(Korean Movies) Midnight Runners, 2017

Midnight Runners, 2017

Midnight Runners, 2017
Audience over 15
running time
109 minutes
cumulative audience
5653444 people
38th Golden Cinematography Awards 2018


Field Experience Executive Vice President, Investigation Learned from Books!
“We’ll just catch it.”

Motivated police college student Ki-joon (Park Seo-joon) X theory sandalwood police college student Hee-yeol (Kang Ha-neul). The two, who are best friends, accidentally witness a kidnapping while going out. There are only two witnesses! Ki-joon and Hee-yeol report to the police without delay, as they learned at school.
However, due to complicated procedures and insufficient evidence, the investigation shows no sign of progress! In a situation where one minute and one second are urgent, only precious time passes, Ki-joon and Hee-yeol decide to start an investigation on their own and face an unpredictable situation…

Mobilize all major knowledge!
The bloody real-world investigation of the blue-eyed bastards begins!


I follow the school rules
With honor and pride as a police officer student
with responsibility and duty
I swear to devote myself to my studies

– Oath of Admission to Police College –


The youngest, fastest and most delightful movie this summer is coming!
The emergence of 'Youth Investigation Action' with hot energy!

This coming August, a new style of youth investigation action <Youth Police> will target audiences in summer theaters. <Youth Police>, which depicts the story of two young police college students as they directly investigate a kidnapping that they witnessed in front of their eyes, with only major books and beliefs, delightfully captures the passionate passion and unstoppable spirit of energetic youths. There is already a lot of interest in <Youth Police>, which predicts that it will show a young, trendy and differentiated charm in theaters this summer, where there are many released films that unravel heavy dramas such as history and war.

First of all, <Youth Police> is going to create a pleasant laugh through two young characters with strong personalities. Police college student 'Ji-joon', whose body reacts first, and police college student 'Hee-yeol', who acts based on theory, are characters with opposite charms. It is drawn with manners and is responsible for the laughter of the audience. Here, the two men, who recklessly embark on an investigation with young blood, show completely different attitudes in dealing with the case, creating a different kind of pleasure. It doubles the charm of the work throughout the time.

In addition, the lively energy and colorful actions of 'Ji-joon' and 'Hee-yeol' are also points to watch in <Youth Police>. The reckless but rough action of the youth duo who runs on their feet throughout the movie will provide you with something to see and enjoy that cannot be easily found in other movies, and will completely captivate the audience as a single entertainment movie this summer. Actor Park Seo-joon, who played 'Ji-joon' in this regard, stimulates curiosity by sharing his impressions of the filming, saying, "It was really difficult to shoot while running, but thanks to this, the movie will unfold without any room for boredom." Here, Kang Ha-neul, who played 'Hee-yeol', also raises expectations by saying, "It was hard enough to say that I had a hard time, but it seems like a fast-paced and energetic movie came out." As such, <Youth Police>, which will captivate theaters with its unique charm this summer, will satisfy the audience's expectations 100% with its unique charm.

Field Experience Executive Vice President, Investigation Learned from Books!
An unpredictable investigation that has never been seen before is unfolding!

The movie <Youth Police> is attracting the audience's attention with its interesting story setting. Police college students 'Ji-joon' and 'Hee-yeol', who have been out of school for a while, accidentally witness a kidnapping case on the street at night, and become the only witnesses to the incident. The story of those who quickly pursue criminals and report them, but face realistic walls of complicated procedures and lack of evidence, finally start an investigation based on the major knowledge they learned at school, draws the attention of the audience with a curious setting. make it

<Youth Police> is expected to satisfy the expectations of the audience by developing a story that makes full use of these settings. As I learned in school, the 'standard' and 'bliss', which move quickly based on 'critical hour', the time when the victim is most likely to be killed in a kidnapping crime, are three methods of investigation, focusing on 'site, item, and victim'. conduct an investigation When their own case analysis makes progress in the investigation, the interest in the story is doubled, and the immersion in whether they will be able to reveal the full story of the kidnapping case is also heightened. However, not all theories are applied in practice. The crisis situation of 'Standard' and 'Joy-yeol', facing people who are far more dangerous than imagined, will sometimes cause laughter and sometimes draw the attention of the audience by forming a tension that makes you sweat.

Here, <Youth Police> adds dramatic fun by continuously reminding us that the 'Ji-joon' and 'Hee-yeol', who are working on the investigation, are not yet policemen, but 'students of the Police Academy'. They face limitations such as having to be concerned about expulsion when conducting an investigation, have no equipment to subdue the criminal, and face a situation that requires real police help at a decisive moment. This dilemma, which is faced by 'standard' and 'excitement', is not easily seen in other investigative dramas, and attention is focused on whether <Youth Police> can become a new paradigm in the genealogy of police films that have varied widely over a long period of time.

The perfect combination play of Park Seo-joon X Kang Ha-neul, the young actors representing 2017!
Check out the perfect synergy of individual actors!

The movie <Youth Police> is already gathering the expectations of many audiences only with the encounter of popular actors such as Park Seo-joon, Kang Ha-neul, Sung Dong-il, and Park Ha-seon. Park Seo-joon, who shook women's hearts with 'Wannabe Boyfriend' in the recent drama [Fight for My Way], and Kang Ha-neul, a national treasure-class model youth, raise curiosity about the first breath, and actor Sung Dong-il, who makes the work shine with perfect acting, and colorful charms. Even the beloved actor Park Ha-sun joins the show, raising expectations. They plan to attract the audience's response with the optimal character digestion as if they were wearing custom clothes.

First of all, Park Seo-joon, who played the action-oriented police academy student 'Ji-joon', is acting that encompasses both comic and action, going from the cathode ray tube to the screen attack. Park Seo-joon shows cuteness and manly charm at the same time by perfectly digesting everything from an ordinary college student in his early 20s, who is infinitely weak in front of food, to the process of investigating with passion and sincerity, and even rough action. Meanwhile, Kang Ha-neul, who played 'Hee-yeol', a brain-wave police college student, will dominate the screen with her acting skills that add a human charm to the character. A humorous portrayal of the charm of a clever scoundrel that emphasizes principles but lacks something. In particular, since it was Kang Ha-neul, who recently visited the audience with a serious look through works such as <Dong-ju> and <Re-sim>, it is expected that the character of 'Hee-yeol' will feel more welcome to the audience. Here, you can also look forward to his action scenes, where his real kendo skills shine. In particular, it is said that Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul became close at the same time as filming, so the chemistry between 'Ji-joon' and 'Hee-yeol' in the movie could be captured more vividly on the screen.

Actor Sung Dong-il, who has played various characters without boundaries between good and evil, crossing screens and CRTs, will prove that he is a 'trustworthy actor' with his solid acting skills in <Youth Police>. In particular, the 'Professor Yang' he played resembles the 'real adult' shown in the [Reply] series, so it is expected to attract the audience's response once again. Actress Park Ha-sun, who was loved for her colorful charms that go back and forth between loveliness and comedy, shows off a new acting transformation through <Youth Police>. Her role of 'Joo-hee' is a charismatic role that grabs dozens of students from the police force, and Ha-sun Park will reveal a strong presence and enrich the film. The movie <Youth Police>, which was completed in harmony with the performances of these charming actors, will completely captivate the theater this summer with perfect synergy.


“I really wanted to die!” “We really struggled!”
The fight against the endless running and the cold without measures! All-time high school student filming machine revealed!

The movie <Youth Police> is a work full of the hot energy of two characters running endlessly. In the 'Cheongnam Education', which is a condensed version of the basic military training of the military, 'Ji-joon' and 'Hee-yeol', who run without a break in the 'Cheongnam Education', run like crazy through narrow alleys to catch the culprit of the kidnapping they happened to see even after leaving school. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the scene of <Youth Police>, where there was even an action scene that decorates the middle and second half, was a reservation for the hard work of the actors and staff.

As if to prove this, Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul confessed, 'Really, it was really hard' over the shooting site of <Youth Police>. Those who had to run more than half of the entire filming period even had to show sprinting all the time, so director Kim Joo-hwan gave special instructions to the actors before filming, “Because you have to run all night, take care of your health and eat well.” also told The actors, who repeated endlessly running scenes without even putting on their outerwear during the midwinter filming, said, “It was too cold, out of breath, and I felt the limits of my physical strength a lot.” Both said, 'It seems like we really suffered'.” (Kang Ha-neul) conveys their impressions of the filming, making us curious about the scenes created by their greatest hardship.

In addition to the physical limitations, he always had to pay attention to injuries. In <Youth Police>, there were many outdoor shootings on a cold night, and on the frozen street, the actors were careful not to get hurt, but in the end, both Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul were injured in an unexpected place. Park Seo-joon fell bare on the floor with no protective devices, and Kang Ha-neul suffered a torn finger. Despite this, it is said that they admired everyone in the field by showing consideration for the other actors and staff first. In regards to this, director Kim Joo-hwan praised the film by saying, "I thought they were superhuman when I saw the two actors who showed their passion for their bodies even in extreme situations." .

Reckless action that you can't see anywhere else!
Pay attention to the action style that carefully captures the character!

If there is one point that draws the audience's attention in the movie <Youth Police>, it is the action of 'Jeong-joon' and 'Hee-yeol'. The action of these energetic people stands out for their recklessness and youthful ambition to attack their opponents, and there were several settings to highlight them.

First, director Kim Joo-hwan assumed that Ki-joon and Hee-yeol were still young college students, so they had never had a fist fight. For this reason, 'Ji-joon' and 'Hee-yeol' show the appearance of running recklessly rather than taking any special reaction when they are attacked by strangers from the time they first witnessed the kidnapping. In addition, he uses the sword technique learned in school to subdue the opponent, and for these action scenes, he chose to shoot with the long take technique, avoiding the set sum to save the instinctive movements of the people. The scene where such efforts stand out the most is the action scene of 'Ji-joon' and 'Hee-yeol' at the lamb skewer shop. Director Kim Joo-hwan also explained, "I tried to show a realistic action that feels like a gang fight filmed on CCTV."

Another setting was that 'Guiden' and 'Hee-Yeol' presented an action based on the martial arts they learned at school. Ki-joon, who has learned judo, knocks down the opponent, and “Hee-yeol,” who has learned kendo, wields anything he can hold in his hand threateningly. The actions of those who are clumsy but have their own style show that they gradually evolve as the case progresses. In particular, the action in the climax scene is admiring for their familiarity with the actual action by skillfully using even tools such as tasers and tripods. evokes As director Kim Joo-hwan said, “I wanted to show the change and growth of the character through action,” you can expect the unique action of <Youth Police>, which paid close attention to detail.

Another protagonist who maximizes laughter and tension!
Behind-the-scenes of the police force & alley location shooting!

In addition to the unpredictable investigations and actions of 'Ji-joon' and 'Hee-yeol' in <Youth Police>, if there is one thing that catches the attention of the audience, it is the space of the movie. The locations in the film that contributed to enhancing the reality of the film while preserving the unique atmosphere of the work had a great influence on the actors and directors working on the actual filming.

Most of the scenes at the police academy in the play were filmed on the Yongin campus of the former police academy. By the time the scenario of <Youth Police> was finished, the police academy relocated, and the actual site and facilities remained empty, so we were able to proceed with filming there. This was helpful for both the actors and the staff, because Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul were able to draw a blueprint for the character by looking at the pictures of the remaining students on campus, and the staff were able to reduce the effort of recruiting. Kang Ha-neul said, "Things like the atmosphere of the place helped me a lot in acting," about filming at the Police Academy, and Park Seo-joon said, "It reminded me of myself when I was a 20-year-old college student." It arouses curiosity. Based on an actual building, the appearance of the police academy in the film, which was created through a more detailed and artistic setting process, will catch the eyes of the audience with considerable reality at once.

Numerous alley scenes in which 'Standard' and 'Happiness' run like crazy are also one of the parts that draw the attention of the audience. Filming on the street, which occupies a significant part of the film, was not easy from the casting process to the filming. Director Kim Joo-hwan considered it necessary to shoot on a sloped residential street in order to alleviate the visual boredom of the audience. We succeeded in recruiting the places we wanted with difficulty, but we encountered the limit of limited equipment available in the alleys, and filming on asphalt in cold weather always had to take risks. The alley scenes completed after these efforts are expected to completely captivate the audience, doubling the dramatic fun with the spirit and realistic sense of presence that can only be felt in <Youth Police>.

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