(Korean Movies) Miss & Mrs. Cops, 2018

Miss & Mrs. Cops, 2018

Miss & Mrs. Cops, 2018
Audience over 15
running time
107 minutes
cumulative audience
24th Chunsa International Film Festival 2019
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Former legendary detective 'Miyoung' and 'Ji-hye', an incumbent detective who was pushed out of the civil service room
At home, the two sisters-in-law, who growl even if they just make eye contact, come to the civil service office to file a complaint and see a woman jumping into the driveway and learn that she is the victim of a digital sex crime case that was scheduled to be uploaded 48 hours later.
When the case was pushed back from all departments within the police, including the gangster squad, cybercrime investigation team, and women's youth, due to complicated procedures and lack of manpower, Miyoung and Jihye decided to launch an informal investigation.

As the investigation progresses, 'Miyoung', whose instincts are wriggling as a detective, and 'Wisdom,' burning with a sense of justice, finally get a chance to face the suspects…

The unofficial joint investigation of the Girl Crush Combi is unfolding!


she moves!

Great acting! Great sense of humor! Presence Wow!
Ra Mi-ran, an actress with unrivaled charm loved by all generations
Impossible Ra Mi-ran's first lead role on the screen!

Since her debut in the movie <Mr. Kind Venus> in 2005, <Dancing Queen> <Wish> <Kukje Market> <Himalaya> <Princess Deokhye> <The Gnome in Me>, including dramas [Reply 1988] [The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop] [Mak Actress Ra Mi-ran, who has boasted a strong presence in each work, crossing screens and CRTs such as the Miss Young-ae] series. She achieved the Grand Slam for Best Supporting Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for <Wish>, the Baeksang Arts Awards for <The Himalayas>, and the Grand Bell Awards for <Princess Deokhye>. In addition, through entertainment programs such as MBC [Real Men-Female Soldier Special], KBS [Sisters' Slam Dunk], and tvN [Weekend Instruction Manual], he exudes a pleasant conversation and friendly charm, and is loved by both men and women of all ages. In 2016, he worked on movies, dramas, and entertainment, including the movies <Himalayan> and <Princess Deokhye>, the drama [Reply 1988] [Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop], and the entertainment show [Sisters' Slam Dunk], winning 10 awards in one year alone. Impossible actor Ra Mi-ran will challenge for her first lead role on the screen with <Girl Cops>.

In <Girl Cops>, Ra Mi-ran takes on the role of 'Mi-yeong', a legendary former detective who becomes the 0th-ranked officer to be expelled from the civil service office. 'Miyoung' is a character who solves a case by conducting an unofficial joint investigation with 'Ji-hye' (Lee Seong-kyung), the sister-in-law of a close relationship and a gangster detective. As director Jeong Da-won said, “It was a customized scenario written with the actor Ra Mi-ran in mind from the beginning,” she boasts a 100% synchronization with her character, as well as her unique life-style acting, as well as the sharp eyes of an ex-legendary detective. He perfectly digested even intense action with charisma, creating a character with a reversal of charm. In fact, Ra Mi-ran attended action school for a month and a half before filming and learned boxing and wrestling. Thanks to these efforts, Ra Mi-ran added vivid reality to the film by showing action that is unbelievable that it is her first action acting challenge. Regarding Ra Mi-ran, who said, “It was my first lead role in a commercial film, I felt a lot of pressure and responsibility,” said director Jeong Da-won. It was the 'Miyoung' character that was in my head,” he said, raising expectations.

Actress Ra Mi-ran, who has the most unique charm in Korean film history, will captivate the audience by presenting a new side of her that has never been seen before in <Girl Cops> with a wide range of acting skills ranging from action, comedy, and drama.

My stomach is open!

Ra Mi-ran & Lee Sung-kyung, a girl crush duo that beats the bad guy
Armed with hot justice and cool action
Their delightful, refreshing, and exhilarating performances unfold!

<Girl Cops>, an investigation drama that follows the series of <Extreme Job>, <Veteran>, <Cooperation> and <Detective>, is attracting attention with a female protagonist at the fore. They are raising expectations by spreading a fantastic combination. <Girl Cops> is a film depicting the unofficial investigation of a girl crush duo who came together to solve a case that even the police gave up on when a digital sex crime case that was scheduled to be uploaded 48 hours later occurred.

Mi-Young (Ra Mi-Ran), who was a legendary detective who was a former female police detective in the 1990s, but now has become the 0th-ranked expulsion officer from the civil service department, accidentally discovers a clue to a certain incident, and then uses the senses and instincts she learned during the task force to solve the case. track If you see injustice here, 'Ji-hye' (Lee Seong-kyung), a detective from the violent class who is pushed out of the civil service room because of a fist that stretches out first, goes out with 'Mi-yeong' to solve the case. The two sister-in-law, who growl even if they just make eye contact, conduct an unofficial joint investigation solely to catch the bad guys. 'Jang-mi' (Choi Soo-young), the owner of a hidden ability, joins and calls herself an unofficial investigation team.

Ra Mi-ran and Lee Seong-kyung, who said, “I wanted to share with many people the cool catharsis that I feel when defeating evil while solving social problems in a light and pleasant way,” tells the story of how to become strong partners in a biting and biting relationship in a light and persuasive way. He expressed it, and he directly digested the rough action and car-chasing scenes, and performed realistic and lively action performances. <Girl Cops>, which depicts the fantastic teamwork and delightful, refreshing, exhilarating performances of the unstoppable girl crush combination with a hot sense of justice, without guns, police cars, or investigation support to catch the heinous villains, is just a sight to see. It is planned to present the fun of entertainment movies to the audience.

This is reality!

New digital sex crimes that are prevalent in society
Contrary to the stuffy reality, it is solved in a cool way in the movie!
The emergence of a nuclear cider investigative drama that strikes the villains

“While I was writing the screenplay, I thought that secretly filming and distributing a camera was the most vile and ugliest crime. I wanted to make a fun and exciting movie that tracks sex offenders with an action movie that puts two women at the fore.” Director Jeong Da-won, who conveyed his directorial intention, said drugs, sex crimes, hidden camera shooting, obscene sites, and illegal videos that are emerging as social problems. We present an investigation drama that quickly solves a new digital sex crime case that leads to online distribution.

<Girl Cops>, a realistic depiction of a new type of digital crime that is already rampant in our society, tells the story of two women who go into an informal investigation to solve a new drug sex crime case in a club. Ra Mi-ran and Lee Sung-kyung, who are active as a duo in the movie, said, "It's a story that is likely to happen. It was different from the existing investigation drama in that it dealt with a very realistic case.” You will be able to feel the unstoppable, cool and exhilarating energy” (Lee Sung-kyung), showing confidence in the film and anticipation. <Girl Cops> arouses the sympathy of the audience with a subject that evokes outrage along with the genre fun of investigative drama. The audience will be able to feel exhilarating catharsis through the girl crush duo 'Miyoung' and 'Wisdom', a girl-crush duo that does not give in to any situation, fights against any situation, and solves it with just the single thought of defeating the bad guys even though they have nothing.


Action, one blow!

Ra Mi-ran's exhilarating 'Backdrop' X Lee Sung-kyung's exhilarating 'scissors kick'
Even the breathtaking car-chasing scene in the middle of downtown Seoul!
100% immersive feeling The pleasure of action full of realism!

Behind the cool action of the Girl Crush Combi, which presents 'hack cider' to viewers, was the hidden effort and passion of Ra Mi-ran, Lee Sung-kyung, and the staff.

Ra Mi-ran received hard training such as wrestling and boxing at an action school for a month and a half to play the role of 'Mi-yeong', a former legendary detective and wrestling Greco-Roman special student. In particular, in order to establish that the body remembers the experiences of the legendary detective days, meticulous efforts were made to make even the smallest movements appear natural. In addition, Ra Mi-ran, who added the character's charm by nicely digesting the electric wheel scene that gave a strong presence in the trailer and the background drop in the highlight, said, "If you watch the movie, you will be surprised by the action of 'Miyoung'. He showed off his splendid action skills to the extent that it was unbelievable that it was his first action performance. Lee Sung-kyung, who plays the role of a detective in the homicide squad, also learned basic action movements and kicks at the action school, and surprised by showing off his hidden action instincts with actions that show off a cool sense of blow, including the scissor kick that is shown with a wire in the movie.

In addition to the realistic naked action created with the sweat and passion of the actors, the car chasing scene in the middle of downtown Seoul delivers the audience with a sense of immersion and the pleasure of exhilarating action. In particular, Wi Ha-jun, who plays the role of 'Woo-jun', the leader of a new digital criminal organization pursued by the girl crush duo, directly digested most of the action scenes and driving scenes, enhancing the completeness of the thrilling car chase scene.

Heat, all at once!

The most extreme heat wave in 111 years,
From the rooftop scene in the scorching sun without a single shade to the fire scene
Into the filming site that was hotter and hotter than ever!

Heatwave for the first time in 111 years, the highest temperature has exceeded 40 degrees! In the extremely hot summer of 2018, there was a hotter <Girl Cops> filming site.

Most of <Girl Cops>, which was cranked in in early July last year, was filmed on location, so it was filmed in the sweltering heat for three months. Thanks to this, during the filming period, various cooling-related products such as basic fans and portable fans, cool packs, and ice packs became indispensable items on the set.

The girl crush duo Ra Mi-ran and Lee Seong-kyung, who went on an unofficial investigation to get rid of the bad guys, constantly run and roll alleys in Seoul to portray a passionate investigation in the fight against the heatwave that continues day and night, as well as the hot asphalt. A naked chase scene was presented across the street. Also, in the case of the rooftop scene, which took place a total of 5 times, the filming took place under the scorching sun without a single shade, and the heat was even hotter. In addition, Ra Mi-ran, who had to wear a leather jumper and a wig for a flashback scene in the past and run to the rooftop without an elevator, said, "I tried to catch my mind. It was really hot. <Girl Cops> was the most memorable for me,” he said, expressing his feelings about the unique scene. In particular, the fire scene in the warehouse where Ra Mi-ran, Lee Sung-kyung, and Yoon Sang-hyun were together was filmed while overcoming the heat with fire. In this way, the hot and intense scenes of <Girl Cops> were created by adding more passion and effort than the heatwave of the actors and staff.

Seoul, all at once!

Full control of Dosan Road for the first time in a Korean film
Sinchon-Segok-dong-Seongsu-dong-Yeonhui-dong-Itaewon-Samseong-dong COEX Perfect reception!
A vivid investigation drama completed with locations all over Seoul

As <Girl Cops> is a film about digital sex crimes that are prevalent in our society, most of the key scenes of the incident were filmed on location to preserve a vivid and realistic sense of place.

The incident that led to the disciplinary action of homicide detective 'Ji-hye' (Lee Seong-kyung) and expelled from the civil service center is in Sinchon, where there is a lot of floating population, and the civil affairs office where the unofficial investigation team is born is at the Segok-dong community center, and 'Mi-yeong' (Ra Mi-ran) and Jingle Jingle. Seongsu-dong alley where Wisdom runs to death after chasing 'Sang-doo' (Ahn Chang-hwan), who is entangled in a relationship, and the rooftop of Yeonhui-dong apartment where the girl crush duo gets clues through 'sang-doo'. The familiar scenery of Seoul that appears throughout the movie, from the streets of Itaewon disguised as a couple, to the COEX in Samseong-dong, where the final battle takes place, added a sense of reality and increased the immersion of the play.

In particular, the car-chasing scene, the highlight of the play, was filmed with full control of Dosan-daero for the first time in a Korean film. In the first attempt in history to completely control a 10-lane road in the middle of Gangnam for two days over the weekend, the filming was conducted in a state of full of tension, including the actors and staff, as well as the police who were at the scene to cooperate with the filming. Director Jeong Da-won and his staff, who performed simulations for each team several times in advance, such as action, special effects, CG, and filming, were able to respond flexibly to the variable that appeared in the movie on the day of filming. The car chasing scene, completed with the passion and wit of the staff, will give the audience a sense of suspense with a sense of vibrancy.

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