!

Doo-sik was released on parole as a guardian for a year on the pretext of his younger brother who became dark in one morning!. The brazen older brother, who has not been contacted for 15 years, returns home, and instead of acting as a protector, he makes the life of 'Dooyoung' even more messed up… .

The unpredictable cohabitation of brothers who are inferior to others begins!


Two rising men, Jo Jung-suk & Do Kyung-soo met!
Synchronicity 100% brother chemistry explodes!

In 2016, in theaters, movies with outstanding male-male chemistry such as Kang Dong-won and Hwang Jung-min in <Prosecutor's Gaiden>, Gong Yoo and Ma Dong-seok in <Train to Busan>, and Song Kang-ho X Gong Yoo in <Spying> received great love. Another duo will be born in the second half of this year to continue the craze of south-south chemistry. Jo Jung-seok and Do Kyung-soo in <Brother> are the main characters. These two look more like brothers than real brothers, foretelling the freshest and most intense meeting at the theater this year.

Actor Jo Jung-seok, who has been reborn as an incarnation of acting through screens and CRTs, took on the role of 'Doo-sik', an older brother he can't hate in <Brother>. . Jo Jung-seok perfectly immersed himself in the character by using his organs to portray the role of a swindler, sometimes comically, sometimes as an attractive man who can't be hated.

Here, Do Kyung-soo takes on the role of Doo-yeong, a younger brother who starts an unwanted life with his older brother, who returned after 15 years due to an accident while playing for the national judo athlete, and shows off his perfect chemistry with Jo Jung-suk. Do Kyung-soo, who has been attracting attention for his outstanding concentration and character digestibility in every scene in dramas and movies, has also digested delicate emotions in <Brother>. In particular, it is rumored that Jo Jung-seok's exclusive patent, Storm ad-lib, surprised the production team with his agility enough to match naturally.

Director Kwon Soo-kyung, who directed <Brother>, said, “I was thinking about a fresh combination, a combination I had never met. The combination of Jo Jung-seok and Do Kyung-soo is a very fresh combination that we have never encountered before.”

The 2016 Bro-Comedy <Hyung>, where the hottest actors in Korea will meet and conquer the screen with their male-dominated chemistry, is scheduled to blow a combi craze once again in theaters on November 24th.

A burst of laughter comes from a unique brother!
The best bro-comedy of 2016 is born!

The only movie that will make the audience laugh and cry this winter is <Brother>, which tells the story of a fraud, a 10-beom older brother (Jo Jung-seok), a well-known national representative younger brother (Do Kyung-soo), and two brothers who are inferior to others. Bro comedy. <Hyung> will continue the box office success of <Gift in Room 7> and <Miss Granny>, which contains the message of the importance of family within the comedy genre. We reveal the box office points that herald the birth of the best bro-comedy (a compound word of Brother + Comedy) of 2016.

The movie <Brother> depicts the real life of brothers that Korean audiences can easily sympathize with. <Brother> perfectly depicts the real daily life of two brothers, Go Doo-shik and Ko Doo-young. The acting breathing and synergy of Jo Jung-seok and Do Kyung-soo, who digested the dissonance of the brothers in the movie, are reminiscent of real brothers. Arguments, fights, and fights for food are new experiences that everyone has experienced at least once on the screen. , giving a sympathetic smile.

<Hyung> is a film that makes you think about the connection of family once again. The most important story in the film is the process of resolving the conflict between brothers that have been built up for 15 years. Jo Jung-seok, who plays the older brother 'Doo-sik', said, "When I first read the scenario, it was very interesting, and as I got to the second half, I was moved to tears as I read it. Because I enjoyed it so much, I want to share the fun and emotion I felt with the audience.” As he said, the story of the older brother Doo-shik, who is the 10th criminal, and the younger brother, Doo-young, who gave up his life, through the link of family, makes the audience feel various emotions.

Finally, the chemistry between Jo Jung-seok and Do Kyung-soo's brothers is transmitted right off the screen. It is said that the two actors lived like real brothers even on set. Do Kyung-soo said, "The atmosphere on the set was always bright and I had a lot of fun filming. I learned a lot from Jeongseok hyung’s consideration and help,” he said. Outside of the filming set, they constantly discussed their concerns about the characters, supported each other like real brothers, and demonstrated a brilliant synergy until the last day of filming.

As such, the 2016 Bro-comedy <Hyung>, which contains both laughter and emotion in one edition, will become a new box office card in the second half of the year.

<Gift from Room 7> <Detective: The Beginning> <Secretly, Greatly> <Goodbye Single>
The best production crew in the Korean film industry, which guarantees laughter and emotion, has united!

The production team who brought laughter and emotion to Korea participated in the movie <Brother>. From <The Gift of Room 7> (2013), which recorded the first 10 million box office hit in human comedy history, to <Secretly, Greatly> (2013), and <Detective: The Beginning> (2015), the producers of the colorful box office participated in this film. The quality of the work has been improved.

First, the screenplay of <Brother>, which expresses the real life of the brothers, was born through the touch of writer Yoo Young-ah, who adapted <The Gift of Room 7>. Writer Yoo Young-ah constantly researched characters and stories, and worked hard for three years to complete the first high school of <Brother>. The characters of Doo-shik and Doo-young, who were born through hard work, were born in a form that the audience could easily empathize with, and as the story progresses, it awakens the importance of the forgotten family.
Art director Kim Jong-woo, who participated in <Secretly and Greatly>, melted the character's emotions in the space called home. He did not miss every detail, from the appearance of the desolate house where his older brother was absent for 15 years to the small accessories that make up the interior. Art director Kim Jong-woo delicately arranged the mise-en-scène that differs according to the emotional changes of the two brothers, such as the overall atmosphere of the house and the kitchen, yard, and living room. Here, lighting director Kim Seong-gwan, who perfectly created the atmosphere of the play by using lighting according to the situation in <Detective: The Beginning> and <Berlin>, and cinematographer Ki Se-hoon of <Detective: The Beginning> and <Top Secret Investigation> are together. He joined the movie <Hyung> and maximized the character's emotions, atmosphere and emotions. In the beginning, dim, dark-toned lighting was used for the brother's cold appearance, and towards the second half, it was expressed warmly and brightly, gradually depicting the changing atmosphere from the brothers' conflict to reconciliation.

In addition, music director Kim Tae-seong of <Goodbye Single> completed perfect harmony by arranging emotion and humor according to the situation in the right place. Music director Kim Tae-seong focused on making music in which the audience could be more immersed in the two actors who are the main characters of <Brother>. The mission was to make the audience sympathize with the real situation of the brothers and the resolution of conflicts. The music arranged differently according to the scene where the brothers appear and the emotions are adjusted so that the audience can focus on the acting of the two brothers, and a harmonious synergy with the story, lighting, and art was completed. In addition, the voices of Jo Jung-seok and Do Kyung-soo are added to the final ending to add a calming feeling to the end of the movie, leaving an unforgettable lingering impression on the audience.

As such, <Hyung>, created by the joining of the best production crews in each field, including screenplay, art, lighting, and music representing Korea, will capture the hearts of the audience with laughter and emotion.

Proving the most anticipated work in the second half of the year with an all-time response!
Why pay attention to <Hyung> at this moment!

The movie <Brother> has become one of the most anticipated films in the second half of the year, generating an all-time high response online for every content released after the release date is confirmed. The reason why <Hyung> was able to receive so much attention is highlighted.

First of all, the movie <Brother> boasts a unique bro chemistry with excellent casting of Jo Jung-seok and Do Kyung-soo. Through posters and trailers released in advance, the two actors Jo Jung-seok and Do Kyung-soo's similar appearance and acting breathing were enough to raise expectations. Here, two actors who look alike even have a special affection for the movie. Jo Jung-seok expressed his affection for the movie <Brother>, revealing that it is “a story that I want to sympathize with and share with the audience” and that it is “a healthy film where everyone can laugh together.” In addition, the two actors also expressed their special friendship with each other by saying, “Senior Jo Jung-suk who always cares and teaches, and young actor Do Kyung-soo who is expected to grow.”

The second is that Jo Jung-seok and Do Kyung-soo are the most notable stars currently leading the Korean cultural scene. Jo Jung-suk, a popular actor who is attracting attention every day for his drama [Incarnation of Jealousy], as well as on the musical stage and screen, and Do Kyung-soo, who is attracting attention as an unrivaled 20-year-old actor, <Hyung>, who said, "The character I wanted to do, the story I wanted to make." With the behind-the-scenes story that even box office maker Park Shin-hye chose it because it was “a story that cheered me up when I was having a hard time,” attention is focused on the power of the movie that has led the hottest stars in Korea.

The final expectation point is the sincerity of <Hyung>, who will treat the audience with laughter and emotion. The movie <Brother> is the first work in a long time to illuminate the value of the fence of 'family', which has recently been absent from the film market, with a moving point of view. The movie <Brother>, which saw the truth of life that the harder life gets, the more neglected people are, and the closer you are, the more difficult it is to resolve misunderstandings. paid <Hyung>, a movie that gives you the time to feel the precious warmth of the people around you and be touched with them, will approach the harsh reality as a single, sincere therapy-like film.

In November, the moving message that made Korea's top actors decide to become brothers is expected to bring comfort to the audience as well.


The character and the audience can feel and breathe at the same time.
A real brother's space that becomes a solid background color!

The movie <Brother> projected the process from conflict to reconciliation between the brothers Du-shik and Doo-young in various spaces. The backgrounds are 'home', which is the main stage for unwanted cohabitation, 'bathroom' where brothers gradually get closer, and 'club', which boasts the charm of perfect brothers.

The most important space is the brother's house. In particular, art director Kim Jong-woo, who said he wanted to project a warm family love through the house, meticulously placed the traces of his parents, who were always by the side of the brother, throughout the house, although absent in the film. The brothers' house was largely divided into a living room, a kitchen, a yard, and each room, and the main background of the living room and kitchen is mainly projected with the brothers' father and mother, respectively. The living room is a space where the father recorded the growth of the brothers and silently supported them. Antique mise-en-scène was used from the basic atmosphere to Dooyoung's trophy display case, furniture arrangement, and decorations. Meanwhile, no matter how much they hate each other, the kitchen, a space that reveals that they are 'family members' between eating together, that is, a 'family', symbolizes intimacy, life-like color and pattern accessories, and furniture arrangement, depicting delicate touches and emotions.

Doo-young's room is drawn darkly in contact with the figure lying on his back with a sense of loss, and Doo-sik's room does not function as an overall space for the film, which paradoxically provides a hint to guess the story of Doo-sik, who did not have a settlement. Two brothers The film effectively expresses the restoration of family values and relationships through the space of home, by mainly arranging scenes where the children collide in the living room and kitchen, and in the yard where the persimmon trees of childhood memories stand tall, rather than in their own rooms.

The second space is the bathroom where the brothers gradually get closer. The bathhouse, where two brothers shared their misunderstandings and feelings for each other, and shared memories of their childhood, gave them an opportunity to reconnect, and is also a typical place for men to strengthen their friendship. The bathhouse of the movie <Hyung> was filled with mise-en-scène that reinforces the natural feeling and realism of the situation without adding an artificial artistic touch to take advantage of this typicality. functioned as

The third is a club where the charms of two brothers who look alike are radiated. The club scene, the scene where the mood of the movie changes, was carefully designed to portray Doo-sik's character as it is the background where the skillful Doo-sik leads the messy Doo-young. While maintaining the overall dark atmosphere, instead of excessive club lighting, a small lamp was installed on the table to delicately embody the lines that do not stand out in the background as the two brothers create a story.

These typical, delicate and warmly arranged spaces subtly support the brothers and reinforce the sense of reality of the story of cohabitation.

The producers who led the box office in Korea reveal themselves!
Chungmuro's classic scenario!
Reality Living Characters!
From delicate emotional lines to sympathetic messages
One of the best works not to be missed!

From a scenario full of laughter and emotion, actors who added a three-dimensional effect to the story with rich acting, and a pleasant and warm message, Korea's best production crew confidently reveals the reason why they joined <Brother>.

First of all, the first charm of the movie that they all agreed upon was the screenplay. <The Gift of Room No. 7> The brotherhood of <Brother>, which was created after much deliberation by the writer Yoo Young-ah, started from the artist's experience. Writer Yoo Young-ah explained that growing up with older brothers who have a lot of age difference was the trigger for writing <Brother> and the background to create a vivid story.

Director Kwon Soo-kyung, the head of <Brother>, said, “When I first received the script, I read it all at once. It was so fun and I was touched a lot, so I decided that I really wanted to direct it.” Music director Kim Tae-seong said that it was a “scenario where the affection of the two brothers was well felt” and art director Kim Jong-woo said that it was “a unique, deep and warm story that was read without any blockage” as the charm of the scenario that made them choose <Brother>. .

Writer Yoo Young-ah's screenplay, which fascinated all the staff, was realized on the screen as a much more realistic story, breathing in the breath of popular actors. Writer Yoo Young-ah praised and attributed the perfection to the actors, saying, "The movie has become much more pleasant and serious thanks to Jo Jung-seok's delicious ad-lib and Do Kyung-soo's deep eyes and voice." The production team praised Jo Jung-seok's concentration and Do Kyung-soo's agility, and in particular, Kim Tae-seong, the music director, shared the behind-the-scenes story of the ending song that the two actors recorded together. It was a pleasant recording that was done very well by recognizing it,” he said, revealing that the actors put a lot of effort into the music. It was also added that they were actors who always worked hard on set and made people around them happy.

The third charm of the film, chosen by the production crew, is the good message that a good script meets good actors. They emphasized that the movie <Brother> is the only warm comedy that will overcome the cold season and the cold wind, and said they hope that the audience will feel the love and meaning of family. Director Kwon Soo-kyung said, "Everything on the set was good. A good movie was made like that, and through <Hyung>, it would be good for the audience to remember the preciousness of the people closest to them. added <Hyung>, which fascinated the best production crew in Korea, is scheduled to deliver its warm charm to the audience at the theater in November.

The story of brothers deepened by music
The story behind the ending song and the birth of the OST

The element that deepened the aftertaste of the movie <Brother> is by far the music. From the carefully arranged OST's directing intentions to the story behind the recording of the ending song [Don't Worry My Love] sung by two actors Jo Jung-seok and Do Kyung-soo, music director Kim Tae-seong and actors directly revealed.

<Hyung>'s music faithfully followed the situation of the two brothers, balancing temperance and amplification. Music director Kim Tae-seong, who explained that the concept of music was to get the audience to focus on the actors' performances, added the expression, "Until the middle of the film, music exists like air between brothers." Different concepts of music were used depending on the character's personality. In the case of 'Doo-sik', played by Jo Jung-seok, he mainly uses acoustic instruments to express a somewhat protruding and raw music, and the music used in Do Kyung-soo's 'Doo-yeong' is relatively calm, strengthening the contrast between the brothers. did. This great musical contrast is being tuned into a light and bright tone as the brothers grow closer together.

The music that gently illuminates the brothers “drives” the atmosphere of the film in the 30th minute of the second half, to borrow the expression of music director Kim Tae-seong. He explained that he restrained himself from the first half of the second half to concentrate on the second half, and said that most of the music in the second half was recorded in the United States, and that it was the result of working with a local orchestra and famous foreign engineers. With the participation of a large orchestra and excellent performers, it conveyed the intention and wish that the work was done so that the audience could fully enjoy the events of the second half and fully feel the emotional exchange of the brothers.

The words of the younger brother Doo-young to his older brother Doo-sik, the ending song [Don't Worry] is the highlight of the delicately crafted <Brother> OST. Music director Kim Tae-seong said that the ending song was selected with the idea of director Kwon Soo-kyung after a long deliberation.

The actors also revealed a special ending song episode. Do Kyungsoo said, "At the end of the day, I thought about how great synergy would be if my voice and hyung were included. Jeongseok hyung is also very good at singing, so I always thought that it would be good to sing together." Jo Jung-seok explained the charm of the ending song, saying, "Kyung-soo really sang as Doo-young, and I really sang as Doo-sik. It was an experience that cannot be expressed in words."

The OST of <Brother>, who silently supports the two brothers, and the ending song [Don't Worry], completed with the voices of the two actors, will convey a calm and long lasting impression in the hearts of the audience.

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