(Korean Movies) Miracle on 1st Street, 2007

Miracle on 1st Street, 2007

Miracle on 1st Street, 2007
Audience over 15
running time
113 minutes
cumulative audience
2535450 people


The place closest to the sky in the middle of the city center
The beautiful village that I want to live and protect, '1st Avenue' is in danger of disappearing!

“What kind of neighborhood is there like this?” The raw gangster who broke into the village became Superman (?)
On the heavy duty of redevelopment, Philjae, a gangster who appeared on 1st Avenue in style while dragging Equus. I became a 'bad laborer in the world' and tried to push the villagers out of the stage without blood or tears, but the plan of the writing system was twisted due to the unpredictable villagers including mentaiko, a strong female boxer who faced me from the first day I arrived. Start.
Myeong-ran, who has faster feet than a bus and better fists than words, continues to live her dream of becoming an oriental champion in order to become a proud daughter to her father while taking care of her disabled father and younger brother. Pilje, who has become entangled with this kind of cod roe, is too busy to mess around with cod roe, let alone redevelopment. The brothers and sisters, Lee Soon and the brothers, who are just curious about what Pil-jae is doing because of the incident, overcame Pil-je with their innocence. do. In the end, he comes to be known as Superman, not a rogue to the neighborhood kids…

Will Pil-jae's big project, the bad old man in the world, succeed?
A pilgrim who is gradually moving away from achieving the original goal of 'taking over the village', cod roe who continues to run towards the dream of 'Oriental Champion', and the people of 'First Street' living with their dreams.
In this situation where they can neither move forward nor retreat while building a strange bond with each other, will Pil-je be able to complete his mission?


A dream… Myth of 4.2 million box office hits, the heartbreaking 'human comedy' of the main characters

Lim Chang-jung, Ha Ji-won and director Yoon Je-gyun reunited in the beautiful village '1st Avenue'!

Ha Ji-won, Lim Chang-jung, and Yoon Je-gyun, who showed off their powerful breathing as a comic couple in <Color Immediate Construction> and brought laughter and deep emotion to many people, meet once again to take on a human comedy challenge!
Their meeting at '1st Avenue' is even more special because they are both the best in delivering a comical laugh and a warm feeling full of humanity. The <Miracle on 1st Street> they create will show the best human comedy this winter by not only making people laugh with each interesting character and episode, but also instilling tears in their hearts. In addition, Joo-hyeon, a middle-aged actress who is enjoying her best performance in <The Family> <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life> and <The Nine-Miho Family>, and Jung Doo-hong, who has now stepped onto the red carpet of Venice, have stepped up to become a world star. Proud of casting. The proven combination play of the director and actors is already receiving the attention and expectation of many people, so we look forward to seeing how they will express their unique and attractive characters, and the laughter and emotion they will deliver.

hope… … Can't get any better than this! warm people who made miracles

The perfect harmony of <My Life..> writer Yoo Seong-hyeop, music director Lee Byeong-woo of <The King and the King>, and cinematographer Kim Young-cheol of <Affair>!

Dusabu Film, which always brings laughter and emotion to people with <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life>, <The Big Family> and <Color Immediate Construction>, this time tells the story of people full of humanity who live in a village called 'First Avenue'. Director Yoon Je-gyun, who was in charge of directing, tried to show humanity with sincerity in the comics shown in <Boys of the Heads> and <Color Immediate Work>. The Miracle of > is also preparing to meet the audience with a delicate and complete scenario. In addition, director Lee Byung-woo, a master of Korean film music famous for <Janghwa Hongryeon> <The King's Man> <The Monster> and <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life>, and Kim Young-chul, who left a lasting impression on the film with stylish and clean images in <Pyran> and <Affair> The cinematographer will participate and present the best film full of dreams and hopes in the winter of 2006.

Laughter… A delightful story of characters full of personality

Raw gangsters, female boxers, and unpredictable villagers give a pleasant laugh.

<Miracle on 1st Street>, in which a beautiful miracle occurs between the intruder Phil-je, who came to destroy the village closest to the sky, '1st Avenue,' and the unpredictable villagers who cross over absurdity and naivety stimulate Far from being afraid of the intruders who have invaded the village, claiming to be the evil slaves of the world, the people of this village like him, follow him, and even order him to work. A female boxer who dreams of becoming an oriental champion who has feet faster than a bus and fists precede words; innocent siblings who work hard to grow a lot of tomatoes that will be used as medicine for their grandfather; children with many dreams who want to fly The comical episodes of various characters, such as the cuteness of the little characters, and the unique setting of the rookie that they bump into the villagers from the first meeting, and eventually take over all their fuss, will bring another fun and pleasant laughter to the audience. will be.

Impressive… A human comedy with a pleasant smile and warm emotion.

A sincere emotion that bursts out from the heart, meeting a real human.

I reject that common human comedy!! As the saying goes, “Even when I laugh, I cry.” 'Miracle on 1st Street' is full of vividly living characters and interesting episodes they weave, giving laughter everywhere, but the warmth on the other side makes a pleasant impression. give. The appearance of the writer and the villagers assimilating to each other, and the characters running with hope toward their dreams, stimulate strange emotions with their special charm that makes your eyes wet even while smiling. Unlike before, director Yoon Je-gyun revealed his intention to make a film that truly depicts the stories of people who live without forgetting laughter and happiness despite difficulties, revealing his attachment to human comedy that he tries for the first time. The first human comedy <Miracle on 1st Street>, the first human comedy directed by Yoon Je-gyun, who made the nation laugh and cry through his previous films, will put his warm sincerity in his unique humor.

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