(Korean Movies) Montage, 2013

Montage, 2013

Montage, 2013
Audience over 15
running time
120 minutes
cumulative audience
2095592 people
50th Daejong Film Festival 2013


The criminal who disappeared 15 years ago
Recurring events after 15 years
The decisive moment has finally arrived!

15 years ago, a kidnapper disappears.
The criminal puts a flower at the scene of the crime five days before the statute of limitations expires.
A few days later, the same crime as 15 years ago is repeated…

Grandfather who lost his granddaughter right before his eyes
A mother who searched for the culprit 15 years ago
A detective who risked his life on an unsolved case for 15 years

The decisive moment has finally arrived for everyone!
Catch him! <montage>


; reconstruction of the case
A video editing technique used to show the passage of time or events

; Catch him! the criminal's clue
A photo of the criminal's face created synthetically for the criminal investigation of an unsolved case

; Movie <Montage>
A brilliant film with a 'reconstruction of events' that takes 15 years to catch the 'that guy' who has only one 'montage' left.


Reasonable choice of national box office actors

Uhm Jung-hwa
“I’ve done thrillers, and I’ve done a lot of mother roles.
<Montage> was different.
This is a movie I want to see with my family.
I was convinced that it was a film that many audiences could relate to.”

Kim Sang-kyung
“Since <Memories of Murder>, I have acted as a detective more than 40 times.
An offer came in, but I deliberately avoided it.
It is a detective role that I took on again after 10 years.
In <Memories of Murder>, the criminal who could not be caught until the end
I thought I could catch it in <Montage>.”

Song Young-chang
“I had a lot of faith in the director and the screenplay.
It's hard to believe that the script was written by a new director.
It was a solid story.
My trust in the director grew as I worked on the film.”


A box office guarantee with a total of 100 million viewers
Uhm Jung-hwa, Kim Sang-kyung, Song Young-chang, the movie they chose!

Korea's box office guarantee check Uhm Jung-hwa, Kim Sang-kyung, and Song Young-chang finally met. The total number of audiences for the films starring these three actors is close to 100 million, raising the audience's expectations just by the name alone. In May, the best movie <Montage> is already a foreboding of strong hot acting synergy with the meeting of three actors representing Korea.

Uhm Jung-Hwa's Choice – A Different Dimensional Movie!
Uhm Jung-hwa has established herself as a box-office queen in Korea, in succession with <Haeundae> and <Dancing Queen>. In <Montage>, she plays the role of a mother who bears the pain of losing her daughter 15 years ago, and plans to convey the heartbreaking motherhood to the audience as it is. Uhm Jung-hwa said, "I've played thrillers and mother roles, but <Montage> was different. It is a movie I want to see with my family on a different level, where you can feel the heartbreaking emotion that you meet after a fierce chase. I believed that if it was <Montage>, there would be a movie that everyone could relate to.” In addition, he expressed his strong confidence in his work, saying, "<Montage> is the best work in my acting life."

Kim Sang-kyung's Choice – Forget the detectives so far!
Kim Sang-kyung, who became a representative national actor by appearing in <Memories of Murder>, <Glamorous Vacation>, and <Tower> and hitting a box office home run, took on the role of a detective in charge of an unsolved case 15 years ago in <Montage>, 10 after <Memories of Murder> Returned as a detective again after a year. Kim Sang-kyung said, "There were times when I purposely avoided the role of a detective. <Montage> is a detective role that she takes on again in 10 years after <Memories of Murder>. ‘Cheongho’ in <Montage> is clearly different from the detective characters so far.” In addition, he said, "I thought I could catch the same criminal that I wanted to kill in <Memories of Murder> in <Montage>. Through <Montage>, I was able to finally feel the catharsis that I had not been able to solve until now.” He said, raising expectations for the work.

Song Young-chang’s choice – a scenario chosen by a veteran actor at once!
Song Young-chang, who boasts a whopping 24 years of acting career and has been on the stage and on the screen, has performed in box office hits such as <Sonata>, <War Against Crime>, <The Mister>, <The Good Guy, the Bad Guy, the Weird Guy>, as well as musicals. He is a veteran among acting veterans who will not hesitate if he can act regardless of genre such as 'Flesh Observation', 'Late Night Restaurant', 'The Lover', and 'University of Laughter'. He also said, “I had great faith in director Jung Geun-seop and the script. It was a story so solid that it was hard to believe that it was written by a new director. In particular, my trust in the director grew while I was working on the work.” He revealed the reason for choosing <Montage>, raising curiosity about the work. In <Montage>, Song Young-chang takes on the role of 'Han-cheol', a grandfather who lost his granddaughter in front of his eyes.


A heart-warming reversal that cannot be missed until the end!
A new story that has never been seen before is unfolding!
The pursuit of the three people for a reason to catch 'that guy' begins!

<Montage> runs hot from the start. The story begins at the decisive moment facing the three characters, namely, when the statute of limitations for an unsolved kidnapping case that took place 15 years ago is only five days away. ‘Ha-kyung’, a mother who has lived in deep sorrow for 15 years after losing her only child, ‘Cheong-ho’, a detective who has been obsessed with unsolved cases for 15 years, and who lost her granddaughter in front of her eyes in the same kidnapping case 15 years later. until 'Hancheol'. <Montage> fiercely pursues the cause of 'the guy' of three victims who have reached the decisive moment to catch the criminal who reappeared after 15 years due to a single incident. The most interesting point of the movie <Montage> is here. Focusing on 'that incident' from 15 years ago and 'that guy' that reappeared, the story of three people who have to catch 'that guy' by crossing the past and present in a captivating way, gives a different tension from the existing cold and sober thriller. . In addition, the fun that captivates both men and women of all ages, thrills that cannot be missed to the end, and hot emotions captivate viewers at once.


Fun + thrill + excitement!
An attractive scenario coveted by Chungmuro!
Before the release, the overwhelming audience rating of the monitor preview!
“The frustration of not being able to catch the criminal in <Memories of Murder>
<Montage> quickly solves the problem!”

<Montage> has been regarded as the best screenplay recognized by filmmakers in Chungmuro, with both thrilling and passionate emotions that can't be put down until the last moment. The well-made scenario, which came out in the depths of the production team, stole the hearts of the audience who met in advance at the monitor preview held a month before the release. The audience who met <Montage> in advance watched the movie with high immersion, and gave high marks for the actors' overwhelming acting and heart-warming reversal. It can be inferred that this is the result of the meeting of the well-made scenario recognized by Chungmuro and the passionate performances of the national box office actors who unconditionally believe and watch. The audience we met in advance said, “The acting and the story are touching”, “It feels like I saw the cool <Memories of Murder>!”, “A work that has all the strengths of <Memories of Murder> and <That Guy’s Voice>”, “Well-made thriller” The birth of a movie”, etc., confirmed the thirst for the thrilling drama genre, which was rare for a while, and the high expectations for the movie <Montage>. The anticipation for <Montage> can be seen from the reaction of the poster and trailer. Immediately after the poster of <Montage> was first released through the portal site, over 120,000 views and expectations were hot online in just one day. and solidified the foundation for the best film in May. In addition, as soon as unusual items that catch the audience's attention, such as '10 Second Montage' by Uhm Jung-hwa, the protagonist of <Montage>, were released, nearly 130,000 netizens received an explosive response on SNS. As such, the movie <Montage>, which has already begun to gain word-of-mouth from the audience, is expected to deliver intense catharsis with a different level of storytelling that adds fun, thrill and emotion.


Detectives and criminals who say they are flying to catch 'that guy' have all gathered!
It even provides unpredictable laughter amidst the breathtaking tension!
Detective Hee-bong Cho from <Blind>, Jung Hae-kyun from <I Am a Murderer>, etc.
A total of famous actors including Park Chul-min, Ki Joo-bong, Yoo Seung-mok, and Lee Jun-hyeok are dispatched!

In May, Jung-Hwa Um, Sang-Kyung Kim, Young-Chang Song, as well as the best supporting actors who will brighten up the film, will be in attendance for <Montage>, the best movie that will shake the Republic of Korea. Jo Hee-bong, Park Chul-min, Jung Hae-kyun, Ki Joo-bong, Yoo Seung-mok, Lee Jun-hyeok, etc. are the main characters! Actor Jo Hee-bong, who gave the audience a smile and a thrill in the movie <Blind>, is a scene stealer who is already in the spotlight in Chungmuro. As in <Blind>, he takes on the role of a detective in <Montage> and, together with Kim Sang-kyung in the movie, takes on the role of a detective who tracks the same repeated case 15 years ago, bringing vitality to the play.
Park Chul-min, a master of licorice acting in box-office movies, makes a surprise appearance as 'Cheong-Ho''s boss, 'Chief Gu'. Park Chul-min said that he decided to make a special appearance in love with the well-made scenario of <Montage> along with his relationship with the producer. In <Montage>, he gave his unique deep laughter and emotion, and served as a driving force for the premonition of the box office. Actor Jung Hae-gyun, who left a strong impression by appearing as a criminal holding the key to a shocking reversal in the movie <I Am a Murderer>, plays an active role as 'Detective Choi', who forms a duo with Jo Hee-bong in <Montage>. Although he is a rookie who has just made his debut on the screen, he has a reputation as an actor who boasts a crazy presence in the theater world. Through <Montage>, Jung Hae-kyun plans to approach the audience in a friendly way by showing a character full of humor that is 180 degrees different from the one shown in <I Am a Murderer>. In addition, Joo-bong Ki, Seung-mok Yoo, and Jun-hyeok Lee, the main actors of the box office, who show bold charismatic performances in films of various genres encompassing popularity and workmanship, were dispatched to solve the decisive clues in the case, raising the credibility of the work.



There are three major unsolved cases in Korea,
There are three unpublished locations in the movie <Montage>!
The best chase scene in Korea is born in three places of decision, decision, and enemy!

One, more lights are mobilized than night games at Jamsil Baseball Stadium! : Donggang area
'The Road of Events Through 15 Years' is the place where all the incidents between the three people started, and the place that can show the overall scale of the film, and can be said to be the main stage of <Montage>. It was also here that I first started hunting in the pre-production stage. The entire production team set aside ten days and traveled around the country for a week in order to find the optimal place that met all the demanding conditions of a two-lane road by the river, no electric poles, and a daunting cliff. Thus, the final chosen place was the Donggang area. As if out of a scenario, all the conditions met exactly, and the natural scenery of the Donggang River, the only river in Korea that retains its original shape, was the best. But the road I found again at night was dark without a single streetlight. Night shooting required enormous additional equipment and manpower. Even the filming equipment used for a total of 6 days of filming is beyond imagination. A total of about 40 wire cranes and about 30 in Korea, 18K large-sized lights that can only be installed by three strong men and 200 lighting equipment, etc. A lot of lighting was mobilized. With such an overwhelming scale of shooting equipment, a lighting team of about 20 people, and beautiful natural scenery, the best highlight scene of <Montage> was born.

Two, three-story landmark structure installation! : Incheon Songwol Market
One of the important scenes that dramatically shows the tension at the beginning of the movie and the desperation of 'Kim Sang-kyung (Cheong-ho)' and 'Uhm Jeong-hwa (Ha-kyung)' is the market chase scene. For this scene, the production team toured all the traditional markets in Gyeonggi and Gangwon. However, Songwol Market in Incheon caught my eye in a situation where there was no suitable place for filming due to a large floating population. The Songwol Market is located near Chinatown and is about to be demolished soon. To make this a lively market, we recruited 30 teams from three mobile market associations and started preparing for filming in earnest. In the center of the market, a three-story landmark structure inspired by sancheoneo was installed using a crane. However, in the process, the police were dispatched and requested to move the structure, so the production team had to convince them that they would always have a control agent to guide the vehicles. Despite these difficulties, due to actual merchants and about 150 auxiliary performers, local residents who mistaken the filming site for a real market even appeared in the market. With the help of many people like this, we were able to get a chase scene with reality alive.

Third, the first attempted chase scene at Yongsan Station in Korean film history: Busan Station
Another decisive chase scene that will remain in Korean film history for a long time was born. It is a breathtaking chase scene at the train station between 'Cheongho' and 'that guy' who met again 15 years later. The first attempt in Korean film history to control the entire train station platform and the 100% tension action scene on the train tracks in operation left a mark in Korean film history. However, this scene did not come easily. Although Yongsan Station is set in the movie, Yongsan Station was in danger of having to change the scenario itself because it was impossible to cast due to customer convenience and safety issues. Fortunately, however, with the help of the Busan Film Commission in Busan, the city of cinema, KORAIL was able to recruit the Busan-Gyeongnam Headquarters with difficulty. The person in charge of the KORAIL was also skeptical when he heard the story of the filming, but he fell in love with the solid and unique story of <Montage> and the scenario that conveys a warm feeling, he finally allowed the filming, and even gave support so that the rest of the filming could be finished safely. The track chasing scene, the highlight of the movie, was safely filmed in a nearby maintenance depot, avoiding the track where the train was passing.
But there was another bigger problem. Filming inside Busan Station, which was difficult to obtain permission, was literally a war against time. Since we could not control the arrival time of the train and the flow of passengers getting on and off in advance, we made a detailed plan by simulating the shooting situation for a month. On the day of filming, about 300 people including directors, actors, auxiliary actors, and the production team moved from platform to platform in chronological order according to the actual train time, which arrives every 15 to 30 minutes, and proceeded under tension. With hundreds of pre-simulations and thorough preparation, we were able to safely finish filming the famous scene of <Montage>, the chase scene at Yongsan Station.


This is the first time in my acting career!
Uhm Jung-hwa, what is the story that made even the staff cry?
Kim Sang-kyung, the first Ringel fighting spirit in his life!

The movie <Montage> was able to be completed thanks to the passionate performances of national box-office actors Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Sang-kyung. Uhm Jung-hwa has shown the role of a mother of a young daughter in various genres such as <Haeundae>, <Dancing Queen>, and <Princess Aurora>. However, to the extent that she also admitted that she had never played a mother who was so pitiful and heartbreaking as this time, <Montage> can rediscover her motherhood in another way. Uhm Jung-hwa is a mother who lost her daughter 15 years ago and showed the best emotional immersion in her acting life. In particular, in the scene where he lost his one and only daughter in front of his eyes 15 years ago, even in sub-zero weather, he performed a performance that made even those who watched while sitting on the road wearing only a thin cardigan, cried. As she was immersed in the emotional scene, she collapsed with the director's "Okay" sign, and the staff applauded her with respect and genuine concern.
Kim Sang-kyung tells the story of the catharsis in the movie <Memories of Murder> through a market chase scene in a heavy rain in the middle of winter. On the day of the filming, in the cold weather that recorded below zero, Kim Sang-kyung had to run and run in the rain for three days without moving. This is because the market chase scene was one of the important scenes that dramatically showed the desperation of 'Cheong-ho' who ran into 'the guy'. After filming on the first day, he eventually fell ill. However, Kim Sang-kyung did not stop trying to capture the best scenes on camera within the set schedule, regardless of his sick physical condition. However, as the filming continued, his condition showed no sign of improvement, and in the end, he was able to finish the rest of the filming by enduring as Ringel for the first time in his acting career.
Because of the passionate performances of the two main actors, a truly well-made film called <Montage> was born.


The perfect meeting of the top-grossing staff in Chungmuro!
The production team of <Blind>, who was responsible for emotion and laughter amidst the tension,
The birth of a heart-warming thriller in harmony!
<Blind> Producer Roh Jae-Hoon
<Blind> <Insadong Scandal> <Tazza> <Oldboy> Art Kim Seong-gyu
<Berlin> <The Thieves> <Blind> <Yellow Sea> Martial Arts Kwon Seung-gu
<Blind> <Yellow Sea> <Insadong Scandal> Prop Jin Hoon

Another name for <Montage> credits is the box office guarantee. In particular, the main characters of the human thriller <Blind>, which heated up the summer of 2011, once again set out to make a high-quality film.
Producer Roh Jae-hoon of <Blind>, a thriller that can never let go of tension until the end, participated as a producer again this time, and Kim Seong-gyu Art, who has been in charge of splendid mise-en-scène works such as <Blind>, <Insadong Scandal>, <Tazza>, and <Old Boy>. The director also created a space that does not miss the overall tension while reflecting the psychology of each of the three characters in <Montage>. Martial arts director Kwon Seung-gu was the protagonist of the decisive moments in Korean action films such as <Berlin>, <The Thieves> and <The Yellow Sea>, as well as the breathtaking tension between the blind and the murderer in <Blind>. In this <Montage>, he shows the chase and action scenes that are attempted for the first time in Korean film history, raising the audience's expectations. In <Blind>, the mobile phone and watch used to escape the pursuit of the criminal, the menacing hatchet of <The Yellow Sea>, and the expensive artworks of <Insadong Scandal>, etc. Prop director Jin Hoon, who added fun to watch, demonstrates that sense without regrets this time as well. In <Montage>, the film will be further imprinted on the audience with decisive props such as the black umbrella left by the criminal, the cool chrysanthemum flower, and baby shoes that contain the motherhood of Ha Kyung.
The movie <Montage> heralds another new box office myth in May with the decisive combination of the best screenplay that will captivate both men and women and the production team of the box office human thriller <Blind>.

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