(Korean Movies) MR. ZOO: THE MISSING VIP, 2019


Audience over 12 years old
running time
113 minutes
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604143 people
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The moment you hear the animal's words,
The investigation partner changes!

National Intelligence Agency ace agent Tae-joo.
While performing the VIP escort mission dispatched as a special envoy,
VIP disappears due to a sudden accident
To make matters worse, all kinds of animals start to hear the words.
Leaving behind Min-guk and Man-sik, who are suspicious of Tae-joo, who suddenly behaves strangely.
Tae-joo goes out to find a VIP with his military dog Ali…

Very. Important. Panda!

In the middle of the city, to find the missing VIP
The greatest team play between humans and animals begins!


One day, what if you could hear animals?!
Happy New Year 2020 is the birth of a comedy!
The super-special investigation between agent 'Tae-Joo Joo' and military dog 'Ali' begins!

The common denominator of the films that were successful at the box office at the beginning of the year, such as the 2017 combo comedy <Cooperation> (7.81 million people), the human comedy <That Only My World> (3.42 million people) in 2018, and the comic investigation drama Extreme Job (16.26 million people) in 2019, are fresh. It is a comedy with a setting, attractive characters, and a variety of attractions. In particular, the pleasant laughter that penetrated all generations led to explosive word-of-mouth and had a huge impact on the box office.
In January 2020, <Mr. Week: The Vanished VIP> is expected to recreate the box office formula of this early-year comedy movie. <Mr. Joo: Disappeared VIP> is a comedy about an incident that unfolds when 'Joo Tae-ju', an ace agent of the National Intelligence Service, suddenly hears the words of all kinds of animals. Based on the new story of 'Joint Investigation of People and Animals', the fun of the work has been doubled. Director Kim Tae-yoon said, "I thought about how to appeal to the audience with the setting of talking with animals, which are rare in Korean films. I thought that the technology of Korean cinema was enough to realize it, and I tried to contain interesting events and stories that could be resonated with,” he said. Meanwhile, 'Tae-Joo Joo', an agent with the ability to talk with animals, and 'Ali', a dog with a bluffed mouth, meet and breathe, one of the unique laughter codes of <Mr. Joo: The Vanished VIP>. The unprecedented combination play of the two characters that goes beyond 'Tom and Jerry', 'Sherlock and Watson', and 'Pat and Matt' is expected to deliver a burst of joy to the audience. Here, 'Tae-Joo Joo's new-concept investigation with various animals provides a delightful spectacle and will become a special viewing point unique to <Mr. Joo: The Vanished VIP>.
As such, <Mr. Joo: The Vanished VIP> will deliver 100% pure laughter with a fresh setting of a joint investigation between people and animals, and will deliver a pleasant energy to the audience in the new year 2020.

The delightful acting synergy of Lee Seong-min, Kim Seo-hyung, Bae Jeong-nam and Shin Ha-kyun!
Kang Ho In-gu's passionate performance of 'dog' that will capture the hearts of the audience!
100% fresh! Useful high-quality comic acting!

When actors are thinking about a work, actor Lee Seong-min has a big influence just by being there. With his solid acting skills and crazy character digestion built up through his long career as a theater actor, Lee Seong-min is the idol of many actors, perfecting any role, regardless of genre, from movies <The Duke> <The Sheriff> <The Witness> to the drama [Misaeng] [Golden Time]. it became He then transformed into an agent of the National Intelligence Service who gained the ability to communicate with animals through <Mr. Lee Seong-min, who swept the Best Actor award through <The Peacock> last year, is taking on a new challenge with an animal combination for the first time in his acting career. Director Kim Tae-yoon said, "Contrary to his image, he is an actor who likes comedy very much. Acting with animals is very difficult, but he showed a really good performance.”
In addition, Kim Seo-hyeong, who became an icon of girl crush through the movie <The Villainess> and the drama [SKY Castle], took on the role of the boss of 'Tae-Joo Joo' and the role of 'Chief of the People' who combines charisma and dang-mi at the same time. Kim Seo-hyung, who has always captivated the audience with his fatal charm, is scheduled to show off his all-time reversal charm through <Mr. In addition, in the top model of the force that cannot be reached, 'Sure! Bae Jeong-nam, who has shown clever comic acting in the drama [Mr. Sunshine] and the movie [The Sheriff] after devastating the entertainment industry with 'What?', is a subordinate of 'Tae-Joo Joo' and our agent 'Man-Sik', who is a bit overzealous. postponed As Bae Jeong-nam said that he has a tireless passion for acting, but is still a bit clumsy, and resembles 'Man-sik', the 100% synchronized character recognized by the actor himself is expected to completely fascinate the audience. On the other hand, actress Shin Ha-kyun, who has been maintaining her position as a luxury actress with <Extreme Job> and <My Special Brother>, from the masterpieces of the Korean film industry, took on the challenge of voice acting for the first time in her acting career. From the first voice acting to the voice of an animal, despite the high level of difficulty, he plans to show off his exciting acting skills and increase the level of immersion. In addition, in <Mr. Joo: The Vanished VIP>, rookies making their hot debuts through this film appear. The main character is the 'dog' actor who has explosive acting skills. In-gu is a perfect investigative partner who boasts of 'Tae-Joo Joo' and a comic chemistry, and perfectly digested the role of 'Ali', an elite military dog of German descent and training abroad. He was also called 'Gae Gang-ho' for his outstanding concentration and impeccable acting skills on set.
The movie <Mr. Joo: The Vanished VIP> is a combination of actors Lee Seong-min, who can only be trusted and seen, Kim Seo-hyung, Bae Jeong-nam, Shin Ha-kyun, and the 'dog' actor Population. True to their name and reality, the leading actors in Chungmuro will be perfectly armed with the acting skills and comic skills they have been honing in the past, and they will perfectly sniper the theater district in the new year.

The greatest team play of animals such as tigers, gorillas, parrots, black goats, and pandas!
From Yoo In-na to Kim Su-mi, Lee Sun-kyun, and Lee Jung-eun!
We are behind the animals! The powerful voice acting lineup is complete!

One of the charms of the movie <Mr. Joo: The Vanished VIP> is that various animals appear and show the best team play with the National Intelligence Service agent 'Tae-Joo Joo'. From the king of animals tiger, gorilla, parrot, eagle, hamster, hedgehog, horse, black goat, and even a cute panda, including 'Ali,' the partner of 'Joo Tae-joo', it is planned to present a different kind of fun. In this way, the characters that arouse expectations just by their names added more vitality through the voice acting of the actors. In-na Yoo, Su-mi Kim, Seon-kyun Lee, Jeong-eun Lee, and other well-known actors participated to perfect the work of art.
First of all, actress Yoo In-na, who showed off her youthful charm through various works such as [Goblin], [My Love from the Stars] and [Queen Inhyeon's Man], took on the voice acting of the character in <Mr. Since her debut, she has been attracting attention for her lovely and bubbly voice, and she is expected to captivate the audience once again with her cute and clever acting through this work. In addition, actress Kim Soo-mi, who has established herself as a 'national mother' through culinary arts such as [Do You Eat?] and [A Knight at the Table], joined and energized the story with a charismatic voice. Here <Parasite> Actor Lee Seon-gyun, who presents completely different characters for each work such as <Going to the End>, doubled the fun of the work with his charming low-tone voice and reliable acting skills. Meanwhile, Lee Jung-eun, the lead actress of the 40th Blue Dragon Film Festival Best Supporting Actress and who performed her best in the drama [When the Camellia Blooms] and the movie <Parasite>, added to the comedy level with her playful acting skills. In addition, actor Lee Soon-jae, who gives trust with just three letters of his name, will also join the show to bring laughter and joy to the audience. In addition to 'loyalty is a corpse!' Actor Kim Bo-seong presents unexpected laughter with his unique bluffed voice and reversal of acting. In addition, Park Jun-hyung, the leader of god, who has a swagger-filled tone and voice, and who is enjoying super popularity with the YouTube channel [Wassup Man], participated and added vitality to the work with his impressive voice acting that made use of his charm.
As such, <Mr. Joo: Disappeared VIP> upgrades the level of perfection of the work through a lineup featuring Yoo In-na, Kim Su-mi, Lee Sun-kyun, Lee Jung-eun, Lee Soon-jae, Kim Bo-seong, and Park Jun-hyeong, from representative actors of Chungmuro to top singers. The anticipation of whether it will show a fantastic synchro rate is also increasing.

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