(Korean Movies) Mr. Kim Vs. Mr. Kim Vs. Mr. Kim, 2006

Mr. Kim Vs. Mr. Kim Vs. Mr. Kim, 2006

Mr. Kim Vs. Mr. Kim Vs. Mr. Kim, 2006
Audience over 15
running time
97 minutes
cumulative audience
925661 people


The inevitable confrontation of fate!
This was the birth of the confrontation!

I am the original Kwanjang Kim!
In a village in Chungcheong Province, with the Chinese restaurant Moorimgak at the center, the fateful situation between Taekkyeon and Kendo Dojo. Taekkyeon Kim (Shin Hyeon-Jun), who rented the building of Dr. Moorimgak (Noh Joo-Hyun), and Kim Kwan-Jang (Choi Seong-Guk) are in the midst of a confrontation. Not only is there a bloody battle (?) in recruiting trainees over the neighborhood children, but also because they are in a rivalry of fate to take over the daughter of Dr.

Three dojos in a small town!
Then one day, an event that can be called a major upheaval occurs. Moorimgak 1st floor! The Kung Fu Dojo sign was hung up. There are two martial arts studios in one village, but three! It's also Kung-Fu Kim Kwan-jang (Kwon Oh-jung)! He blinds the children of the neighborhood with his outstanding skills, and he wins the hearts of both Dr. Director and Yeonsil with a romantic piano performance with a pompous and tall appearance. Now, the confrontation between 'Kim Kwan-jang Taekkyeon vs. Kendo Kim Kwan-jang vs. Kung-fu Kim Kwan-jang' is getting caught up in an uncontrollable whirlwind.

The three Kim Kwan-jang, their full-fledged comedy showdown begins!
A situation in which all kinds of tricks and tricks (?) are mobilized in a subtle marketing technique for recruiting trainees follows. One day, when yesterday's enemy becomes today's comrade, yesterday's son becomes the enemy's trainee, and the funny incidents continue, the three chiefs quarrel over the trainee and Mr. Yeonsil… Outside the town, dark clouds were coming… !

【The truth of confrontation】

2007, challenged to break new record
<Kwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim>

Why! Was it the only one that Kim Kwan-jang threw a challenge?
Let's hear it somewhere!

One challenge from Kwanjang Kim! – 2007 Lunar New Year, aiming for the strongest comedian
There is only one best master! There is only one strongest movie ever!
The 3rd director will turn the box office history upside down!

<Kwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim> (hereafter, Kwanjang Kim) challenged to break the record for a comedy movie during the Lunar New Year holiday! In a village in Chungcheong Province, centered on the Chinese restaurant Moorimgak, the fateful situation of Taekkyeon, Kendo, and two Dojos facing each other! In the midst of a sense of urgency, an incident that will bring about an uproar occurs. The Kungfu Dojo has just opened on the first floor of Moorimgak! There are a lot of them, but three dojos are open at the same time in a small town! Now, a terrifying confrontation beyond the imagination of the three Kim Kwan-jang for recruiting trainees is unfolding! <Kwanjang Kim> is a new-concept character comedy, challenging the best record in Korean comedy film history with episodes full of laughter in unexpected comic situations and three different characters with strong personalities. A new box office myth for Korean comedy films in 2007 that the powerful 'Kim Kwan-jang' trio will bring! I will turn it over!

Two challenges from Kwanjang Kim! – I want to hear praise for the best casting, the best combination!
Shin Hyun-jun, Choi Seong-guk, Kwon Oh-joong: The practice match is over!
The kings of comedy get together and show it right!

One is lonely and the other is somewhat bored. It tastes best when at least three are gathered! Shin Hyun-jun, who has emerged as a leader in the comedy film industry, breaking away from his serious and heavy image! The change of course to a comedy film marked a major turning point in his acting career. <Family Crisis> <Barefoot Ki-bong> and <Resurrection of the Family> were just rehearsals! Only in <Kim Kwan-jang> will you taste the climax of Shin Hyun-jun-pyo's comedy. Choi Seong-guk, the prodigal son of the comedy world, is gaining popularity with women while reading various TV programs and movies with his strong (?) appearance and witty talk! In <Kim Kwan Jang>, the charismatic sword with moist eyes transforms into Kim Kwan Jang, giving a more powerful smile. Kwon Oh-joong's comedy career, which started with the TV sitcom <Soonpoong Obstetrics and Gynecology>, finally shows its true value in <Kwanjang Kim>. It will be fun to appreciate his formidable real martial arts. The charisma of the three actors, which no one can touch, finally put an end to the trio comic's finale with <Kwanjang Kim vs. Kwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim> in 2007.

Kim Kwan-jang's three challenges! – Aiming for a three martial arts comprehensive comedy!
Isn't that surprising? The world's first 3 martial arts variety set!
It's comedy, it's action, what's wrong?

Kung-fu movies abound! Martial Arts is old! Tired of the same action! <Kim Kwan-jang> is the world's first, and was born as a three-piece martial arts comprehensive set comedy featuring Taekkyeon, Kendo, and Kung-Fu! If Joo Seong-chi created the myth of kung-fu comedy, <Kim Kwan-jang> brings together the representative martial arts of three Asian countries. Taekkyeon, a Korean martial art with sharpness in the softness of flying like a butterfly and stinging like a bee; Kendo, a Japanese martial art that overpowers opponents with restrained movements and fast movements of a bamboo sword that cuts the wind; The unavoidable battle for recruiting trainees of 3 masters in one town, a ridiculous battle to hide the true master, makes it hard for the wind to blow in a small town! “Hey, hey, head! Shoulders!, Abbey~” The sound of the trio of martial arts will shake the entire country of Korea in 2007.

Kwanjang Kim's Challenge Four! – I am confident in my extraordinary, unimaginable character!
Stop judging! Anticipated ban
Multiply the fun imaginable by 3!

The powerful triple comedy <Kim Kwan-jang> where the correct answer is found only by multiplying all imaginable fun. Just individuality! It's because there are three Kim Kwan-jang of witty! Kim Kwan-jang, who boasts a sense of kneeling in front of strong people, teaches the nonsensical history of Taekkyeon in front of alumni, and boasts that Taekkyeon is the best martial art. Kim Kwan-jang, who burns his heart out, won the full trust of the doctor with his beautiful appearance and splendid martial arts skills, and became the object of envy and jealousy of the two Kim Kwan-jang. The fun is beyond imagination when three people gather to explode the comic energy at once in a situation where even one person is holding the belly button. The clumsy (?) confrontation composition of the three Kim Kwan-jang, who has neither an eternal enemy nor an eternal comrade, is the biggest attraction of <Kwan-Jang Kim vs.

Five Challenges by Kwanjang Kim! – You will feel the thrill of a reversal at the last minute!
One star word. 3 If you were only expecting a confrontation between the managers
You haven't even seen 50% of the movie!

The one who takes the trainees is the absolute master! Taekkyeon Kim Kwan-jang vs. Kendo Kim Kwan-jang vs. Kung Fu Kim Kwan-jang's fierce marketing campaign to recruit trainees begins, and all kinds of conspiracies and tricks (?) are mobilized. In the ironic situation where yesterday's enemy becomes today's comrade and yesterday's son becomes the enemy's trainee, 3 Kim Kwan-jang's childish (?) trainee attraction operation makes a small town noisy. that. Russia. me. Unimaginable dark clouds come from across the village, and triplets appear, turning the splendid and fierce confrontation of the three Kims into a 'children's prank' in one moment. Now, an unpredictable, unimaginable mission awaits the three Kim Kwan-jang! Who will be the absolute mastermind who will win the final victory among the three Kim Kwan-jang? It is also a great appreciation point to look forward to the ending of the movie, which repeats the reversal of unexpected twists!

Gwanjang Kim's Challenge Six! – Boasts a gorgeous supporting cast!
If there is only Kim Kwan-jang in <Kim Kwan-jang>, I'm sorry~
Say hello to the super-special, colorful supporting actors!

In <Kwanjang Kim vs. Kwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim>, there is a comedy of Mr. Park that can be compared to the comedy of Kwanjang Kim. The doctoral director of the Chinese restaurant Moorimgak and his daughter Park Yeon-sil are those people! As the village is maintained, all the dojos of Directors Kim are owned by Dr. He has a strong power to control Kim Kwan-jang by taking advantage of the delayed rent of the dojo. Korea's representative 'Gentle Charisma' Noh Joo-hyun appears as the head of the Chinese restaurant Moorimgak, showing the essence of true comic charisma. Noh Joo-hyeon, the eldest on the set, not only gave advice to his juniors on comic acting, but also showed his continuous effort for his own comic acting.
Oh Seung-hyeon, the daughter of Mr. Park and the only one in the movie, who is the only one in the movie, who has the love of the three Kim Kwan-jang, also shows off a formidable princess charisma. An immature girl who always sweeps the neighborhood with a bright smile, but dreams of living like a princess in her own room to the son of a wealthy Seoul family. In the meantime, she has been consistent with her intelligent and urban image, and in the movie <Kim Kwan-jang>, she perfectly transforms into a Chinese lady, and shows off-the-cuff comical acting that leaks out of her well-prepared appearance.
Kwon Oh-min-gun, who plays Doryung-i, the son of Taekkyeon Kim Kwan-jang, is a star child actor known in the drama <Women's Heaven> and the movie <Welcome to Dongmakgol>. Kwon Oh-Min, who grew up to be a third-year elementary school student, has improved his acting skills as much as his appearance. Not only that, it is said that they shared the love of the rich and wealthy by greeting each other in their own way, saying “son” and “father”, in the same appearance and outfit as Shin Hyun-joon, who plays the role of his father, Taekkyeon Kim Kwan-jang. Watching each other's performances while hugging each other in front of the monitor was a trademark of the scene.
A total of well-known Korean triple supporting actors were dispatched to the role of the Triple Brothers, a mysterious dark cloud that has gathered in the village and challenging the stronghold of comedy and martial arts by the three directors! Lee Han-wi, who is emerging as a new supporting role icon in Korea with his own acting style, Park Chul-min, an actor who has gradually built up his skills in the theater world, and Kim Byung-man, a comedian who presented a colorful martial arts comedy at the 'Moorim Men and Women' corner of the gag concert, etc. are they As exciting as the battle of “Kim Kwan-jang VS Kim Kwan-jang VS Kim Kwan-jang” in the movie, the confrontation of “Triple Directors VS Triplets” contributes to elevating the <Kim Kwan-jang> comedy to its maximum!
In addition, Tak Jae-hoon and Jung Jun-ha will make surprise cameos appearances and show delicious comic performances to further upgrade the laughter intensity of <Kwan Kim>.

Kim Kwan-jang's seven challenges! – Running towards the absolute sympathy comedy!
When you are lonely or lonely, please call Kwan Kim!
You are already a trainee who fell in love with the charm of Kwanjang Kim!

<Kwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim> is expected to bring a new wind to the theater district as a gift comedy for the year-end and New Years that can be enjoyed by all men and women of all ages in Korea in the new year of 2007. A plus to the fun of choosing the characters with different personalities unfolded by the three director Kims! We will present a well-cooking movie that promises only 100% pollution-free laughter that is harmless to the human body. In 2007, kick the Kim Kwan-jang you want! Let's take a chance to become his trainee! Now it's your turn to become a true absolute master!

[Production story]

The sparking confrontation between the directors of Kims continued not only in the movie, but also in the filming site…
Let's hear the great battle story!

[Secret Battle 1st] Style Showdown!
Permed hair VS Long straight hair VS Wave

Taekkyeon Kim Kwanjang_ I haven't had permed hair since birth!

A loose-fitting robe that eats lightly between the buttocks from time to time
dark skin and bushy beard
Perm hair with the hairstyle of a woman in her 40s
Taekkyeon uniform looks like an improved white hanbok. Shin Hyun-jun confessed that the clothes were very practical and comfortable. Kick, roll, run, kneel… In his free (?) movements, his Taekkyeon Dobok was always with him. Of course, the basic sense is that you need to take off the uniform that is stuck between your hips after intense movement! Not only that. During the five-month filming period, for Kim Kwan-jang's unique make-up, Shin Hyeon-joon had to make perm hair using a curling iron for at least two hours for each shoot. “My hair was originally curly, but because of the ironing, it became completely straight. It's awkward~ What's wrong with my hair?" It is said that he thought about whether he should like or complain about his softer hair. Taekkyeon Kim, who is emerging as another handsome man in this era, is comical enough to handle, but somehow affectionate.

Kendo Kwanjang_You should pay attention to the eyes like my deer!

long black hair.
moist eyes.
A thin waist with copper-colored skin.

Looking at his back while sitting on a chair resting while filming outdoors, the villagers asked, “Girl, what are you filming?” His back was so beautiful. For a charismatic kendo character, after the long black hair that goes down to the shoulder dance was decided as the hairstyle of Kendo Kim Kwan-jang, Choi Seong-guk's ordeal began! Every time there was a photo shoot, I had to put my hair on for about two hours, and of course I had to wear a hot kendo uniform for a shoot on a hot summer day. However, in order to save the life-like charisma and 'Gao' of Kendo Kwan-jang, can he do anything? When he appears on set, Taekkyeon Kim Kwan-jang Shin Hyun-joon teases him by saying, “It’s Tarzan~” for his unusual hairstyle, but Choi Seong-guk, who overpowers him with one sharp glance, is our eternal comic zone.

Kung Fu Kim Kwan-jang_ The only one of the three Kim Kwan-jang is fine! Is this pride?

handsome appearance.
Hair style with a stylish wave
A colorful embroidered kungfu uniform.

Kwanjang Kim, a rising fashionista in the Kwanjang world Kungfu!
In fact, with the skills of 3rd kung fu, he put so much effort into making the character of Kung Fu Kim Kwan-jang that he brought his own kung fu uniform that he bought directly from China for filming. As the concept of a young, new generation Kim Kwan-jang from Seoul, his stylish hairstyle and his splendid uniform are items that make him stand out even more in the movie. Taekkyeon Kim Kwanjang is imaged as a white Taekkyeon uniform, and Kendo Kim Kwanjang is imaged as a black kendo uniform. In fact, the gorgeous dragon-patterned red uniform that costs 2 million won is his favorite item. Now, let's dive into the fashion of kung fu!!

☞ In this way, the first act of the showdown, the style showdown, is an overwhelming victory for Kungfu Kwanjang!

[Second Battle of Secrets] Martial Arts Showdown!
Taekkyeon VS Kendo VS Kung Fu

Taekkyeon Kim Kwanjang_ One kneeling new skill wins all ten martial arts!
One of the representative images that comes to mind for Shin Hyun-joon is Asrai. Yes! He was once a General Hwang! In <Ginkgo Bed>, this man once expressed a desperate love that did not move while kneeling while the seasons changed several times to win the love of a woman. Do you remember the fluttering snowballs piled up on his long eyelashes? At that time, General Hwang knelt again for Kim Kwan-jang! Taekkyeon Kim Kwan-jang's special move is not a kick that flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee, but a knee! it was Although Shin Hyeon-jun's character, Taekkyeon Kim Kwan-jang, is a 'fight-avoidant' Kim Kwan-jang, who makes kneeling his deathblow, he is still known as Kim Kwan-jang. Shin Hyun-joon pours out a lot of affection for Taekkyeon when he opens his mouth saying that Taekkyeon is effective in preventing joint pain. Even in the movie, if you watch it to the end with affection (?), you may not know it again. Another of his hidden unwittingly! Will your skills explode?

Kendo Kim Kwan-jang_ Overpower the opponent with a daring gaze attack!
Choi Seong-guk, so-called 'Kim Kwan-jang in the eyes' in the play, said that he had practiced kendo for about 3 years in elementary school. Based on the kendo skills he learned as a child, he devoted himself to kendo training for several months for the 'Ganji', the martial art of Kwanjang Kim in the movie. His kendo skills, which extinguish 15 candles placed side by side at once with quick sword movements, are real, not CG or double! Abandon your comical appearance, and expect Choi Seong-guk, who will take over the Kim Kwan-jang system with his charismatic eyes and a bamboo sword that follows him like an alter ego!

Kungfu Kwanjang_Original kungfu action without a band, if you come, follow me!
If Taekkyeon Kim Kwanjang shows the martial arts with his mouth and Kendo Kim Kwanjang shows his eyes, Kungfu Kim Kwanjang shows his whole body martial arts. Oh-joong Kwon, a martial artist with real kung-fu skills. The kung-fu skills he had developed since childhood played a major role in his casting as the kung-fu Kim Kwan-jang in the movie. As he took on this role, he said that he practiced kung fu every day for 5 months for a whopping 8 hours in order to once again master the kung fu he had learned as a child. Not only that, 99.9% of the action in the movie was digested without a double, and Kwon Oh-joong, the head of kung fu, never had a single day to improve his body. Even though no sound effect was given, the single stick wielding made a whistle sound, and the hard fists and sharp eyes showed martial arts skills enough to cause the illusion that Bruce Lee was resurrected. Kwon Oh-joong. Because of him, <Kwanjang Kim vs. Kwanjang Kim vs. Kwanjang Kim> can be called an action comedy.

☞ If a tiger, a lion, and a cheetah fight, who will win?
If Taekkyeon, Kendo, and Kung Fu fight, who will win?
Curious? The answer is in <Kwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim vs. Gwanjang Kim>!

[Secret Confrontation Act 3] Character Showdown!
Talkative Kwanjang VS Eyes Kwanjang Kim VS Serious Kwanjang Kim

Taekkyeon Kim Kwanjang_ Talking tirelessly is my strength!
In the movie, Taekkyeon Kim Kwanjang is known as 'talkative Kwanjang Kim'. He performs martial arts with his mouth rather than with gestures, avoids the moment of confrontation unconditionally and watches, and when he finds himself in an unavoidable situation, he avoids the situation by kneeling, his special move. It is said that Shin Hyun-joon worked harder than martial arts training to play Taekkyeon Kim Kwan-jang. The character of Taekkyeon Kim Kwan-jang, who constantly trembles with mischief and even noh Hong-cheol, continues on the set. He exchanges greetings with his son Oh-Min Kwon, who plays the role of Doryong, who wears the same makeup as himself, in <Barefoot Ki-Bong>-style conversation, takes care of each and every staff member, and follows the buzzwords of recent comedy shows unconditionally. He is the best mood maker indispensable in the field.

Kendo Kwanjang_Lonely swordsman, don't disturb my world!
Unlike Taekkyeon Kim, who flirts with mischief, the Kendo Kwan Jang character is a character that brings comicalness with his charismatic weight and erratic ad-libs and words and deeds thrown out of the blue. “Kendo is the Way!” Gwanjang Kim, who overpowers opponents with his eyes, is also called 'Gwanjang Kim'. However, when no one is there, he falls into his own world of music with the 'Melodian' played by elementary school students alone, and has a traumatic character that can't be told to anyone until now due to the events of his childhood. His characters in this film also lead to the scene. When he is not filming himself, he creates his own realm away from people and enjoys contemplation, and sometimes makes eye contact with birds flying in the sky. Choi Seong-guk is as wacky as Kendo Kim Kwan-jang and a comical character beyond imagination.

Kung Fu Kim Kwan-jang_ To me, except for sincerity + sincerity, it's like a corpse!
In the gap between Taekkyeon Kim and Kendo Kim Kwanjang, there is only one normal character, Kungfu Kwanjang. Among the distracting, wacky, and misleading characters, Kung Fu Kim Kwan-jang, who is the only one who maintains his seriousness, is rather serious and causes laughter. That's why his nickname is 'Sinji Kim Kwan-jang'. Kwon Oh-joong, who is seriously concentrating on the character to the extent that he actually gets a grand piano at home to play the piano-playing kung-fu Kwan-jang Kim as a way to appeal to Yeon-sil's love, and stores the piano performance videos on his cell phone to practice constantly. In the field, he is known as a 'sincere man'. Not only is he always the first to arrive at the scene and wait, of course, there was no one who wouldn't like him as a gentleman and sincere man who served the staff in front of the food truck during lunch time.

☞Three actors, Shin Hyun-jun, Choi Seong-guk, and Kwon Oh-joong, who bring their own unique characters in their respective domains.
'Speaking Gwanjang Kim', 'Looking Gwanjang Kim' and 'Sincere Gwanjang Kim' are their own characters!

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