(Korean Movies) Man In Love, 2014

Man In Love, 2014

Man In Love, 2014
Audience over 15
running time
120 minutes
cumulative audience
1980120 people


This man who has only grown old and has no measures.
This man still lives with his brother's house and is bitten by his nephew.
This man inevitably receives the money he lent me.
This man who doesn't respect him as a pastor.
When approaching a woman, he takes his pants down and looks at this reckless man.

A man who was far from love all his life opens his eyes to love!
Once in a lifetime 'when a man loves'

[ Director's statement ]

It started with a phone call from Hwang Jung-min. During the filming of <New World>, right after the two of them agreed to make a mellow melodrama with producer Han Jae-duk, they invited me to a drink, just one word. He asked the question, 'I'm going to do it, will you do it?' I found out that during the discussion about who would be better as a director, my seniors came up with my story. I didn't even know the title. I didn't know more about it. But I promised to do it. Because if it's a movie that Hwang Jung-min wants to do, it's a story with 'sincerity'. And the screenplay I received had the frame of a movie that I wanted to do more than I expected, and a story with feelings and emotions. Not only the love between a man and a woman, but also the apologies for the father, whom all men can relate to, and the deep affection of Han Tae-il's family who looks like soy flour but cares deeply for each other when they get to know each other. I wanted to portray the feeling of love that is in everyone's heart in a crude, rustic but honest way. That was the reason why the adaptation was made as a story about a man who loves people and the people who fall in love with a man. You might think of it as a typical bullshit movie, the obvious setting in which the bad guy falls in love. However, <When a Man Loves>, a story about love that awakens the innocence in the heart of a tough man Taeil Han, is a heartbreaking and warm drama that can make the audience look back at the people around them and think about love at least once. I wish it was a movie.

Director Han Dong-wook

[ About Movie ]

<New World> crew, this time it's love! Deep love drawn by male film experts!
The world of a rough man melts into a heartbreaking and warm love story!
<When a Man Loves> Moves with action and heart, not with words

Adapted/directed by Han Dong-wook, who was an assistant director for films such as <Unfair Trade> and <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, which changed the genealogy of Korean male films with <New World>; PD Park Min-jung, filming memory, art harmony, makeup Kim Hyun-jung, lighting Bae Il-hyeok, simultaneous recording Jeong Gun, action Hur Myeong-haeng, etc. The staff composition that seems to have moved the scene from <New World> foreshadows that <When a Man Falls in Love>, which is straightforward from the title, is definitely different from other love movies. Like a movie created by so-called 'men's movie experts', <When a Man Falls in Love> looks rough but has a pure heart, so it puts strength on the clumsy sincerity of a man who lives without calculations. This man who doesn't know how to say I love you, instead of a love letter, he offers a memorandum to relieve a woman's debt. Confused about whether it is a confession or a threat fly Also, the change of this man who, after getting to know the woman, learns for the first time in his life how to love the people around him, including his family, shows that love is in everyone's life. And once in a lifetime, the deep tears that a man shed leaves a deep sympathy for him.

Icon of loyalty, national brother Hwang Jung-min. back with love!
Not when a man loves a woman, but when a man loves, when Hwang Jung-min loves!

In <When a Man Loves>, there was Hwang Jung-min at the beginning. Hwang Jung-min says that he likes melodrama because he feels happy as an actor when he interacts with the audience about the feeling of 'love' that everyone has experienced at least once, unlike in a world where it is difficult for people to meet easily. At the scene of <New World>, he and producer Han Jae-duk agreed to do a melodrama full of 'sincerity' and thick. <When a Man Falls in Love>, which started like that, naturally makes you imagine what an icon of deep loyalty, brother Jeong-cheong, would have been like if he had fallen in love before joining the organization. Hwang Jung-min is not good at saying love in this movie because it is awkward, but he was born as Han Tae-il, a man with a rough and crude heart who once harbored that feeling and tried to protect it until the end of his life. Therefore, the fans' expectations are higher. Instead of omitting the sweet push and style of romance, it shows the true love of a man who takes the place of all the men in the world who are 'disloyal', looks back on his father he's been dealing with his whole life, and embraces his family again.

Actors who kept their loyalty to director Han Dong-wook!
Han Hye-jin, Kwak Do-won, Jeong Man-sik, Kim Hye-eun, Kim Byeong-ok, Park Seong-woong and Nam Il-woo!
A perfect ensemble of actors,
Add empathy to a man's once-in-a-lifetime love!

<When a Man Falls in Love> stands out for its solid drama and attractive characters created by the best actors as an acting ensemble. Han Hye-jin, who plays the role of Hojeong, a once-in-a-lifetime love that provides an opportunity to change the life of a rough man, goes beyond the national healing woman and enters the second chapter of her acting life. As a woman who works for a bank and takes care of her sick father, she shows her sincere acting skills hidden behind her beauty through Ho-jeong, who slowly opens her heart to the clumsy courtship of Tae-il (Hwang Jung-min), a gangster who lives a completely different life from hers. . In addition to the aspect of the family living with Taeil, the actors who are said to be in the film industry gather in large numbers, adding to the anticipation. First, Kwak Do-won, who has reached the peak of his presence in <The Attorney> since <War on Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, will play the role of younger brother Yeong-il, transforming into a character with human beauty, not a villain for the first time in his acting career. In the role of Yeong-il's wife and Tae-il's brother-in-law Mi-yeong, Kim Hye-eun, who showed both toughness and sexy as the female president of <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, appeared on the screen after 5 years as the brother's father. With Nam Il-woo and rookie Kang Min-ah, who plays the role of his nephew Song Ji, he completed a portrait of a family that looks like a bean flour family, but when you get to know them, they are deeply connected. In addition, Jeong Man-sik appeared as Tae-il's friend and employer, the president of a loan company, and showed a complex character that moves between friendship and swindle. was surprisingly transformed into The cast corps of 'Loyalty' of the movie <When a Man Loves>, which is fun to find, is scattered all over the place, from minor to minor roles, which can be found in the works in which director Han Dong-wook participated as an assistant director. It was completed by Park Seong-woong, who said that he did not need a guarantee or script and only needed to know the date and location of the filming.

An unforgettable ending scene that will touch everyone's hearts!
Lee Moon-se's famous song 'Memory is more than love' completes the lingering sound of <When a Man Loves>!

There are impressive songs that remain deeply in the minds of the audience as they leave the theater, and make the film's lingering impressions come back over and over again. The ending scene of <When a Man Falls in Love>, where tears from deep in the heart blur the vision, meets Lee Moon-se's 'memory is more than love', deeply engraves the main character's sorrow into the hearts of the audience, leaving an indelible lingering impression. leave the It conveys complex emotions and emotions that cannot be expressed in words in a single song, and even the lyrics that say that the memories we had together are sadder than love, harmonizing with the movie's content, leave a deep echo. Along with the deep tears of the last scene, 'Memory is more than love', it will come to mind with <When a Man Loves>, sometimes with tears and sometimes with a smile.

[ Production Note ]

From the casting of director Dong-wook Han to the development of the scenario and the selection of the ending song!
Actor Hwang Jung-min participated in all directions for <When a Man Loves>!

The meeting between the production team of <New World> and Hwang Jung-min. From as little as two works to as many as five, the production crews who are familiar with Hwang Jung-min after this work all unitedly say that Hwang Jung-min is a tenacious and scary actor. As the tattered scenario proves, it is because of the passion that showed his participation in all directions to the point where his hands were not untouched until the completion of one movie called When a Man Loves.

Hwang Jung-min was the first to cast a director after confirming the appearance of <When a Man Loves>. Directly casting director Han Dong-wook, who worked with <Unfair Trade> and <The New World> with one phone call, “Dongwook, I’m going to do this movie, will you?” After that, Hwang Jung-min went to the production company's office every day, adding various ideas to the scenario work. From the smallest details to the large emotional lines and the overall flow of the story, I focused on observing, and even participated in and pondered on the small PTs and tests of makeup and costumes that are repeated countless times to create characters and stories. He also did not forget the careful consideration for the actress Han Hye-jin, who was with him, and he said that the scene was always pleasant and enjoyable thanks to the promotion of the MT for 1 night and 2 days before filming and preparing time to get to know each other. In addition, it is said that he was a DJ at the filming site, selecting music suitable for each scene with excellent sense, which helped a lot in capturing emotions of other actors. In the end, an important ending song in the movie was selected with the idea of Hwang Jung-min, who fully demonstrated this song selection ability, and the lyrics and melodies conveyed deep in the heart completed a special ending scene that will touch everyone's hearts. In this way, from the beginning to the end of <When a Man Loves>, you can feel the deep affection for Hwang Jung-min's work throughout the movie.

Old-fashioned shirt, MacGyver hairstyle, and even skin care for the first time in an actor's life!
Couldn't be more real than this! Hwang Jung-min's table gangster, the birth of Taeil style!

Hwang Jung-min, who completed the 'Jung Chung style' that showed off his individuality by exuding the side of a boss with a white jacket and cool sunglasses in the movie <New World>, returned with a new character and style. Hwang Jung-min, who tried to transform into 'Tae-il', a man who opened his eyes to love for the first time since he was born, struggled with the staff from the beginning of the film production to create a 'Tae-il style' that is different from the 'Jung-cheong' character that is deeply engraved in the minds of the audience. The start of Taeil's style was very stylish, but it was an old fashioned outfit, so-called MacGyver hairstyle, and realism.

Kim Hyun-jung, a makeup manager who participated in <When a Man Loves> following <New World>, said, "Jungcheong was rather easy, but Taeil was really hard. Hwang Jung-min gave me a lot of help because he gave me opinions and participated in the tests without hesitation. In order to find a natural style that can be found anywhere in the city of Gunsan, the makeup team directly went down to Gunsan to camp and observe people.” Hwang Jung-min also said, “For this character, for the first time in my life as an actress, I cut off my skin care room license.” In this way, the individuality of the actors and the meticulous passion of the staff were able to complete the Taeil style unique to <When a Man Loves>.

realistic space in Gunsan,
Taeil's sensibility is added and it is reborn as a space full of analog nostalgia!

<When a Man Loves> The basic principle of hunting was “There is no set”. No matter how sophisticated the set, it is impossible to recreate the old times created by people together. Therefore, the movie “man” and the “smell of people” related to men such as lovers, family, and friends are reproduced in the film. In order to do this, shooting in a realistic space was essential. In response, director Han Dong-wook remembered Gunsan, an unfamiliar but dramatic city, as his appearance from the Japanese colonial era to the present day remains, and art director Hwa-seong created a 'space where the characters live and breathe' by adding, adding, and subtracting realistic spaces that exist throughout the city. .

Because it was born in such a space, the house, street, and workplace where the main character Tae-il lives are described in a narrow and dark way. Unable to settle in anywhere in reality, Tae-il meets Ho-jeong, who does not seem to fit in with her reality, in the same city of Gunsan, and falls in love at first sight, walks with her, eats and repeats, and slowly begins to fall in love. The unfamiliar city becomes a space full of humanity while Taeil and Hojeong build memories together, and places where they go on a mukbang date, such as a duck house, a coffee shop, and a pasta restaurant, are transformed into a space full of analog nostalgia. It contributes greatly to providing the lingering impression of love.

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