(Korean Movies) Moss, 2010

Moss, 2010
Youth not allowed
running time
163 minutes
cumulative audience
3350311 people
31st Blue Dragon Film Awards 2010


What is this dirty feeling…
Hae-guk (Park Hae-il), who has been sick with city life, visits the village where his father lived when he hears the news of the passing of his father, Mok-hyeong Nom (played by Heo Jun-ho), who has been unconscious for 20 years. However, the villagers who saw Haeguk for the first time today are all wary of Haguk for no reason and throwing uncomfortable eyes…

Is there any reason why I shouldn't be here?
Dinner after my father's funeral. To the villagers who seem to have gathered to celebrate Haeguk's departure, Haeguk declares, 'I will not leave for Seoul, but stay here and live.' In an instant, there is a strange atmosphere among the villagers, and Lee Jang (Jung Jae-young), who has been silently at the center of them, says so and permits the settlement of Haeguk.

What the hell are these people here?
The villagers change their attitudes quickly at the words of Lee Jang Cheon Yong-deok.
On the surface, he looks like an ordinary country old man, but with his eerie charisma, the chief and villagers who follow him like a god. Haeguk is suspicious of all these people here…

[ About movie ]

Suspense overwhelms everything!
The 2010 Ambitious Project directed by Kang Woo-seok, Ten Million Man!

Director Kang Woo-seok, who made the dream of mobilizing 10 million viewers for the first time in the Korean film industry with the movie <Silmido>. Director Kang Woo-seok, who created a new character through the <Public Enemy> series and proved the success of the series for the first time in Korea, has released a new next film after <Kang Cheol-jung: Public Enemy 1-1> in 2008. This work, which claims to be a 'real suspense drama', is "a film that depicts the breathtaking suspense between a strange guest, Hae-guk, who visits a village that has been hidden for 30 years, and the villagers who are wary of him for no reason." Through the invisible sense of solidarity and the vigilance of a group that is revealed in the appearance of a stranger who breaks that sense of solidarity, the tension cannot be slowed down for even a single moment throughout the movie. Director Kang Woo-seok said about <Moss>, "It is a film that makes you feel thrill, tension, and unknown fear throughout the movie. Director Kang Woo-seok, who has made thick, action-packed films in the past, captures the emotions of the other person through his eyes and gestures on the screen without introducing scenes of direct violence, such as murder or violence, through this work, allowing the audience to experience those subtle emotions. It will make you all feel.

'Crazy acting' is not enough to say!
An unprecedented character created by Korea's representative 'smoke ghosts'!

The casting of the movie <Moss> will be dismissed with the word 'glamorous'. Jung Jae-young, Park Hae-il, Yoo Hae-jin, Yoo Jun-sang, Yoo Seon, Heo Jun-ho, Kim Sang-ho, Kim Jun-bae, Kang Shin-il, and other actors from Chungmuro, who are known as the best actors, all united for the movie <Moss>. In particular, Park Hae-il, who plays the main character 'Yoo Hae-guk', was selected as the number one casting among netizens even before the news of the movie 'Moss' was made into a movie. In addition, director Kang Woo-seok is making more curious about the finished film through casting that outrages not only netizens but also film officials. In particular, he boldly casts Jung Jae-young in the role of 'Chief Cheon Yong-deok', who appears as an old man in the original work, and already makes people look forward to what the 'Chief Cheon Yong-deok' character created by Kang Woo-seok and Jung Jae-young will look like. In addition, Yoo Hae-jin, who has shown impressive performances by playing the role of the human dog 'Chorae' in <Jeon Woo-chi>, and Kim Sang-ho, who is famous as a supporting character in a number of movies and dramas, also joined the cast as villagers and expect a stronger drama. do it In particular, Yoo Seon, a female character that is not often seen in Kang Woo-suk's films, gained the director's trust and was already selected as a heroine in Kang Woo-suk's next film. In addition, the audience's expectations are rising for the strongest casting that will show how the representative actors of Chungmuro, such as Yoo Jun-sang, Heo Jun-ho, and Kim Jun-bae, will recreate characters with different stories and suspicions with their unique acting skills. .

Relay recommended by Korea's representative cartoonists such as Lee Hyeon-se and Heo Young-man!
The hottest webtoon that has heated up online, creates another myth!

The webtoon 'Moss' of the same name, the original of the movie <Moss>, is a popular webtoon that heated up online in 2009, and is also supported by Korean orthodox cartoonists Hyeonse Lee and Youngman Heo. Director Kang Woo-seok, who has always made works only with original screenplays, the moment he read the original, he thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I made it?” And at the end, he thought, “This is my work.” He said that he decided to direct the film without hesitation in that the original had the charm of a unique character that immerses the viewer into Korean material. Artist Lee Hyun-se, who is close to both director Kang Woo-seok and writer Yoon Tae-ho, described the meeting as “an interesting meeting of two courageous people in the cultural world.” Although they are two people who have worked hard in their respective fields, the styles they pursue are so different that people are already looking forward to what kind of work they will come up with. As if to prove this, director Kang Woo-seok showed confidence in the movie <Moss>, saying, "The original work already has enough charm as a 'manga', but it will go beyond that and create a work with another charm." The webtoon 'Moss', which was selected by director Kang Woo-seok and gathered a topic once again, has already won the '2007 Korea Comics Awards Excellence Award' and has been recognized for its workmanship. It received high praise from critics and readers for its near-perfect pictures and unexpected lines of murder every time, and it garnered an explosive response from its first serialization in 2007, recording a total of 36 million clicks until the final episode. The webtoon 'Moss', a hot topic online, is expected to become the most talked-about work in the summer of 2010 after meeting director Kang Woo-seok.

This is true 'reality'!
The pinnacle of real production created by art, costumes, and makeup!

The part that paid the most attention to the movie <Moss>, which was based on a cartoon, was the 'reality'. As the original work itself became a hot topic for its directing that looked like a movie, the production team put the most emphasis on 'reality' in this film adaptation. In particular, 'Art', which reproduces the appearance of a village, which is also called the third main character in the cartoon, is the part that pays the most attention unlike the previous works of director Kang Woo-seok. Director Kang Woo-seok wanted art that could be digested in one set without separating exterior and interior shots, and the production team decided to build an entire village for this. After finding a site where they could build a village, they built houses that look like real people live, both indoors and outdoors, according to the director's orders. In particular, the production team sets the village as a single character, so it should be as careful as putting sincerity into the makeup of other actors, such as occasionally repairing the village to express the appearance of rust and moss growing naturally over time. did it Thanks to the efforts of these producers, the village set, in which each village member and each character is imbued, will catch the audience's attention as a perfect production of this movie on its own. Following the art set created with a lot of time and effort, Jung Jae-young's realistic transformation of an old man in his 70s is also the part that paid attention to the most in this work. In order to act as an old man in his 70s, Jung Jae-young went to the filming location first every morning and spent three hours wearing makeup throughout the filming. In addition to this, the production team of <Moss> was concerned that the reality of the 'wig' specially made for senior citizens would deteriorate if used multiple times like other movies. It also increased the reality.

[ Production Note ]

Reckless (?) challenge, make a village in 180 days!
The original village gives the feeling of another world, as if it were far from the real world. No matter what happens here, it was almost impossible to find this village where people actually live, which has a 'mystical atmosphere' that is hard to understand from the outside world. So, the method chosen by the production team was to create a whole village so as not to be restricted by any restrictions on filming while fully utilizing the feeling of the original. Director Kang Woo-seok also said, "For this work, the drama itself is important, but the spatial aspect is also important, so I had to pay more attention to the production than any other work I've made." In addition, he said that the story was made in a limited space called a village by making it possible to shoot both inside and outside while building the whole village set, so that the camera can walk freely. also did

A town that seems to be everywhere, but only here!
In order to create a whole village where about 10 households live, isolated from the outside, the production team spent 4 months on a site of 20,000 pyeong with the help of Muju County Office to complete the village that is the hidden supporting character of the movie <Moss>. The design motif of this village was obtained through the mouth of the original author, Yoon Tae-ho. Regarding the composition of the village, Writer Tae-ho Yoon said, “Ordinary houses are designed with the people living in the house facing the south or facing the road. I wanted to make it possible to recognize the power structure in action at a glance. Similarly, the house of the head of the head can see the entire village at a glance, and each member can clearly see what they are doing in the house,” he said. The art team of the movie <Moss> got a motif from this story and actively reflected it in the design of the village. After a live-action photo of a nomadic house with a two-story structure, or a house with a headband that allows you to feel the power in its appearance, was released, and netizens rated it as '100% synchro rate'. The actors and staff who visited the site for the first time after the village was completed were overwhelmed by the intimidation and strange atmosphere of the space.

The production team, the art team, and the filming site of the movie <Moss> are protected by us!
As emphasized earlier in the movie <Moss>, even small crops planted throughout the village were nurtured and nurtured by actual staff in order to reproduce the village where people actually live. The art team of the movie <Moss> has visited the site from time to time since the production of the set is in progress, planted the fields, planted seeds, and planted vegetables such as cabbage and radishes and fruit trees such as persimmons throughout the village to further reinforce the reality of the completed set. did. In particular, the persimmon trees planted throughout the village were also used as snacks for the staff during the filming, making it even more useful. In addition, they planted 'moss', which is the title of the movie, all over the village to express the traces of the villagers' lives for 30 years, so they were able to complete a more natural village set. The whole village, even a small vegetable by the side of the road, became an important asset for the film, so the production team had to take turns staying vigilant to protect the village, almost living on the set while filming for the Muju set was in progress. Thanks to the efforts of the production team, the audience will meet a vivid village that seems to be somewhere in reality.

A dizzying fire scene that burned the whole set!
The scene that the crew picked as the most difficult scene was the scene of a fire that burned the house of one of the villagers. Of course, the fire scene is the most difficult and demanding scene in any movie, but in the case of this movie <Moss>, it was a scene where a fire broke out in a village located in the middle of a mountain, so we had to pay more attention and be careful. Because there was a risk that sparks could spread and spread into a big fire, the staff had to carry flame-retardant chemicals on their body and be careful in case any accident occurs. Thanks to the thorough preparations of the production team and the undivided breathing of all the staff, fortunately, when filming the fire scene, we were able to finish the filming without any major problems, but another problem awaited them. Since many actual sets are made of wood, charcoal powder is naturally formed, and all the staff are covered in soot as if they were filming in a coal mine. However, it is said that the production team was thankful that the filming ended safely without a single person injured.

The cost of the wig used in the movie alone adds up to one top-of-the-line sedan?!
The story of Jung Jae-young, who had to sleep less and suffer more than other people, to put on special makeup for over 3 hours each time to digest the role of an old man in his 70s, has now become a very famous behind-the-scenes story. Make-up director Jang Jin, who is famous for making realistic makeup through films such as <Into the Fire> and <The Movie is a Movie>, wants to enhance the perfection of Jung Jae-young's makeup. Several tests were conducted to find out what it looked like. Through such a process, special makeup know-how and specially made wigs for Jung Jae-young were airlifted. It is said that not only Jung Jae-young, but also in the movie, there were many people wearing wigs without knowing it. First, actor Kim Jun-bae, who played the role of Ha Sang-gyu in the play, shaved his hair and wore a wig like Jung Jae-young. Yoo Hae-jin and Kim Sang-ho also appeared with their own hair when filming the present, but when filming past scenes, they wore a 'young (?) wig' to express their youthfulness. In addition, Heo Jun-ho, who played the role of Nomad Mok-hyung, the father of the main character Yoo Hae-guk, also wore a wig to make a perfect old man makeup. Since so many people wear wigs in the play, the cost of their wigs alone will suffice for one high-end sedan.

Villagers' costumes, you know, uniforms?!
Costume director Jo Sang-gyeong, who has created unique costumes for characters and movies through films such as <Bat>, <Kind Venus> and <Tazza>, was in charge of the costumes for the movie <Moss>. As a concept designer who transfers characters to costumes through scenarios, in this work, she focused on the villagers who have lived in a community for a long time. She defined 'unity' as the characteristic of those who have been creating their own utopia for nearly 30 years in a village almost isolated from the outside. In addition, the change of time from the 1970s to the present had to be shown through clothing, and it was not an easy task to show what kind of change the clothes of rural people, who do not follow much fashion, will have in the past and present. Lastly, costume director Jo Sang-kyung set his costume as a 'suit' in the first appearance of Yoo Hae-guk, a stranger who visits this place, expressing a sense of alienation with the villagers.