(Korean Movies) MISSING, 2016


Audience over 15
running time
100 minutes
cumulative audience
1153201 people
18th Female Filmmaker of the Year 2017


Her bright lies like an angel
And the truth scarier than lies
I have to find her.

Working mom Ji-sun, who has to take responsibility for childcare and livelihood alone after divorce, is always fortunate to have a nanny who takes care of her daughter with devotion.
One day, Ji-sun returns home from work and finds out that the nanny Han-mae and daughter Da-eun have disappeared without a trace. Ji-sun belatedly informs the police and her family, but no one believes her, and rather suspects that it was a self-made play that occurred during a custody lawsuit.
In the end, Ji-sun, who was tracking the traces of Han Mae alone, is further confused by the strange testimonies of an unidentified man standing in front of the house and people around her. I find out the truth…

In November 2016, the heartbreaking chase begins.

[ Prologue ]

A great mother is a merciful mother and a fearful mother.
She was the goddess of creation and preservation, as well as the goddess of destruction.
《 AL Huxley / mother 》

[ About Movie ]

The power of a powerful scenario that captured Chungmuro
Delicate directing skills and the skill of veteran producers
2016 The only well-made emotional mystery!

<Missing: The Woman Who Disappeared> started with a solid scenario that fascinated the best directors, actors and staff in Chungmuro. The author, who was a real working mom, said, 'What if the nanny disappears with my child?' It made Chungmuro excited with a realistic scenario based on the fear of everyday life. Through this, director Lee Eon-hee, who was recognized for his sensuous and delicate directing skills, met with the popular actresses Uhm Ji-won and Gong Hyo-jin. Here, the strongest producers in Chungmuro, who have excelled in crime, mystery, and thriller genres such as <The Mister>, <The Chaser>, and <Going to the End>, join forces, foretelling the birth of the best well-made emotional mystery in 2016.
The production team, united under the leadership of director Lee Eon-hee, who demonstrates excellent ability in the detailed psychological description of the character, has completed a work that is not worth the modifier of well-made. Above all, the staff of the shooting, lighting, and art team, who became one with an emphasis on faithfully following the high-quality scenario, worked together to make the two characters 'Ji-seon' and 'Han-mae' push and pull each other and lead the movie. . According to the psychology of the character, the telephoto lens and the wide-angle lens are used alternately, and the hand-held shooting technique that takes into account the degree of emotional tremor maximizes the emotions of the drama beyond the visual effect. The location that represents the color of the film reflects the efforts of the director and production team not to miss even the smallest detail. This passion of the production team gave a chewy psychological tension to the five-day pursuit of the falsehood of 'Hanmae', which is revealed layer by layer, and 'Ji-seon', who pursues her truth. will leave
<Missing: The Disappeared Woman>, which perfectly matches the efforts and harmony of the actors, director and production team in a solid scenario, is expected to shake the hearts of the audience and show the presence of only one well-made emotional mystery in 2016.

The most beautiful and perfect chemistry of 2016
Uhm Ji-won X Gong Hyo-jin
The fateful meeting of acting queens in Chungmuro!

Uhm Ji-won, who boasts a broad spectrum that can perfectly digest films of any genre, such as thriller, drama, comedy, and horror, and Gong Hyo-jin, who is active in screens and CRTs, and is receiving national support, are It presents the most beautiful and perfect chemistry. The meeting of the two actors, who gives a strong sense of trust just by the name, is foreshadowing an explosive synergy.
Uhm Ji-won, a working and single mom, who takes on the role of 'Ji-seon', who goes out to find a nanny and daughter who suddenly disappeared without a trace one day, was able to deeply understand the dramatic emotions of the character as she is actually working at home and at the same time. Focused on prioritizing and empathizing with Uhm Ji-won's passionate performance, who immersed herself deeply in the desperate and frustrating situation of 'Ji-seon', who no one helps, and exploded the emotions she had been holding down, will stimulate the tears of the audience. Director Lee Eon-hee said, "I wanted the actor to make the character a living person in some way, so Uhm Ji-won was the top priority."
Gong Hyo-jin, one of the few actresses with acting and box office power, made a radical transformation in <Missing: The Missing Woman>. With a rough face, untidy eyebrows and hair, and an ugly outfit, it is impossible to imagine the appearance of the lovely rocoqueen Gong Hyo-jin. Gong Hyo-jin has been observing and researching for months for the secret inner acting of 'Han-mae', who gave her so many homework that she couldn't move in front of the camera. I was worried because it was such an unfamiliar genre and character, but director Lee Eon-hee said, “The biggest strength of Gong Hyo-jin is that it moves people’s emotions,” and Uhm Ji-won said, “If it wasn’t for Gong Hyo-jin, a completely different movie would have come out.” makes us guess how well she played the role of 'Han Mae'.
As director Lee Eon-hee said, “If a movie goes well, everything is thanks to the actors.”

From scene stealer to heart stealer!
Chungmuro express scene stealer is all out!

There are actors who attract attention just by appearing. A scene stealer called a 'scene stealer' with a strong presence even in a brief moment. In <Missing: The Missing Woman>, actors Park Hae-Joon, Kim Hee-Won, Kim Seon-Young, and Jo Dal-Hwan, who give a heavy presence just by their names, appear and act as 'heart stealers' for the audience.
Park Hae-Joon, who has been active in the dramas [Misaeng], [Wanted], and the movie <4th Place>, is expected to leave a strong impression by appearing as 'Hyun-ik', a mysterious man following 'Han Mae'. “It is a character that is not easy for a male actor to challenge, and it is impossible to know whether he is a good person or a bad person. As Gong Hyo-jin said, “I looked at the monitor on the first day and thought, ‘This is just this person. His bold acting, which revealed his passion for the character by shaving his hair, which he had never tried before, and pushing his hair with a barricade throughout the filming period, will add to the dramatic tension.
Kim Hee-won, who showed impressive performances in a number of works such as dramas [Misaeng] and [My Love from the Stars], also joined the group after making a mark on the public with the movie <The Mister>. Kim Hee-won, who is laughing as a 'professional cheater' in the recently airing drama [My Wife is having an affair this week], will show a completely different side from the disassembled CRT as 'Detective Park' in 'Missing: The Missing Woman'. “It was the detective character in the scenario I was looking for. As director Lee Eon-hee said, “I’m just grateful that Kim Hee-won takes on the role of ‘Detective Park’”, he will show his powerful skills through this work.
Here, after gaining popularity for her delicious acting in the drama [Reply 1988], she recently played the role of 'Butler Heo' in the recent drama [Shopping King Louis] with Kim Seon-young, who was loved for her acting in the drama [The Witch's Bogam] and the movie < Jo Dal-hwan, who shows a new look every time in various works such as The Phone, The Beauty Inside, and Technicians, also contributed. Kim Seon-young will appear as a person around who knows the past of 'Hanmae', suggesting a bold setting with a passion for the character even in a short amount of time, revealing a presence that cannot be hidden. Jo Dal-hwan, who plays the role of 'lawyer Min', who suspects that 'Ji-seon' hid his daughter, will also increase the perfection of the play with stable acting and induce the audience's immersion.
Like this, <Missing: The Missing Woman>, which is attracting more attention with the addition of a large number of scene stealers who will steal the attention of the audience with their unique charms as well as their acting skills, will provide an interesting time just to appreciate the performances of the actors.

I am living in Korea now.
Everyone turned away and passed by
The story of 'we', not them

What <Missing: The Woman Who Disappeared> delivers to the audience is not just a story full of tension and hot emotions. The film shows our lives, which may have been overlooked by everyone, through an incident that suddenly happened one day to someone in the neighborhood who was living an extremely ordinary life.
Ji-seon, divorced from her husband and raising a child alone. However, all that comes back to her, who works day and night, taking care of children, and doing her best in her life, is the criticism that she is not faithful to her family or work. In fact, while working on the screenplay for <Missing: The Missing Woman>, director Lee Eon-hee said, "I thought 'Ji-seon' was a person doing her best to raise a child, but she was not qualified as a mother just because she left her child with a nanny and went to work. I heard,” he confessed. 'Hanmae' also had no place to lean on. Gong Hyo-jin, who played 'Han-mae', who could not expect even a small favor due to being socially underprivileged even in a desperate situation, said, "As filming progresses, everything that is happening to the character 'Han-mae', who represents the situation of the marginalized minority, becomes a dramatic event. No, I thought it could happen to all of us.” Although the place of birth and the environment they grew up in are different, the appearance of the two women who suffer the same in the end suggests that their story in the play is not just someone else's story.
Like director Lee Eon-hee, director Lee Eon-hee said, “I hope that the stories around me, which I thought had nothing to do with me, represented by ‘Ji-seon’ and ‘Han-mae’, were something that I could also experience.” will provide all women living in Korea an opportunity to look back on themselves by showing the cross-sections of our lives that are currently happening or may have to be experienced soon.

[ Production Note ]

The three months of intense actors and production team were born.
The desperate 5 days of 'Ji-seon' and 'Han-mae'!

PART 1. Photography, lighting, art, costumes, and makeup teams
The polar opposite characters of the working mom 'Ji-seon' and the nanny 'Han-mae'

“I wanted to show that two women who looked really different at first were not fundamentally different in the end. Although they are extremely different in all aspects, such as appearance and circumstances, I thought that if we were to face a similar situation, we would make the same choice.” Above all, they focused on character setting for 'Ji-seon' and 'Han-mae'.
The shooting team focused on capturing the emotions of 'Ji-seon' and 'Han-mae' in more detail. The most basic premise for this was the size of the camera lens that differed according to the character. At the beginning of the play, the figure of 'Ji-seon', who cannot even recognize the truth hidden right next to him, was captured with a telephoto lens with a narrow angle of view, while the character of 'Han-mae', who retains a sense of mystery, uses a wide-angle lens with a deep depth of field to show the cool expression that is sometimes revealed. Of course, I tried to capture the psychology behind it. In particular, the film crew, who wanted to approach the semi-documentary filming method in order to convey the feeling that the stories in the movie could actually happen around them, used a handheld technique to control the intensity of the tremor to create 'Ji-seon' and 'Han-mae'. of emotions more vividly.
Lighting director Cheol-oh Lee tried to reveal the character's emotions by adjusting the color, quality, and brightness of the light. First, I used a light that was neither too bright nor too dark for the ironic situation of 'Ji-seon', a working mom who loved her child but could not express her love to her heart's content due to realistic circumstances. As a mother and a woman, this was so that the audience could feel the broadening of the mind of 'Ji-seon'. Unlike 'Ji-seon', the light representing the character of 'Han-mae' is cold and dark. The most accurate depiction of this is the crying scene in 'Hanmae'. This scene, shot only in the moonlight, which is natural light without any other lighting, will show the emotions of 'Hanmae', who had to despair without anyone's help, and shake the audience's emotions. In addition, the detail of the lighting team, which paid attention to even the smallest details to the extent that they paid attention to the color of the light reflected in the eyes, contributed greatly to the perfection of the film.
The art team also contributed to differentiation by giving each person a different color. 'Jiseon' is a cold color series to give a cold, urban feel, and 'Hanmae' is a warm color series to give a warm feeling. In particular, the violet color was used to express the 'Hanmae' character, in which everything was false, and the mysterious feeling was doubled. The places and props where each character is mainly active were not overlooked. The space of 'Ji-seon', a working mom who has to take responsibility for her livelihood, emphasized straight lines and placed small items such as square frames and books to give it a rigid feel. 'Hanmae' emphasized the curves to reveal the warm motherhood, and used accessories such as floral embroidery and dolls.
The most effective way to show the two people living in a completely different world would be their clothes and makeup. Uhm Ji-won suggested a brightly colored hair dyed and one-piece fashion suitable for career woman 'Ji-sun'. This played a big role in effectively showing the desperate situation of 'Ji-seon', who doesn't have time to care about her appearance towards the end of the movie. In particular, the purple-toned one-piece, worn throughout the chase scene, added realism by making 7 separate pieces with different degrees of tearing and contamination and wearing them according to each stage. Unlike 'Ji-seon', the main purpose in setting the clothes and makeup of 'Han-mae' was to erase the image of fashionista Gong Hyo-jin. For the simple and rustic character of 'Hanmae', the costume team put so much effort into making 80% of the costumes themselves. Here, long black hair, abundant eyelashes, and more than 30 dots on the face became the driving force to completely break away from the image of an actor and be reborn as a nanny 'Hanmae'. The intense effort of the production team who thought about even the smallest details to set the perfect character like this can be seen through the work.

PART 2. The scorching heat, underwater photography, mobilization of 400 extras!
Behind the scenes of life and hardships from Seoul to Busan!

In order to capture the five-day pursuit of 'Ji-seon', who left everything to find the child and went out on the street, the production team had to run from Seoul to Suwon, Incheon, and Busan for more than three months.
Of course, I loved every moment, but the one that the production team worked hard on the most is the port scene that appears in the second half. This scene, which had to be conducted on a ship, encountered difficulties from the outset. It was only after filming started that they managed to rent a boat in Busan, but the production team was given only two days. The tight time put pressure on the production team. To make matters worse, the crew had to constantly climb up and down narrow stairs and even mobilize a ladder car for the filming setting on a huge ship that reached four stories high. It was the same with the actors who had difficulties. From a height of 12 meters overlooking the sea, Um Ji-won, who had a phobia of heights, overcame her fears and repaid the hard work of the production team with acting that went beyond her limits.
What made the production team sweat as much as Bae's casting was the scene of 'Ji-seon' wandering through the Han River Park to find 'Han-mae'. The production team took a weekend shoot to more vividly capture the image of 'Ji-seon' struggling to find 'Han-mae' and her daughter 'Da-eun' in the midst of a large crowd. In the hellish heat to the point where the camera stopped working, for a more realistic scene, the production team hid the radio and led the scene everywhere while dressed as a tourist, struggling as hard as 'Ji-sun'. And the Han River scene, completed with the passion of Uhm Ji-won, who did not lose laughter while running and running, will leave a deep impression enough to be counted as a famous scene in the movie.
The Chinese street scene that appeared in the process of chasing 'Hanmae' was created thanks to the persistence of the production team, who persuaded merchants, union members, and residents for over three months. Even though permission was obtained, the street was out of control, so after the production team's efforts for realistic scenes, such as the security guards wearing extra costumes and making close marks next to the actors, the perfection of <Missing: The Missing Woman> could be further improved. .
Underwater shooting was also one of the most elaborate scenes. It was because thorough preparation was necessary, such as hiring an underwater cinematographer and an underwater cinematographer, and conducting basic training for the actors. I visited numerous underwater filming locations, but in most general underwater filming locations where disinfectants are used to remove impurities from the water, the actors' eyes may become red or even not open, so the pool where you practice scuba in the water closest to seawater. The production team, who discovered the movie, put their utmost sincerity, such as completing the casting after going through the process of practicing directly. The underwater shooting of the actresses, which was one of the biggest concerns from the pre-production stage, went smoothly thanks to Gong Hyo-jin, who had a lot of scuba diving experience, and quickly adapting, and Uhm Ji-won, who had excellent athleticism. It is said that the enthusiasm of the actors who showed enthusiasm to shoot more in the two days of filming, even though they had to digest emotional acting in the water, moved all the staff at the scene.
<Missing: The Woman Who Disappeared> was not easy from casting to filming in such a hot weather. The perfection of the film, in which the passion and tight breathing of the actors and crew shined more than the heat of the actors and crew, is expected.

[ Epilogue ]

our sweetheart,
Always see only the sweet and hear only the good, Mom will protect you
I will make you the happiest baby in the world
mama will do that
i love you my baby

'Hanmae' lullaby

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