(Korean Movies) Master, 2016

Master, 2016

Master, 2016
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"Cut off all the rotten hair this time"

One network 'Chairman Jin' (Lee Byung-hun), who has succeeded in defrauding tens of thousands of members with his splendid eloquence, deceptive talent, and personal connections that transcend relationships. Kim Jae-myung (Kang Dong-won), the leader of the intelligent crime investigation team who has been tracking him for half a year, puts pressure on Jin's closest aide, General Park (Kim Woo-bin). The location of One Network's computer room and Chairman Jin's lobbying book. Brain General Park, who has grown One Network with his excellent programming skills and a clear brain, starts to roll his head quickly when he senses that there is a setback in his plans.

Jae-myung narrows the siege to capture not only Chairman Jin but also the power behind him, but rather a general who plans to take advantage of this opportunity to save money and escape from police pressure. However, Chairman Jin realizes that there is a traitor among the executives, and starts a new plan…

Intelligent Crime Investigation Unit, Rare Fraudster, and Brain
The chase to deceive and deceive each other begins!

[ Prologue ]

I didn't come all the way here to take care of you
The cubs in your books Memori
Look how the world you say changes

December 2016
Exciting crime entertainment action is coming!

[ About Movie ]

“The top heads who got paid, and the top heads, I’m going to wipe them all out this time.”

Charming character, thrilling chase, exhilarating catharsis
A new style of crime entertainment is coming!

<Master> is a crime, entertainment and action movie depicting the pursuit of an intelligent criminal investigation team, a rare fraudster, and his brain, who are deceived and deceived by the biggest fraud case since the founding of the country. In 2013, director Eui-Seok Jo of <Watchers>, who drew 5.5 million viewers and received favorable reviews from the public and critics by depicting the fresh subject of a special organization within the police 'Surveillance Team' in a sophisticated direction, is a fraud case that shook Korea through his next film <Master>. It presents an expanded scale in a more detailed chase and light directing, centering on realistic materials and attractive characters.

Chairman Jin, a rare scammer, has escaped the police investigation network with his innate skills to persuade people and a strong protective force. <Master>, which begins with an intelligent crime investigation team's operation to smash him and his close friends, breaks away from the linear relationship between the pursuer and the pursued, and is differentiated by an unpredictable development in which attractive characters with their own desires are deceived and deceived each other. It creates cinematic fun. The tightrope of 'Chairman Jin', who can change the world for his own benefit, the desire of 'Chairman Jin', the belief of 'Jaemyung Kim', the leader of the intelligent crime investigation team who believes that he can change the world, and the tightrope of 'Jang Park' The story raises the level of immersion with an exciting tension in which chase, fraud, and betrayal are intertwined. In addition, Chairman Jin, who skillfully avoids the law with his lobbying books and personal relationships, instills a reality reminiscent of a series of realities, and Jae-myeong Kim, who will take all of them regardless of the level of power, is a person who represents justice and common sense. Delivers vicarious satisfaction and cool catharsis. In addition to this, the large-scale locations in downtown Seoul and the Philippines, plus vivid and exciting action scenes, <Master> will heat up the theater district in December with a new crime entertainment action movie with a detailed yet light story and powerful yet attractive characters. .

"think carefully. who's behind me, who's in front of you"

A rare fraudster, an intelligent crime investigation team leader, and a brain
The best masters are chasing each other!

<Master> has completed the unique color of <Master>, which rhythmically crosses tension and humor through the relationships and collisions of characters with cinematic personalities while being realistic. As the meaning of the title of the person with the best ability in a particular field, the combination of 'masters' representing each field guarantees special fun as much as the charm of each character.

One Network's 'Chairman Jin' is a 'master of fraud' who believes that even the sky can deceive. In front of tens of thousands of members, he shows his human charm and splendid showmanship, and at times reveals the side of a frivolous con artist, but exudes coldness in front of those who interfere with him. If Chairman Jin catches the eye with his ever-changing multi-layered aspect, the 'master of investigation' and 'Kim Jae-myung', the leader of the intelligent crime investigation team, is a person with unshakable tenacity and firm beliefs, increasing the sympathy and suction power of the story. As an elite detective who passed the bar exam, Jae-myung Kim, who has intellectual charm and aggressive behavior, adds a special setting of an intelligent crime investigation team, showing a completely different charm from the harsh and crude character of existing Korean-style criminals. And Chairman Jin's brain, 'Jang Park', is a 'master of tightrope walking' that tightens tension by going back and forth between the two characters as needed. Here, the right arm 'Mama Kim', who hides the ambition that is no less than that of Chairman Jin, the 'lawyer Hwang' who protects Chairman Jin's back, and Inspector 'Shin Gemma' who strongly supports Jae-myeong and 'Gyeong-nam Ahn', a hacker who is the only best friend the general trusts, each have their own skills. The process of chasing each other and deceiving each other will captivate the audience with unpredictable exhilarating fun.

“There should be one crazy person like me in Korea.”

Intense charisma Lee Byung-hun, his first detective transformation Kang Dong-won, powerful energy Kim Woo-bin,
Uhm Ji-won, Oh Dal-su, and Jin-kyung, the synergy of the acting masters explodes!

Lee Byung-hun, who once again proved his acting skills through the role of 'Ahn Sang-goo', a thug who colluded with power in <Inside Men> in 2015, took on the role of 'Chairman Jin', a rare fraudster, it is the first time in 8 years since <The Good, the Bad, the Weird>. Introducing the villain character. Lee Byung-hun, who plays the role of Chairman Jin, who is a person born with a gene of morale and changes according to the situation and opponent, creates an unprecedented villain character who freely moves between the charm of the eight colors and the cool charisma that dazzles the viewer with the styling of the strong image. did it Kang Dong-won, who is not afraid to take on challenges in every work, takes on the role of 'Kim Jae-myung', the leader of the intelligent crime investigation team, and challenges the first detective character since his debut. Kang Dong-won, who three-dimensionally expressed the stubbornness and rigidity of Kim Jae-myung, who overcomes the crisis with subjectivity and confidence, completed a special detective character who wanted to 'be by our side' by leading the audience's empathy. In particular, Kang Dong-won, who studied boxing several months before filming for high-intensity action and paid attention to preparation, directly digests high-level actions such as fighting, shooting scenes, and car chasing, showing a bolder masculine transformation. Star actor Kim Woo-bin, who represents his 20s, is disassembled as 'Park Jang-gun', the head of the computer office of One Network, exuding a lively charm that he does not know where he will go, creating perfect synergy with his senior actors. Kim Woo-bin's skillful acting, which exquisitely crosses the instinctive sense of survival and the youthful and pleasant energy characteristic of a 20-year-old, instilled a sense of humanity and vitality that cannot be hated in the character of General Park.

If the three actors representing the Korean film industry overwhelm the play with their taut energy, Uhm Ji-won, Oh Dal-su, and Jin-kyung fill the play with richer fun and heavy presence. Uhm Ji-won, who plays Inspector “Shin Gemma” who believes in him even though he is worried about his re-myeong who only goes straight without compromise, plays a light team play with Kang Dong-won with a tough charm that contrasts with his feminine appearance, and Oh Dal-soo, a ten million fairy who plays the role of 'Attorney Hwang', the representative of an elite law firm. Adds a unique charm that disarms the audience to the intelligent and sophisticated image transformation, adding power to the story that is approaching the end. Jin Kyung-eun, who showed an unforgettable presence in <Assassination> and <Veteran>, created an attractive female villain with a coolness and charisma that is hard to guess the inside of Jin's right arm, 'Mother Kim'. The explosive acting synergy created by combining the best actors with unique charm and acting skills will be the most powerful attraction of <Master>.

“These bastards crossed the line! Do you think you can’t get over me?”

Large-scale locations between downtown Seoul and the Philippines
Manila's 'Jones Bridge' is the first Korean film to be completely controlled
An exhilarating action that cuts through the heart of the Philippines unfolds!

Director Eui-Seok Jo, who received favorable reviews for capturing realistic and vivid sights that fully utilized the characteristics of mega city Seoul in his previous work <Watchers>, expanded the stage not only to downtown Seoul but also to Manila, the Philippines in <Master>, providing more spectacular action and attractions. will be presented

The production team went through five months of preparation for the filming in the Philippines, where the new plan of 'Chairman Jin' is developed and where the intelligent crime investigation team including 'Kim Jae-myung' takes place in earnest. As a result of hard work in the Philippine location, with an average of 200 local staff participating during the filming period of about one month, which went through meticulous hunting, <Master> started from a shabby back alley in Tondo, Manila, one of the world's three largest slums. The camera was able to capture vivid action and images unique to the Philippines, where exotic scenery and a precarious atmosphere coexist, such as the Manila Cathedral, one of the most beautiful buildings in Manila, and the Manila Jones Bridge. Chairman Jin's secret office, an abandoned factory, made an open set using a slaughterhouse in the Tondo area, and only 6 police cars and 120 real police and local guards were mobilized for the shooting scene. The scene of Jae-myeong and Chairman Jin’s pursuit, which is the highlight of the movie, was filmed with 18 local police vehicles and 140 police officers in full control of Jones Bridge. Following Jones Bridge, the car-chasing scene, which runs through the narrow road between the densely packed shacks, was filmed on Delpan Street, a residential area where real people live, and was able to capture the tension that makes you sweat. In particular, it is the first Korean film to completely control the Jones Bridge, and the Hollywood movie <Bone Legacy> is the only precedent for filming an action sequence in the city center of the Philippines. The action sequence of <Master> will provide an exhilarating pleasure that doubles the tension and catharsis of the story.

“The real scammer is here”

<New World> <Swordsman Gaiden> <The Handmaiden> <Assassination>
shooting, art, costume, martial arts, music
The master staff of the Korean film industry has gathered!

The top producers in Korea, who have been recognized for their best skills in name and reality, have gathered in one place for director Jo Eui-seok's second crime and entertainment action <Master>. With cinematographer Yu Eok, art director Park Il-hyun, costume director Jo Sang-kyung, martial arts director Hur Myeong-haeng-Choi Bong-rok, and music director Dal-pa-ran-Jang Young-gyu, <Master> is a powerful and large-scale, dynamic spectacle with the help of talented staff and a story that unfolds unpredictably. added perfection.

Through <Master>, cinematographer Yu Eok of <New World>, which was well-received for its heavy and sensuous video, captured the tension and intense pursuit of the characters with more sophisticated camera work and action-packed shooting. Art director Park Il-hyeon, who was in charge of production design for <Kundo: Age of Rebellion>, <Prosecutor's Gaiden> and <Himalaya>, is the One Network office that runs in perfect harmony with no errors, the secret room of Chairman Jin, and the Intelligent Crime Investigation Team with expertise. The space design reflects the characteristics and circumstances of each character, such as a lost office and a secret office set up in a slaughterhouse in the Philippines, to enhance the perfection of sights. Costume director Jo Sang-gyeong, who participated in works such as <The Handmaiden>, <The Handmaiden>, <Assassination> and <Veteran>, and won the Best Costume Award at the Daejong Film Festival and Blue Dragon Film Awards. The contrast of the characters was expressed through the changing costumes of General Park. Martial arts directors Huh Myeong-haeng and Choi Bong-rok, who worked with director Jo Eui-seok through <Watchers>, created a new style of action that was seamlessly woven, such as unprecedented Filipino city car chasing and fighting scenes, and completed the representative scenes of <Master>. Here, music directors Dalpa-ran and Jang Young-gyu of <Wailing> <Assassination> and <The Thieves> focus on the rhythmic flow and fun of the play through the music that is sometimes intense and sometimes light. In this way, <Master>, with the best production team in each field, from photography, art, costumes, martial arts, and music, will overwhelm the screen with its flawless build.

[ Production note ]

Cinematography of <Master>
Capture the vibrant rhythm and tempo!

The most important thing in the filming of <Master> was that as an entertainment movie, the video should be enjoyable enough, and that the rhythm and tempo should be alive while showing the character implicitly. To this end, cinematographer Yoo Eok mobilized the B-cam to shoot from various angles such as over the shoulder shot, close-up, and full shot of the character so that rich cuts could be included in the character description, Scenery of Seoul and the Philippines focused on capturing the sights of large-scale video through drone photography. In addition, in order to effectively show the relationship between the three characters, Chairman Jin, Jae-myung Kim, and Jang-gun Park, the actor’s acting with a long breath is performed by moving the camera according to the speed or direction of the moving body and using panning or following to shoot. chased In particular, the appearance of Kim Jae-myung watching Chairman Jin's speech was the only wire cam mobilized to capture Kim Jae-myung in the crowd and capture the moment in close-up. And in the case of car chasing, which decorates the highlight of the second half, for a realistic image, a real actor chases a vehicle, and a stuntman drives a vehicle with a camera through rigging and shoots it at the same speed to draw a more vivid chase scene. could pay <Master>, completed with a dynamic image through such various angles and shooting, will catch the eyes of the audience with scenes that cannot be missed.

Art of <Master>
Express your character with space!

While the Philippine location focused on exotic sights and scales, the space and set completed by Art Director Park Il-hyeon adds to the fun of seeing each character's unique job, personality, and color intact. First, the Loss of the Intelligent Crime Investigation Team focused on creating the feeling that a temporary space created for One Network monitoring, a place that had been vacant for a long time, was being used for a while. Here, the high ceiling, giving an open feeling, was completed as a more professional space through art and props setting reflecting the personality of the intelligent crime investigation team including Kim Jae-myung. On the other hand, in the case of Chairman Jin's One Network office, the desk, chair, and even the person in the setting seem to be perfectly aligned, adding a sense of depth to the space, adding a more harmonious atmosphere. And the secret room of the Jin Hall was completed with the exposed wall of the rock wall, the ceiling with light pouring in, and the huge water tank to create a secret yet uncomfortable atmosphere, and the space most suitable for the Jin Hall. The art of <Master>, which newly created a space based on characters like this, will become a special viewing point that adds immersion throughout the movie.

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