(Korean Movies) Marrying The Mafia 3, 2006

Marrying The Mafia 3, 2006

Marrying The Mafia 3, 2006
Audience over 15
running time
128 minutes
cumulative audience
2598859 people
1st Korean Film Acting Awards 2007
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Cut it! Soak! Bury it!
We live a good life now!!

Former gangster family puts sashimi knife and picks up kitchen knife!!
The Baekho family who made a name for themselves as the best gangsters in Jeolla-do. Saying goodbye to the tumultuous organizational life by adopting the gangster's natural enemy, prosecutor Jin-kyung (Kim Won-hee) as the eldest daughter-in-law, they started the 'tusk hand kimchi business' based on the taste of Mrs. Hong Deok-ja (Kim Su-mi) and became a food company. Creating a new family history.

There was someone who looked at such a family with disdain…
Meanwhile, Myung-pil (Gong Hyeong-jin), a former prosecutor who was arrested for plotting a clumsy plot with burning jealousy for Jae-in (Shin Hyeon-joon), prepares for a detailed revenge by consulting with him in prison. In the meantime, Myung-pil, who was finally released as a special envoy for Children's Day, joins forces with the leader of the ax clan, a rival of the former Baekho faction, and plots to put the family in jeopardy once again.

We protect our family!!!
The kimchi business, which had been on the verge of bankruptcy due to Myeong-pil's conspiracy, falls into bankruptcy, and Chairman Hong's family is left on the streets overnight. However, by reviving the spirit of the late 'Chairman Jang' (Kim Yong-geon), who was the spiritual supporter of the family, they work together and gradually begin to overcome the crisis…

A family in crisis begins a splendid resurrection once again

What Happened to the Family – Incidents and Incidents in the Family

<Family Crisis> The family
Everyone unites with <Resurrection of the Family>!!

The 'Family Series' has firmly established itself as a Chuseok comedy, recording 5.2 million in 2002's <Family Glory> and 5.7 million in 2005 <Family Crisis-Family Glory 2>. A family with such a splendid history was revived in 2006. It has been upgraded to <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3> and is fully equipped to rewrite the history of the family. In particular, <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3> is drawing more attention as it is scheduled to bring out the true taste of the series based on the same casting as the previous <Family Crisis – The Glory of the Family 2>.

The reason that the <Family Crisis-Family Glory 2> actors came back together for <Family Resurrection-Family Glory 3> was possible because of their strong teamwork as well as their passion and affection for the work. And at the center of that teamwork are the three brothers, Shin Hyeon-jun, Tak Jae-hoon, and Lim Hyeong-jun, who are united with their own personalities, Kim Su-mi, the spiritual supporter of the family, and Kim Won-hee and Shin-i, two reliable daughters-in-laws of the family who have returned with upgraded power.

In addition, with the addition of Kim Yong-geon, who plays the role of the late Chairman Jang, the late father of the three new brothers, <The Resurrection of the Family: The Glory of the Family 3> has become more solid by holding a heavy center of gravity. <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>, in which they are united again, will provide a stronger laughter that overwhelms the entire Chuseok episode with their energy and synergy with each other.

Goodbye to the gangster business
Now it's the 'Umni Son' kimchi business!!

Jeolla-do gangster 'Baekhopa' throws away sashimi and picks up a kitchen knife! Based on the skills of 'Chairman Hong', who is famous for his refined food skills, he started the 'Omnison' kimchi business and is creating a new family tradition.

The reliable eldest son 'Injae' took on the position of 'CEO,' the irresistible playboy 'Seokjae' took on the position of 'PR Director', and 'Kyungjae', a pronoun of simple ignorance, took on the position of 'Chief of the delivery business division', creating 'Umni Son', a hit company in the food industry. Shiki is the Hong family. Under the spirit of 'Our kimchi, we sell!', the whole family actively promotes 'Chairman Hong' as a home shopping show host, and 'Seokjae' and second daughter-in-law, 'Soonnam' as a home shopping model, to rank domestic as well as overseas. .

<The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3> unfolds the story of the struggles from the gangster famous 'Baekhopa' to the new revival of the kimchi famous 'Omni Son'.

The spiritual support of the family, Chairman Jang appears!
The family roots are revealed!

He is a Jeolla man of Pomsaengpomsa, but in front of his wife, Jinkyung, he is an infinitely gentle and romantic lover, 'talent'. 'Seokjae', who sublimated his innate flirtation with his own abilities, and 'Gyeongjae', who was even hot-tempered due to his simple ignorance. What if these three brothers' personalities actually came from one person?

In <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>, the story behind the family that was not revealed in the previous part is revealed. The story of 'Hong Deok-ja', who had no choice but to become the boss of the family with the body of a slender (?!) woman, and where the strong personalities of each of the three brothers came from, their roots are finally revealed.

The source is the lifelong companion of Chairman Hong, the late Chairman Jang. The three brothers were born with the personality of Chairman Jang, who showed affectionate affection with Mrs. Hong Deok-ja, but became everyone's lover from behind, and did not lose his charisma until the moment of his death.

What is the story behind the death of Chairman Jang, the main pillar of such a family? The family's roots and the hidden story of the family will be unraveled in <Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3> in a delightful, refreshing way.

To be honest, you guys are useless~
Chairman Hong's family reveals their past!

What would be the most impressive scene in <Family Crisis-Family Glory 2>? One of them would be the past scenes of 'Talent' (Shin Hyun-jun) and 'Jin-suk' (Kim Won-hee) in the play. The appearance of 'Injae' and 'Jin-suk' enjoying a date after going to Seoul is talked about among those who have seen the movie, and it was also selected as the 'best scene'.

The unstoppable (?) fashion sense of 'talent' and 'Jin-suk', who is called 'Ajumma Perm', and their unstoppable fashion sense, who are called 'Ajumma Perm', and their appearance shouting 'cold coffee' over and over again because they can't understand 'ice coffee' in a cafe is at the beginning. it was only

In <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>, the past appearance has also been upgraded and enriched. If the previous episodes in the previous episode were limited to Shin Hyeon-jun and Kim Won-hee, this time the past history of them, including Tak Jae-hoon, Lim Hyeong-jun, Shin-i, and Kim Yong-geon, will be revealed.

Their unusual fashion and past episodes big and small, such as the head of a chicken crest that were popular in the 80s, the hair of 'Prince crayon', horse riding pants and a top full of mullets, will make audiences nostalgic and burst into laughter at the same time. In addition, Chairman Hong's 'Before & After' appearance will become a new fun factor that can only be felt in <Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>.

family transformation
From a gangster family to a businessman family!

Chapter 1 – Style
Go gangster fashion! Now we are full-fledged entrepreneurs!

In <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>, there are no more flashy flowers, rather embarrassing tattoos, and rustic suit fashion. The three brothers, who became executives and employees of a food company 'Tumblr Hand', cast off these past styles and show off the appearance of successful businessmen who can decorate the covers of 'Time' and 'Forbes' with stylish lined suits. But changing the outside doesn't change the inside. You will be able to feel the upgraded laughter pouring out of the three brothers who used to be synonymous with 'ignorant gangsters' as they transform themselves into businessmen in <Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>!

Chapter 2 – Position
The white tiger boss, the action leader, Eom Ni-Son becomes the CEO and public relations director!

As long as the family has started a new business, the titles of 'boss' and 'activator' no longer exist! The strong first son of the family, 'Injae', became the CEO of 'Omni-son' from the head of the White Tiger clan, and 'Seok-jae', a born playboy, became the public relations director of 'Umni-son' from the second of the White Tiger clan, and 'Gyeong-jae', a pronoun of simple ignorance and radical Each will take office as the head of the parcel delivery division of 'Umni Son'. They have a unique sense of duty to hold plausible positions one by one and spread the deep taste of their mother, Chairman Hong, to everyone. Their blockbuster performance is unfolding in <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>!

Chapter 3 – Knowledge
“Damn door? A door is a door… 'Beck'.”

The three brothers graduated from college, high school, and middle school, respectively. However, the knowledge of 'talent' who went to college and 'kyungjae' who graduated from middle school is a blank sheet of paper. We've already seen them in <Family Crisis: Family Glory 2>, where 'orange' is called 'delmont' in English. Have their English skills improved as they started a new business? They have become executives of companies and still don't know about 'Kosdaq' or 'listing'. If you were surprised to see them finding the identity of 'orange' in <Family Crisis – Family Glory 2>, you will be surprised to see them interpreting 'Backdoor' with their own philosophy this time. As such, their struggle to conquer English continues in <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>.

Behind-the-scenes story of the family_first

'Dance Battle' with B-Boys
Po.bok.je.do dance♬Dance♬

The 'dance battle' scene, which is considered the best among the famous scenes in <Resurrection of the Family – Glory of the Family 3>. Seoul b-boys with splendid dance skills are the ones who appear in front of the three brothers and their two daughters-in-law and threaten their “nawabari”, who made a name for themselves by taking control of Yeosu, Jeollanam-do. To the B-boys who show off their professional dance skills such as break dance and breaking dance, they respond with a high-level comic dance.
Hundreds of extras were mobilized for the dance battle scene. The makeup team and costume team had a lot of trouble to match all the extras, including the actors, with 80s clothes and hair.
However, it is said that the actors who had only learned the basics for this scene started secret training using their talents. Like students who studied hard the night before and pretended they didn't study with their friends on the day of the exam, they were nervous about not practicing properly on the day of filming.

Those who did not spare their efforts to dance to Tak Jae-hoon's 'Authentic Break Dance' following Shin Hyun-jun's 'Robot Dance', Kim Won-hee's 'Eyeball Dance', Tak Jae-hoon and Shin-i's 'Sexy Dance', Lim Hyeong-jun's powerful 'Mak Dance' His hard work shines in the dance battle scene.

Behind the story of the family_Second

A perfect reproduction of 80's fashion!
The splendid past of Chairman Hong's family that can't be exhausted without a smile!!

In the previous episode <Family Crisis – Family Glory 2>, Shin Hyun-joon and Kim Won-hee, with their old-fashioned 80's hair and clothes, who shouted cold coffee saying they didn't like ice coffee, created a big topic for a long time despite their brief appearance. So, in <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>, the past appearance of Chairman Hong's family is revealed.
There was a time when the three brothers, who had transformed into a stylish 'tusk hand' food company by growing it into a conglomerate, also had tears in their eyes. Shin Hyun-jun, who matched the 'poggle' pama pants and blue jacket in a gorgeous way, Tak Jae-hoon's floral pattern Nambang suitable for a playboy, and a prince's crayon crayon hair that looks like something out of a pure cartoon 'Candy'. With this in mind, the perfect transformation of the three brothers, from the romance of the youngest with a short bag strap, to the training uniform and the head of a chicken head, is just about. Not only the actors who finished their makeup, but also all the staff, including the makeup team and costume team, kept laughing on the day of the shooting of the past scene.
However, in reality, their transformation is new blood compared to the transformation of women. The past appearance of the two daughters-in-law, Kim Won-hee and Shin-i, is even more surprising. Kim Won-hee in the thick wavy pama of the 80s, a top with mulberry that is twice as wide as the shoulder, and riding trousers that emphasized a narrow waist, and a headband that soars into the sky in a red leopard pattern and a headband that tightens the abundant hair. Perfectly equipped, it could be said to be the perfect transformation into the terrifying sisters of the alleys of the 80s.

The gorgeous past scene of <Resurrection of the Family> will remain in my memory for a long time thanks to the hard work of the actors who always do their best on set despite wearing a hot blue jacket and wig in the sweltering heat of over 30 degrees, and taking 2-3 times as much makeup time as usual. It was born with the remaining famous scenes.

Behind-the-scenes story of the family_3

Tak Jae-hoon's first bed scene (?)
Tak Jae-hoon Pyo “Oh, it’s hot! Oh chaga!”

The special special given to Tak Jae-hoon, who has never kissed before, in the movie <Resurrection of the Family – Glory of the Family 3>. 'Digest two bed scenes!!!'. However, if you think of a bed scene that is more bizarre than we can imagine here, unfortunately, we have to look forward to the next opportunity. In <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3>, even the bed scene is a comic version.
The first is a bed scene with Tak Jae-hoon's first love, Joo-ri (Jang Hee-jin). He mistook him for Joo-ri and went to bed, but it turned out that the current wife and son-in-law, a bed scene with many stories (?). No matter how sexy he tried to create a bed scene, when he saw Tak Jae-hoon wearing a wig with short bob hair, Shin-i burst out laughing and said it was difficult to produce even an erotic 'e' character.
The second bed scene is a love love bed scene with a slim home shopping model. But before he even gets to the point, his body is covered in candle wax and ice. It is said that the staff, who had to use real candle wax and ice for realistic acting, applauded Tak Jae-hoon for his passionate performance while enduring the pain of hot and cold at the same time.
Unfortunately (?) of his nudes cannot be seen through this bed scene, but the essence of the comic bed scene can be confirmed. The full version of Tak Jae-hoon's bed scene is revealed through <Resurrection of the Family – Glory of the Family 3> and is considered one of the best scenes in the movie.

Behind-the-scenes story of the family_4

The filming location is a riot to find Kim Soo-mi!!
Kim Soo-mi, shocked 30s transformation, I'm happy because I'm a woman~♡

The past history of Chairman Hong (Sumi Kim), which will be revealed for the first time through <The Resurrection of the Family – Glory of the Family 3>, reveals the youthful days of Kim Su-mi that had never been seen before. On the day of the filming of the past scene, she found Kim Soo-mi and made the staff work hard, and she said that she did not spare any effort, such as getting enough sleep, meticulous skin care, and skin massage a week before filming in order to maintain her youthful appearance.
From short hair with a slightly stretched back hair, to Mariantoinette-style wavy hair that no one dares to digest, her appearance, which perfectly digests everything from a soft pastel-colored dress that flutters in the air, gave the staff's exclamation throughout the filming. It didn't stop.
Kim Soo-mi, who has been playing the role of a grandmother since her late 20s through the drama 'Rural Diary' early on, enjoys transforming into her 30s younger than her age for the first time through this <Resurrection of the Family – Glory of the Family 3>. While monitoring, he also revealed his bold ambition that he would like to challenge a role in his 30s someday.
The filming site of <Resurrection of the Family – Glory of the Family 3>, which boasts an atmosphere that was always as enjoyable as the movie, boasted such closeness that the staff would call her “sister~” when Kim Soo-mi returned to her youthful days. Kim Soo-mi, who said she was happy to be able to experience various age groups while living thanks to her job as an actress, brought laughter to the set by perfectly digesting her youthful aegyo and friendly tone with Chairman Jang (Kim Yong-geon) through <Resurrection of the Family>. Kim Soo-mi's new acting transformation, which can only be seen in <Resurrection of the Family>, amplifies the audience's expectations for the movie.

Behind-the-scenes story of the family_Last

Leave the resurrection of the family to us!
Two daughters-in-law's great performance!
Their sexy S-line is revealed!!

Kim Won-hee and Shin-i's hidden S-line will be revealed for the first time through <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family>. In the movie, when the family is in crisis, their perfect body was revealed for the filming of the scene where the two daughters-in-law go out to protect the family.
In the movie, Jin-kyung (Kim Won-hee) and Sun-nam (Shin-i) have to break through a complex of lasers to break into the ax mob's hideout and rob a secret safe. However, in the actual filming set, the white thread was used instead of the laser. Since the threads were arranged in the same composition as the lasers to be applied in the CG work, it was not something to look down on as thread. However, contrary to the concerns of the staff around them, without any help or warm-up, they showed off their flexible body movements and sexy (?) figure, and Catherine Zeta-Jones of <Antripment> performed to the extent that it was far away, and the staff admired it.
In addition, their outfits also play a role in revealing their perfect body. Shin-i's national short track costume fits from head to toe, creating a funny story that the male staff had to turn away from for a while, and Kim Won-hee's dress, which boldly ripped off her skirt, is charismatic enough to make you imagine a female Matrix.
The family daughter-in-law <Antripment Scene>, which contains many episodes that cannot be expressed in words, is expected to get a great response from male audiences as soon as <The Resurrection of the Family – The Glory of the Family 3> is released.

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